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Ask to Join Home Alone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tatzu, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/home-alone-discussion.15088/)
    Luke walked through the forest, The sun rising and pokemon waking, Everyone back at the house were asleep including his trainer, He trained on trees and rarely on Pinsirs, He arrived back at the house and noticed a note on the door
    "Going to Hoenn! Goodbye!" The note said
    "W....w...What?" Luke said in shock, Ripping the Note off the door, He looked behind himself and noticed some of the pokemon wake up
    "Well then.... Good morning guys.... Our trainer is gone and it looks like im in charge!" Luke sighed, Looking at the ground now
    "Cool" A Tauros said, Peaking his head through a window
    "OH NO! AHHHHHH!" A Yungoos yelled, Running out the door and into the woods
    "Ok then.... Anyone want to help me around the house?" Luke asked, Trying to calm everyone down...
  2. "Uh" King Karp said from his Fish Tank Throne "just like him, but what are we going to eat? Isn't Hoenn like, an entire region? Knowing him he could be there for months..."
    He looked at the open window and sighed "its almost like he wants us to run away"
  3. "Nuh?" From his spot on top of a kitchen counter, a Pikachu stirred awake, clenching his eyes shut and scratching himself. With a roll, he managed to wake himself right up-

    -by falling onto the floor with a loud thud.

    Jerking his head up, Rai picked himself up with his paws, looking around at his teammates alertedly. "Whahappen?" he slurred, rubbing at his eyes with a groan, as he tried to decipher the general look of uneasiness on the others' faces.

    Even more awake than before, the Pikachu made sure he cracked multiple bones as he stretched, waddling towards everyone else with his hands still behind his back in a stretch. "No, seriously, what happened?" Rai asked with a frown, noticing a small piece of paper in Luke's paw. Pointing at it without a care for manners, he added on to his question, "wuzzat? Anything important?"
  4. "Our trainer decided to go to Hoenn...." Luke said, Looking at Rai, He Clenched his hands, Scrunching up the note, He looked at King karp
    "Well... it looks like he left with a full fridge and we could buy food ourselves, The PokeMart is only 15 minutes away, Anyone want to go there now?" Luke asked, Ripping the note and throwing the remains in the garbage "This is going to be insane! Im not very good at taking care of people and now I have to take care of a entire HOUSE!? how am I going to do it? Rai and Karp could help me but still! we have like twenty-four pokemon here and one hundred and more in the PC! Ill need to be some pokemon in the PC and others to take care of the house, We can do this! we can-" Luke almost finished his thoughts until a Swablu burst through the door
    "Luke! There is a horde of Beedrill slowly moving this way! What do we do?!" The Swablu yelled, Landing on Luke's arm
    "Oh no.... When do you estimate they will get here!?" Luke yelled, Rubbing the Bruises she had
    "Three days....." She said, Slightly crying
    "Uh oh" Luke said, He started to pace through the house and hold his hands on his head "Ill need some people to help me take the Beedrill out when they get here but other than that, I need everyone to remain calm and collected" Luke yelled, Commanding everyone, He took Swablu off his arm and placed her on a pillow in a basket that she fit in and started to doze off "Ok, Rai and Karp, Your some of the best pokemon that we have, How should we handle this?" He asked, Crossing his arms.
  5. Rai could only tilt his head to the side in confusion, wondering how Swablu was able to see the Beedrill if they were to take three whole days to get here. Quickly, though, he brushed the question away, pumping his fist in the air in excitement. "Sure, I'll help ya out!" he replied, as sinister smile growing on his face as electricity sparked at his red cheeks.

    So there was to be a battle, huh? He hasn't participated in one of Jose in a while. He still knew how to battle, right? Of course he did, he realized as he rubbed his cheeks with his paws, chuckling darkly.

    "As for what to do," he continued, removing his paws from his still-electrified face, "I say we train up, just to make sure we're gonna be alright and everything, y'know?" With a shrug, Rai ended his little display, climbing back onto the counter to be as tall as Luke. "That sound alright to ya?"
  6. A Charmander woke up in his small bed in a room, as he quietly yawned and rubbed his eyes. He quickly grabbed his lead pipe that he hid under the pillow, as he glanced out at window to see the forenoon sunlight that greeted him. The pipe glimmered along with the daylight, as a faint shade of red could be seen on primarily the top end of the pipe. He got off of his bed and walked over to the door with hurried steps, as he used his lead pipe to turn the brass doorknob in a slight, clockwise motion.

    He got out of his room soon after the door opened, as he closed the door slightly, but it could not be closed completely due to the door guard that was hidden on its side to the untrained eye. He quietly walked over to where he heard some other Pokémon conversing about an invasion of Beedrill, as he tapped his pipe on his left hand in a quiet tone. An evil grin formed across his face, as he slowly approached towards Luke, who appeared to be the leader of everyone inside the house. He resisted the urge to rub on his bandages, as he took in a slient breath in an attempt to toughen up the slight, stinging pain.
  7. Jay yawned loudly as the other Pokémon complained. "He's just ditching us. You'll get used to it." Jay said lumbering off towards the kitchen. "Just give up and hide before the Beedrill get here. That's our safe bet." These guys couldn't beat an army of Beedrill alone. Thy needed their trainer. They were weak. He learned the hard way that trainers were unreliable and only cared about strength.
  8. From across the room, Mirai's eyes began to water, and she clutched her cleffa doll, Satomi, tightly in her stubby little arms. Ditched? That couldn't be possible! Trainers didn't just ditch their pokemon when they got bored, did they? Master was going to compete in the league, wasn't he? So why wasn't he taking his pokemon with him?

    "Is Master going to be gone forever?" she whimpered, "I don't wanna be on my own!"
  9. The Charmander's tail perked up to the sound of new voices that came from nearby. He turned around and noticed a Rattata the moment he heard him mentioning the two words that triggered him instanteously, give up. He had a maniacal look towards him, as he tapped his pipe on his left hand in a faster motion, as if he was trying to send a message off at him. He was oblivious to the Pachirisu who whimpered from across the room, as he slowly approached towards the Rattata while rage rushed throughout his body.

    His eyes were now in a light shade of scarlet red, as faint, red markings started to appear on his body. He slowly approached towards the Rattata while the flame on his tail slowly blazed up the moment when he heard the fact that the trainer ditched everyone.
  10. Jay burped and turned to see a Charmander with a pipe walking towards him. He hiccuped and said, "What do you want." He tilted his head at the new arrival. "What, you gonna whine about the trainer ditching us to?" He asked in a harsh voice.
  11. The Charmander was slient, as he didn't respond to the Rattata that talked with him in a harsh voice. He banged his pipe in his left hand in a louder tone, as he glared off towards him! He stomped over towards him while rage surged throughout his body, as his eyes gave off a furious look! The pipe shined from the fluorescent lighting in the area, as there was a shade of red that became more visible within the light. The red markings on his body became more noticeable, as his eyes started to turn into a darker shade of currant red.
  12. Jay gulped. What was up with his guy? As the Charmander got closer, he backed away easy. "What do you want?" He asked again but this time, his voice full of fear.
  13. The Charmander still didn't respond to what Jay said in a fearful tone, as he continued to stomp over towards him. He flipped his pipe around with his right hand, as the flame on his tail started to heat an extremely small area around him. He had a psychotic look towards Jay, while he felt a stinging pain that came from his left arm. He quietly took in a deep breath while his body started to gradually produce a trace amount of adrenaline. He ignored the stinging pain that went on his left arm, as he continued to angrily stomp over to Jay.
  14. "Get away from me," squealed the rat Pokémon as he ran towards the stairs. "What did I ever do to you!" He shouted over his shoulder as he scurried up the starirs and hid in one of the many rat hotels he had made over the years. It was his safe place where he could be all alone. He breathed a sigh of relief, as he was safe.
  15. Lyn was fast asleep, until she heard some noise, that woke her up. The Shinx sparked some electricity before getting up. "Where's Master?" she asked, being oblivious of the current situation. I'll just find them. They surely couldn't of left, she thought this to herself as she ran up the stairs to search.
  16. Roy had been the first to wake up and had already had breakfast. But now that most of the others were awake he decided to tell them something. He quickly jumped from a table up to his perch and yelled, "I call dibs on the human's room," so that everyone in the house could hear.
  17. Lyn turned around. "But.. why?" Then, she realized it. "They left us, didn't they? Why?" The Shinx began to run around the house, in a frantic panic. "Where'd they go?" She could remember her trainer talking about some place called Hoenn. Maybe they went to the Hoenn place! Then they will be back, right? Calming herself down, she turned around to Roy. "Well... er, when... when they come back, won't they want their room?"
  18. Mirai's tiny body began to tremble. Her bottom lip wobbled, and she clung to Satomi for dear life. So it was true. Master really had left them all. Left them all like a child abandoning toys that they got bored with. If that were really the case, then they could all become banettes and go and kill him. But they weren't. Mirai was just a little pachirisu, who'd never known life without a trainer to depend on. She was doomed.

    "Master's gone, and he's never coming back!" she wailed, "Now we're all doomed!"
  19. "Of course they're coming back and of course they'll want their room," Roy repied. "I just want their room while they're gone. It's much better than the others."
  20. Man, maybe I should've claimed their room first.. especially in that case! Shrugging it off, and Mirai, she looked around. Running over to her, she decided to stick with what Roy said. "Roy says they're going to come back, and I'm sure they will too!"
  21. Now since that was taken care of Roy jumped down to the couch and picked up the remote in his talons. "I wonder what's on right now," he said curiously. He cycled through the channels until he found that is favorite anime was on and then proceeded to put some popcorn in the microwave and go back to continue watching.
  22. Jay listened from his hole, to hear that they were taking claim, to the master's bed. As much a he hated the guy, he still had a comfy bed. Jay quickly, well as fast as his pudgy body would let him, climbed into the vents and went to the room. He stood straight above the master's bed. He broke the vent he was on, with a Super Fang attack, and landed on the master's bed. "I'll just stay here," he thought to himself. As long as he was there, he could claim that he was there the entire time. No one would think otherwise. He snickered at the thought of his plan, and decided to fall asleep.
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  23. The Charmander had an evil grin on his face when he saw the Rattata flee away from him earlier. He quietly walked over towards Roy while he noticed that the television was on now. He looked over at him while the rage in his body rapidly diminished, as he had a mild, but quiet outlook at him. The flame on his tail shrunk back to normal size, as it was now harmless due to his mild mood. He stood by the couch and stayed slient, as he looked over at Roy, who was watching the television.
  24. Then the microwave started beeping and Roy hopped over and took out his popcorn. Then went back to the couch. Unfortunately There was a commercial break. "Of course," he said annoyed. Then he noticed something. "Hey where did Jay go?" he asked.
  25. Now fully aware that with their trainer gone, the pokemon were free to do whatever they wanted, Mirai abruptly stopped crying, and her little black eyes lit up. She could finally do everything that her master said not to. She could... Drink pecha berry juice before bed, or use spark in the bathtub. She could short out the T.V by using discharge on it. And she could eat all the poffins and pokeblocks she wanted!

    She ran to the kitchen, and did her best to reach the cupboard. A packet of poffins tumbled out, which she opened and started to feast on immediately.
  26. "EVERYONE CALM DOWN AND STOP WHAT YOUR DOING NOW!" Luke yelled in the most commanding voice ever "I know you want to do whatever you want but we can burn down the house with all this! also, Human's room is mine not yours Roy" Luke added, He started to gather up some stuff and take it into the Trainer's room, He came back down moments later with a bag in his hand "You guys can go crazy and ruin this house, Im going to get some stuff from the PokeMart...." He said, Walking out the door and continuing down the road

    While walking, He noticed someone who looked familiar but he just didn't know who it was, He thought it might be the Trainers friend or something but it wasn't, He realised that person was following him with a creepy smile, Luke looked around and readied his fists

    "Bring it on!" Luke yelled
  27. "Well that happened," Roy said. "Meh." He then resumed watching anime and eating popcorn. "Wait a minute," he said suddenly. "Why does he get the human's room?!"
  28. Mirai continued her assault on the poffin packet, shoving poffin after poffin after poffin into her tiny mouth, gulping them down greedily. She only really liked the sweet ones and the spicy ones, though, so all of the other poffins got tossed on the floor.

    After she was done with her assault on their trainer's poffin supply, Mirai went straight for the next bag of treats that she could see... Which happened to be a bag of pokeblocks.
  29. Lyn flinched as she heard Luke yell. Though, when he left, she looked around. "So... can we do anything?" Curious, she went towards the kitchen to try to open the fridge. Using Spark, she tried to open it by force, which was no use. Ignoring the poffins scattered on the floor, she was able to get the fridge open. Mildly cold air hit her, and she looked through it. "Slowpoke tails.." Slowpoke are Pokémon, right? Why are their tails here...? Ignoring this, she continued to look around the fridge.
  30. After the episode finished Roy decided to go outside and ask Luke why he got the human's room. He jumped onto the door nob to open the door and hopped out to see that Luke looked like he was getting ready to fight some human. "What's going on?" he asked.
  31. Jay yawned loudly from the trainer's bed. He had been having a nice dream, and that bonehead Luke had ruined it with his shouting. Jay's stomach growled and Jay struggled out of the soft bed and scurried off towards the kitchen in search of food.
  32. Stan was asleep for most of the time in his cage. It was just a normal cage, but it was 10 feet to fit the Bird. Stan finally woke up. "What a nice day to see my trainer!" he said smiling. He then looked at the note in his cage saying I am leaving to Hoenn, and do not do anything stupid. Stan noticed the cage was locked. "Dang. Well I can get help from someone in the house! Hopefully that blue numskull doesn't notice that I am gone, assuming HE is in charge right now." Stan ate some of the food from his bowl, and drank some water. "Hey! Can someone open this cage? I promise I will not do anything stupid!"
  33. Shulk was laying outside the door since no one payed much attention to him. He was informed that the trainer was going to Honneh when they left since he was right in front of the door. He watched as Luke was confronted by a human and Roy who walked out. "I really don't need to do anything unless it gets bad." He said to himself.
  34. Exiting the back door of the house, King Karp splashed his way into the pool. He swam around for a bit, making sure no other water Pokémon were in there.
    "The whole pool all to myself" he said to himself "like a dream come true"
  35. Roy assumed Luke had it covered and jump over Shulk then went inside. Then he saw that Stan was awake and his cage was locked. "Let me get that for ya buddy," he said unlocking the cage. "We bird pokemon gotta stick together ya know?"
  36. Stan jumped out of the cage. "I guess." Stan replied. "So, where is Luke? I mean its not like I am supposed to be out of the cage or anything." Stan flew out the room and into the kitchen in nearly an instant. He opened the fridge to see Slowpoke Tail. "Yum." Stan said taking it out with his beak, and placing it on a plate.
  37. Luke kicked the trainer in the balls and then threw him into a bush
    "WHY DID I LEAVE THE HOUSE!?" Luke yelled, Dashing back into the house "EVERYBODY STOP!" He yelled, Looking at everyone doing everything wrong
    "Ok,I WILL THROW PEOPLE OUT THE DOOR IF YOU GUYS DONT STOP AND LISTEN!" Luke yelled, Banging his hand on a table
    "Everyone in the living room NOW" Luke yelled, Banging his hand on the table again
  38. "I found him," Roy said. "I guess we better go. He seems like he won't take no for an answer." After saying this he jumped over to the living room.
  39. Stan turned around. "I don't want to be caught." Stan said. Right now I am blending in, but everyone will go to the Living Room, and I will be caught alone." Stan flew behind the couch peeking his head around it to see what Luke was going to say.
  40. Shulk slowly crawled into the house and crawled to where Luke was banging the table and stood beside him. "So Luke, what are you going to do now that everyone is gathered here?" He asked.

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