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Open Home Alone [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tatzu, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. You are a Pokemon, Living happily with your trainer and other pokemon in the house, Everything is going great until one day he is gone and a note is left on the door saying "Going to Hoenn!" You have alot of food and enough space for everyone to stay but without your trainer, You can pretty much do anything you want! but that is going to lead to chaos or happiness, You decide
    This guy is a normal trainer, He isnt going to have 24 Charizard's and 9 Shiny Eevee's (If someone already is a Pikipek or something, Dont be the exact same pokemon and keep your characters being Shiny to MINIMUM)
    PLEASE don't have massive battles in the house, Minor window breaks are fine but I don't want to hear that people are burning the house down in their first post

    Ill start the RP when four people have joined
  2. Name: Sir Slithers
    Species: Snivy
    Age: 60
    Appearance: A Snivy with a Monocle, a cane, and a black top hat
    Personality: Very calm and snarky, thinks he is very wise because of his age. Acts very sophisticated.
    Skills: Very good with his cane, and very agile. He is also very crafty with words, and can convince most to do things he doesn't want to do.
    Origin: Coming from a royal family, he was dropped off as a gift to the trainer.
  3. Name: King Karp
    Species: Magikarp
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Shiny
    Personality: He used to be quite self-absorbed and proud, but over time he has learned to be humble and help others (Read more about this below)
    Skills: Good with words and is very encouraging
    Origin: Born in the wild, in his youth King Karp always thought himself of higher than the "Normally Coloured" Magikarp, which came to a head when he ran away from home, beliving his own family to be lower than him and just jelous. Throughout his travels he met other Pokémon, and learned important lessons about how to be a better Pokémon, and then he met Unnamed Trainer

    A Snivy with a Monocle, a top hat and a cane,
    You'll hear his "Good Day" before he stabs you in the brain.
  4. Ah, so we're all going with super original names, are we? Well, my Pikachu needed a name, anyway, so...

    : Rai
    Species: Pikachu
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He looks like the average Pikachu, but he wears a pair of safety goggles (y'know, the ones with the round lenses) around his neck, under a red bandana, both of which he covers his eyes, snout, and mouth with during battle. Also, he keeps an iPod and a pair of earbuds in a small backpack- when I say "small," I mean small. It's like one of those tiny ones you give a small child you can only fit a handful of things in. Those items barely fit themselves.
    Personality: Rai is easily bored and mostly loves to lay around and do nothing, but if he hears anything about a battle mentioned, he'll ask to join in. Usually, he can be found with his earbuds in or in front of the T.V. Believe it or not, he trains quite often, too, and can't help but wonder what being an Expedition Society member would be like, as much as he loves his Trainer. Rai's really independent.
    Skills: His physical attacks are pretty strong for the average Pikachu, I suppose. Also, he's a pretty decent cook, when he needs to be.
    Origin: Originally from the wild, Rai was a young Pichu when the Trainer found him and took him in. He really had no family, and he found himself feeling jealous of any Pokémon he saw that did. Once he met the Trainer, he could feel all those emotions drain away. He thought he had just found his own family.

    Just tell me if I should change anything, alright?
  5. Name: Scruffy
    Species: Rockruff
    Age: 8
    Appearance: He has a red bandana around his neck and wears his trainer's hat on his head.
    Personality: Playfull, crybaby, wants to be friends with everyone but often struggles and annoys them instead, and tends to tries cheer people up
    Skills: He has a very good sense of smell and can track/find things easily.
    Origin: He came across the house of the trainer looking for food and fortunately got taken into their home and added onto their family.
  6. Name: Lyn
    Species: Shinx
    Age: 9
    Appearance: A sorta normal Shinx, her eyes are an amber color. Wears a blue scarf with yellow thunderbolt patterns on it.
    Personality: Naïve, playful, kind, clumsy, not really good at Pokémon battles
    Skills: Very good eyesight, and pretty fast.
    Origin: When she hatched, there was no Pokémon to take care of her. Luckily, there was a trainer near by, who accepted her into their house and she quickly became their Pokémon.
  7. Name: Roy
    Species: Rufflet
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Has a couple scars, Can't fly, Wears a Focus Sash around his neck
    Personality: always hungry, determined
    Skills: He is very skillful using his talons and can easily get to high places despite not being able to fly
    Origin: His wing was damaged badly about a year ago, but the trainer found him and helped his wing heal. He still can't fly though.
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  8. Btw, this is my character
    Name: Luke
    Species: Lucario
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Looks normal but wears a Gold ring and a Focus sash as a scarf
    Personality: Luke is usually commanding and can be nice, Most of the trainers pokemon listen to him
    Skills: He is a expert at battling and speed
    Origin: He was the trainers first pokemon and it his strongest pokemon, He was always loyal to the trainer and the "King" to the other pokemon...

    (The RP will be made Today!)
  9. yay for lucarios
  10. I will probably have two other characters but ill introduce them later
  11. Well, this should be interesting. Also, I am getting better now so hopefully I can roleplay a little more on pace now. I know that my character is a bit dark and violent here, especially on the origin part. So if there are any concerns, please feel free to privately talk about them with me.

    Name: Slient (Slient is his nickname that he is often referred to due to his untalkative nature, as his real name is unknown.)
    Species: Charmander
    Age: His age is unknown.
    Appearance: He looks like a normal Charmander, but when he is angry, scarlet red marks become visible on his body, as they become more darker with his rage. He also carries around lead pipe that he had since his early life, as it is stained with blood. He also has bandages that are snugly wrapped around his left arm and his chest, due to his past injuries.
    Personality: He is extremely quiet around others, as he tends to fidget around sometimes. He also does not speak at all, as he only communicates only with the help of his body language and writing. He can be rather rough if he is angered, since he has almost no control in his enraged state.
    Skills: He excels in close quarters combat, as he also can generate adrenaline in his body to slowly heal himself. However, having too much adrenaline will severely limit his movement and combat.
    Origin: He was hatched prematurely as he was kidnapped by an unknown scientist who abused him. She subjected him to an experiment that caused his body to undergo an enormous change, as he was now a monster. He barely escaped from the lab with major injuries after killing dozens of grunts and the leader, as he was rescued from an unknown trainer. He cared for his injuries and attempted to tame his anarchic nature.
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  12. @Charlespark Accepted.... Wow.... Thats very dark but interesting

    Btw, You CAN make more characters since im pretty sure we will need more im making the limit three though
  13. I hope it's not to late to join.
    Name: Jay
    Species: Rattata
    Age: 36
    Appearance: Out of shape. Fur is scruffy and under groomed. His tooth is chipped
    Personality: Very hateful, lazy and doesn't care about most things
    Skills: Ignoing commands, and lounging around. Mostly giving any situation a negative outlook. Can easily become paranoid.
    Origin: He was caught a long time ago. At first he was used a lot, but overtime, he was used less and less. Eventually he stopped being used as a whole, and is very hateful towards his trainer for it.
  14. Name: Mirai

    Species: Pachirisu

    Age: 4

    Appearance: Same as any regular pachirisu, except that she's slightly smaller than other members of her species, due to being very young. She also carries a tiny cleffa doll, which she calls 'Satomi', around with her, at all times.

    Personality: Tends to act like a typical little kid. Can be very demanding, gets scared easily, and will sulk when she doesn't get what she wants.

    Skills: Using spark attack, getting others to do things for her, and sulking for long periods of time.

    Origin: Was given to her trainer as an egg, and hatched while he was out on the road.
  15. Right. Stereotypical British guy (no, I'm not like that, and I know nobody who is), your stereotypical teen, and a four year old. And congrats on the names. This RP is gonna be amazing.

    Name: Zailia
    Species: Zorua
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Sorta a shiny. She has blue markings instead of red, but not the brown
    Personality: Mischievous, likes to trick Pokemon with illusions. Can be caring, however
    Skills: Experienced with illusions. Kinda like the Zorua from 'Zoruark, master of illusions', she can make an opponent or other Pokemon think something has happened, as far as an attack, being able to pretend she used an attack like Hyper beam, or smashing up a house.
    Origin: Lived in the wild, pursuited by trainers since she was a half-shiny, which is pretty much unique. Then she met *insert trainer name here* and lived with him, safe. Doesn't feel very comfortable about him leaving
  16. Name: Shulk
    Species: Shuckle
    Age: 18
    Appearance: normal, wears a red scarf
    Personality: extremely kind hearted and love fun and excitement
    Skills: calm under pressure, tank everything that's thrown at him
    Origin: a jolly Shuckle from a nice forest where he was loved by everyone. But one day the forest caugh on fire and he was left behind because he was slow. The trainer found him below scorched trees and helped him recover. Has been in the trainer's team after that incident
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  17. @koopa000 Im sorry but there isnt much detail.... add more detail and your accepted.
  18. 2nd character

    Name: Janice
    Species: Kirlia
    Age: 13
    Appearance: wears a light pink purse that she stuffs with berries, and other items. Other then that a normal looking Kirlia.
    Personality: Very kind and caring. If she sees someone who's hurt, she rushes to help it. More of a healer than a fighter. Very motherly and slightly overprotective. Very trusting of humans, because she has only known what she assumes are nice ones.
    Skills: Very good with berry identification, and is great at healing Pokémon. She has moves like Heal Pulse, and Lucky Chant to aid other Pokémon.
    Origin: was raised by an elderly woman who took care of passing travelers. When the trainer came by, Janice instantly befriended him, and the elderly woman let Janice go with him. The elderly woman taught her, about her healing techniques
  19. ok thats fine, Your accepted
  20. Name: Stan
    Species: Staraptor
    Age: 25
    Appearance: A normal Staraptor but has a Red Feather on tail
    Personality: Very competitive, always wanted the most attention from his trainer. Really likes to butt heads with Luke.
    Skills: Can fly at Great Speeds, and may think things out before a battle, but when he is angry he is reckless, maybe its due to his ability being Reckless.
    Origin: Once a Starly from a nearby forest, he was the second Pokemon the Trainer had. Stan always wanted to be the favorite, and so attempted to fight Luke anytime he could.
  21. Koopa, I said you were in
    @montymike Accepted (there will be lots of anger between Luke and Stan)
  22. Would a second charachter, need to be accepted through the thread? If so, they are posted.
  23. Second characters are already accepted but if I find something bad or not much detail ill just ask you to change it or something
  24. Okay thanks for letting me know.
  25. Does the house have a pool?
  26. yea

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  27. Ok, hostile takeover time
  28. I hope it's not to late to join.
    Name: Nagi
    Species: snerviper
    Age: 14
    Appearance: like any ol snerviper
    Personality: Happy kind
    Skills: quoting Harry Potter
    Origin: was caught on a Vist to unova and has been they soul poison type of the team
  29. Well here's my second character here, as this one took a bit of time to balance out. Also, the house is pretty chaotic now haha. I like how Luke is stepping up and taking charge, while he is trying to tame the anarchy that is just occupying the entire area. (Well almost.) Anyway, if there are any issues on my second character, please privately discuss it with me.

    Name: Daniel
    Species: Ditto
    Age: He is roughly 16 Years old.
    Appearance: He can usually be seen as a starter Pokémon or any other small Pokémon. He is rarely seen in his original, blue blob form due to his dislikes of being in it.
    Personality: He has a mild outlook, as he is also studious. He can be mischievous at times, as he likes to tease around others playfully by pretending to look like them from his transformations. He is convivial around his friends, as he is circumspect around strangers andespecially at ones he hates. He despises laughing even while alone, as it will instanteously revert him back to his original form.
    Skills: He is excellent at manipulating others to get his ways, as he also has mastered his own improvised moves for most starter Pokémon.
    Origin: He fled from Team Magma while he was unintentionally caught by the trainer, as the trainer intended to protect him from the explosion that Team Magma caused.
  30. Fro, Froakie Fro Froakie Kie Froakie Froakie. Froa, Froak Froakie Froakie Froa Froakie Fro Froakie.

    (Translation: Well, I have been busy with other roleplays here. Also, I have been writing more of my stories lately.)

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