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Hogwarts: The Next Generation

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Secad MS, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. EDIT: This RP is CLOSED. Happy RPing!

    Edit made on 6/25/08: Yami wants us to auto her character because she will be away for awhile. So auto away!

    Morgan 'Edge' Dagger was seated comfortably in a compartment on the Hogwart's Express. Her boyfriend's arm was around her, and her friend was reading a book on the seat opposite her, but she was paying attention to neither. Instead, she was polishing her rather long ebony-and-heartstring wand (15 5/16 inches to be exact) to try and cover up a nasty scratch near the bottom.

    But back to Morgan. She was a fourth-year Ravenclaw, but her mom was a Slytherin, and her father was a Hufflepuff, so that was sort of odd. She gained her nickname from the fact that she seemed to have a cocky air around her, intimidating nearly everyone. That gave her the 'edge', and that gave her her nickname. It also helped that she was nearly five-foot nine. Her grey-brown eyes bored into the wand, polishing it until she was satisfied. Flicking her very dark red-brown shoulder-length hair back, she pulled out the black dragonskin headband and replaced it into a more pleasing posistion.

    This year is going to be hard. Morgan thought, putting her wand back into her lap. O.W.L prep this year. And I thought last year was hard! Last year they had been taught how to make Patronuses, a new addition to the curiculum for third years in remembrence of former Professor Lupin who had died during the time of the Hogwarts War. Hers was a swordfish, and she was rather proud of it, even though it took nearly six months to accomplish it. She was one of the last, and she was a Ravenclaw. They were supposed to be smart! Well, she was, but she had to say that her best subject was Transfiguration and her worst was D.A.T.D.A.

    "So...what do you think this year shall hold?" Morgan asked both of the compartment's occupants.

    (OoC: The plot to the story will emerge from the posts. Post creatively!)
  2. ((OoC:I can't believe I never thought of creating a Harry Potter role play... That's such a good idea. Anyways, I'll be playing the friend if that's alright. This is open to everyone, right? I'll delete this if it's not.))

    "A new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher I'm guessing..." Oscar Rook half joked. He ran a hand through his short, brown hair casually. Oscar was in Slytherin, although he never knew why. He didn't fit the persona of someone who would be placed into that house, and he chose mostly to hang around with those from other houses. "But maybe we'll be learning something easier than Patronuses. Probably not." He hadn't been very good with Patronuses. When he finally managed to produce one he could never make it last for long. His Patronus took the form of Red Panda, and he wasn't very happy that he couldn't make it last long. It was fun to look at. He noticed Edge inspecting her wand and he decided he should check on his. He pulled it out of his robe pocket, he had already changed, and looked at it. The foot long Ash and Unicorn Tail wand looked ok, but he decided he should try it out. He took the book he was reading, which was this years standard spell book, closed it, and lay it down.

    Oscar concentrated his hazel eyes on the book and used a simple, first year spell. It was one of his favorites. "Wingardium Leviosa." The book rose immediately. It was working fine. He sent the book into his bag and put his wand away.
  3. (OoC: Hope nobody minds I join...)

    The door to the train's compartment unlatched, revealing a nervous looking first-year. "May I, er, sit in here?" She asked, voice very shaky and the girl taking quick glances to her right. The reason for this was soon revealed, an annoyed yet similar in appearance fourth-year approached.
    "Jane, don't run off like that... we'll find a compartment, just be patient." The older one said, then looked to the passengers of the compartment. "Sorry, you'll have to excuse my sister, she can be a bit... assertive." She went on, tipping her head slightly and sliding the door shut.
    "Really Jane, must you barge into everything?" The sister said in a hushed voice, ushering Jane along.
    "Well, Sylvia, we still haven't managed to find anything unoccupied, mind you." Jane replied, nervousness completely melted from her voice.
    "Still doesn't mean-" Sylvia started, but was cut off by her sister running off once more. "Not again..." she whispered to herself.
    After just a moment's thought, Sylvia retracted her 14 and 2/5ths inch, dragon heartstring, maple wand with her left hand. Without a second thought, for there was no time, she simply spoke the spell. Jane tripped. "Hope I don't get in too much trouble for that..." Sylvia mumbled, and rushed to her sister. She helped her up, and guided her back to the compartment they had just visited.
    "Fine, we'll ask them again..." Sylvia started, then whispered the rest to herself. "Just hope Edge doesn't mind much. She just has that... aura."
    Jane happily rushed back to the compartment, and before opening it, regained a false nervousness.

    Sylvia sighed, and straightened her dark brown hair with her wand-free hand, and without making it noticeable, stowed her wand with her (obviously) wand-occupied hand. With a genuinely nervous look in her hazel eyes, she came up behind Jane.
    "So, do you guys mind...?" Jane asked, her false timidness sincere enough to fool just about anyone... hopefully.

    (OoC: Sorry, still undecided on Sylvia's/Jane's house.

    EDIT: Sylvia's a Hufflepuff. Jane'll be sorted soon enough...)
  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ((OOC: May I? It's been a while since I've RPed, and I'd like to join another one, and I won't be joining the main "group" until my next post))

    Bing Hu sat in his lonely compartment, having fun levitating random stuff - his books, Yue, his Barn Owl, his broomstick - and making them all fly to the one other person with him, a first year girl, "midget", he would say, with purple glasses and jet black hair with a lock died blond. The third year laughed as he had fun watching the girl squeal as each item zipped by her. "Hey, couldn't you do something else instead of flinging things around like that?" the girl asked.

    Bing grinned. "Sorry, Lyn, but I just can't help myself. You're just so cute when you squeak like that," he said as he threw some quills at her. Bing had knew Lyn, full name Linda Harvey, ever since she had moved in to the house next to him. It never occured to him that she would be in a wizarding family, but how else would you explain her ability to make the impossible, well, possible, and almost always get things her way when it seemed as if everything was going wrong in her world? Bing himself was half-blood; his mother was a witch, and his father was a Muggle, though he got accepted to Hogwarts.

    The boy smiled as he watched his friend dodging the quills; it was like playing darts with a moving target. Trying to protect herself, Lyn picked up her book-bag and threw it at her attacker, only for it to fly back at her. "It's not fair that you already know magic with a wand," Lyn complained, clutching her own 12 in. unciorn hair maple wand tightly to her chest. "Not my fault that I'm a first year."

    The boy shrugged. "Well, it's not my fault either that I'm two years older than you," he replied, but he put his 10 and a half inch hickory wand away anyways (the core was a phoenix tail feather), just to please the younger girl. "Hey, what house do you think you'll be in?" he inquired, hoping that she'll be in Ravenclaw with him so that he could tease her even more.

    "I'm not sure. Most of my family's in Gryffindor, but Janet, my sister, got sent to Hufflepuff," she said, much to the boy's dismay. There went his new toy. "But you never know until you try the Sorting Hat on, right?"

    "Of course." Bing sighed with relief as he remembered that family history didn't really put you in a house; it was more of your personality. He smiled as he remembered his first day at Hogwarts: how nervouse he felt as he stepped up to be sorted, the anxiety as he put the hat onto his highlighted black hair, the happiness of joining Ravenclaw...

    "Hullo, earth to Bing!" Lyn said as she waved her hand in front of the boy's face. "Quit daydreaming already!"

    ((OOC: I tend to use dialogue a lot. And if you don't like this post, PM me and I'll delete it, or edit it. And I already have an idea of where Lyn'll be...))
  5. Edge's sharp eyes looked at the new additions to the compartment. Nearly everything about her was sharp, from the angle of her eyebrows, to her fingertips.

    "Sure. You guys can sit here. Just don't squish my kitty." Morgan said, pointing to a basket that held her new Kneazle/cat cross. "I doubt you'd like to annoy Martin." She smelled something nasty from the basket, and opened it up. Fun. Pee. Morgan thought. She pulled out her wand and pointed it at the mess. "Scourgify!"

    "Merawr!" The orange cat called back. He didn't like magic a whole lot.

    "Okay, thanks for your input!" Edge said sarcastically back. "I can't believe you haven't figured out how to wait. You're nearly a year old!" Morgan turned back to Oscar. "Osc, I'll be suprised if it is Harry Potter. In the Daily Prophet it said he wasn't. We had Kathorn last year. I can't wait to learn a few curses. That'll be uber fun!"

    Morgan did like the more negative sides of magic, and in her first year, she had sucessfully pulled off a Full-Body Bind on an annoyed second year.

    "Hey, Richard, do you think there'll be a Weasly's Wizarding Wheezes opening in Hogsmeade? That'll be sweet!"
  6. OOC: I hope this isn't too long!

    Anabel Spencer gazed out of the window of her compartment on the Hogwarts Express. At the moment she was alone: her friend had left the compartment to buy snacks rather than waiting for the trolley to come to their compartment. She was a fifth year Ravenclaw and was wondering if fifth year was as challenging as everyone said it was. Academics were never a problem for her because she loved reading and studying. In spite of that, she wondered why she was placed in Ravenclaw and not Hufflepuff where she believed she was better suited. Her ideals were different from the average Ravenclaw and she sometimes went on her emotions rather than logic. She pushed her micro braids behind her ears to keep them out of her eyes.

    "Anabel," sang a voice from the door. Her auburn haired friend Catalina Brooks had returned with her arms full of snacks. Anabel marveled at they fact that she could keep her slim figure despite the fact that Catalina ate near constantly.

    "Great," Anabel said as she took some of the snacks. Her favorites were the Chocolate Frogs.

    Catalina plopped onto the seat beside Anabel and began eating a pumpkin pastry. Catalina was a Slytherin who was probably more suited for Gryffindor. Anabel never could understand the way of the Sorting Hat. She remembered how terrified Catalina was when the Sorting Hat shouted out "Slytherin." She was concerned about the infamous reputation of the house, but was relieved when she found that the house was nothing like that.

    "Shall we practice more spells?" Anabel asked. She pulled out her thirteen inch mahogany and phoenix feather wand. "You know O.W.Ls are coming up."

    "Can it wait till after I'm done eating?" Catalina said through a stuffed mouth. "And besides it's no fun practicing with only two people."

    "Yeah, you're right. But until someone else shows up…." Anabel took off her watch and smashed it into a thousand pieces. "Reparo!" The watch immediately repaired itself and Anabel put it back on.

    "Aren't we destructive?" Catalina said, mischievously. But she too took a mirror out of her purse and smashed it so that she could repair it with her fourteen inch Elm and Dragon Heartstring wand.

    They both had fun destroying things and then repairing them. They hoped the noise wouldn't disturb anyone but that didn't stop them. From the Repairing Spell, the moved onto more complex spells and hexes, including one that caused Anabel's braids to grow down to the ground and Catalina to sprout horns. Anabel loved the flow of magic through her veins as she cast each spell. Anabel was a half blood as her father was muggle-born and her mother was a pureblood. Catalina was a half blood as well since her mother was a muggle and her father was a pure blood wizard. She was glad that only one person in the Slytherin House had ever given her grief about it and she hexed said person.

    "Sigh," Catalina said. The girls had taken an break from their spellwork. "Do you think I'll be allowed back into Hogsmeade this year?"

    "Maybe they'll forgive you," Anabel said slightly amused. Catalina liked to invent spells and one went horribly wrong her third year. She completely blasted one of the walls of Honeydukes and wasn't allowed back in Hogsmeade since.

    They both laughed. Catalina took the time that everyone else was in Hogsmeade to practice her Patronus Spell her third year. As a result, she was one of the first people to master the spell. She had fun casting her Tiger Patronus to show everyone. Anabel had a little more trouble with it, but now her Sea Turtle Patronus was perfect.

    "Now you have me hoping that someone else shows up," Anabel said as Catalina got rid of the horns on her forehead.

    Catalina was just telling Anabel about how she'd like to bewitch muggle electronics to work in the Magical world when Bing and an unknown girl entered their compartment. Both girls were amused by the two rushing out, not even seeing the mound of sweets that were all over the seats.

    "That was Bing, right?" said Catalina. She knew just about everything about the Ravenclaw house from Anabel and vice versa. One of the only things they didn't tell each other was how to get into their common rooms.

    "Yeah," Anabel replied. "He's a third year now."Anabel turned to gaze out of the window once more.

    "And are you gonna get better at getting to know the people of your house?" Catalina asked accusingly.

    Anabel said nothing.

    "Anabel, for the last time!" said Catalina, exasperated. "You study and read all the time! You get good marks! You're worthy of being in Ravenclaw!" Catalina rolled her blue eyes to the ceiling. They'd been having this conversation for about five years now, one year for every year they'd been at Hogwarts. "Don't be so insecure."

    Anabel shook her momentary doubts out of her head. "You know," she sang. "I might surprise you this year. I might even talk to Morgan Dagger." She never could work up the nerve to talk to the girl even though she was younger than Anabel. Her intimidating air always put her off.

    "You do that and I fix you a hero sandwich," Catalina said.

    "You're always thinking about food," laughed Anabel.

    "That may be but don't change the subject," Catalina scolded. "I don't see why the fact that YOU couldn't talk to her meant that I couldn't either. And what have I told you about your backbone?"

    "To grow one," sighed Anabel. "And wasn't that what last summer was for?" Anabel was determined not to let her insecurities plague her this year. She was going to surprise everyone in the Ravenclaw house. She had worked on her social skills all summer, but she had a long way to go to get to Catalina's confidence level.

    "You're right about that one," said Catalina, winking. "That reminds me: I wonder my housemates are, Oscar and the whole bunch of them."

    They both talked about their speculations for the coming school year as they changed into their uniforms. Not five minutes after they had changed, the train was coming to a stop.

    "Well, the new school year has arrived," said Anabel. Even though she was a fifth year, she was always excited to come back year after year.

    She and Catalina left their compartment and departed the train. They both found the nearest empty horseless carriage—well, horseless for Catalina. Anabel could see the threstrals because she watched her terminally ill great-grandfather take his last breath. They hopped into the carriage and waited for a third and fourth person to join them.

    OOC: Fix'd because the server move ate a lot of my posts.
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  7. (OoC: I am going to RP the boyfriend, okay?)

    "Yeah, I heard a new shop was going there." answered Richard Angus, moving a wisp of his dark brown hair out of his eye. Edge and Richard scooted down the seat to make room for the new occupants, carefully avoiding squishing Martin, her cat/Kneazle cross with the odd orange tail.

    Richard was a fourth year Ravenclaw also, with an orca Patronus that was particularily graceful. He was one of the first to master the Patronus in third year. He was nearly the exact opposite of Morgan in personality, though he matched her in intimidation. He was nearly six-foot six at only fourteen, and the Keeper of the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. He was the 'gentle giant' type, though he could be quite fierce, sometimes. He usually looked very intimidating because of his size and dark demeanor, but he was usually, as Edge put it, 'sweet'. Richards eyes were a strange shade of grey that changed hue from grey-brown to grey-green depending on the lighting, and Edge thought they were 'gorgeous'. His hair grew in such a way a that a wispy hunk just floated below his eyebrows, annoying the heck out of him.

    "Rich, did I tell you I'm going to try out for Chaser this year?" Edge asked. "I didn't make it last year, even with that new Nimbus I bought. Took forever to save up for it. My parents are cheapskates."

    Richard was suprised. He really didn't want to accidentally hurt her. He was the type that didn't know his own strength well. One time when he caught a throw during tryouts, he threw the Quaffle back so hard it knocked Morgan off her broom. Thankfully she wasn't hurt badly, but she didn't make the team.

    "Um, no, you didn't." He said. "This time, catch the Quaffle. Don't let it throw you off the broom!" Richard said jokingly, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "Can I see it?"


    "Accio trunk!" Richard cast this spell very well, being one of the best students in Charms. He had first attempted the Summoning Charm with decent results in Hogwarts before leaving. He couldn't practice at home because of the stupid 'underage' thing. It worked very well with his oak-and-feather wand. It was a normal length too, so he didn't have the same problem as Morgan with the storage thing, being only 13.5 inches long.

    The trunk floated down gracefully from the rack unto the floor. Edge opened it up, and rummaged through it, until she found the broom. She handed it to Richard.

    "Nice broom, well managed, tail kept well clipped,..." He mumbled to himself. "Nice broom in all. Not as good as the Firebolts, but very good for a Nimbus." Richard handed it back to Morgan, who redeposited it back in the trunk and put it back up.

    "Oscar, are you going to try out for the Slytherin team? There are openings!" Edge asked Oscar excitedly.

    Richard knew Oscar fairly well, being one of Edge's best friends.

    Richard turned to the new occupants. "Hey. What're your names?"

    Sylvia and Jane sat down next to Richard."I'm Sylvia. This is Jane. Haven't I seen you before?" Sylvia said, holding out her hand.

    Richard shook it. "Yeah, you're the Hufflepuff I sit next to occasionally in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Good Ridikulus, I thought that drunk monkey was cool. Jane your little sister?"

    "Yeah. She still has yet to be sorted." Sylvia responded.

    Then Morgan interrupted. "What house do you think she'll be put in? I was expecting Slytherin, but the hat sat on my head for less than two seconds, then shouted out 'Ravenclaw!' as it usually does."

    "I want to be in Hufflepuff, like my sister!" Jane exclaimed.
  8. "That's odd." Oscar said, although he was pretty sure him and Edge had spoken of this before. "I thought I was gonna be Ravenclaw but I ended up in Syltherin."

    "So I've heard." Morgan said, smiling slightly. "Anyways, was that a yes or a no for the Quidditch team?"

    Oscar thought about it for a moment. He loved to fly. He didn't care much about anything else, though, like competition. He didn't care about fancy, fast brooms or any of that, he just loved the feeling of being in the air. He had a broom, but he didn't even know what kind it was. He had been told several times in the past but he always forgot. It just wasn't important to him. He considered himself an average flyer, usually flying at night when the Quidditch field was empty. Flying was usually how he coped with stress and likewise emotions.

    "Ehh, probably a no. You know I don't like sports..." Oscar responded finally. Morgan nodded but said nothing.

    "How much longer?" Jane asked her sister impatiently.

    "We'll get there soon," Sylvia said calmly.

    "Probably not much longer, we've been going for a while now. I'd say another thirty to forty five minutes at most."

    No sooner had Oscar spoken then a voice sounded throughout the express. "We are now thirty minutes away from Hogwarts. Any and all students who have no changed into their mandatory school robes are advised to do so now. And to all first years, good luck!"

    Oscar smirked at Edge. She was always teasing him for his bad grades in Divination.
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Lyn was fast asleep on her seat when the food cart lady came by, pushing a cart full of Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Pumpkin Pasties, along with many other delicious sweets. Hoping that he wouldn't wake his companion up, Bing quickly bought a few things before the lady went away. Bing was in the middle of nibbling a Licorice Wand when the first year awoke, grumbling about how long the train ride was. "When'll we get there?"

    "Can't be too long now, and besides," Bing said, "there's plenty to eat!" The boy pointed at his stash of candies and other assorted junk foods. Suddenly ravenous, Lyn dived into the pile and began rummaging through it. "I forgot to buy some gum, though."

    Lyn groaned. "You know that I love gum!" she exclaimed, and before he knew it, Bing's little "toy" had dissapeared from her seat as was dashing after the cart. Bing laughed so hard he nearly cried, but soon, he found himself sprinting after Lyn. "Don't go in there! Edge and her boyfriend are there, and I don't know if..."

    Too late. Lyn had already entered their compartment, and found herself uneasy with everyone staring at her. She quietly tried to tiptoe past them, but the air around two of the fourth-years felt... not exactly menacing, but had an edge to it, especially around a girl with brownish-red hair. Bing sighed and quickly escused the two of them before going after the cart again, only to bump into Anabel and her friend's compartment. "Excuse us, we're just trying to get more sweets..." Bing murmered before moving on, only to trip between the two compartment's doorway, thanks to his rushed nature.

    ((OOC: Hope it's okay, and please auto Lyn and Bing, since I'm going to be away for a while. This Friday I'm going to leave, and I'll only be back on the 1st of July for a short while before leaving for another vacation. So, please auto my characters until I'm back))
  10. Catalina was just telling Anabel about how she
  11. (OoC: More people to auto. This time it's Shiny's characters. At least the train scene was kept short. I've seen some that lasted nearly the entire RP!)

    Edge and Richard quickly changed into their robes. But Edge was having the most insecurities. She usually got O's and occasionally E's, but this was O.W.L prep year! And those grades were gotten from staying up nearly all night, fretting about assignment due dates and lengths, and losing many hours worth of sleep! She was drained nearly all school year. Richard was the more relaxed one. He always said it didn't matter what grade you got, but if you passed into the next year. But he somehow always managed to equal Morgan's accomplishments with less than half the trouble.

    "Come on, stop fretting. I know you are. Your hands always twitch when you're nervous." He teased, smiling.

    "Okay. Oh, look, two more seats on that carrige!" Edge exclaimed, grabbing Rich's hand and yanking him towards it.

    Richard actually saw the thestrals on the way there. When he was nine, he saw a Muggle man get stabbed by another on the way to Diagon Alley. Perhaps that was why he never liked hurting people. On the other hand, Edge positively enjoyed it. She charged people on a friendly game of two-a-side Quidditch, knocking them off their brooms. But strangely, she had a weird affection for dangerous creatures. All creatures, really. Maybe that's why she took Care of Magical Creatures. They both took the same extra classes, Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures.

    Both of them climbed in the carrige with Anabel and Catalina on it. Edge was the first one to notice Catalina. She never really liked her. Could tolerate her, be nice to her, but she never seemed to be able to be intimidated like other people.

    "Oh. Hi." Morgan said to both of them, trying to be friendly.

    Richard on the other hand, knew these people on a casual basis. "Hey. What's up?"
  12. With a third and fourth person, the carriage began to move. If Anabel wasn't so nervous at the moment, she would've enjoyed the ride. At first she was alarmed at being able to see them in her second year, but she gradually learned of others who could see them. But Anabel had other pressing matters. She was stunned at how fast she would get the opportunity to surprise members of the Ravenclaw house. She was facing Morgan and Richard, who was another who could see the threstrals, however she didn't know who he saw die. Richard was his old relaxed self and Morgan was, as usual, coolly intimidating. Anabel
  13. "Yeah, I've seen Bing. Nice hairdo he's got. He walked into our compartment accidentaly, looking for candy, too. He must have a massive sweet tooth." Richard responded.

    "Hey." Morgan responded to Anabel. Noticing the vast amount of candy in their pockets, (OoC: Is there candy in their pockets?) she asked, "Can I have a Frog? I love those."

    The ride got into a sort of an akward moment, so Edge absentmindedly pulled out her wand, and cast a small snake into her lap to play with. ("Serpensortia!") She could easily end the enchantment when the got there, so what's the problem with that? She did love the scaly creatures. Maybe she could be a dragonologist when she got older. Hopefully no one here was frightened of snakes.
  14. Oscar didn't say much during the ride in the carriage. Unable to find a good spot, he ended up riding in a carriage with possible the three largest second year Syltherins. No one tried to talk to him, which was fine, but he was crammed into the corner and it took effort just to breath. To pass time, he tried to remember what Thestrals looked like. He himself was unable to see them, but he had looked at a few pictures in books and listened to other's descriptions of the beasts. But, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't imagine it.

    Rather than join into the convesation that was going on, something about who was a better Quidditch player, he decided to get a headstart on thinking of some more spells for his book. Oscar didn't like to tell people that he kept a journal, so no one knew. He'd had it for a while, usually for writing down something he wanted to remember or just for doodling. But inventing his own spells was a recent addition. It started when his Charms class was given the assigment of creating a working spell of their own. Most people had failed at it, some even complained and refused to do the assigment at all. Oscar, however, was thrilled by the idea and got started on his right away. In the end, he had a real, working spell that he could be proud of.

    The spell, Vas Ingravesco, was used to turn any object into glass. He had to be careful with it, though, as he had accidently turned one of his favorite shirts into glass when he was inventing it. Aside from that, he had a few others. One being Dormio, a sleeping spell. So, as he was crammed into the carriage which was suspended by beasts he couldn't see, Oscar thought of his spells.

    "Oof!" Oscar grunted as the carriage landed and the second year beside him rammed into his side. "Sorry 'bout that, man." The kid mumbled, stepping over Oscar and exiting the carriage. Oscar said nothing. He decided to get to the Great Hall. Not that he wanted to go, of course, he figured after you'd seen the sorting ritual once you were good. It just wasn't fun to him. Even the food didn't sound good right now. What he really wanted to do was sleep.
  15. In spite of the uncomfortable ride to the castle, Anabel thought things had gone reasonably well. Morgan did ask them for candy. As they walked up to the castle, Catalina kept talking to Richard and Morgan. Even Anabel contributed to the conversation. She had marveled at the way Morgan had conjured that snake and she knew Catalina was too as it was her house
  16. Richard grinned, and his slightly crooked bottom teeth showed. "Sure. that sounds-"

    "Harvey, Linda!" McGonagall called.

    Lyn walked up, a tad apprehensive, and sat down on the stool. The Sorting hat was placed on her head, but it didn't shout out a house immedietly(sp?). It wiggled around, giving the occasional "Hmm..." or "Maybe...no, that's not it" for nearly thirty seconds, until it finally called out, (OoC; Hopefully this doesn't disapoint Shiny) "Gryffindor!"

    There was a small moan of disapointment from Bing.

    "-good" Richard finished, looking back to the conversation. "Do you want to go, Morg?"

    Morgan paused. "Possibly." Richard looked at Morgan with such a silly pleading expression, she nearly burst out in laughter. "Okay, okay." She chuckled. "Just make sure it doesn't interfere with tryouts, or anything."

    "(Insert Jane's last name here), Jane!" McGonagall called.

    Jane sat in the stool, but at the very second the hat touched her head, it yelled out, "Hufflepuff!", and she happily joined the Hufflepuff table.

    "Hey, weren't those the first years from the train?" Richard asked Catalina and Anabel, as the feast appeared on the table, and Morgan started filling her plate with multiple pieces of fish and potatoes.
  17. ((OoC: Would've posted sooner, but I've been having computer troubles. I feel like it's going to just stop working any day now, but if it does I'll inform you guys [on my Wii] and then you can auto me as well:).))

    Oscar didn't eat much, despite it being the best food he'd had since he left Hogwarts last year. He was more focused on a plan he had come up with. He wasn't quite sure how it'd work, but he had sorted some of it out. The plan was to become an Animagus. Last year, Oscar had been allowed access to the Restricted section of the library in order to get a book for an assignment. While he was searching he had come across a book about Animagus's and he had been dying to read it. He never checked out the book but he decided this year he'd sneak into the library and read it.

    It seemed simple enough. Cast a disillusionment charm on a blanket, Alohamora the lock to the restricted section open, find the book and read it. If it seemed easy, he'd learn how to become an Animagus. If not... Well, he'd try anyways. Despite being a pretty independant person, he didn't want to do it alone. Oscar decided he'd inform Edge of his plan sooner of later. Maybe tommorrow, they had a couple classes together.

    After a good meal, everybody was dismissed. The first year Slytherins were lead by the prefects but the upperclassmen were all set to go on their own. Oscar walked to the dungeons alone, muttering the password to get into the common room. He immediately took to his room, where all his belongings where waiting for him, just like every year, and he plopped down on the bed. He smiled, noticing a poster he had cast a permanent sticking charm was still on the wall beside his bed. Oscar didn't bother to brush his teeth or change and instead, he allowed himself to fall asleep.
  18. (OoC: Sorry 'bout that, back now. And sorry I didn't mention Sylvia/Jane's last name...)

    Sylvia moved over for Jane, and the two Thorne sisters sat together at the Hufflepuff table. They shared a light embrace, and began to eat.
    "Jane, I always thought you were more suited for Slytherin." Sylvia joked inbetween two bites.
    "Haha, very funny." Jane replied, forgetting to swallow before speaking.
    The two carried on, and eventually it was time to head off to the dormitories and sleep. Jane was grouped with a bunch of first years and lead by prefects, while Sylvia was allowed to wonder the corridors alone to get there. Regardless, Sylvia went to the dormitories straight away. Once there, she checked through her belongings, and making sure they all complied with school rules. Of course, she had done this many times, but she just couldn't help it. Keeping to every rule was just her way... Once she had checked through, seeing every required item was there, and all of them were actually allowed at school, she figured practicing wouldn't hurt. So, she sat on her bed, and pulled out her wand.
    "Accio charms book." She said, giving the wand its proper flicking motion. A book, aptly bearing the large word 'Charms' ((;)) rose from her trunk, and sped for her, making a sudden stop and dropping to her lap. She opened it, and flipped through. Skimming through, she found one she liked.
    "Orchideous." She muttered. Making a wand movement described in the book, a bouquet formed from the tip of her wand. "Lovely." She said, and placed the flowers on her bed. Flipping to another page, she found another spell to test on them. One she learned in the first year, yet was still quite fun to use.
    "Wingardium leviosa." She said, swishing then flicking her wand. The flowers rose simply into the air. Sylvia clapped, somewhat sarcastically, as these spells were no great feat. She flipped to the early pages of the book for her next charm.
    "Avis!" She said, louder. After all, she was the only one in the room at the moment. Several birds flew from her wand, each grabbing a flower.
    "Would you keep quiet over there?" An annoyed, yet tired voice called. Apparently, Sylvia wasn't alone.
    "Damn..." Sylvia said. She knew she needed to brush up on her spells, though. But she figured she could finish tomorrow. After a few counter charms, and the simple 'Pack' spell to put anything she had taken out back in, Sylvia readied herself for bed. Hell, maybe she'd even get a chance to practice her Patronus.

    (OoC: Sorry, have to get off. But, I was running out of ideas, anyways. XD)
  19. Richard and Morgan made it back to the common room after good conversation and really good food. Morgan did have to say the tilapia was delicious, as usual. They shared a long goodnight kiss in the common room, that left Edge with a taste of mint toothpaste, and Richard with a fishy one.

    "See you in class." She said.

    "Bye." He said, both of them going to their dorms.

    She changed quickly into her pajamas, which were basically a pair of blue plaid flannel pj bottoms and a white tank top. But then a rap came from the window next to her bed. It was a reddish barn owl that Morgan immedietly(sp) recongnized.

    "Semper!" Morgan called, surprised at getting a letter from the family this early in year. "What do you have? Come in!" Edge opened the window.

    The barn owl landed on her bed, leaving a pile of birdy poo where it landed. It was called 'Semper' for a reason. Why did her family get all the animals with excrement issues? It dropped a letter next to the pile. She picked it up, and opened it.

    Dear Morgan,

    I'm sorry to mail this to you at such a late hour, but there is a family emergency. Your brother, Cameron, has been bitten by multiple Doxies at Great-Aunt June's home. (I always said she should have gotten those exterminated!) We had enough anitdote to stablize him for Apparation to St. Mungo's, but not enough to cure those multiple bites. (And I mean multiple!) We got him in, and now the Healers are trying the best they can. At such a young age, he may not survive, being only eight. Hopefully he gets better.


    P.S. Are you still having trouble with getting Martin to go outside?

    Morgan was crushed. Cammy should have never played near the curtains! Whacking her head against the bedpost, she whispered, "Craptacular. Crapity, crapity crap! Cr-"

    "Shut up!" Someone moaned across the room.

    Edge stuck up a finger. She then pulled a slightly battered dove quill (A gift of Richard's) off of her bedside table and wrote a short response back. She gave it to Semper, and he took off through the open window, leaving a pile near it for good measure. Morgan groaned, and 'Scourgified' the piles. She noticed a pair of glowing eyes. She was the only one who owned a cat in this dorm, so she called out, quietly, "Martin? Come here, boy."

    He jumped on her bed and purred, possibly enjoying the leftover smell of bird poo. "Well, good night, Martin." she said, climbing in bed and petting her cat for comfort. Stupid Doxies! she though repeatedly, until she went to sleep.
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    Bing climbed into bed, highly disappointed that Lyn was in Gryffindor and not Ravenclaw. Dang it, he thought as he pulled the covers over his head. Why couldn't she be in Ravenclaw? Dang it, dang it, dang it... it

    He continued to fill his head with "dang it" and "Why Gryffindor?". His thoughts were abruptly stopped, though, when he heard a knocking on his window. Lifting his head, the 3rd year saw a tawny owl, flapping her large wings while trying to hold up a large parcel. "Hey, it's Artemis!" he exclaimed, quickly jumping off his bed. Artemis, who was Lyn's owl, was probably no bigger than a small basketball, but was pretty strong for someone her size. How she could carry something so large, though, boggled Bing's mind, for the package she carried looked to be about the size of a pillow, but it was definitely heavier than one. The little owl gratefully dropped the parcel before landing on his bed. Bing ripped, no, he shredded off the wrapping and grinned when he saw what was inside. He quickly scribbled a note with his quill and attatched it to Artemis's leg. The owl toook off, but not before ruffling her feathers and littering the floor with a pellet. Bing guessed that she hunted on the way here.

    Turning back towards his new present, he saw a note taped onto the box. He lifted up the note and read what Lyn had to say.

    Hiya, Bing!

    Sorry I couldn't get this to you sooner, but I just needed to say a very happy birthday! I was planning on giving it to you later after dinner, but it just so happened that the stupid prefects kept ushering me away. Well, here it is now! Hope you like your new chess set!


    "Like it? I love it!" Bing exclaimed. Bing was a chess fanatic; at home, he would always go against his dad or his friends. He always let them choose if they wanted to be white or black, but no matter what, he almost always won. That was with regular chess, though, not wizard chess, which he heard was even better. "I'm so going to challenge Jason once he gets back from showering!"

    ((OOC: No, I won't be playing Jason. I'll just say that Jason's another person that's a 3rd year Ravenclaw that shares a dorm with Bing. Right, he'll only appear this once.))
  21. Anabel didn't spend a long time in the common room. She never did when many people were in it. It had an awesome view of the mountains that she enjoyed when the common room was empty. She went up to the fifth years' dormitory and sat on her familiar bed. She always did like her dormitory. It was large and airy just like the common room and filled with books. It was great for studying. Just being in the Ravenclaw tower was intellectually stimulating. She had never been to another House
  22. Oscar awoke to the sound of his fellow Slytherins getting ready for the day. It was earlier than he would have liked it to have been, and the fact that his covers had slid off of his bed during the night angered him slightly. It took him a while to remember what he usually did in his mornings at Hogwarts, but after a while he recovered his routine. First, Oscar started his day by cleaning his robes slightly with a simple spell and taking them into one of the bathrooms with him. After showering and changing, brushing his teeth, flossing and performing a spell that allowed his breath to stay minty-fresh until his next meal, he left for breakfast.

    Oscar ended up stuck at the end of the table with a few first years, all of whom seemed arrogant and proud. He could tell they were going to fit in nicely with the Slytherin stereotypes. He hardly talked to any of them, only asking them to pass him various foods that were out of his reach. Each time he did so, they would usually glare at him but Oscar would simply return the glare.

    Breakfast was better than Oscar remembered. He made a mental note to thank the house elves next time he saw them, which was usually any time he had nothing to do. Before he had a chance to finish the piece of toast on his plate, the food vanished and people began to pour out of the Great Hall to go to their first class. Oscar pulled out his schedule.

    "Great," Oscar complained to himself. "Herbology and then Potions." No one was listening, Oscar hated when he was without his friends. But that happened often as he didn't have many Slytherin friends, and no close Slytherin friends at all. He decided not to linger and made his way outside quickly.

    ((OoC: I'm going away on a trip next week so I won't be able to post 'til I get back.))
  23. Morgan woke up a tad late. People were already dressed and heading downstairs to the Great Hall for breakfast. She didn't have much time to brush her teeth or anything, so she just ran a comb through her naturally frizzy hair (It was kept nice and smooth by Sleakeazy's Hair Potion) and got dressed. Martin meowed loudly when he was uncerimoniously(sp) dumped off the bed.

    "Go find some breakfast, or bug Mrs. Norris! I'm late!" Morgan called back.

    She grabbed her bag filled with books for today's classes and slid down the stairway banister to her common room. She exited Ravenclaw's common room, and went down to the Great Hall. She was nearly in there until she was berated by Peeves.

    "Oooh, racing, racing, be sure you don't trip!" He called, before pulling a rug out beneath her feet.

    Morgan responded with a few choice words. Then she finally made it to Ravenclaw's table, where Richard was chatting with some other Ravenclaw over breakfast. (OoC:Reina, this can be Anabel) Richard turned his head at the poofy-headed person headed to the table.

    "Don't say a word." Edge said menacingly, poking her wand at him.

    Richard laughed, a somewhat high-pitched one for someone of his size. That got him a dirty look from Morgan.

    "Hey, I didn't say a word!" Richard said, laughing again. "So, what's the first class of the year?"

    "Defense Against the Dark Arts. My favorite." Morgan said sarcastically, while filling her dish with scrambled eggs and cherries. An odd combination, but she loved it.

    "Oh, goody, I can whoop your rear in this class!" Richard joked, taking a bite of his cinnamon roll. That earned him a non-poisonous snake in his lap. "Man, are you p'o'ed or what, today? Relax!"

    Something meowed. Edge saw it was Martin! He followed her out of the common room. He meowed again, looking for food.

    "Come on, go find your own breakfast! Wait a sec..."

    Morgan took the snake off Richard's lap and handed it to her cat, who sauntered away to kill and eat it.

    "Geez, Martin is such a pain." That reminded Edge of her little brother, who probably was in more pain. She didn't want to tell anyone that, no siree. People then started to leave the Hall. "Class! Move, Rich!" Morgan said, yanking him up.
  24. Catalina was bored out of her mind as she sat in History of Magic. She could not, for the life of her figure out what this class was for anymore. The classroom was old and dusty with the watery sunlight coming in through the windows. She had picked her usual seat at the back of the classroom. As it was a double period, she and the rest of her fellow Slytherins shared it with the fifth year Hufflepuffs, most of whom Catalina found annoying, though not nearly has irritating as the self righteous Gryffindors she had met so far. Anabel thought that she would be better suited for Gryffindor, but Anabel was wrong. Sure half of the Slytherin house went emo, but Catalina fit in well with Slytherin after she realized that it was no where near as bad as she thought.

    She was astounded at the ability of Professor Binns’ voice to put everyone to sleep. Catalina wanted desperately to use her IM scroll but Anabel was a good student and wouldn’t dare use hers in the middle of class, especially not her potions class. They met briefly before class when Anabel had told her that she talked to Richard about what they should do in their study group and that they would try to meet tomorrow. Catalina took out a sandwich out of her bag to eat as an after-breakfast snack. She spent the time she in which she would normally do nothing and decided to think of ideas of stuff to do this year. She had a plan in mind but it was probably too daring to carry out. No one would get hurt and no property would be damaged—this time. Catalina had been working on this spell for two years now, and she was close to perfecting it. And what fun this spell would be. She could already see the chaos it could possibly cause.

    Binns continued to drone on and on about wizard persecution at the hands of muggles. Some wizards believed they were better than muggles and Catalina despised them for it because her mother was a muggle. She loved being a witch but she missed the muggle world when she was at school. The Slytherin boy beside her was snoring softly. After Catalina had polished off her sandwich, she pulled another pumpkin pastry out of her bag for dessert. She thought about a boy she had seen in her common room named Oscar. She had never spoken to him before but he seemed interesting though. Catalina was starting to get lost in her own thoughts and her pastry, when her blonde dorm mate named Kaylee nudged her.

    “Catalina!” she hissed.

    “Huh,” said Catalina, bringing herself to the present. She realized Binns had stopped talking and was, along with all of the Hufflepuff who were still awake, staring directly at her.

    “Miss Katherine Blake, are we eating in class again?” he said dully.

    We aren’t doing anything, I was the one eating, Catalina thought derisively. And why can’t you ever get my name right?

    Binns sighed. “That’s detention, Miss Blake.”

    Catalina groaned and slammed her head on her desk.

    OOC: I'm sorry if I was too reflective in this chapter, but I wanted to get into Catalina's head.
  25. (OoC: Is it okay for Sylvia to be a fifth year, actually? Being a fourth year will likely limit her interaction with others. I'll change this post if it's a no.)

    Sylvia woke up easily, she had been practicing school sleeping habits for practically half the summer. Yet, she was still a bit late. Grabbing her proper school books, pocketing her wand, and tidying her bed, she made a bolt for the common room. Jane was there already, with a group of people who were almost all first years, apparently already friends. Jane motioned Sylvia over, and even though all Sylvia wanted to do was eat get to the Great Hall to eat breakfast, then head to class, she came over.
    "Look, Sylvia, friends are easy to make. Dunno what you're going on about it with..." Jane said, slightly hushed so the others wouldn't hear.
    "Jane, you know this, I'm... just not like that. Anyways, I'm going to be late." Sylvia said, nodding her head in a manner to acknowledge the others, and dashing off.

    The Great Hall, as usual, was crowded like hell. Breakfast had already been served, so Sylvia was later than she had hoped to be. Regardless, she could still make class on time, so she sat at the Hufflepuff table, and helped herself to her favorites: a bit of eggs, some toast, and really any other small portion of food that looked appetising. It didn't take her too long to eat, as she had no real distractions. Since she did manage all of her food before it was time for classes, she began to read through her books. Figuring it'd be best to read a book on her first subject of the day, she opened 'A History of Magic'. She read, going on for awhile, until students began pouring from the Great Hall out towards their respective classes.

    At this point, one thing ran through Sylvia's mind: "Don't fall asleep..." She repeated this message to herself many times, until she reached Professor Binns' room. She pulled her copy of History of Magic back out (from a messenger back she uses to carry books and other materials), and entered the room. Very few others were already there, and the majority were already asleep. Sylvia took a spot she had figured best for her, near the back, but not the whole way there. That way, when she had an answer or question, she could be noticed, but she could drift into the background if need be. Despite even her best efforts, Sylvia yawned. It was another muggle-wizard topic. Despite her want for more muggle knowledge (for she and Jane have no muggle relatives, and no real intention on taking Muggle Studies), she simply didn't want to hear about when the two groups of people didn't get along. However, she remained awake, while not really paying attention. This was going to be quite boring.
    Finally realising nothing much would happen, Sylvia opened her history book. She began reading on her own, learning about vastly more interesting topics. She was soon interrupted, however, by the apprehension of Catalina Blake. Binns, perhaps as unattentive as his students, misnamed her Katherine. Sylvia couldn't help but feel sympathy for her, this class could put coffee to sleep. Hoping to not receive any trouble herself, Sylvia quickly closed her book, without making any large movements.
    "And don't let me catch you reading off-topic, Miss Thorne." Binns said, his voice incredibly dull. Had Sylvia not been keeping her mind focused on avoiding trouble, the voice could have easily put her to sleep.
    "Damn..." She muttered, and stowed her book to prevent further temptation. This would be very boring.
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    Lyn lept out of bed, eager to start her first day at Hogwarts as soon as she could. After she quickly dressed into her robes, she dashed downstairs into the Great Hall, and quickly stuffed herself with a bit of toast before skimming through her schedule. "Looks like I have Charms as my first class," she said to herself. She then ran to get her stuff in the Gryffindor Tower (she was stupid enough not to look at her schedule beforehand) and then sped away to her class. "Now, where could it b..."

    She suddenly knocked into Bing, who seemed to also be dashing about. Lyn exclaimed, "Hey, watch it!"

    Bing was too intent on finding his class to say anything, so therefore, he just went on without even looking at her. Typical, she thought as she moved on. Then, it suddenly struck her that, if anything, she should've asked him where the Charms room was. Feeling stupid, Lyn slapped her hand against her head and started stomping around. Why, oh why do I have to be so stupid!?

    "Hey, you!" called a voice that sounded pretty old, yet nasty. Reluctantly, Lyn looked around and saw an old man running towards her. This must've been Filch, the caretaker of the castle. "I just finished cleaning up this hallway, and now you start stomping about with your dirty shoes? And you should be in class!"

    "But I don't know where the Charms room is..." the girl began, but she was cut abruptly off as Filch started dragging her away into his office. Sighing, she guessed what was about to happen, and sure enough, the old, ugly squib started squibling over a sheet of paper. "Name... what's your name?"

    "Um, Linda. Linda Harvey," she stated, and saw the quil quickly write down her name.

    "Infraction, late to class and making the hallways filthy. Punishment..." he paused, and peered at the girl. Lyn gulped, nervous about what she was going to do. Filch turned back to writing, and gave the sheet of parchment to Lyn. "Give that to your next teacher, and I'll see you in detention."

    Detention! Could it have been any worse? Alright, maybe she would've been cleaning the whole castle if she was that unlucky, but still. Detention on her first day! Not fun. "Before I leave, could you tell me where the Charms room is?"

    "On the 4th corridor, tenth door to the right. Now, I have other things to do, so scram!"
  27. Defense Against the Dark Arts was interesting, as usual, but hard. Today they were learning how to Stun, which would be handy against some Magical pests, and other people. But on to the new Professor. Her name was Professor Kathorn, a kind former Gryffindor with a knack for knowing exactly how to control people.

    "Okay, people, pair up! No, no, Biggins, you're too large to go with Hawk, sorry." Professor Kathorn said while moving a hefty Gryffindor away from a really short one.

    "Angus, move to someone your own size." Some random Gryffindor whispered.

    "Geez, okay." Richard whispered back, switching partners from Morgan to Biggins.

    Morgan ended up with Hawk, which really disapointed her, but gave her more opportunity to cause more damage. Professor Kathorn waved her wand, and the floor became more cushiony, just in case of falling.

    "Students, the incantation for Stunning is 'Stupefy'. It may look simple, but Stunning involves good aim paired with a small urge to hurt the person you're Stunning," Kathorn lectured. "The Stun will knock you down or knock you out, depending on the power the witch or wizard wants. Take turns practicing on your partner. Aim for the chest. Begin!"

    Edge was first to react. "Stupefy!" she cried, sending a rather large beam of red light for a first attempt. She really wanted to hurt this guy. She was aiming for the chest, as told, but hit his arm instead, knocking him down on his side.

    "Hey! The chest, you moron! Not my arm!" Hawk yelled.

    Morgan just smirked.

    Richard started his Stunning too, but did it very well, with a small red beam to the chest, knocking Biggins down, but not for very long. Dang! Not enough power! He thought, berating himself. Then he was Stunned, and it was the oddest sensation on Earth. He was sort of paralyzed and desensitized for a second, but he felt tingles and pain, too.

    This went on, until the end of class, and Kathorn assigned homework. "Ten inches on Stunning. It's power, it's effects, and it's uses! Due next week!" She called as people left.

    "Wow, not a whole lot of homework, so far." Richard said, amazed. "She's rather light with her assignments."

    "Phht!" Edge exhaled. "Just wait 'til we get to Potions. Slughorn is nice, and his classes are interesting, but he sure gives more homework!"

    They headed down the hall to the corridor that lead to the dungeon with Potions. She passed Oscar on the way there, with the feeling that he wanted ot tell her something rather important. "Yo, Oscar. What was that you wanted to tell me?" She whispered violently as she passed him.
  28. Anabel put her Potions book in her bag as she prepared to leave Slughorn's dungeon classroom. Potions was a favorite class of hers and she was pretty good—good enough to be one of Slughorn's favorite students. Potions was a lot like cooking which was another activity she enjoyed. She loved mixing the many ingredients together and getting one potion. For the first day Slughorn had just asked for something interesting. She decided to make her favorite potion which was the Draught of Living Death which impressed him. Anabel didn't mind all the homework Slughorn gave out. After all, she would study extra hard for Potions this year to get that coveted Outstanding when OWLs came later in the year. She had heard that sixth year Potions was the best. Anabel waved at Slughorn as she left the classroom. His next class, which included Morgan and Richard, was already milling around outside.

    She also waved a Richard and Morgan as she passed, but Morgan was talking to another boy (OOC: Oscar) and didn't notice her. Catalina had said to meet her on the first floor bathroom after the first class so she headed that way. The bumped into a couple of lost first years and had to tell another where the Defense Against the Dark Arts room was. It was dangerous to ask older students (besides prefects) where anything was as some got their kicks from sending first years off on the wrong direction. They would land themselves in detention is they were caught by Filch or tormented if they were caught by Peeves.

    Anabel pushed open the door of the bathroom and saw that Catalina wasn't there yet. This bathroom had been remodeled from last year when it was dank and just gross. It was probably the most disgusting in castle after Moaning Myrtle's toilet. But now it was clean and serene and currently empty for some reason. Anabel went one a mirror over one of the sinks and gazed at her reflection. She wondered briefly what it would be like to have Catalina's beauty instead of her averageness. She didn't envy her best friend at all or was unhappy with her looks, but she was genuinely curious. Muggle boys swarmed her at times during the summer to the amusement of Anabel.

    After about five minutes, Catalina sauntered into the bathroom.

    "About time," said Anabel. "What took you so long?"

    Catalina sighed. "I was busy getting my detention for tomorrow night. Professor Binns didn't like my eating in his class."

    "You got detention your first day back?" Anabel said in disbelief. Catalina always managed to get a detention within the first week of school but never on the first day.

    "Yes I did," Catalina said. "I know it's hard for a Ravenclaw to understand, but yes, people do get detentions, even on the first day. And speaking of class, how were those dear, self-righteous Gryffindors in your Potions class today?"

    "For the last time, they are not bad!" Anabel exclaimed. "As a matter of fact, I even invited a Gryffindor to the Study Group." Anabel thought of the brown haired girl and began to wonder if Catalina or even Morgan for that matter would get along with her.

    Catalina made a noise of impatience, but didn't say anything else on the subject. "Are you going to change the date of the meeting since I have detention tomorrow?"

    "I'll have to. Hopefully I can change it to tonight," said Anabel. "I want to invite a few more people as well. We can have the meeting in one of those empty classrooms on the bottom floor.

    "Fine by me," Catalina said. She wondered vaguely if Oscar would like to come a made a mental note to ask him at lunch time. She was still mad about getting detention with Binns. It was likely to be the most boring thing ever if they were anything like his classes.

    Anabel decided she would ask Morgan and Richard if tonight would be good for the meeting whenever she saw one or both of them again. But her Transfiguration class and Catalina's Defense Against the Dark Arts class were to begin in about ten minutes so they didn't have time to linger.

    OOC: For some reason most of my post was cut off so I'm restoring it.

    Edit'd: Fix'd a minor plot hole/continuity error.
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    ((OOC: Secad gave me permission... so I might as well.))

    Bing nearly fainted as he entered Divination. The room was full of odd items: crystal balls, teacups, cards, and lots of other items, he guessed, used for predicting the future and other things Divination was probably useful for. The lighting was dim; his eyes had to adjust in order for him to see clearly. But the thing that made him feel sick wasn't the strange assortment of items he saw, nor was it because of the dim, reddish lighting. No, the sickly feeling he got was due to the perfume he smelled. If he though that Care of Magical Creatures was bad for his lungs (thanks to the pleasantly-smelling hippogriff that suddenly pooped right when he was petting it in his first class), that was nothing compared to the smell in the Divination room, for the whole place reeked of some sort of icky perfume, which, the boy guessed, came from the kettle boiling over the fire in the corner.

    Placed around the classroom were, not chairs, but little poufs and armchairs, which he guessed was for the students. Bing carefully chose a spot as far away from the kettle as he could, though it didn't matter much; the smell was still there, as strong as ever. Natalie, a 3rd year Ravenclaw girl with long dirty-blonde hair and bangs, sat next to him. She was the only friend he had in his house and year, though friend was exaggerating it a bit. They barely talked to each other, let alone share notes. The only thing that they did was sit next to each other during class. Bing sighed and looked down at his watch; he was about three minutes early, which meant that there was enough time for him to flip and skim through the pages of "Unfogging the Future". He tried to find something interesting in the book, though he saw nothing that particularly intrigued him.

    He had just flipped to the last page of the book when he heard a sort of misty voice sound. "Welcome," it said as he tucked the book away into his bag. "How nice to see you in the physical world at last." ((yes, word-for-word from the book. I'm that unoriginal.)) A thin woman suddenly appeared from the shadows, wearing huge glasses and lots of odd accesories. She ordered for the others to sit, and as they aranged themselves, she, herself, sat on an armchair in front of the fire. "I am Proffessor Trelawney. I know most of you have not seen me before; I preffer to not be amung the chaos, so that my inner eye does not cloud over..."

    Then the Proffessor kept on going about the class, how it was the most difficult branch of magic, how books were of little help (which made Bing feel a lot better, as he read nothing of "Unfogging the Future"), how most witches and wizards, as talented as they were in other areas of magic, were unable to to see the future, and the art of divination was a gift granted to few...

    Bing was, litterally, dozing off in the class and so heard almost nothing else Trelawney was prattling about, until he suddenly realised that everyone else was buzzing about, finding a partner to read tea leaves with. The boy yawned and automatically moved to partner up with Natalie. Natalie didn't mind; she had no other friends in the same year and in the same house as her. He then got up and got two teacups for them; a blue one for him, and a pink for the girl. As the boy sat down, Natalie suddenly asked, "You wanna go first?"

    Bing was surprised, but shrugged. "I don't really mind," he replied, lifting his cup to his lips to drink the tea. No sooner than when the first drop reached his tounge, Bing placed the cup back down and started gagging. The tea tasted like an odd mix of of melon, bitter, not bittersweet, bitter chocolate, and green tea, and had no sweetness to it at all. Natalie thought he had choked and so tried to help him. "I'm okay," he said, pushing the girl away from him as he tried to drink the tea again. This time he forced it all down, leaving the dregs behind, like Trelawney had said to do. He then swirled them around the cup three times with his left hand. He then drained it by turning it upside down on its saucer, and then passed it to Natalie. "Right," he began, "what do the tea leaves say about my future?"

    Natalie studied the cup for a while, then, looking back and forth from the book to the teacup, she finally answered, "Well, you have soemthing that looks like a wilting flower... that means 'unexpected betrayal', but if you look at it this way, it looks like a... a waterfall, I think. Hrm, that means, 'unending happiness'... but if you ask me, you're the unhappiest thing I've ever saw."

    "Thanks for the complement," Bing mumbled, and then he started to examine his partner's cup. "Hrm, looks like a lamp here... the book says nothing about lamps. A sun... heh, you'll also be happy... and I think that's all I can see in your cup," he said, and they gave the cups back to each other. Bing nearly dropped his when he heard a shriek come from right behind him. The boy, hesitantly, turned around and saw Proffesor Trelawney, looking as if she had fainted or something. He raised an eyebrow and saw one of his dormmate, Luke, staring at the Proffessor.

    "Well?" he demanded to the teacher. "What is it you see?"

    "My dear, my poor dear," she said, almost whimpering. "I'm afraid you have... the Grim!"

    Bing snorted. He knew that this was all a joke; of course he was going to die, everyone was going to die eventually. On his second day at Hogwarts during his first year, he had overheard Anabel, chatting with Catalina of Slytherin, that she did that every year to the new Divination students. But obviously no one else knew; he heard a loud gasp as everyone stared at Luke in shock. Luke himself was trying very hard to control his trembling; poor boy, he was never the brave type. Trelawney slowly got up and opened the exit. "I think we'll end here for today," she said. "Yes... yes, please pack your things, and until we mee..." Bing didn't hear the rest of her sentence as he dashed out of the sickly room. He though about paying a visit to the Hospital Wing to soothe his horrible headache, or just make a dash outside for some cool air. He decided on the latter, and made a quick dash outside before he made his way to lunch.

    ((OOC: Sorry if this was a bit long. ^^;))
  30. No answer from Oscar. He must've not heard me! Morgan berated herself silently, as the crowd of students heading to their next class pushed Richard and Edge into the dark dungeon classroom.

    Richard and Edge found a pair of seats at a table and sat down. Richard was eager for the class, while Morgan was less enthusiastic, but still listening for the characteristic voice of Slughorn.

    "Yes! Potions! Remember that one time where I actually won one of those contests? I got off on that wicked poisons essay." Richard told his girlfriend.

    "Yeah. You got to go play Quidditch while the rest of us hard workers slaved away on that antidote essay. You told me." Morgan responded playfully, giving him a small shove. "I onl-"

    "Welcome back, students!" said a jolly voice which cut off Morgan. (which belonged to Professor Slughorn, of course). "I hope all have had a pleasant summer. I certainly did!"

    My, is that a bald spot, or a moon rock? It certainly has grown. Morgan thought. Geez, why did I think that? Morgan thought again, thinking that thought was odd.

    "Today is the beginning of a new year. Harder classes, new potions, and of course, harder assignments." Slughorn said with a smile, but not a malicious one. Some students groaned. "Today I'm going to test your aptitude. Make me a potion, any potion, and try to impress me with it. The best one gets off with only half the amount of homework I'm going to give you today."

    Again, a few students responded. This time it was with a cheer, not a moan or groan. Slughorn loved making a little contest between the students.

    Morgan spilt from Richard immedietly. She worked alone when it came to contests like these. She pulled her Potions book out of her bookbag (Poisons, Potions, and Plenty(of rules), by Platys Plapps)and opened up to the contents. Under the 'Poisons' section of the 'Potions' section, (her favorite) she chose one of her best poisons, (as they were potions, too) the Animalus Trois, or commonly known as 'The Animal Trio'. (OoC: Hopefully this sounds good!) Basically a way of binding three animal poisons into one powerful one that could, in small doses, knock out someone for a week, or in a large dose, kill someone within minutes. Thankfully, Morgan put on her dragonskin gloves to protect against ingestion, as she occasionally bit her nails.

    Richard was doing nearly the complete opposite, a love potion. (OoC: Maybe that's how Richard won Morgan over) The specific love potion he was doing was the Beautifaris, or a love potion that works by making the drinker hallucinate that the giver is their soul mate, (as in causing the drinker to think that a completely nerdy guy is the utmost perfect specimen of whatever the drinker wants) thus causing the attraction.

    "Next, add three finely chopped Vigrous root, then stir for three and a half minutes in counter-clockwise circles..." Richard whispered to himself. He went to the store cupboards and pulled out the required roots. "But how do they define 'finely'?" He yelled in a whisper, habitually messing up his hair with his hand. "What do I have to do, chop for this entire period? Dang it!"

    He quickly chopped for about five minute minutes, making it as fine as he could. He hastily brushed the root into the bubbling cauldron, the liquid from previous steps that was a transparent purple a violent purple color. He stirred, noting that it wasn't turning a lighter purple like it said in the book.

    "Thirty minutes left!" Slughorn called, glancing up from Morgan's cauldron and onto his pocket-watch.

    Morgan was doing quite well, so well that Professor Slughorn had said "Good, good, but don't be heavy handed with the platypus claw."

    Morgan's poison was now a pleasant orange color, the color seen in a sunset. "Right on schedule." Edge whispered, looking at the steps. "Just let it simmer for ten minutes with the diced platypus claw, then boil for for two without." she read from the text. "After that, it should be a light yellow color, with a thicker consitency. Then drop two drops on to the food of your choice to poison." Then the book went on about how good it was for killing vermin. She dropped in the claw into the medely(sp) of sea snake and hawksbill turtle poison. "One more step after the simmering, and I'm done!"

    Richard's potion wasn't going quite so well as Morgan's, so he stepped over to ask for help. "Morg, what's wrong with my potion? It should be a light purple, but it's not! Wha-"

    "Fifteen minutes left!" Slughorn called.

    "What did I do? We worked on this last year, and it wasn't like this!" Richard whispered hastiliy.

    Morgan was annoyed that he had bugged her while she was doing so well. "Okay! Let me have a look! Move!" she whispered angrily.

    Richard moved out of her way. Note to self: Don't annoy Edge when she's on a time limit!

    Morgan looked at it, noting the color. "It's obvious! You forgot a Vigrous root. But you've stirred it, so you can't put in another one! You'll have to live! It'll be weaker, though."

    "Geez. Okay. I'll bottle it after it's done cooling." Richard responded defendantly.

    Morgan moved back to her own cauldron. It had turned pastel yellow, not the light yellow she need! Dang it, it boiled too long! She quickly scooped out the platypus claw and let it boil. Hopefully it would darken, hopefully!

    "Five minutes left! Get it bottled and ready to go." the Professor announced.

    (OoC: Got to go! Finish later.)
  31. Herbology had been the worst. Oscar hated most classes that didn't require wandwork, he'd rather cast a million spells then identify one plant. Still, despite wanting to get out of Herbology badly he had managed to be late to potions. Oscar had slipped in undetected. He could see Morgan and Richard but decided against saying anything to either. He knew how Edge didn't like to be interrupted when she was making a Potion, and he wasn't great friends with Richard either. Oscar shoved a hand in his pocket and felt a few herbs he had stolen from herbology. They smelled nice and he had shoved them in his pocket when the professor wasn't looking. "Nice of you to join us, mister Rook." Professor Slughorn teased. Oscar liked Slughorn even if he didn't like his class much and they had a nice teacher-student relationship. It was probably this that saved him from a detention. "Potion of your choice. Get started."

    Oscar nodded and pulled out his book. He flipped through the pages absently, allowing himself to get distracted by the littlest things. Eventually, looking around at everyone working and then looking at his empty pot Oscar decided to get started. He started by choosing vials filled with odd things, threw them in the pot, boiled it for a bit and added in the stolen herbs, which he had crushed. Next, he added one of the few things he could identify, powdered Unicorn horn, some kind of animal blood and he spit in it for good measure. "There, that outta do it." He said, stirring counterclockwise seven times and watching as whatever it was he made became a dark violet color. He smiled, took the pot off the burner and bottled up the potion.

    "Time's up!" Slughorn called, pacing around the room to check out the various potions people had decided to make. "Very nice, very nice. Excellent work, Edna! Hmm, well I suppose it'll do." Finally, he came to Oscar's. "Well well..." He picked up the vial, poured a small amount on his fingertip and sniffed it. He wiped the finger on a blank piece of parchment, studied it, and then corked the vial to the potion once more.

    Curious, Oscar asked Slughorn, "What exactly did I make?"

    Slughorn looked up, somewhat surprised, as if he had forgotten Oscar was there. He replied simply, "Nail polish." And flicked the remains off his finger and onto Oscar before checking out another potion. There were a few giggles which Oscar ignored. He was glad the potion actually became something and he saved it. Maybe someday he'd want nail polish.
  32. OOC: Yay! I get to post again ^^

    Defense Against the Dark Arts had to be Catalina's favorite course, despite the fact that it was taught by a Gryffindor. The work was incredibly hard, a trait it shared with Transfiguration, but Catalina enjoyed every minute of it. Everything about the subject appealed to Catalina. So far they'd learned about dark creatures and powerful curses among other things—all of it useful. This was the class that Catalina did the most outside work in. Professor Kathorn announced the class that they were going to begin focusing on defensive spells, and that the first spell they would be learning was the Shield Charm.

    "Now class," Kathorn began explaining, "this charm is more than just getting the correct wand movements and saying the right incantation. The strength of it is affected by the amount of will power you put behind it. Your Shield Charm will have to be on par with or more powerful than the spell it's shielding you from or it will fail. Some of you will have more trouble with it than others…"

    At first Catalina thought that defensive spells would be useful but boring to learn about, but once again, Professor Kathorn had made it sound interesting. She already knew that she'd have to help Anabel practice this spell because she would be one of the ones to have trouble with it. Catalina remembered the trouble she had with the Patronus Charm. Sometimes she just lacked the mental power to cast spells of this type. Catalina paid close attention to Kathorn as she explained the wand movement and the incantation. Then she performed the charm for the class with the help of a Hufflepuff volunteer. After telling the class to partner up, she turned them loose to perform it on their own.

    Catalina faced her partner, Kaylee, eager to start. "Can I go first?"

    "Sure," Kaylee said with a smirk. She narrowed her brown eyes as she thought of a good spell to break the shield.

    "Protego!" shouted Catalina. Her shield was green in color and protected her from head to toe.

    "Petrificus Totalus!" Kaylee countered back.

    Catalina guessed her resolve wasn't strong enough because the next thing she knew, her shield shattered as her body went rigid. She fell backwards, unable to move she forced to stare at the ceiling.

    "Focus, Catalina," said Professor Kathorn as she stood over Catalina and performed the counter spell for the Full-Body Bind.

    Catalina cleared her head of thoughts of her upcoming lunch and began to concentrate. Her next shield looked more solid and Kaylee was unable to break through it with her Full-Body Bind hex. When it was time for Kaylee to try the spell, Catalina was able to pay her back by smashing her shield with a Stunning Spell. It took Kaylee two tries to perfect the charm.

    Finally it was time to go to lunch. Half the class was able to perfect the Shield Charm during that class period and about a third of the other half who failed to master it were still suffering from the affects of the spells that broke their shields. Professor Kathorn had given them all homework to practice the Shield Charm and write a one page essay on certain aspects of the spell. Catalina decided to wait in the Great Hall for Anabel and Oscar to return. Maybe this group of Anabel's would be worth something. As she walked, she thought of the book she had picked up in Diagon Alley when she was getting her school supplies. It was uncreatively titled Curses, Spells, Hexes, Jinxes, and Charms and that pretty much described what the book was about. It contained all kinds of spells—some of which she'd never heard of before. As she was skimming it, she found a spell that caused an opponent to randomly lose two senses temporarily. She couldn't wait to dive into the book to see what else it held.

    Catalina sat down at the Slytherin table and dove into the sandwiches that appeared before her. While she ate contemplated when she put her scheme into action, but there was still a lot of planning to be done for it go smoothly.
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  33. (OoC: Shiny wants out of the RP. I'll fade her out, okay?)

    Morgan exhaled fiercely through her nostrils as she packed up to go to lunch. Again, she didn't win the lighter load of homework! It was some Slytherin that won the lighter assignment with a Pepperup Potion! He only had to write a 15 inch essay about a healing potion of his choice and bring along three ingredients of it, while the rest of the class had a 30 inch essay about an assigned healing potion (Morgan got the Pepperup Potion, coincedentally, while Richard got SkeleGro) and had to bring in six properly prepared ingredients.

    "Thank you Rich, for increasing my load." She said to him, coolly sarcastic as they walked down to the Great Hall. "I actually had a chance!"

    "Why do you have to take this so seriously? It doesn't matter, but you did get a decent remark from Professor Slughorn." Richard responded innocently, not seeing why she had to be so angry.

    "Oh, yes, like 'You could've done better, but at least the poisons bonded well' is not exactly a decent comment!" Edge said, continually raising her voice.

    "Well, at least you did better than Oscar, he made nail polish, of all things." Richard said, trying to calm her down.

    Morgan took offense. "Great, now you're dissing Oscar! He came in late! What do you have against that?"

    "Absolutely nothing! But-" Richard went before he was cut off by Morgan.

    "'But' nothing! I've been friends with him way longer than I've been seeing you!" Morgan said, hurrying away to the Great Hall furious.

    Richard sighed. He saw a lot in Morgan, but she could get extremely angry (and don't forget aggressive! Richard thought, while he shuddered, thinking about other people who had made Edge angry) over things like contests that had a prize like reduced homework. He had gotten off easily, with his relationship saving him.

    Morgan rushed into the Great Hall, still furious, but feeling guilty about yelling at Rich. She sat down at Ravenclaw table and gave Oscar a low "Hey."

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