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Home Again: Neo Rocket Rises!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by CrystalCore, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. This PRP will take place in Johto and/or the Whirl Islands. This is going to be based on Team Rocket being defeated and a new team, Team Neo Rocket, surfaces. They steal Pokemon, experiment on them, and kill them. The heroes should team up to fight back in the end. Post your No sign ups, no pming, just jump right in! Here we go..................
    ((Ooc: My char bio: http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg110740#msg110740))
    Jaime decided to take the slow, boat ride home, instead of flying. He wanted to appreciate all the wonderful things he had been able to do in the last month. He had won the Double Battle division of The Silver Conference. He hatched and evolved a beautiful Pichu into a Pikachu. He had evolved Draggie into a Dragonite. life was good. Now he was headed home to visit his mother and say hello to his childhood friends, Soul, Chris, and Silver.

    Jaime watched as the water Pokemon swam by. He saw Seaking, Goldeen, Quilfish, and many more. He released his Pokemon onto the boat. "Go on and play," Jaime said, "I'll be right here if you need me."

    Breo, Zaps, and Lucas played on the boat and swam in the water. Draggie and Sally flew around, Draggie sometimes flying under the water. Jaime grinned at his Pokemon having such an amount of fun. But something troubled him, too. Something had felt wrong to Jaime. Lucas and Draggie sensed this, and they came over to Jaime, to comfort him.

    The boat docked in the harbor near New Bark Town and Jaime returned his Pokemon to their respective balls. Breo to premier, Draggie to green, Sally to blue, Zaps to bolt sticker, Lucas to great.

    Jaime walked over to his house and saw that the door was open. He knew something was wrong. He rushed inside and yelled "Mom! What's going on here?!?"

    Jaime's mother, Mrs.Gold, was sitting at the table, face in hands. She was sobbing. "They took them." she cried.

    "Who?! Took who?"

    "I don't know. But they took Mr.Mime. And Glameow." Mr.Mime and Glameow were Mrs.Gold's only company while Jaime was away.

    "Don't worry, mom. I'll find them. And they'll pay for what they have done." Jaime had a vengeful look in his eyes as he walked out the door of his house and out into the streets of New Bark Town. He dropped onto his knees and frustratedly yelled, with tears swelling in his eyes.
  2. ((OOC: Nice... But help me out because I don't know Johto as well as Sinnoh xP))

    Erika walked off the boat. I'm finally in Johto. She smiled at the thought. So this is New Bark town. The dark-haired girl had become a sunny person since she ran away from home. "Espey!" cried out her Espeon. "What is it, Espey?" she said looking at where her Pokemon was pointing. Erika looked at the sobbing boy in front of her. Black hair, looked about her age. "Hey," she said, poking the boy in the shoulder, "Are you okay?" Espey put a paw on the boy's foot and began to use Calm Mind. I think I'm going to be here for a while.

    The dark-haired girl sat down on the other side of the boy. "Chocolate?" she asked out of nowhere. Erika took out a chocolate bar from her backpack and offered a piece to him. "Chocolate always makes me feel better when I'm down," she said, "and that used to be most of the time. That's why I have chocolate with me." she said, trying to explain the wierdness of a trainer having chocolate with her whenever.

    ((OOC: You can tell it's not my best work :p ))
  3. Soul Relaxed on the Rooftopp of His house. "New Bark Town's been pretty damn quiet lately. I wonder..." Suddenly a loud yell came from a few doors down. He rose to his feet in shock. "Lecylec! Check it out!" He threw a blue and yellow Pokeball into the air, the yellow in the shape of a Pikachu. The Ball jerked open, sending a red beam down to the ground. There, emerged a small Elekid, small, but brave. He leapt down and began running in the direction of the yell.

    There, kneeling on the floor, was a boy with Black hair. Soul stopped for a second and hesitated. "No... It can't be... Can it?" Soul saw an odd Girl next to him. "I'm sorry but who exactly are you?"
  4. (OOC: lolz well this is the third RP I've particitpated in. I hope this one works out better then the others. Anyways, here's my character http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/index.php?topic=903.msg109413#msg109413.)

    Smiling wile riding on the back of Avian, his togekiss, Spencer thought about the rumors he'd heard. Team Rocket had been an associate company of the Corporation that destroyed Spencer's hometown and now he had heard that a new group had formed.
    "nah it's impossible. That kid took down Team Rocket a couple years back. As crazy as everyone thought that was, the kid went on to become one of the most powerful trainers ever..."
    A sudden jerk in Avian's flight had interrupted Spencer's thoughts and in a little more then a splitsecond later, they were falling. He turned over Avian's body mid-fall and saw she was hit with a tranquilizer.
    "tch, figures"
    He recalled Avian and sent out Blast, his torkoal, and immediatly got on his back.
    "Well now's a better time then any to try this out..."
    Blast immediatly used gyro ball and both Spencer and Blast spun around at high speeds declining the speed they fell, but they still landed hard.
    "OOF!!! Note to self: make Avian fly a little higher next time so we can pull this trick off..."
    Spencer recalled Blast and sent out his trusted partner, Fierce the sandslash.
    "OK Fierce I need you to sniff out any other humans in the area. We were shot down with a tranquilizer."
    Fierce nodded, sniffed the air, then darted north through the Ilex Forest. and into Goldenrod City.
    (OOC: If you need something changed or if you don't like something just say and I'll change it.)
  5. "I'm sorry but who exactly are you?" Erika turned to see a boy. Standing up, she replied " My name's Erika. I'm a trainer from Sinnoh. I just got off the boat and my Espeon, Espey noticed.... uh, him, so I decided to try to help out. "So, who are you?" the dark-haired girl asked, curious as to why the boy had come. Espey began to study the boy, checking for danger from him, or nearby. Erika fiddled with her backpack strap.
  6. "Ahhhh............ Nice flight eh Staraptor?" Asked Hyndrer
    *insert Staraptor's cry here* (Yes.)
    "Now that I-*stares at New bark town* Lets go there Staraptor!" Said Hyndrer.
    *insert picture of Staraptor flying to New bark town*
    "Where are we? Johto?" Asked Hyndrer.
    *Hyndrer notices Erica* "Who is that?" *Hyndrer walks to Erica* "Hi there!" Says Hyndrer.
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    No. Just no.

    Piemaster, read the RP forum rules before attempting to make ANY RP posts of ANY kind. This hardly answers to ANY standard of quality we have here.
  8. As Fierce darted darted through Goldenrod City, he came into the busiest crossroads of it. He quickly moved his head around and sniffed the air multiple times until he finally let his head down in depression.
    "Dangit. It looks like there's too many people around. Was his scent close when you lost it?"
    Fierce nodded his head.
    "Well at least we know he can't be too far away. Plus, we don't know what he looks like. Let's get Avian treated and then we'll go and take a look around town for anything suspicious. Sound like a plan?"
    Fierce nodded slightly, but Spencer knew Fierce felt responsible for letting him get away. It was one of Fierce's main flaws: he can't let a failure go.
    Spencer walked into the Pokemon Center and handed Nurse Joy the pokeball with Avian in it. He and Fierce relaxed in the waiting area and Spencer was thinking about who or why someone would want to shoot down Avian. Fierce was thinking about beating the crap out of the guy he lost. There was another one of Fierce's flaws: not being able to focus on what's inportant.
  9. "They took my mother's Pokemon," Jaime said, "Why would someone steal Pokemon? It's just wrong. And don't ask who, 'cause I don't know. But there have been some reports of men and women in black outfits stealing their Pokemon. I'm gonna catch them. Then I'm gonna show them what happens to anyone who messes with my family. And no, I don't want any chocolate." Jimmy stood up and then noticed a Pokemon. He studied it closer and he knew it was native to Johto.

    Jaime scanned it with his Pokedex and it said: "Elekid, the Electric Pokémon. Elekid waves its arms to produce a strong electrical charge and gains strength when lightning is present." Jaime put away his Pokedex.

    "So, I can't do this on my own. I know its weird and all 'cause I just met most of you and all, but, do any of you have any ideas of who done it? Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Snagem, Dim Sun, Go Rock, Cipher, or Galactic? Can't be. Most of them aren't even based in Johto. So what do you say? Anyone?"
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  10. Soul rose, still shocked. "Uh... Well... There is one thing, but its not exactly known to be true yet." Soul yawned. "Rumour has it that a few years after Team Rocket Disabandened, some of the Grunts and Admins started a new Team based in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. Of coursee, theres nothing there. I went there myself. Me, Lecylec, Quilquil and Speed all checked it out, but nothing." He looked to Erika. "The names Soul. I'm the top trainer here in New Bark. Already got 7 badges, just Blackthorn left. Hey, I have an Umbreon, wanna see?" He threw a ball with a dark moon and star on it into the air. "Come on out Umbrei!" The red beam revealed and incredible black umbreon with blue rings insted of yellow and a red scar along its forhead.
  11. "New Bark Town!!!" cried Rafiel. " I will find you brother!!" He yelled, catching the attention of other people. " Have you seen a kid with snow-white hair, Shiny members of the Turtwig, Smoochum, Shedinja, Gulpin, Spiritomb, and Eevee families, and light brown eyes? Have you? Have you seen him?" Maybe this was a bad starting place on the search for his brother.

    The boy that everyone was staring at was the complete opposite of who he called his brother. He had Coal Black hair and Gray eyes. The only thing was he had the members of the Gulpin family. "Hey a shiny Umbreon let's check it out!"
  12. ((OOC: Uh, Mr. Cacti, isn't that post a bit short? And Lt., you posted before me! D: ))

    Top trainer... Erika smirked. That's interesting... "Hey, I have an Umbreon, wanna see? Come on out Umbrei!" Soul released an odd colored Umbreon with a red scar on its forehead. "Oh, wow! I have an Umbreon too!" She took out a pokeball and out came Umbrey. "His name's Umbrey. Don't judge him, though. He's taken down some of the strongest." Umbrey looked at Soul's Umbreon, watching its every move.

    It's dark-haired trainer was oblivious to what it was doing. "You said that you were the top trainer here in New Bark? I'm the top trainer in Sinnoh. I beat Cynthia I think last month? Here's proof." Erika took out a Sinnoh region badge case. On the top cover was the ribbon she had earned for beating Cynthia.

    She turned towards the other boy. "I'm in. Takin Pokemon from other people ain't right. So, about the teams you just mentioned. All I know is that Galactic was definitely taken down in Sinnoh. Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Snagem, Dim Sun, Go Rock, and Cipher I heard either disbanded like Soul said, or were defeated. When I was on the boat earlier, I overheard some sailors talking about a new team based in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. They said something like Neo Rocket?"
  13. (OOC: Yeah, FallenAngel's right. Try editing it and making it a little bigger with a some more detail. I hope I don't sound like I'm mini-modding...)
    "Well that was completely pointless." Spencer said to Fierce as they finished their search around Goldenrod. Avian had been treated and was resting peacefuly inside her pokeball, but Spencer and Fierce weren't as happy.
    "Well let's see if anyone knows about we're talking about. I mean, there has to be someone in that Game Corner that knows about Team Rocket." said Spencer feeling obtimistic.
    So they searched and searched around town until they decided that they should fly to different towns for info. Spencer wasn't too serious about the rumors he'd heard about the new Team Rocket before, but now that he'd seen the scared responses when he said the words "New Team Rocket" he knew they had to be true. So Spencer called out Avian and flew over to New Bark Town and sawa group of people by the docks.
    "HEY!!! I NEED TO ASK YOU GUYS SOMETHING!!!" yelled Spencer as he landed only a short distance away from them. "Do any of you know anything about a new Team Rocket?"
    (OOC: Yes, that is Jimmy, Soul, and Erika. Sorry if that confused anyone)
  14. " Maybe I have." the coal black haired boy said. " I can tell you what I know. In exchange for Info on my brother. Want a Rage Candybar? They're awesome. Boost your pokemon trust. how bout it? info for Info.

    (OoC: I have to make longer but have to go for now.)
  15. ((Ooc: I'll say! Two lines?))

    "Thanks and, I'm Jaime. Jaime Gold." he said, "And since we're showing off our Umbreons, Breo c'mon out!" Jaime threw out a premier ball and out came a shiny Umbreon. Jaime turned to the other boy with the black hair and said, "A boy with white hair... hm. Where have I heard that before? I don't know, sorry." Jaime turned to the yelling guy, "A New Team Rocket, huh? Yeah, they call themselves Neo Team Rocket, supposedly. Rumors say that they were based in the Goldenrod Radio Tower. They steal Pokemon." Back to the boy with gray eyes, "And my Pokemon trust me enough." And then, to Soul, "You're the best in New Bark Town? I just won the Silver Conference. Basically, Johto's Pokemon league championship competition. Breo never failed me, not against one Pokemon."

    Meanwhile, at the Goldenrod Radio Tower, The Mask of Ice, the new leader of Neo Team Rocket, grinned through his mask. "Two more Pokemon to add to the list." he said, "But, we do not have much time until someone cluelessly wanders into here and discovers our secret base. It's just a matter of time..."
  16. (OOC: Ummm Cacti, does the search for your brother have anything to do with Neo Rocket or this rp at all? If not then why did you include it?)
    "The Radio Tower, huh? Thanks. If you wanna help then meet me in the Radio Tower. It'll take me a while before i find the entrance so we have plenty of time." Spencer said. "Oh, and sorry, but now I haven't seen your brother. Sorry. Well I'm off."
    Spencer signalled Avian who was flying a little bit overhead and she flew over, picked up Spencer, and they flew out to Goldnerod. Spencer walked into the Radio Tower and was imediatly stopped by a man in a black suit wearing dark sunglasses dispite they were inside.
    "Sorry young man, no tourists in the Radio Tower today. Business meetings are important too." said the man.
    "As much as I'd love to believe that, I need to look around here. My business is important too." Spencer smiled a sarcastic smile and walked past the man. The man growled, walked into another room and pulled out a walkie-talkie.
    "We have an intruder. He might be onto us. Be on guard, if the entrance opens then prepare an ambush at the botom of the stairs." the man whispered into the walkie-talkie.
    Spencer recalled Avian and sent out Fierce.
    "O.K. Fierce, I need you to scan the underground around here for basements, stairs, or anything that could lead to an underground base." said Spencer.
    Fierce nodded and put his claw on the ground and closed his eyes. Fierce scanned the area and ran to the east wall. He tapped the wall and called out to Spencer.
    "Here huh? Well we can't just bust down the door. Let's see if we can find the way in."
    (OOC: I'm stopping here so that everyone else can join the search for the door opener)
  17. Eric Damon, a Trainer from Sinnoh whose life was ruined by Team Rocket, was near the Radio Tower, hoping he would find his missing girlfriend, Pegg Crier, there. The Rockets destroyed his villages, killing everyone except two: Eric, and Peggy. Eric stole five out of his six Pokemon from a Rocket Base, with help from Mewtwo, who saved his life and also persuaded him to get his revenge, save his girlfriend, and KILL Giovanni. Eric had a katana and a pistol to defend himself from being attacked by a human, and also had the power of aura.

    Eric barged into the Radio Tower, and noticed a Rocket Grunt, the same guy who killed Eric's parents. Eric smirked and said "You miserable scumbags thought you KILLED me? HA! If it weren't for Mewtwo, I'd be dead. And I'm here to save my girlfriend and get my revenge! Dusknoir, I need your help!". Eric then threw a Pokeball, and out came a cyclops/genie/phanton Pokemon. The Grunt sent out Machamp. Eric then laughed, saying "What? Is that all you've got?" The Grunt shouted "SO WHAT IF MACHAMP IS MY ONLY POKEMON?!" Eric then ordered, Dusknoir, use Shadow Ball." The Grunt then told Machamp "Try and dodge it, then use Fire Punch!" Dusknoir shot a round blast of haunted energy at Machamp, defeating it in one blow. Eric loudly said "You Rockets are, have been, and always will be, WEAKLINGS! Hahahaha! You fools will NEVER defeat ME!"

    Eric then watched as the Grunt called Machamp back to its Pokeball and fled, before Eric called Dusknoir back to its Pokeball. The Grunt dropped a Ranger Styler. It was Peggy's Styler, and Eric picked it up and turned it back on.

    As soon as he turned it on, the Styler got a message. It was Professor Hastings. The message said "Peggy! What's going on? Are you alright? Your Styler has been off for some time now, and it just turned back on!" Eric replied to the message "This is Eric, her boyfriend, soon-to-be husband. I'm afraid Peggy has been kidnapped by a filthy bunch who call themselves 'Team Rocket'. They attacked our village, and we were the only human survivors. I'm going to go save her, and afterwards, we're gonna DESTROY this scum once and for all! Giovanni, their leader, must DIE in order for us to avenge the lives that were lost! I need to go now, I'll give it back to her once I find her, kay? Bye!"

    Eric then noticed a strange closet. He opened it, and there were two familiar faces caged: a dark-skinned, gorgeous, raven-haired female in a Top Ranger uniform, and a Pachirisu. It was Peggy and her Pachirisu! Eric brushed his red hair, and messed around with the lock. It seemed to need a password. Eric knew the password somehow, and said "Slowpoke Tail." The lock then gave in, and Eric opened the door.

    Peggy then said "Eric! I KNEW you'd come save me!" Pachirisu squeaked its name, ran toward Eric, and started sniffing him. Eric then helped his beloved up, and told her "We need to stop Team Rocket! I found your Styler. Professor Hastings left a message for you!"

    Peggy took the Styler and sent a message to Hastings saying that she was all right now.

    Eric led his girlfriend and her Pachirisu to the control room of the Radio Tower, where Pachirisu instinctually ruined the signal with a Discharge attack.

    Eric spoke into a machine, so everyone in Johto heard "You DAMN Rockets, and your CRAPPY leader will be going STRAIGHT TO HELL! You'll all PAY for all the horrid things you did!" Peggy spoke into the machine after Eric finished, saying "You BASTARDS are gonna be SCREWED when we're done with you filthy brutes!"

    Then, Eric, Peggy, and Pachirisu safely made it down to the ground floor of the tower.
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    No. Just no. Mary-Sueness of the character aside, WITH HELP FROM MEWTWO. Who authorized the use of a legendary? Not Katie nor El, for sure, making this post a violation of the rules.

    ... In fact, weren't you warned already about this character? MULTIPLE times? Warnings are there for you to learn something from. If you don't, eventually our patience will run thin. You're banned.

    Folks, go on as if nothing happened.
  19. "Well, I guess I'll see you guys there." Erika threw a pokeball and from a red beam came her most trusted Pokemon. It was a black Dragonite, rare and different from the others of its species. "Let's go Nightshade. To the Goldenrod Radio Tower!" Since she nor Nightshade knew their way around Johto, they followed the boy who had asked about the new Team Rocket. He seems to know his way around here.

    Deciding not to land until the others arrived, the dark-haired girl and her Dragonite stayed up in the sky, away from sight, watching the boy try to gain entrance into what she guessed was the Radio Tower. He had no luck and began to search along the east wall with his Sandslash. "Maybe we should help 'em out Nightshade," Erika suggested, and they descended behind the boy. "So," she said as soon as she lept off of the dragon Pokemon, "What's your name, and can we break into the Radio Tower from here?" The girl put a hand on her hip. "It shouldn't be hard for Nightshade to break this wall down..." She knocked on the wall with her other hand. "Yup, it's just metal. He can knock this thing over, no problem."
  20. (OoC: My character's search is important because he thinks Neo Team Rocket kidnapped his brother from the orphanage.)
    Great, just great. I was just in Goldenrod.

    "SWALLOT!!! Pad please?"
    The Swallot coughed up a calculator-like pad and Rafiel typed in the geographical coordinates for Goldenrod. A small flying aircraft swooped down and Rafiel hopped on.

    " Stupid Porygon powered aircraft. Always have to type in coordinates at begginning, middle, and end of flight. Look at myself talking to myself. UUGGH."
  21. ((Ooc: I just realized that one brother says SWALLOT!!! and the other says SWALLIT!!! :p))
    "Let's do this," Jaime said, throwing out a Pokeball, "C'mon out, Sally!" The Pokeball released a female Salamence with odd eyes that were glowing green. Jaime hopped onto Sally's back. Jaime returned Breo into his ball. "The Goldenrod City Radio Tower." he said, then the Salamence flew off to the northwestern skies.

    When they got to The Goldenrod City Radio Tower, Jaime noticed that two of the people from the group were already there, seeming to be trying to figure out how to get inside that metallic, metal monster filled with evil Pokemon-stealers. Jaime flew lower and lower to the ground until Sally's feet touched the cement sidewalks of Goldenrod City. "Sally, return." Jaime said, and the Salamence was absorbed into that familiar red beam of light and was pulled back into her Pokeball. "Well, if they are really and truly based in the Goldenrod City's Radio Tower, they've done a pretty darn good job of hiding it from the rest of the world, or at least anyone who they don't want to have snooping around the headquarters, A.K.A. the group of us all." Jaime said.
  22. When she turned around, she saw Jaime. Well, finally. "So, Jaime, right? Well, how do you suppose we get inside? I was thinking maybe break down a weakpoint from the outside, but then again, they probably have guards, and a couple alarm systems, so scratch that. Just walking inside isn't a way to go either. That guy in the front won't let anyone in today. Something 'bout business meetings? My guess is that they're up to something and that gives us more of a reason to get inside this metal monster!" Realizing that she had almost been yelling, she lowered her voice and whispered "Sorry...I get a little...excited at moments." Erika grinned sheepishly.

    I should return Nightshade. He's going to attract attention to himself...Again. The dark-haired trainer took out a pokeball and Nightshade was engulfed by a red beam and pulled in.
  23. (OoC: Swallit is the other brother's Swallot's name.)

    Rafiel arrives and pushes everyone out of the way, as he is so large. Porygon come out and de-activate all power to the building.SWALLOT!!! Sludge Bomb this door."

    The Porygon exited the craft, leaving it a rusted, crappy, scooter. The Porygon entered the tower from outside tower and soon all power went out.

    " My Porygon says there is only DJ Mary inside, and she's sound asleep with a bottle of Nyquil on her desk next to her. Here's ID badges for all of you. Notice they have your own picture."

    With that, the Swallot spewed a small stream of sludge on the keyhole.

    " We're in."
  24. ((OOC: Sorry I've taken so long to respond, I've been playing Crystal to recap on the Johto Towns))

    Soul smiled as he returned Lecylec to its Pokeball. He threw a dark pokeball with a crescent and star on it. "Nocturn! Time to ride the wind!" The pokeball clicked open and emitted a red beam into the air. The red bbeam began to take shape, then disappeared, revealing a large brown owl. "Noctowwwl!" It cried out. He leapt into the air and landed directly ontop of the owl. "Fly on, to Goldenrod!" Nocturn immediately swooped at an intense speed to the west.

    Soon, Erika and the odd black Dragonite as they landed. He saw her return the Dragonite to its ball. He swooped down next to her. "When you see Jaime, tell him I got the roof, you guys clear the bottom while I find whos in charge here. I'll meet you guys in the Presidents room, m'kay?" He nodded to Erika then signeled to Nocturn. He swooped back into the air and landed on the tall radio tower sateleite tower. He spotted the ladder and began climbing down.

    Soon, the black roof of GoldenRod Radio tower came into view. He leapt down and walked to the door, leading into the tower. There, with and Odd NR on it, was an electric lock. "No problem" He threw two pokeballs into the air. "Lecylec, Mane! Time to shock this lock!" The two balls sent out two red beams, revealing Lecylec, his Elekid, and Mane, his Manetric. "Use Thunder Wave to break the lock!" The two nodded than began to charge anergy. Lecylec shot the elctricity from its arm and onto the lock. Mane did the same, but insted, the energy came from its body. The lock blew off, revealing the handle. He gestered to Mane and Lecylec, and slowly crept into the Building.
  25. ((OOC: Maybe I should recap too....))

    Erika looked behind to see Soul swoop down next her. "When you see Jaime, tell him I got the roof, you guys clear the bottom while I find who's in charge here. I'll meet you guys in the President's room, m'kay?" The dark-haired girl nodded in reply.

    She turned around to look back at Jaime. "So, you heard him, right Jaime? We're gonna find a way into the building and clear the floor. Soul's searching for the person in charge, and we'll meet in the President's room....where ever that is." Erika took out a pokeball and threw it, releasing a balloon-like Pokemon from its hold. "Okay Pop, I need you to use Sing to put the guard out in the front to sleep," looking up at Jaime, she continued. "So I'll take out all the security cameras. Even though we are going to take this all down, it's never a bad thing to be careful."

    The dark-haired trainer crept over the now sleeping body of the guard and into the building. Inside was basically normal looking. Long hallways that seemed to have no end, an elevator to the right, and a powerbox to the left. Well that was easy. The power box is right here...Now all I have to do is turn off all of the security cameras. She opened the box with a random screwdriver in her backpack and flipped the flap wide open. It was digital, so there weren't any wires showing. Just a bunch of blinking numbers and three number key pads marked "Camera", "Power", and "Locks". These guys shouldn't have labeled them. I would have had a harder time. Thanks a lot. She smirked, taking out a device she had taken from the Team Galactic building she used to explore.

    Erika hit the power button and the device glowed, showing that it was on. She tapped an icon on the screen and pointed it at the powerbox. Then three sets of complex numbers appeared on the screen. "So I should use the first one for sure. And maybe the second one to help Soul out. Just in case." she whispered, punching in the first and third codes on the left and right pads. "Access granted" appeared, sliding through the three screens inside the powerbox. "Good. Now all I have to do is find the President's room. Where ever that is..." Erika sighed. "This is just great."

    ((OOC: :D I'm so proud of myself. ))
  26. Then the coal black haired boy, Rafiel, ran up and said to Erika; " Everyone's down in the lobby. Here's your ID card. The President's room is one floor up. Directly up. If we don't care about causing damage I can melt a hole into the next floor. Then I jump up and everyone else climbs from the rope I drop. Good plan?"

    (OoC: Do we care about causing destruction?)
  27. ((OOC: Hey guys this may be my last post until monday seeing as I'm off to Paris early tommorow morning !!! w00t!))

    Soul and lecylec slowly began creeping along the walls, to see a guard dressed in black with the same NR symbol that was on the lock on his chest. Soul smiled. "Lecylec, Shock Wave!" Lecylec released a huge circular burst of energyu along the floor. Soul jumped to dodge it, but the guard failed to dodge it, falling to the floor in pain. Soul ran around his body and grabbed him by the legs, pulling him into a nearby storage closet.

    Soul took off the Grunt's clothes and put them on top of his own, sticking on a pair of sunglasses and the hat that the grunt had been wearing, in order to disguise himself. He returned Lecylec to its Pokeball and continued on, towards the elevator.

    Soon, the black doors of the elevator broke into view. Soul began to smile as he approached, then his face wen't dim. There was a card slot in the elevator. "God Dammit!" Soul stepped back as another Neo Rocket Grunt pulled out a Card Key and opened the elevator. Soul and the grunt walked in. As soon as the door closed, Soul punched the Grunt in the head, giving him a nose bleed, then got His trusty Gallade out to use Hypnosis. He took out the card key, sliced it through the elevator slot, dumped the grunt on the rooftop, then headed back down to floor 3, the only floor leading to the president's room.

    ((OOC: Its true, the 3rd floor does lead the the presidents room))
  28. ((OOC: Have fun on your trip Lt. And yes, Cacti, I care about causing destruction very much. ))

    She blinked, staring at the ID card given to her by the coal haired boy. Aw....I really wanted to fight some grunts. If it's as easy as meltin a hole in the floor, jumpin' up, and just taking the guy in charge as hostage, this isn't what I thought it would be. Erika said her thanks to the boy and continued down the hallway. Maybe I can get some Pokemon free before we have to do some dirty work.

    The dark-haired girl peered into a clear window, seeing two men wearing lab coats over what she guessed to be their uniform with red NRs in the front. They looked as if they were experimenting on something. Erika squinted, seeing it was a Sandshrew. She surveyed the room and gasped. Behind the two people, there were rows upon endless rows of shelves, filled with non other than pokeballs. I've got to get in there, now. Erika quietly made her way to the door, noticing a card slot and almost laughed. That was smart of me to accept the ID card. If I didn't, I'd have a problem.

    Erika stuck the card into the slot and it beeped. Dammit, I hope they didn't hear that... She looked through the window once again and saw them making their way towards the door. Joy. I'll have to get my hands dirty. The first one who opened and looked out the door had the appearance of an old man. Bold spot in the middle, side burns, a little crouch as he walked. Erika almost felt sorry as she side kicked the man backwards into the other one who looked almost the same except for the hair. He had barely any on his head. Just a couple strands here and there. The dark-haired girl punched the other man in the guts, drawing out some blood that would probably stain her gloves. "And just in case," she took out Pop again, "Pop, use Sing."

    The look of pain on their faces switched quickly to one of bliss. "Good. Now go start gathering the pokeballs into this." Erika pulled out a plastic bag from her backpack and handed it to her Wigglytuff who began following orders. She, on the other hand headed over to the table where the two now asleep men were going to experiment on the Sandshrew. Carefully, the girl removed the band that held the poor Pokemon to the cold metal table. "There. All better," she grinned at the dancing Sandshrew. Surprisingly, it hopped into her arms, and apparently would not leave. "You want to come along with me, Sandshrew?" It nodded, smiling almost as much as Erika. " 'Kay, but I have some stuff to do first before we can leave this place."

    She looked up at the now empty shelves and wondered how Pop had been able to stuff all of them into the bag she had given her. "Okay...I'm not going to think about how on earth you did that, Pop." Said Wigglytuff stood tall, confident, causing its trainer to laugh. "Back into your pokeball." Erika said, almost out of breath. Pop frowned, turning into a red beam and returned to her pokeball. With her newest pokemon in her left hand, asleep, and the bag of pokeballs in the other, she made her way back down the long hallway, looking for the elevator.

    "Floor three. That's where he is." She once again stuck the card into the slot and the elevator opened. Walking inside, she hit the third button and watched as the doors slid closed. Waiting for the elevator to open again, this time on the third floor, in the front of the president's room. Erika walked out and saw Soul standing in front of the door labeled "President" in fancy lettering. "Hey Soul. So what are we gonna do? I already got all the stolen Pokemon from the laboratory. I'm guessing all we have left is to take down the guy behind this door."

    The dark-haired trainer put the bag of pokeballs in her backpack and woke up the sleeping Sandshrew. "It's going to be alright. I'm just going to put you in your new pokeball and you can sleep again." Erika took out a luxury ball and tapped it lightly on the anxious Pokemon in her arms, watching it be absorbed by the red beam.

    ((OOC: Never mind about the last post. Now I'm proud of myself.))
  29. " Are you done yet?" The dark haired boy, Rafiel, asked Erika impatiently. "Soul, go get everyone from downstairs. SWALLOT!!! Come on out. Porygon check if I should use Toxic or Sludge Bomb." The Porygon flew through the door and came back bleeping. " I don't care about if the President's sleeping. And no, I don't care about the door's thickness. I want to know the floor... Sludge Bomb. Got it. You might want to get to a lower level unless you don't care about many, many, many tiny splinters painfully in your body."
  30. (OOC: sorry i haven't posted in a while. I went away to camp for a week and I just got back)

    Fierce and Spencer ran through the corridors of the Radio Tower's lower levels, hiding whenever they heard talking or footsteps.
    Stupid stupid stupid!!! I told them I had to split up with them because I had to check their files about business asociates. Heck, I don't know where anything is down here!!!
    Just then Fierce cried out and Spencer snapped back into reality just in time to see that they had been surrounded.
    "Crap. Looks like it's time to go all out!" Spencer then sent out his whole team. Avian the Togekiss, Happy the Raichu, Blast the Torkoal, Clampers the Cloyster, Misdeed the Spiritomb, and of course Fierce was already out. "Remember guys: we just need to fight our way out of here..." All of the Rockets around Spencer and his team laughed and sent out all of their pokemon. "Ah screw escaping, LET'S BEAT THE CRAP OUTTA THESE GUYS!" shouted Spencer and all of his Pokemon jumped in different directions taking on the Rockets surrounding them.
  31. ((Hey guys, I'm back from Paris))

    Soul looked at the president door. The electrical door didn't have a card slot. "Sonova..." He hesitated and looked to a vent to the right hand side of the door. He knelt down and examined it. He wouldn't be able to fit through, but Mane and Lecylec would. He pulled the vent cover off and sent Mane and Lecylec through, sending a camera with them.

    Soul pulled out a small black screen and flicked the switch and the side of it. An image of the ventilation system. He pulled out a Microphone headset and plugged it in. Soon, Mane and Lecylec came to the Vent shield on the other side. "Mane, Headbutt!" He whispered down the Microphone. Mane charged, lowering his head and charging into the shield, knocking it away. Lecylec and Mane crawled in, finding the Card Slot on the inside. Soul grabbed the Key Card and slipped it under the door. Lecylec grabbed it, ran it threw the slot and opened the door, letting Soul and Erika through into the Presidents room.
  32. Rafiel watched as the Pokemon called Lecylec opened the door. Rafiel followed Soul and Erika into the room.The big chair was backwards.We're not alone.Rafiel had that sudden creepy impression. Then the chair spun around.

    " Aw crap. I told you no staff was here except the sound asleep DJ, Mary."

    In the chair was a Neo Team Rocket admin, Shum. " Welcome. Grab them."

    " I knew we weren't alone."

    Those were the last words spoken till the darkness ended.

    "UUUGH!" The coal haired boy tried to stand but he was tied up to something... Erika and Soul!
  33. Spencer and his team were exhausted. They had just finished the last grunt and Spencer was afraid of another swam of them coming in. His team couldn't handle another attack. He recalled his pokemon for a long rest.
    Spencer heard footsteps and hid behind a wall and peeped over to see that the kids that came with him here were unconcious and were being dragged somewhere. Probably a jail cell.
    "I need to help them, but then again, my pokemon can't handle another battle royale. If they made it this far they won't need my help...Well either way, I need to think of a way to blend....ah-ha! This always works in the movies!" Spencer said proudly and swiped the uniform of one of the defeated grunts. OH! And there was a card key with the uniform too. Spencer ran through the halls and came across the control room.
    There weren't too many rockets in their so Spencer picked a computer farthest away from the other rockets, scanned his newly aquired card key and got to work downloading info onto his pokedex. Suprisingly, a grunt had acess to a lot of the plans and intel. As Spencer go up his hat fell off and the grunts saw him. The grunts piled on him gagged, cuffed, and took him to the prison with the others him.
    Spencer looked around, but there wasn't much in the cell. The other three were bound together and one seemed to be regaining conciousness.
    "Well at least they didn't confiscate my pokedex. But dang, if they let out Fierce or Blast we can kiss half of this base good bye. I might as well wait for the others to wake up before we come up with a plan." Spencer mutterred to himself as he noticed the others very vaguely regaining conciousness themselves.

    (OOC: sorry if something looks weird. i was shut out from pokecharms a little earlier today and I wanted to write a role play so i just wrote this one notebook.)
  34. "Ugh....What happened?" Erika looked up and tried to move. We're stuck...they tied us together. Just great. She turned and saw that the grunts had pretty good skill when it came to tying people up. "My bag." she whispered. The dark-haired girl searched frantically and kicked something with her leg. "There it is!" Erika said with a little too much enthusiasm. She flipped it open with her foot and sighed, glad that they hadn't confiscated anything with in the bag.

    "Now all I have to do is break the ropes..." Erika began to cut at the ropes with a small pocket knife she had, randomly stuffed inside her backpack. Rip. "Yes!" The dark-haired girl sat up slowly, careful not to hit Soul or Rafiel. Then she checked her backpack for all the pokeballs she took from the labratory, random extra items, and snapped her pokeballs onto her waist.

    "Spencer? Are you awake?" she whispered, making her way slowly towards the stirring body. Erika sat down next to him. "They didn't take my Pokemon," she said in a low voice, "We can get out of here...but are we gonna try to blow this place up still?" The dark haired trainer shifted uncomfortably on the cold ground. "The bars look rusted, so it'll be easy to get out without a key. I think we're underground, the basement maybe. There's no air coming in from anywhere so yeah."
  35. The dark-haired girl sat up slowly, careful not to hit Soul or Rafiel. Then she checked her backpack for all the pokeballs she took from the labratory, random extra items, and snapped her pokeballs onto her waist.

    "Crap...Yup...that's a broken wrist... Erika" Rafiel muttered weakly, " do you have any clue how to deal with breaks? Swallot has everything you'd need to fix it, but I never finished med-school. At least not Human med-school.
    The Poke'ball's in my left boot. Did you know Crasher Wake of Shinnoh stole his boots from my mail? Uugggh. No bed? what kind of cell is this?"
  36. "Well they took my pokemon. I'm more worried about what would happen if they let out my pokemon then how we're getting out of here. I downloaded a bunch of their plans onto my pokedex, we can review them once we get out of here." whispered Spencer while cutting himself loose with the pocket knife.
    "Either way, we cant really raise a ruckus. We need to get out of here in a quiet fashion. Well this got me through the base before..." Spencer whispered again and then took the guard standing next to the cell, slammed his head against the rusty bars and stole his hat. The guard was unconcious. "Now let me see that pocket knife." Spencer picked up the knife, fiddled with the lock and they were out. "Thank God PokeStrong always threw me in prison and I have experience with this stuff. Ah there's the crate with my pokeballs in them. Here get in and stay quiet." Spencer said while clipping his Pokemon back onto his belt. "I'll put a tarp over it and we can get to the control room again to activate the self destruct."
  37. ((Ooc: Well, I'm back from.........home...? I missed a lot.))

    "Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap..." Jaime repeated as he ran down the hallway after Erika. She came out of the room with a sack and a Sandshrew and darted to the elevator. She used her key card to get in but the door closed before Jaime could get in. "Dammit!" Jaime went back into the room with the two unconscious scientists. He saw four Pokeballs under a desk. "She missed some." Jaime got on his stomach and grabbed at the Pokeballs. Jaime tried to stuff them into his messenger pack, but dropped them in the process.

    "Chariz!" said the black dragon.

    "Manec." said the blue dog-thing.

    "Mime!!" a Mr.Mime charged Jaime and he instantly knew who was rubbing against his leg. Mr.Mime and Glameow! Jaime returned all the Pokemon, including the Charizard and Manectric who apparently were captured in the wild and experimented on and wanted to go with him, and put their balls into the bag. This was translated by Lucas, the Lucario. Jaime took the Rockets' uniforms from under their lab coats and ran for the stairs. He went into the stairway and noticed Spencer being pushed down the stairs. Jaime almost ran then he remembered he was dressed as a grunt.

    When Jaime followed the other grunts, he found himself four floors under where he previously was. They tossed Spencer into a jail cell with... Soul, Erika, and Rafiel! He saw some Pokeballs on a desk, presumably one of the new jailbirds' Pokemon. A grunt fell to the floor near his friends' cell. Good job, Spencer. The bars opened and they were free. Really good job. They really need more prison guards. Hey, where'd that other one... Jaime was suddenly in a sleeperhold. "Guys help!" were his last words as he slipped away into unconsciousness.

    ((Ooc: I must say that I am pretty proud of myself as well for I am not a long story writer. That's two sort-of quality PRP posts!))
  38. ((Heys guys I'm back, sorry I haven't posted on ANYTHING in a while, but thats coz I was in greece for two weeks and spent my time playing games like CoD on the computers when I got the chance but I will be updating everything that I can ASAP And Imploder, Thank God your back, I was afraid of having to stay on the same plot for AGES!!!))

    Soul cursed the other guard and pulled out a 'Gun' from his pocket, pointing it at the guards head. "Let, him, GO!" His finger firmly on the trigger, a drop of sweat running down his forehead and onto his chin. "I'll shoot, don't think I'll hesitate!" The guard laughed and let Jaime drop to the floor, only to pull a handgun from his Pocket. "Now isn't this interesting. You wait here while I..." He began to walk towards the door, "...make my getaway!" He dropped his gun and ran through the door.

    Soul laughed. "That idiot!" He turned to see the others, looking slightly frightened. Soul looked to the gun in his hand. "Oh, this? Its just a BB Gun, comes in handy mind..." He threw the gun onto the floor and picked up the one the guard had dropped, set it up, and walked out the door, checking corners. He nodded to the others then stealthily ran to the Presidents Office. In gold Plates, The word 'Vice President's Office' He slowly twisted the doorknob and prepared to enter.
  39. ((OOC: My bad guys, never noticed that you posted. Let's see if I can wrap up everything that happened...))

    Erika watched as Soul took out a gun. What would he be doing with a gun?? "Now isn't this interesting. You wait her while I make my getaway!" The guard ran away after dropping his gun on the floor. Soul picked it up and left the room, nodding to them before disappearing down the corridor.

    After she tended to Rafiel's broken hand with what little knowledge she had, Erika got up and walked over to Jaime. "Jaime. Jaime! Wake up! It's time to go. Now!" The dark-haired girl shook him a couple times before he began to stir. "Good," she muttered, "he'll follow in a bit."

    Confidently, the dark-haired trainer got up, taking a pokeball from her waist and gripping it in her gloved hand. "It's time to end what they've started." Erika kicked aside the BB gun that Soul had taken out before and walked out the room as well, quiet as a Ghastly.

    In little to no time at all, she had caught up to Soul who had just begun to open the door to the President's Office. Well. It's now or never. "Let's do this." Erika whispered taking a deep breathe and following right behind Soul into the room.

    ((OOC: Am I allowed to post a week late or no? If not, I'm sorry ^^"))
  40. On my return, I close my once beloved PRP (and I bring new vocabulary). As I constantly pop in and out, I can't have my own RP. Sorry for those who still want to role play this, but it must be done. I'm also being way too dramatic. So, locked.
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