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Holiday Songs and Traditions

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Secad MS, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Well, the US is a big country. People all over the world know our traditions (at least some of them) but what about other countries'? Are there any things that don't make it on Wikipedia?

    In my household, even though it may be a tiny one, we like to tape our cards to the door to display them. Having every inch covered is called an 'adequate' year. XD
  2. We (England/Britain) complain about the weather, panic buy at the first sign of snow and whinge about the transport.

    Personally my family doesn't have many Christmas traditions. We pass out presents, eat, maybe chat about the weather...
  3. Well, as far as family tradtions, my Grandmother gets all of the family connected to her side (4 kids (2 uncles, 1 mom, and 1 aunt) 4 kid-in-laws, 5 grandkids (would be 8 but my sister's a b-word and my cousins are just jerks), 1 inlaw, sometimes her brother, and 2 great grandkids, totaling about 19 people in a double-wide (her included)) for a Christmas gathering. I'm usually the one that has to look after the Great yungin's, but they make me laugh, and oddly enough I do -_-

    As Dad's side, it's just my father, aunt, sister, whatever boyfriend she has, and myself.

    As for traditions in general, my dad's mom, or my Nana, would let me help her make Divinity, which is a creamy substance which melts in your mouth and is sweet. However, I don't do that anymore because my Aunt doesn't like cooking that much. Oddly enough this year my Mom and Dad are switching the tradition of putting up a tree (my dad is now putting one up).

    Another tradition is where I go look at Christmas lights with some people of my family (I swear, it variates every year, mostly because of my sister.). I am going to try to get my friends to go with me this year, as I want them to sing some carols with the windows open like a bunch of drunken idiots.

    As far as songs go, we listen to funny songs, such as songs suited for when the in-laws come over. "Siiilent Night, yeeeaah right." is a favorite between my father and I.

    I'll just be happy when Christmas comes again, as for some reason, when there's free food and cold weather, everyone's a bit happier, non family memebers included.
  4. Hmmm... we really don't have many traditions, now that I'm thinking of it. :-\

    What we generally do on the holidays follows the same routine every year. On Christmas Eve, we go to my dad's parent's house for dinner. When we go there, it is me, my sister, my parents, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and my two cousins. Occasionally, some extended family comes over, but it is usually just us ten people.

    On Christmas morning however, everyone from the previous night flocks to our house for breakfast. So we eat, then my family of four goes to my mom's parent's house for dinner later in the day, where there is at least 30 people crammed into their small ranch house (on a bad night.) This is always the best part of Christmas in my opinion, because we have a bunch of family friends that come in from out-of-state, and I never get to see them, besides on December 25th.
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  5. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
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    The only tradition I know of is leaving a bit of food and drink out on Christmas Eve for Santa, and a carrot for Rudolf. I assume that's the norm though, and not just some random British thing. Although when we used to, Santa got Guinness and Rudolf had a random liking of Mince pies (Totally dad having a late night snack, he doesn't like carrots) :V

    We Blue-tac all our cards to the doors in our dining room. We have one of the doors covered with Christmas cards from previous years that were just too pretty to never display again, or really special ones - and the other two doors are always covered in the cards received that particular year.

    We traditionally have Christmas dinner at my house, with my mum's side of the family coming over. After lunch, we always go and put some Holly from our Holly tree on my Granddad's grave.

    That's all I can think of really~
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  6. Like Magpie, we always leave out food for Santa and his reindeer. c: We usually leave out a glass of milk and a mince pie (or a piece of homemade tablet) for Santa and then a carrot or an apple or something for Rudolf/the others. :>

    We get long strings of ribbon and pin them onto the living room walls to hang the cards on~ We usually get a lot of cards, seeing as my dad's side is quite big and everyone in my (school) class gives out cards every year; or almost everyone. :V

    Me and my mum get out long sheets of cotton wool and stretch it along the mantelpiece :3 Then we get (plastic, decorative) icicles and drape them down the mantelpiece so the hang above the fireplace. Usually we get some Christmas tree decorations (like little trees, little people, sledges, snow globes) and place them around like a winter scene. |D It's quite cute, actually~ c:

    Sometimes people here (in Scotland) make and eat oatmeal cakes called bannocks, but we don't do that. :x We just have a quiet Christmas dinner and watch whatever's on TV - usually Wallace and Gromit, seeing as they're always on during Christmas times. :>
  7. Ahhh, I love my Christmas traditions. My favorite is when my mom and I set up the Winter Village. It's a mish-mosh of different snowy buildings and people that we've accumulated over the years. All the time over Christmas break when I was younger, I'd play with the little ceramic people, and occasionally giving them untimely deaths with the little train on the tracks. (That's very morbid, but hey. I was, like 4-10 when I did that.)

    With the rest of the family, we get together on Christmas Eve, usually switching between houses (But recently, it's been my Aunt Brenda's house.) and we exchange gifts, eat, laugh, play Dirty Santa, and usually just have a grand ol' time. On Christmas Day, I usually wake up earlier than everyone else in the house. I walk outside my room, ogle at the presents, and usually turn on the TV to watch A Christmas Story (Which is always on during Christmas.) Then i wake my parents up and we cook the cinnamon buns while we wait for my sister to arrive cuz she lives twenty minutes away.

    And Christmas Night, we head off to my Aunt Debbie's house, where we exchange gifts and party with them. I usually see some of my friends and we play around in Madison's room, because, really, where else are we gonna go? I don't deem a Christmas complete without visiting Madison.

    This is the jest of our traditions~
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  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Here are my traditions of the holidays:
    1)kick back with a cup of hot coffee and my "Pikachu's winter vacation" dvd
    2)Open my presents
    4)Repeat next year.
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  9. What's 'Dirty Santa?' Lol, it sounds like one of those 'sexy Santa' suits. :p
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  10. Hm. Well, we have multiple traditions :>

    We tape all of the Christmas cards we receive on the stair banister thingy. We'll decorate the ritually slaughtered conifer to Christmas music, and make Spritz cookies, which are pure amazing :>

    Back in the day, we used to head over to my Uncle's house on Christmas Eve. Now, we just hang around and wrap presents XD

    Also, our yearly Christmas card is a picture of me in front of the tree with our dogs. :> And we have a new years party, but I don't know if that's much of a holiday tradition XD
  11. We're quite... non traditional.

    It starts today on Christmas Eve I guess. We have an emptyish house each morning and we all sit and anticipate 6:00, where we visit our uncle and aunt's house for Christmas dinner. It's been the same since.... I forget. My uncle teases us all with gifts and things like that, and allows us to open one present. We then return the following day to open the rest.

    On Christmas Day, we wake up early and watch everyone open presents, and then welcome our relations to our house.

    How boring! But really I love it. :)

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