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Hogwarts of the Future

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Prof. Cinders, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Yes, yes, a lot of you will be plunged into the deep end with this topic. The original threads can be found here. Watch out, a lot of the images are missing, so there are big blocky things in their place (because I can't be bothered to get rid of them). I'll combine all years into this topic. And now, for the hard bit. I'm fast-forwarding the whole thing to the next year from where they were. So those who were first years (Ed, Arienne, Ziarre, etc.) are now second years, the second years (Helena, Timmy, Crystal, etc.) are now third years, and so on. This of course means that there are new first years, so basically anyone can join in if they want. You might want to say what happened to your characters during the terms I've skipped, which might be quite a lot, so limit yourself to a few quick paragraphs (or just reveal it gradually throughout your first few posts ;)). Because I'm not good at making lesson plans, I'll leave that to the more enthusiastic *looks to Rosie and Chloe*. I think we can keep the now-second years' as is, though. Onto the topic!

    BIC: The Hogwarts Express heaved into Hogsmeade station, smoke filling every nook and cranny available. Students threw windows and doors open, and suddenly the air was filled with shouts, screams and yelled greetings to the few teachers waiting on the platform. Professor Granger waved at the students she knew slightly better than the others, and smiled for the new first years. As headteacher, she was expected to greet the students, according to some law passed a few years ago, or something similar. Eventually, the train was empty, and Hagrid was busy gathering the first years to him with a deep cry of: 'First years, over here! Over here, everybody! Don't be shy!'

    Edward Venard dragged a large suitcase along the platform, his dark hair hanging limply in front of his face. It had grown over the summer, but he was as pale as ever, and dark rims had appeared around his infinitely deep eyes. His clothes were immaculate, and his wand poked out from inside his cloak's pocket. Spying a few faces he recognised in the crowd, including another Ravenclaw girl in his year who was trying her best to ignore him, he moved towards them, panting heavily with the weight he pulled.

    Helena Longbottom practically fell off of the train, her various pieces of luggage falling on top of her. Vik politely stepped round her, offering a hand disdainfully - in case any of her classmates should see her helping a Gryffindor out. But she couldn't just leave her friend there. Especially with Professor Longbottom glaring at her like that. Did he have to be so hostile towards their friendship?

    'Thanks,' mumbled Helena, taking the hand and heaving her bags off as she stood up. She picked up her luggage, and walked away from the Slytherin 3rd year, heading towards her One and Only Robert.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: FYI, my character is currently out of the country... probably down a well somewhere :p

    I might join back into this. Might not. I'll see where my time/interests lie.
  3. OOC: shame, we never found out what Katie's character's random outburst in the library was about.... shame. For all those people who can't be bothered to read the topics I've decided to introduce my third year character again, it shouldn't take too long. As for my second year character, well, there's not too much to pick up on, but I'll to to make it pretty self explanatory so as no one gets confused. Don't be afraid to ask questions though :)

    Crystal Mane stepped down onto the platform, her heavy case held quite easily in one hand. She had sat with some of her Ravenclaw friends during the journey, reading a magazine and sometimes joining in with their conversation. Her long, dark brown hair was tied back into a pony tail, as it had been for most of the summer. It was bleached slightly, light brown, completely natural highlights streaked her hair, making it shine in the september sun. She had been working on her family's farm for some of the summer, but the rest was spent relaxing and sailing. Crystal loved sailing and anything to do with water. Her father loved it too, but he hardly had a spare five minutes to come with her anymore, especially after he had bought some more animals. There was a large lake near where they lived where she had sailed almost every week. Many times she had tried to take her younger sister, sometunes dragging her, kicking and screaming, onto the boat. Her sister wasn't exactly the most pleasant of crew members, especially on windy days when her mouth was permanently open and a loud screeching noise being emitted. Even when she promised not to scream she still managed many loud shouts. Crystal had always wondered how her sister had never lost her voice, even after the loudest of screaming fits. One hot day they had gone down to the lake to sail their catamaran. White horses leapt over the waves and the wind was blowing a gale. Crystal had managed to convince her sister to come on the boat, where she had taken to screaming, as usual, and they were sailing along quite well. After about half an hour Crystal had asked "After this tack do you want to take the helm?" to which her sister had promptly screamed her very long decline. Meanwhile, however, Crystal had turned the boat about, her sister not noticing until she found herself on the wrong wide of a tipping catamaran and promptly slid off.

    Crystal smiled as she remembered her sister's reaction, but quickly snapped back into reality. She dropped her heavy case on the far edge of the platform and stood on her toes to look for some of the friends who she had not found on the train. She had arrived at least half an hour before the train left, since her mother could not stand being late. They had come down the previous day by floo powder to get her books and new equipment, then spent the night at a friend's before finally coming to Kings Cross. Crystal, as usual, had been reluctant to come back to the school since her lack of skill was beginning to draw attention from all the teachers, not to mention members of her year who had even increased their levels of jeering, if that was possible. There were a few, though, that didn't jeer, but tried to help Crys (said like Chris). She'd only really become friends with them last year, but she didn't want to lose them. She couldn't stand being alone again. They'd tried to help her gain some magical ability, even though it was useless.

    Crystal stood on her toes, looking around for them, Helena, Timmy and David. She scanned the crowds, trying to identify her friends, but soon became frustrated and went to stand by the gates, where everyone was slowly filing through, trying to get to the thestral-drawn carriages.


    Ziarre stepped onto the platform happily, her natural smile fixed to her face. She dragged her case off the train and placed it carefully down on the platform. Her wings, quite petite and blue today, matched her clear eyes, and flapped gently in the cool, late summer air. Before long she had spotted someone she knew and walked quickly over to meet them.

    "ED! How are you? Have you had a good summer? What did you do? Did you go anywhere nice? Nothing too much happened to me, but it's still good to be back." The fairy bombarded him with questions, pausing to draw breath and allow him to answer. They were unlikely friends, one the picture of goodness and purity, the other's life littered with death and necromancy. Still, friends are friends...

    OOC: Rachy, you must know me better than 'a few quick paragraphs'!
  4. OOC: As I told Rachel earlier, this has completely thrown me as
    a) I can't remember anything about Timmy apart from her shortness, or David apart from that he looks suspiciously similar to a certain Time Lord
    b) Ari being in her second year kinda messes up her story arc, mainly because she was supposed to be dead. Ah well. She'll just have to meet some kind of untimely fate a month or two later than planned ;D
    Rosie - are Crys&David an item by now? ;)
  5. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Er, yeah, sorry about that Chloe ^^" If I'd known, well, it wouldn't've happened, but you just have to keep your secrets. :p

    BIC: Ed looked up at Ziarre, his eyes sparkling in their deepest depths. 'Hey,' he greeted her, and fell silent, trying to sort out what was a question and what was an exclamation from the fairy's gabble. Letting his bag down, he replied. 'The summer was fine. I spent my time in the forests around my home. Some of the unicorns took a liking to me. There's still no news of my sister.' He looked away at that last comment, his eyes glazing over with a sharp red colour before turning to normal. 'The first years are as nervous as we were,' he said finally, calmly, and shone a quick smile at them. Then, turning back to his bags, he said, 'We should really get to school. We'll be late for the feast.'

    Helena hopped, skipped and bounced her way through the crowds, having found Robert and said a brief hi (after knocking over a group of 5th years in her excitement). She grinned at the people who said hi, waving as she disappeared into the crowd, re-emerging by the gates. 'CRYSTAL!' she shouted, shaking her friend's hand in a very vigorous hello. 'How were the hols? The farm? The family? Sorry I didn't call; dad's plants were in bloom and I had to help feed the poisonous ones. One bit my finger and it nearly dropped off!' She held the finger up proudly, displaying a large purple welt on its tip - and five small puncture marks. 'And we found a werewolf in our basement!' she added, grinning all the while. 'We called up a potions specialist, and he helped us look after him. Isn't that great?!'
  6. OOC: Well, Rosie already knows, so I'm making up something new anyway.
    I may do a couple of new timetables if I have time *looks nervously at large pile of homework* - if any of the third-years wants to casually mention which two extra subjects he/she is taking...? [Everyone has Charms, Herbology, Transfiguration, Potions, History of Magic, Defence Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy. New subjects for third years are Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, Ancient Runes, Arithmancy and Muggle Studies.]

    With a quiet sigh, a slender, sullen-looking girl stepped off the train, her waist-long hair staying (magically) straight down her back, unaffected by the breeze. Her face was unnaturally pale, as if she'd spent the entire holiday undergroud, away from the summer sun - which perhaps she had. In any case, none of the students shouting and hugging and treading on each others' toes around her noticed.

    Arienne yawned and stretched; the tiny snake-shaped scar on the back of her right hand faded, and she waited for a certain Ravenclaw necromancer to sense her newly restored aura. If he wishes to see me, he can bloody well come and look for me. Otherwise I'll be quite happy on my own, thanks.

    The truth was, she didn't want anybody to see her, now that she knew who she was ... The fact that Ed probably already knew was a little source of comfort - but how much do you really know, Ari thought bleakly. The question echoed round her head in a familiar haze of bitter confusion, soon joined by another that she'd asked herself countless times for the past six months: How much do you want to?


    Grinning nervously, a tall, freckled boy made his way through the crowd towards Crystal. Behind him, two smaller girls exchanged amused looks, one of them reaching up to ruffle his hair.

    "Oi!" David turned around and threw Timmy an exasperated look; she smiled sweetly back as the other girl giggled and muttered something to her, causing both of them to stifle grins and look away. "And you'll be carrying your own luggage if you're not careful," he warned the smaller girl, who gave him puppy-dog eyes until he turned back to where he was walking - and almost slammed straight into Crystal's back.

    David took a deep breath, admiring the September sunshine on her hair, then jumped forward and placed his hands over Crystal's eyes. "Missed me?" he asked playfully.
  7. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Damn you, Chloe, now I want to ruffle something >.>

    BIC: Ed stiffened where he was, and slowly turned his head back in the train's direction. There she is, he thought to himself, and allowed himself a small smile. Arienne always managed to catch his eye recently, so it seemed. Looking back to Ziarre, he shrugged apologetically. 'Shall we wait for Ari first?' he suggested, in case she wanted to go straight to the Hall. 'She looks rather lonely on the platform.'

    Helena gave David a big yell of hello in greeting. 'MY GOD was it hot this summer, don't you think? How are you! And Timmy, how's the stuffs? Y'know, the... Stuff stuff. Yeah!' She grinned widely, and winked at David. 'Still trying to fend off the fangirls from the fit looks?' She laughed, and reached up to ruffle his hair, much like Timmy had just done. 'Y'know you're far too cute for your own good!'

    Vik slung her lonely bag over her shoulder, and managed to squeeze through the crowd, avoiding Hagrid like the plague - he'd mistaken her for a 1st year last year, and she didn't want to be herded onto the boats by mistake for a third time. Coming to the gates, she off-handedly stroked a thestral before climbing into the carriage it pulled, settling down to wait for any others to fill it. They would probably end up being Slytherins, knowing that she was a loner, and easy to poke into crying. How she hated her classmates - well, most of them. One of the boys in her class was ok. As long as she kept her distance, maybe he would notice her without having to hurt her too much, like the other Slytherin boys. She sighed, and looked out of the window at the platform, waiting for others to climb into their carriages.
  8. OOC: Slight autoing, Chloe, but I didn't think you'd mind THAT much. You can tell me to change it if you're really that bothered!

    BIC: A broad smile spread across Crystal's face as David put his hands over her eyes. She'd been waiting all summer to hear his voice again, but she hadn't let on to anyone. But now as not the time for great big welcomes, especially since the whole fan club had arrived. She lifted his hands up and turned around into his arms, giving him a hug as she did so. "Just a bit" she said casually, reaching up and giving him a quick kiss. She rolled her eyes as they all had a go at ruffling his hair, wondering how he put up with it and secretly thinking Hands off! That's my job. "Come on, otherwise we'll never get a carriage!" she shouted over the background roar of students welcoming each other and Hagrid ushering the first years towards the lake.

    Crys lead the way to the carriages, holding David's hand and nearly dragging him through the crowds. Eventually she found an empty carriage and climbed in, nearly hitting her head on the roof, and sat in the corner, glancing out of the window at the school. Her heart sunk slightly as she did so. Crystal had been looking forward to seeing David so much that she'd almost forgotten how much she dreaded Hogwarts. Her lack of magical ability was completely to blame, as well as not being accepted by many of those in her year.

    This year she had specifically chosen classes that involved no magical involvement, Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes so as to limit the embarrassment and make he time a little more bearable. "Now," she turned to David "will you tell me what your new subjects are? You've avoided the subject all summer, even after I told you mine. I don't understand your sudden secrecy!"
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  9. Luke stepped off the train positively shivering with from nervousness.He paused to make sure that his long red hair wasn't in his eyes, and pushed his glasses further up onto his nose. He looked around for a minute then head off in the direction of a huge, bear-like man. "This must be Hagrid, the games keeper" he thought before working up enough courage to prod him in the back, though he could barely reach his shoulder, even though he was tall for his age. Hagrid turned and Luke said "Um... Sir? I'm a First Year and I was wondering where to go." Hagrid smiled and said," Oh just wait right there until we get the rest of the first years." He then turned back to herding the first years towards him. Luke noticed a small line of other first years near a large group of boats and went to stand near there.
  10. OOC: No probs Rosie :D I'll just have to auto you back :p
    David sighed as he sat next to her. "I guess I just didn't want to admit to myself that we're, well, third-years," he replied a little lamely. "The whole growing up and having to be mature thing... well, it doesn't matter really," he said cheerily. "Anyway, I'm taking Divination and Muggle Studies. Wish I could fit Ancient Runes into my timetable too, though." He smiled at Crys, then gestured to the small girl who had followed them into the carriage. "This is my sister Lara, by the way," he said. "She's just starting... hang on..."

    He jumped up and stared at Lara. "You're supposed to be on the boats with the other first-years!" he exclaimed in horror. "Quick, out, out... if you're in trouble before term's even started..."

    "I'll take her," Timmy piped up and took Lara's wrist.

    "I don't need taking... oh." Lara glanced at the expression on Timmy's face and understood; together they pushed their way out of the carriage and raced to the edge of the lake.

    "I'll see ya later, 'kay?" Timmy grinned as Lara nodded excitedly back, before rushing back to the carriages as they creaked into motion. She remembered David telling her, two long years ago, that there were horses pulling them, and her stubborn refusal to believe him; the memories of just the two of them brought a smile to her flushed face as she swung herself through the open door and collapsed on the seat opposite David.

    "Took you long enough," he teased, then looked closer at the vague smile behind her flyaway hair. "You alright?"

    "Never better," she shot back; David rolled his eyes and returned his attention to Crys for the rest of the journey. Three of us, now, Timmy thought as she watched David help Crys out of the carriage and walk hand in hand up to the castle, lighting up the sky in front of her. It's all different - good different, she reminded herself. And I am happy. I am. For them.


    After apologising to Hagrid for her lateness, Lara stepped carefully into the last boat and smiled at the tall, bespectacled redhead sitting opposite her. "Hi," she said cheerfully, wondering if he was feeling as nervous as she was. "I'm Lara - Lara Creek."


    Ari walked steadily across to Ed and Ziarre, fighting the urge to run away and fly to the castle instead. Second-years and above had their own brooms, and Ari had brought her Silver Arrow - one of many items left to her in her mother's will. The thought of her mother strengthened her somewhat, and she put on her normal disinterested face as she approached her two only friends.

    "Hey," she said quietly, flicking her gaze between Ed's and Ziarre's faces. She didn't especially want to look either of them in the eye yet. "We'd best find a carriage - they fill up fast."

    OOC: Pichazard - hope you don't mind me auto-ing slightly. But I'm assuming Luke/David got into the boat at some point ;)
  11. OOC: Ach Mixed up two diffrent names! I hate it when this happens. Oh and I really don't care if you auto me a little.

    Anyways BIC: "Hello Lara," Luke said," My name is Luke Bones." He held out his hand for her to shake
  12. "Sure," Ziarre said and began to lead the way across the emptying platform. As Ari had said, the carriages were nearly all full, but the fairy managed to find one near the back of the line, which she quickly jumped into. When she and her friends had settled in the carriage and it had started to move towards the illuminated castle, Ziarre asked thoughtfully "how did you know the carriages filled up quickly?"

    OOC: sorry about the slight autoing but I just want to move things along otherwise it'll grind to a halt and get boring. If you're really that bothered please say.
  13. Ari shrugged and continued staring out of the window, hoping that Ziarre and Ed would sense her mood and let her be - which they duly did, soon slipping into a lively conversation that carried on as the carriages finally pulled up outside Hogwarts Castle. At last, Ari thought with a smile as she stepped out. Home.


    Lara couldn't help but shiver with excitement as she stood outside the Great Hall with the other first-years, listening to the tall, stern-looking professor telling them about the four Hogwarts houses and the Sorting that was about to happen. David had already told her that there was nothing to worry about, apart from the smell of a musty old hat, so Lara was quite prepared when the huge double doors opened and she, along with Luke and the others, was ushered in.

    They filed through the gap between the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw tables; as Lara passed, David flashed her an encouraging smile, while Timmy grinned and gave her a thumbs-up. Hope I'm in either of their houses, she thought nervously. Though Dad would be proud if I got into Griffindor, I guess...

    The Sorting Hat's song flew by and Lara waited for her turn. After a few minutes of spontaneous applause from various tables, "Bones, Luke" was called up. Lara smiled at him as he made his way forward. "Good luck," she mouthed. He was a nice sort of chap - excellent company on the boat ride across the lake - and Lara clapped with the rest of the first-years as he sat down at his House's table.

    [OOC: Pichizard, if you want to post which house Luke's in and/or what the Sorting Hat said to him ;) I just want to get this moving as Halloween's coming up :D]

    All to soon, Lara heard her own name ring across the Hall; knees shaking, she walked up to the three-legged stool with her head held high and slowly sat down before pulling the Hat over her eyes...


    "Slytherin?!" Luckily, the applause from the Slytherin table was loud enough for David's horrified exclamation to go unnoticed; he looked round, shocked, at his best friend Nick, who simply shrugged and turned his attention back to the Sorting. Timmy's expression on the Ravenclaw table was similarly nonchalent; sighing, David tried to concentrate on the rest of the ceremony. Slytherin... how Dad's gonna react when he hears this...?


    Lara was thinking the same thing as she took a seat at the end of the table, next to a grumpy-looking girl with raven hair and cold, downcast eyes. Sure, I'm ambitious, and I'm not particularly afraid to break the rules... but still... As the Sorting Ceremony came to an end, the older girl having made no attempt at conversation, Lara decided she'd have to make the most of what she'd got, and shoved her anxiety to the back of her mind as the Headmistress stood.

    "To all our new students, a warm welcome; and to all those returning to Hogwarts, a warm welcome back! But I shan't keep you away from the excellent food - may the Feast begin!" As Professor Granger sat, the empty plates filled, and Lara was suddenly far too distracted by the scrumptious lamb shank in front of her to think of anything else.
  14. Luke walked up to the Sorting hat and the stool it sat. He sat on the stool and, his knees almost knocking with nervousness, put the hat on his head. It barely touched his head before it yelled out to the Hall " Ravenclaw!"
  15. Crystal was, quite naturally, shocked at the Sorting Hat's choice of house for Lara, glancing at David's puzzled face before turning to the feast. Since last year, her appetite had increased but was still nothing more than average. She took some beef, roast potatoes and vegetables, before breaking into conversation with Timmy about the summer.

    *** ​

    Ziarre settled at the Gryffindor table, smiling cheerily at the new first years, most of whom looked very happy to be there. She was a strict vegetarian, so only helped herself to some vegetables and salad, though she still looked very content with it. Soon enough the plates emptied and desserts appeared in every shape and form. Ziarre managed to dig out some yoghurt from under a fourth year's nose. She looked around the hall, hoping to catch one of her friends' eyes.
  16. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
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    Ed glared at the plates in front of him. Nothing looked very tasty anymore. Not even the beef steaming just a few feet away - what used to be his favourite meal after a long day. Not anymore. He'd seen too much during the holidays to allow himself to eat now. I can't... I'd just throw it up later. Sighing, he levitated a dry slice of toast to his plate, and nibbled it unenthusiastically. His casual chat with Ziarre on the coach journey had been the highlight of his day. And what a day it had been... Arienne seemed depressed, he'd woken up late for the train himself, and the Hall's ceiling had broken suddenly into storm clouds, spattering rain that disappeared just above the students' heads. He grunted, and promptly choked on the dry bread. He looked up, his eyes flashing red as he checked the new First years' auras in case he had to watch out for any competition. Everyone seemed fine, but one Slytherin - she looked incredibly sad, disappointed with herself - stood out the most. She didn't seem to fit in with the green jealousy of competition around her, nor the hatred of her housemates. Interesting, he thought to himself, and smiled. His eyes drifted towards Ari, and before he could stop himself, he sighed, and proceeded to stare at her, much to his own natural disgust.


    Helena had already stuffed her face full of potatoes and mushy peas. She was complaining, loudly, to her annoyed-looking neighbours about how the coach trip had been bumpier than last year, and why was it raining so early in the autumn? It was all very unusual. Then again, Hogwarts was an unusual place, so maybe that was to be expected. She glanced at Vik on the opposite side of the Hall, and noticed that the Slytherin was watching her eat intently. Helena grinned, and winked, then got back to her food.

    Vik spluttered on her food, choking a bone up, much to the disgust of everyone around her. Most of them edged away on the benches, leaving her in unsociable doom and gloom to choke to herself. She attempted a smile back at Helena, and turned to look down the table at the new first years. Noting each one of them (particularly how small they were, even if she was quite small herself), she saw the same one Ed had seen. 'Poor girl,' she muttered through her mouthful, and tore off another strip of meat with her teeth from the chicken wing she held. 'I wonder what warranted her entry here? She looks downcast. Perhaps a friend...' Although she was unaware of it now, this habit of talking to herself caused her neighbours to move even further away from her, and earnt a handful of glares from those that were now squashed up between their friends and rivals.
  17. Luke blinked several times when the food arrived, plainly suprised. He noticed that the rest of the people around him were eating so he picked up his plate , and filled it with all the food that caught his intrest. As he ate, he tried to see if he could spot anyone he knew from the train.("which weren't many,"he mused to him self considering he sat by him self the whole way) He saw Lara on the other side of the hall and noticed that she looked very sad. He felt very sorry for her. He then looked back at his plat and continued eating in silence.
  18. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    James sat at the Ravenclaw table moderately consuming the food before him. It was his second year at Hogwarts; he was quite ready for another year. There were some people he had recognized from the year before but he mostly hung out with no-one. All he wanted to do was get through school and make his parents proud.

    The train ride wasn't really all that eventful and shopping for supplies in Diagon Alley wasn't a chore like the year before.

    James wasn't really all that hungry and he fingered his Ravenclaw scarf as he listened to the conversations of others. James was more a listener than a talker, and he generally knew what was going on with most people all the time. He never spread what he heard though... He just kept it to himself. He simply liked having this knowledge. James has the unique ability of usually being able to tell how a person feels and how their day has been. James can also discern from truth and lies. His tongue is sharp and quick, but usually just uses it to outwit other people.

    James began to zone out and think about the school year. What new magic will he be taught? What people will he meet? Will anything interesting happen...? Well, something more interesting than usual. He pushed his plate away and leaned back, letting his longish, black hair cover his eyes. He crossed his arms, closed his eyes, and waited for the feast to end.
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  19. Eventually the plates were sparkling clean once more, and Professor Granger rose to make her speech. Ari yawned while the Headmistress ran through the usual notices and introductions, sneaking a glance at the first-year beside her. She hadn't been the only one staring at this Laura Creak, or whatever her name was: Ari had caught four Ravenclaws, another Slytherin and a very distraught Hufflepuff third-year looking her end of the table, and Ari was pretty sure that none of them - well, perhaps Ed - were staring at her. She glared back; then the professor's sudden change of tone made her sit up and listen.

    "As many of you will be aware, this Hogmanay will mark the seventh anniversary of the Final Battle - the defeat of the Dark wizard known as Lord Voldemort." The Headmistress was glad to see that only a few people round the room flinched; many of the younger Muggle-born students gazed blankly back at her. "As such, there will be celebrations starting at Halloween and culminating in a grand New Year's Ball..."

    Ari rolled her eyes and drifted back into her reverie. The 31st of December held no pleasure for her: she didn't care that it was Voldemort's downfall, or even that it was her birthday; she knew it as the day her father died, and the day she, less than a year ago, discovered who she really was.

    Suddenly, a flash of bright green pierced the back of her eyes; she winced and it was gone, leaving no trace but the snake scar on her right hand. Ari hissed a sigh and forced the symbol to fade away, feeling her aura re-establish as she did so. That's the second time this week, she thought irritably, before catching the eye of the first-year sitting next to her, who now looked utterly terrified as well as dejected.

    Then everyone was rising from their seats, and Ari was glad for the chance to slip away into the crowd. She'd face Ed and Ziarre tomorrow - and maybe take them to meet Percival.


    Lara was almost knocked over by the sudden rush of taller, bulkier Slytherins making for their common room. Our common room, I suppose, she thought dully. She tried to stay behind and find David or Timmy or Crystal, and tell them about the scary girl with the vanishing snake tattoo; but she couldn't see any of them, and she'd even lost sight of the other Slytherins now...

    Apart from one, who Lara had seen looking at her earlier. Resolving to be brave, she walked up to the older girl, hoping that not all her housemates would be as scary as the one who sat next to her. "Excuse me," she asked in her politest voice, "could you possibly show me where our common room is?"
  20. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
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    Vik jumped, and looked at the first year blankly. Realising that this was the girl who hadn't looked like she belonged in Slytherin, she attempted a smile. 'Sure,' she agreed, and waved an arm in the general direction of the dungeons. 'It's this way. Hopefully we'll get to the common room before the door closes.' She set off immediately, turning her back in hope that Lara wouldn't see her smile change to an embarrassed lip-chewing expression. Then, she realised something. 'Lara, isn't it?' she said, turning back distraughtly. 'My name's Victoria, Vik for short. I'm a third year, but... Well. Let's say my classmates still haven't accepted me.' She laughed, still rather embarrassed, and rubbed the back of her neck distractedly.


    Ed got up slowly, tagging onto the back of the crowd making its way to the ravenclaw common room. Winding through the corridors, he let his feet do the thinking, his mind wandering to how quickly Ari's aura had changed, then snapped back. What was that all about? he wondered silently, and bumped into the student at the back of the crowd in front of the door. The password was exchanged, the students let in, and Ed headed straight to his dorm, slumping ungraciously onto his bed. He needed sleep. He didn't care if the nightmares came again. He needed to recover his strength - and think about how to ask Arienne what had happened. Perhaps she'd tell him anyway. But, whatever it was, it was connected to the headmistress' announcement about the celebrations - was the Slytherin hiding something from him?


    Helena, meanwhile, headed straight for David in the crowd, expecting to find Crystal and possibly Timmy as well. She'd definitely eaten her full, and was ready to fall asleep on her feet - but she still wanted the info on what everyone had done during the holidays. Especially Crystal. She had such an interesting lifestyle, and they could share herbology experiences - they both worked with plants, after all!
  21. Luke made his way after the other Ravenclaws, while trying his best to remember where he was going. He ended up in front of a large picture of a flock of birds when somebody yelled the password at thepicture and it opened, letting everyone inside. Luke's first impression was of a very large library. It was a large circuler room with bookshelf lining almost every inch of the walls except for 2 corridors, a large message board, and 3 desks. In the center of the room was a large collection of blue arm chairs and a fireplace.Luke assumed this was the common room for Ravenclaw and concluded that the 2 corridors went to the dormitories. He went to the one to his left and noticed a bronze plate on the wall saying "Boys". He headed down the hallway until he came to a room that said "First Years" He went in and found himself in a circular room with 5 beds along the walls. He noticed his trunk and owl cage sitting at the foot of one of the beds. He went over to it and looked out the window next to the bed. He was treated with a spectacular view of the lake. He stood there for a while then went to his trunk and changed into his pajamas and sat down on his bed and pulled back the blankets to discovere a warming pad .He smiled and romoved it, puting it at the foot of his bed. The he removed his glasses and went to bed
  22. Although Crys had already heard the new password for the common room being whispered down the length of the table, and so did not need to follow the crowds up to Ravenclaw Tower, she was tired and sick of the constant noise of the hall. After making her way to David she kissed him on the cheek and disappeared off into the crowds. Helena can wait she thought, wondering which lessons she had with her friend. They'd been in Herbology together all the previous years and had constantly swapped stories of the most dangerous plants they'd come into contact with and how Helena always managed to get into the worst situations. No doubt she had numerous more stories to tell about the summer, though somehow she seemed to be very interested in Crystal's lifestyle, which she could never work out.

    After climbing the numerous flights of stairs Crystal worked her way through the laughing groups of people, chatting and catching up, and up to her dorm where she collapsed on her bed. It was surprisingly quiet in there, but Crys was grateful. She couldn't stand too much noise, leading to her fear of the very long feasts during the year, where she normally made her excuses before the end and managed to disappear up to the common room before anyone else. Just before she dropped off to sleep in her clothes, Crys made her self get up and change, before burying herself deep under the numerous blankets in the four poster, the cold stone walls and floor making the night air seem very wintry.


    Ziarre felt no need to stay in the hall longer than anyone else. She sensed that no one else wanted to talk to her and was probably right, so instead was one of the first to leave to Great Hall. Most of her fellow Gryffindors were now used to her, so she started chatting with them about the summer, though was mainly asking them questions and didn't answer many with too much detail. When she reached the dormitory she slipped into bed quickly, but lay awake thinking about Ed and Ari for a while. Something was different about them, definitely about Ari, but she couldn't place it. There'll be more time to talk about it tomorrow she thought, trying to persuade her mind to stop thinking and her eyes to close.
  23. OOC: Timetables: there's a short break between the first two lessons, and lunch break between the second and third lessons. First lesson starts at 9 am.
    First-years: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v475/kinaya_aqua/first_years.jpg
    Second-years: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v475/kinaya_aqua/second_years.jpg
    Third-years: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v475/kinaya_aqua/third_years.jpg

    Lara laughed with Vik, and waved goodbye before she was swept back into the group of Slytherin first-years. Their dormitory was cold and damp, like the rest of the Slytherin quarters, and Lara spent a long time tossing and turning in her green-quilted bed as her mind drifted over the day's events. There's nothing really bad about being in Slytherin, I suppose, she thought at last. At least I've met Vik - she said she was a third-year - maybe David might know her...

    *** Monday 2nd September ***​

    David swallowed his mouthful of porridge and shook his head. "I've seen her around but I don't know her that well. You could ask Helena when she comes down though - well, if she comes down." He and Lara looked at the giant clock on the Slytherin side of the Great Hall - lessons would start in only fifteen minutes' time. Just then, the Heads of Houses appeared from a side door, each with a bundle of parchment in their arms.

    "I'd better get back to my seat," Lara sighed. David nodded and squeezed her hand briefly.

    "You'll be fine," he said softly; Lara smiled back and rushed back to the Slytherin table, just in time for Professor Umbridge to place her timetable in front of her. Transfiguration with Ravenclaw first - that means I'll see Luke! she thought happily. And I've got my first flying lesson with him this afternoon too! Things were finally starting to look up.

    OOC: Sorry for the slight auto-ing. I don't mind where in the day/week/month/term we jump to next :)
  24. Luke looked at his time schedule and noticed that he had Tranfigureation and flying with the Slytherins, which ment that he would see Lara probably, which was a good thing and considering she was the only person he knew at all. He then jumped when his large great grey owl landed on his shoulder, plus his mother's large snowy owl. He reached for the snowy owl and found a letter asking how he was and how term had gone so far. He smiled and tuked it inside his pocket, planing to write back latter. He took his daily copy of the Daily Prophet from his owl and , after looking at it for a minute, got up a walked back to the dormitory. He dropped of the letter and newspaper, then grabbed his bag and hurried to Tranfiguration
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    Helena crashed through the open doors of the Great Hall, skidding on her front to the middle of the Hall. The First years she passed on her slippy journey mostly jumped, but everyone else treated it as a normal occurrence - seeing as the gryffindor also had a loose slipper tucked into the bottom of her trousers. The other one appeared to have been left at the bottom of the stairs she'd tripped over again. Pushing herself to her feet, she kicked the slipper out of her trouser leg and tucked it into a deep pocket somewhere inside the spacious robes she wore. Rushing to her usual place on the gryffindor table, she was just in time to receive her timetable. She grinned at the others across the table, grabbing a chocolate muffin from the plate in front of her and stuffing it in her mouth before rushing off to get the school bag she'd left at the bottom of the stairs. Hopefully, she'd be in time for herbology - her favourite lesson, since her dad taught it, of course - without falling into any booby traps any of the older years had set on her way.


    Vik peered out from the small crevice in the wall she occupied with her breakfast and belongings. Some Seventh years had been teasing her again, and she was afraid that one of the others had seen, and wanted to comfort her. Something that she refused to accept, no matter how hurt she was. Seeing Helena burst into the Hall as usual brought a smile to her pale face, and she took a large bite out of the marmalade sandwich she held.


    Ed scowled at the parchment darkly. History second. One good thing about the whole day. And Charms with Arienne. But Potions? he sighed, and floated the parchment into his top pocket as it neatly folded itself. He glanced around the hall, biting into another piece of dry toast, trying to spy Ari out, but to no avail. Where is she? he wondered, and winced at the possibilities. She could be poisoned into a deep sleep. Hanged by the curtains surrounding her bed. Lying on the hard pavement underneath her window, bleeding her soul onto the stones... He shook his head to rid it of the macabre images, and grimaced at the toast. She was probably just sleeping late. No need to be over-dramatic, she's fine, of course she is. So why isn't she here yet...
  26. OOC: we can do one/a few days but then move onto Hallowe'en if nobody has any other plot happenings in between those times. Anyways....

    Unlike Helena, Crystal walked calmly into the Great Hall, glancing around as she did so. When she found a seat on the busy Ravenclaw table, her timetable floated over and she grabbed it out of the air. Absent-mindedly she poured milk over some cereal and gave most of her attention to reading which classes she had, and with whom.

    After finishing her breakfast, Crystal made her way through the groups of friends to the Hufflepuff table. "Happy with your timetable?" she asked casually, peering over Timmy's shoulder to look at the sheet of paper.
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  27. "'S alright, I suppose," Timmy mumbled through her mouthful of hastily-buttered toast; then her eyes widened, she swallowed painfully and jumped from her seat. "Damn! Left my dragon hide gloves in the Tower - I'll see you there," she yelled over her shoulder to Crystal and Helena.


    A snake, circling a smoking cauldron.

    A flash of green light, painful and lingering.

    A voice, shrieking and familiar...

    Ari woke with a gasp. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to recall more of her nightmare - but only one phrase came back to her. He will return...

    She forced her eyes open again, determined not to waste any more time over that silly dream. A scary and recurring dream, but a silly one nonetheless.

    Yawning, Ari threw her robes on and, after glancing at the half-dead cuckoo clock on the wall, raced to the Great Hall.

    She picked up her timetable and a mouldy looking banana from the Slytherin table, then glanced over at Ed. What're you staring at, Venard? she shouted across in her head.
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    Ed answered with a grin, and pointed at her hair - which promptly turned bright green. I believe I have developed a sense of humour, he replied quietly, and returned to his toast - now spreading some jam over it to avoid choking again. Also, we have Charms together first thing. See you there. At this, he took the toast from its plate, picked up his bag and left the Hall just as an unseen clock chimed the beginning of a five minute period of chaos within the building as students ruched to their various lessons.


    Of course, this just meant that Helena panicked even more, and fell down another flight of stairs - thankfully, barrelling straight into her father, Professor Longbottom, who picked her up easily and set her down, brushing her shoulders free of muck. 'You are going to be late again,' he accused her, grinning.

    She prodded him back. 'So are you. Run?' The Herbology teacher nodded in agreement, and the two proceeded to run (through several portraits and hidden corridors, as well as into some very real brick walls in both their cases) to the greenhouses outside.
  29. Git! Ari whipped her wand from her sleeve and returned her hair to normal - but not before a couple of fourth-years had taken a photo and raced off sniggering. Ari rolled her eyes and prodded the banana angrily; it shuddered and glowed purple, giving off a faint whiff of rotten eggs and dog excrement. She shoved it into her bag and set off for Charms, hoping to drop it down the back of Venard's robes at the earliest opportunity.


    Lara took the seat next to Luke as Professor Granger began a long, rehearsed speech on the joys and hardships of Transfiguration. David had warned her that it only started getting interesting after a couple of weeks... Sighing, she grinned at Luke and started taking notes.


    Timmy got to the greenhouses just in time to see Helena and Professor Longbottom, both panting a little, welcoming the rest of the third-years in. She quickly bagged the seat next to Crystal and awaited the beginning of the lesson nervously - Herbology had never been one of her best subjects...


    If possible, the atmosphere in the History classroom was even more stifling and sleep-inducing than it had been last year; for the fifth time in as many minutes, David pinched himself on the arm and tried to concentrate on Professor Binns. But searching half-frantically for something to keep him awake, he noticed a Slytherin girl on the desk next to him in a similar state of bored-out-of-my-mind-om. Hoping with all his heart that it was Vik and not another random Slytherin, David scribbled, "Fascinating stuff this," on a spare piece of parchment and levitated it over, making it chew on her elbow.
  30. Luke's mind wandered during the speech, and as was usual for him. He started drawing on the piece of parchment he had gotten out for notes and jumped a mile in the air when Professor Granger asked him to repeat what she had just said. After 10 seconds of silence Professor Granger had said "I thought so" and had told him that the next time he zoned out in class, she would turn him into a paper weight. Luke had quickly found another piece of parchment and started to take notes. When Professor Granger passed out the needles and told them to try and turn them into matches, Luke had pulled out his wand and prodded the needle 50 times before anything happened, and then all that happened was that his needle had turned red at the top. Then the ball rang, and after saying goodbye to Lara he had walked to his next class.
  31. OOC: I'm sorry but i couldn't wait any longer. I wrote most of this post about 9 months ago and i've been modifying and adding to it ever since. Hope you like it ;D

    *** Halloween ***​

    Night descended on the castle earlier and earlier each evening, the cold moon rising into the foreboding sky. Halloween had arrived, celebrated throughout the school with a day off lessons and a feast in the evening. Everything was done traditionally, just as it had done since the grand school was founded so many years ago.

    The noise in the Great Hall was immense. Everyone was talking and chatting to people next to them and even shouting to those further along their table. Crystal's head throbbed, causing her to feel faint. She'd been feeling a little off colour all day, but the huge hall, bright lights and shouts of students had made it much worse. "I need some fresh air," she said distantly to those around her, getting up from the table and walking out of the school. The night air was crisp and cold, making Crystal wrap her robes tightly around her. It was good to be out of the hall but her headache still burned on. She shut her eyes for a minute, trying to clear her head. She had never liked the feasts, being surrounded by so many magical people and reminded of her lack of skill.

    A second later Crystal was on her hands and knees, the pain searing in her back, where she had felt a huge force hit her with such power, as if someone had just swung a cricket bat at her back. Breathing heavier now she looked around to see what had happened, but only saw a few autumn leaves fluttering in the cool breeze. Suddenly the girl's breath was knocked from her body, causing her eyes to widen and her breathing rushed and deep. A tingling feeling rippled over her body. Anxiously Crystal looked at her hands in the dim light, only to see the thick white hair growing on them. Her hands grew longer, as did her nails, which merged into one long, semicircular hoof. Her thumbs, however, shortened and became only a bump on her now very long arm. Crystal's elbows slowly changed to knees, still covered in white hair. Astonished, the girl stumbled backwards, only to realise that her legs had done the same and that her shoes had turned metal. They made a familiar clip-clop sound on the paved path and seemed to be attached to her feet. Crystal tried to stand up but it only resulted in her crashing back down on her new legs. Now her breathing started to change. Instead of deep breaths through her mouth it changed to her nose, which began to lengthen. Her whole face changed shape to became both longer and thinner. Her eyes spread further apart, so they were nearly on the side of her head, and so that she could see a little behind her. Her ears also became longer and seemed to move further up her head. Crystal's hair no longer fell in front of her face but down her long, arched neck, thinning out but still exactly the same colour as it had been just a minute ago.

    The whole transformation had now taken place. The tingling stopped so Crystal shut her eyes tight and slowly opened them again, hoping to see that it was all her imagination. She lowered her head, hoping to find her feet, but instead saw two huge hooves and ankles covered in long, white hair. Turning her neck behind her she saw a long, chestnut body. Then she noticed something different, another part of her that wasn't there before… a tail, the exact same colour as her mane. Concentrating, she managed to swish it and started to look around, wondering if it really was her, or just a trick someone was playing. Maybe she was going insane and that she thought that she had turned into a horse. Ok… try and think logically. If I can find something to see myself in, then I can try to find out of I am going crazy or not. I just need proof Ah, just the thing Crystal thought catching sight of a large pool of water left from the previous day's rain. Slowly she walked over to it, finding it very easy and somewhat more balanced to be walking on four limbs, rather than two. Taking another deep breath she peered into the water and nearly stumbled backwards at the sight of herself. She knew this face so well from home. The face of her animagus mother's form. The face of a Clydesdale.

    A tall, dark figure with scruffy, dark hair emerged from the shadows behind Crystal. He had only just come from his hut on the edge of the Forbidden Forest, late for the feast, as usual. Upon seeing the horse he had wondered if his eyes were playing tricks on him in the fading light. But getting slightly closer he realised that he was right, and it was indeed very scared looking one too. Clydesdales are naturally very large and strong, bred for heavy farm work, but then again there is no stronger man in the school than Hagrid. From his giant moleskin coat he managed to pull out a length of rope and slowly approached the horse, making it head collar shaped as he did so. Crystal, however, was still gazing at her appearance in the puddle, half celebrating, half worrying about how to change back. This had been the first time she had shown magical promise, so it came as a relief, though a rather startling one. As Hagrid came closer Crystal became aware of him and swinging around, she faced him. The girl was not frightened but did not want to be caught either, so put her head up high snorted slightly. As Hagrid advanced he raised the rope to the height of her head, but Crystal backed away slightly.

    Suddenly his hand shot out and grabbed her forelock hard, making Crystal toss her head more and try to get backwards, but his grip was tight and she was not willing to pull out half of her hair to get away. Maybe he'll realise that I'm not really a horse… hopefully Crystal thought desperately as Hagrid slipped the head collar over her face. "Now, come on. We betta get you inside" he said in his gruff voice patting her on her neck and tugging slightly on the rope. Obediently she followed, knowing that there was no other way to go. Nevertheless, as they approached the door she became a little more reluctant to follow, pulling and tossing her head again, trying to get free from the bridle. Still, patient Hagrid pulled her on, into the entrance hall, where he found a small ring on the wall to tie her lead rope to, in a very tight knot.

    The Keeper of Keys then proceeded into the Great Hall and marched up the centre to Professor Granger. Leaning over the table his spoke in an inaudible voice to everyone but those close to the head teacher and Professor Granger herself. The head teacher nodded and replied quietly, before looking at Professor Lupin, who she was sitting next to, and telling him to investigate the situation. With the smile and a nod the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher stood up and swept out of the hall, catching sight of Crystal straight away. The horse had been watching the events through the crack in the door, trying to push her body flat against the wall, but, realising that it was a lot larger than what she was used to, decided that staying quiet was probably the best action to take. Hopefully no one in the hall would notice her. Crystal had always liked Professor Lupin as a teacher, unlike Professor Umbridge, because he had understood her from the beginning. Slowly he approached, but she made no movement. His worn hand gently reached out and touched her long nose, stroking it gently and untying the rope. Maybe she could tell him about her then he'd be able to help. Yes, he's the best person to tell. He'll know exactly what to do. She tried to speak, but no sound came out. Not words, or a neigh, or a whiney, or even a grunt. Why can't I talk? she thought desperately, feeling utterly wretched for about the sixth time that evening.

    "Let the feast begin!" Professor Granger's loud voice spread over the hall, startling Crystal a little. Suddenly the Great Hall was filled with the sound of cutlery and the smells of delicious foods. These also reached Crystal, who breathed in deeply, wondering what she was going to be given to eat. Maybe I'll have to eat hay all my life, and I'll be stuck like this forever Crystal thought, lowering her head slightly, arching her neck, and smelling what she thought might be the last feast she would be able to, only allowed to eat grass and oats. Slowly he untied Hagrid's knot, looking at Crystal's sad eyes. She could tell he pitied her, but she couldn't let this happen to herself, it was like giving up and Crystal never gave up. She lifted her head up again and looked at the rope in his hand. It was loose and his hands were old, without much strength left in them. She allowed him to lead her out of the corner and away from the door, but when she felt the rope lose the rest of its tension, she jerked her head up and twisted towards the door. Before the teacher could take any action against the movement, the rope had been pulled free from his hands and the horse was trotting neatly towards the door.

    A cool wind met Crystal's face as she leapt down the stone steps, her new legs absorbing the pressure easily. The professor cursed under his breath and returned to the teachers' table, convinced that searching in the dark, and on an empty stomach, was a waste of time. Crystal smiled inwardly, glad to be free, and congratulating herself on her initiative and quick instincts.

    Soon Crystal entered a smooth canter, her feet finding the steps much easier than the run she'd used in her two-legged form. The trees flew past her and her feet tore up the ground. Her long mane and tail trailed out behind her as her hooves pounded on the grass. Crystal was free. Not just from the school and all the pressure on her, but free from her own body. Her previous form had trapped and convinced her that there was no need to live, no point in life other than to exist and be laughed at by everyone else. Now, though, she had a meaning, a reason to be at Hogwarts. All her questions were answered and now she could live, she could live a better life in a much better body. But slowly her plans turned cold and grey, bars confining her again.

    On the horizon tall, dark gates rose up from the ground, surrounding the grounds of the school. The heavy, trapped feeling closed in on Crystal's heart again, squeezing it until it felt like it would explode, then sinking deep down inside her, heavy iron weighing her down.

    Soon they were looming above her, emphasised by the delicate sunset behind. Crystal's free canter had slowed to a heavy walk and her mind had wandered back to the school. She breathed heavily after the exercise, her warm breath turning to steam in front of her eyes. All her free thoughts now seemed miles away, completely incomprehensible. How could she leave David and all her friends without a second thought? She felt selfish, conceited, to have left everyone behind and now she would have to go back. Unless… Unless there's a break in the fence somewhere she thought hopefully. Slowly she started to plod along the perimeter of the school's grounds, her eyes fixed on the fence, but her mind wandering back to the Great Hall.
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    Where Ed was gazing at his plate, which some inconsiderate first year had shoved some food onto. Said first year had been bugging him all week, having noticed that he wasn't eating much, and had been giving him food since two days ago. It was rather annoying, to be treated like a child. As it was Halloween, he'd done a quick search of his uniform, checking for torn seams, ragged edges, anything that made him look untidy in the least. He'd even slicked his hair black so it hung down his neck, tickling the top of his spine, in an attempt to look smart. After all. Tonight he'd be very busy, and he didn't want any dead spirits not wanting to communicate with him because he looked too scruffy for their liking. Perhaps Ari would join him. He'd like that.

    The first year gazed at the necromancer, the awe in his eyes apparent. He'd been watching Ed for much longer than a week, but had only just gained the courage to speak to him, to attempt to help him. And yet, he still wasn't eating properly. A whole feast to enjoy, and all he'd touched was a chicken leg. And he'd had to hint towards it every few seconds to achieve even that. Why were older guys so difficult? He was as bad as his brother. Sighing, he helped himself to some more gravy, sloshing it over the skull-shaped yorkshire puds, mashed potato and pumpkin pie. An odd combination, but it'd do.


    Helena was torn. Vik had offered her a trip into the grounds that night, searching for any ghouls that might have found their way to this side of the boundary. It was tempting. The most Helena'd ever seen of a ghost before was Nick, and that was usually a quick hello. The other ghosts gave her a wide berth due to her relationship with the herbology professor. What Vik was offering was much better. A proper stake out! Maybe even involving stakes, if a vampire showed up. Oh, the thought left her breathless as her imagination supplied detail upon detail of what a wonderful evening they would have. It took her a while to think of poor Robert. Ohmigod! Robert! I was supposed to wait... She swore under her breath, and almost got up, but her neighbours on the bench suddenly yelled at her to sit down as the entire bench was forced backwards by her sudden action. She sat down gingerly, muttering apologies, and grinned at her dad in a futile attempt to make him believe that it had been an accident. She noticed that he wasn't paying any attention to her. Rude, she thought, then noticed Lupin - Professor Lupin, she corrected herself - leaving the Hall. What are they up to?


    Vik kicked a bucket along the corridor, late to the feast as usual. She'd used her day free of lessons as a useful catch-up for the sleep she'd lost over the past few weeks spent on homework, and she felt dreadful for it. She always seemed more tired when she woke up than she did when she fell asleep... And anyway, surely she couldn't've missed that much.

    And then she noticed the horse. Caught by surprise, she quickly ducked into the shadows of the corridor again, waiting to see what it did. Why the hell is a horse inside? she asked herself mentally, and watched the proceedings unfold. When the horse escaped, she crept out from the cover, hiding behind the stairs when Lupin went back into the Hall, and went outside. She watched it run into the grounds, then realised what exactly she was doing. Why am I out here? Someone's going to find me! I should be at the feast! Surely someone's noticed that I'm missing by now... I'm going to be in so much trouble! Glancing around, she rushed down to follow the horse in its tracks on an impulse, even though she knew it was hopeless trying to catch up with it.
  33. Luke looked up as the Great Hall doors slammed for what had to be the 3rd time, and was surprised to see Professor Lupin walking in, a very bad look on his face. Luke became curios about what the professor had been doing, and 5 minutes later he walked out the doors as if he had to go to the bathroom. Then he noticed that the doors to the grounds were open, a large draft coming in. He walked twords the doors to shut them, then noticed a hoofprint in some dirt near the door, as well as 2 pairs of footprints, apperently from differnt people because of the size. He thought for a moment, then wipped out his wand and pointed it at a large flat rock nearby. The rock floated in to the air and he walked up to it and climbed on, his intent to find the horse or centaur or whatever had made the hoof print, and to find the people who were out here. Luke pointed his wand skyward and was carried up into the sky by the orck. He floated himself out twords the forest, because he thought he saw a hourse out there. When Luke got to 50 feet from the horse thing, it dissappered into the forest. Luke followed it in the air but soon lost it. He floated abouve the forest wondering what to do. He put his wand into his pocket and looked over the side of the rock to see if he could see anything. Luke saw nothing , and was about to reach for his wand when a huge black thing erupted from the forest. Luke saw the thing coming and felt his heart stop, because it looked like a huge reptillian horse with wings. It flew past and Luke sighed , thinking that it hadn't been after him. Then one of the huge wings slammed into the rock and tipped Luke over the edge of the rock. Luke looked at the ground and saw the trees aproaching very very fast. He hard someone screaming and , with a start realised it was him. Then he went into the trees and felt him self being buffeted and ripped at. Then after a huge pain in his legs, he hit the gorund. Luke supposed he should consider himself lucky to have survived and was about to get up when he again felt the huge pain in his legs. He leaned up and looked at his legs and was surprised to see that they had been severed at just abouve the knee. "Oh" Luke said and then he fainted.
  34. David was worried about Crystal. But then Timmy ate her thumb. She excreted it and left it on Ari's plate. Ari ate it and died. Then Lara drowned in Butterbeer.

    "And you've got no idea where she is?"

    For the third time that evening, Timmy shook her head in frustration. After swallowing the last of her colossal cauldron cake, she turned and faced a very anxious David.

    "I told you, she left just before the Patels started goofing around with the giant bat guano - I didn't get a chance to ask her," she replied irritably. She was worried too - it had been ages now since her friend, pale and distant, had wandered out of the Hall. David swore under his breath and ruffled his hair distractedly; Timmy quickly tore her eyes away and hoped she wasn't blushing. Steady on, old girl - he's off limits, y'know, she reminded herself.

    "I mean, you saw how she was after Defence," he carried on, too worried to notice Timmy's sudden interest in brushing crumbs off her robes.

    "I saw how she was after Charms," Timmy agreed as soon as she felt safe enough to turn around again. "If it weren't for her 150% marks in Herbology and the like..." She looked past David and trailed off. "It's a Lara!"

    The younger girl smiled briefly. "Where'd Crystal go?" she asked; Timmy groaned inwardly and was about to snap back when David cut in.

    "No idea. But Timmy's gonna look for her in Ravenclaw Tower, aren't you Timmy?"

    "I - what?" She glanced at the mouthwatering desserts on the table, all begging her to sample them; then David caught her eye, his gaze so pleading and intense and - "Oh, alright then," she sighed as she stood, her slight frown disappearing when he beamed at her.

    "I'll check the library," he said determinedly. "Lara, you - "

    "Maybe she's outside?" The two older students stared at her for a moment, and Lara hoped she wasn't being too obvious... "She likes Herbology, doesn't she? And animals and stuff? She could've gone to feed the giant squid, or, um..."

    David was nodding slowly. "I'll have a quick look round the grounds then."

    But... Lara racked her head for a reason for her to be outside - she wasn't going to tell him her real reason, of course...

    "I'm sure Lara can handle the grounds," Timmy said suddenly. Lara looked up sharply, trying to hide her surprise - and relief.

    David raised an eyebrow and scratched his ear, bemused - could he be more adorable? a voice in Timmy's head shouted - but finally, his concern for Crystal took over and he nodded once more.

    "Don't go anywhere near the Forest, kay?" he whispered, and hurried towards the doors; Timmy rolled her eyes and winked at Lara before following him. The young Slytherin grinned back and slipped out of a side door, heading for the broom cupboard.

    She was going to catch herself a Thestral.


    It'd only been a rumour, of course. But a week or so after it emerged, Patricia was telling everyone how she'd seen Hagrid leading something that wasn't there into that huge fenced-off field next to the Forest, and Kevin swore he'd seen tufts of grass being lifted up and just disappearing; then Avery in the year above said she saw at least three black foals escape into the Forest, and Lara's mind was set. She'd always wanted a winged horse, ever since she'd first seen her mother with one, training it, riding it; and now her mother was gone...

    Lara grimly swung herself over the broomstick and sped through the open doors, heading for the dark expanse of trees and shadows. All she had to do was find one (I'll decide what to do with it afterwards, she told herself, not wanting to spoil her adventure) and how hard could that be?

    Then, after about five minutes of flying almost blindly through the dense forest, she discovered that you didn't normally find Thestrals: they found you.

    Five of them, maybe more, circling her through the gloom; their shining white eyes went a little way to lighting their faces, and the Lumos-ed tip of Lara's wand did the rest. She wished she hadn't - their dragonish faces were twisted and scowling, and the light only seemed to aggravate them. The baby ones don't like the light, Lara remembered, before her mind descended into panic - she started to shout spells and swear words in equal proportions, some detached part of her noting that only one of the Thestrals had flown up and away while the others were closing in...

    Gritting her teeth, Lara shoved her wand back into her sleeve and gripped the broom handle before shooting out of the Thestrals' reach. She couldn't see a thing but she knew if she just kept flying... the forest couldn't be endless, could it?

    Finally, she glimpsed a pair of tall, rusty gates up ahead, and another horse - chestnut, with no wings - ambling along next to the fence connected to them. Lara dared to look behind her and saw there was only one Thestral left on her tail - still one too many, she thought as she struggled to slow the broom down before it and she crashed into the boundary...
  35. Crystal turned her head to look around, her vision unable to miss the broomstick hurtling towards the fence at such a speed. She swung her hind quarters round, so she could get a better view, before her eyes focused on the face of the girl. Lara she thought as the first year crashed into the iron, landing in a crumpled heap on the ground.

    Not knowing the presence or danger of the Thestral, Crystal trotted the short distance to where the girl lay. Carefully she bent her long neck and nudged the small girl, trying to see if she was alright. Now, if I had hands I'd check for a pulse, but as it is... her thoughts trailed off as she sensed it. The dark horse was advancing slowly, trying not to be seen by the other, taller and more powerful looking one.

    Crystal had never seen a Thestral before, so her shock was justified. She didn't question it though. It looked evil and was advancing in such a way as to show that it wasn't friendly. The chestnut horse turned completely around and started to move towards the Thestral, making sure it knew that she wasn't going to let it pass. The black horse didn't seem in the least bit bothered though, but moved slightly to the side so as to keep the girl in its sights. Crystal mirrored its movement and quickly caught on that she wasn't really intimidating it, though being at least a foot taller than it. Then, she reared, crashing down so hard that ground shook slightly. She stamped on the ground, her hooves making a loud thud as they did so, trampling the grass underneath. She shook her head and stood up tall, making herself even more intimidating.

    If I could neigh, I might be a bit more intimidating she thought, but quickly dismissed it, concentrating on the matter at hand. Her final resort would be to kick the creature, as it would probably do more damage than she meant. The last thing she wanted was to kill the beast.

    So far she had succeeded in making the Thestral back down a little, but it just needed a little more persuasion before it was scared enough to turn back to the forest. Now it tried to intimidate her, flapping its bony wings, its unblinking, bright white eyes fixed on hers, but she wasn't going to let it at Lara. One last rear and stamp from Crystal and it gave up, either scared or bored, it returned to the forest.

    The Clydesdale turned back to Lara, her soft eyes looking concernedly at the small girl. If there was a way she could get her onto the horse's back, then she could carry her back to the castle, but then she'd be caught. I could just leave her, one half of her said but the other quickly shouted back no! I couldn't do that. Once again the horse nudged the girl with her soft nose, hoping that she was alive, or even better, awake.
  36. "Ungh..." The small girl shifted at Crystal's touch, wrinkling her nose. "No ... stop it Davey ... my teddy..." As the Clydesdale nudged her again, Lara finally blinked open her eyes.

    "Eh...?" Maybe I'm dead, she thought, strangely unpanicked. Maybe this is the land of opposites where Thestrals are big and chestnut coloured and... She rubbed her eyes and tried to focus through the gloom on the horse staring at her. Or maybe ... it's just a horse? a rather snarky voice piped up in her head. Lara shook her head in self-annoyance and grasped around for her wand.

    After she'd found several pieces of shattered broomstick, her fingers curled around a familiar handle and she sighed in relief. "Lumos," she whispered; and the horse was still there, a sort of human concern in its eyes as it gazed down at her. Lara smiled at it, and carefully pushed herself off the ground, wincing as pain shot up her leg and made her topple forwards against the horse. To her surprise, it didn't walk away; just stayed, as if waiting for her to... Get on?

    Lara limped round to face the horse again. "Okay ... assuming that you know where Hogwarts is ... could you take me back please?" She paused for a second, feeling a little silly; but then the horse trotted over to a nearby rock, allowing Lara to clamber as best she could up and onto the horse's back. Here we go then, she thought.
  37. OOC: I know that it's been ages since I posted last, but I really wanna finish this plot before moving onto anything else. After this night we'll probably be making another topic and moving onto another plot, since some people thought that this was only for previous members of the RP. Anyway, back to it:

    Slowly, Crystal began to walk back along the path to Hogwarts. The looming castle, with its twisting spires and towers was now silhouetted against the paling sky. The rising half moon spilt its white light over the grounds, smiling down on the pair. Thoughts rushed through the horse's head, about going back to the school and how she could persuade Lara who she was. Reluctant as she was, Crystal had to take Lara to the castle, even though it risked getting caught again. But then again, there was David. Surely he'd recognise her. Don't be so stupid, she thought, you're a horse. How could anyone, even David, recognise you in this body?

    She hung her head, her nose inches from the ground, her neck arched and her mane stirring gently in the autumn breeze. She flicked her tail against her side and shook her head, so her long mane tossed from side to side. It was strange how natural this form felt. She felt safer, her speed greatly improved and her senses tuned. Her ears moved individually now, one towards the castle listening for any dangerous sounds, the other turned towards Lara, in case she spoke, in case she realised…

    Then, out of the gloom, a figure appeared. Immediately Crystal jerked her head up, both her ears focused forward, listening. The figure was moving towards the gates and towards Crystal and Lara. The horse could just make out the colour on the trimming of the robes. It was green, and the figure was a girl and seemed to be from their year. Crystal stopped, half of her wanting to gallop away, the other persuading her to stay there, the fragile passenger on her back wouldn't be able to hold on and it was now her duty to take the first year back to school. She waited, wondering if the girl would notice them, straining her eyes to make out the face.
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  38. OOC: Chi, I'm autoing Vik for a bit, hope you don't mind :)
    "Almost there," Lara murmured as the gaps between the trees widened and the castle faded into sight. She was half sprawled on the horse's back, and had almost slipped off at least twice - but she didn't want to hurt it by gripping harder. There was something about the Clydesdale, a kind of aura of trust and safety - something she'd never felt before, but still strangely familiar...

    She was jerked out of her reverie by the horse's sudden movement; Lara followed its gaze to - "Vik?"

    "Creek?! The hell...?" The older Slytherin rushed towards Lara, who held out a hand to help her up onto Crystal's back; instead, Vik mumbled at the ground and bounced up on her own. "Hogwarts first, explanations later," she muttered before Lara had a chance to open her mouth. The horse obligingly trotted on.

    After fiddling in her robe pocket for a while, Vik fished out a crumpled piece of parchment and a quill. Allowing herself a smirk at her earlier scribbled conversation with David, she hastily wrote a couple of lines underneath and sent it flying to the castle with a whisper and a flick of her wand.


    It was almost midnight when the trio made it into the castle through a portrait next to the greenhouses. David shook his head in despair and barely hidden relief as he tucked the parchment away and emerged from his watching place to help them in. "I owe you, Vik" he said simply. The girl nodded and slipped away to the dungeons - "Oh no you don't," David growled at Lara, who sighed and turned back to her brother.

    "I tell you specifically not to go near the Forest, and what do you do?" He rolled his eyes. "Get back to your dorm and for Merlin's sake make sure no-one sees you." Lara, too tired to argue, followed Vik's path.

    David patted Crystal's back and guided her back through the portrait passageway to the greenhouses. "I'll have to leave you here," he said softly, stroking her mane before trudging uneasily back to the hidden entrance. There was something about that horse ... He stopped and turned to see it still staring at him in the moonlight. Pleading, David thought abruptly - then another idea struck him. But ... surely ... no. Couldn't be. He shook his head clear and ducked into the passageway, leaving the horse - It's not Crystal, don't be silly - behind.
  39. Indeed, Crystal was looking pleadingly at David. He was one of the only people who could recognise her. He just needed to look at her. Why did he look back? Did he realise? Endless questions swarmed the Clydesdale's head as she saw him walk away from her, the portrait slowly beginning to the outside.

    No you don't Crystal thought, suddenly leaping forwards and immediately entering into a canter towards the portrait hole. As she approached it, she leapt into the air, over the edge, which was surprisingly easy, considering her weight and size. She landed in the corridor, her front legs absorbing the force and the carpet dampening the sound. The portrait swung shut behind her as she came to a stop ahead of David. With some difficulty in the narrow corridor, Crystal managed to co-ordinate her limbs and turned around to face him.

    Slowly, she approached him, her eyes bright and hopeful as her ears twitched on top of her head. She looked deep into his beautiful eyes, feeling utterly useless and petrified that he still wouldn't recognise her. Look at me. Look deeper than the hair and tail. Look at me! she screamed inside her head, gritting her teeth and snorting softly. She pushed her head closer to his, hers about twice the length of David's, until he could see only her eyes. He had to see now…
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  40. OOC: *I ... must not ... think ... of ... Equus - dammit!* :-[
    Merlin's beard. David slowly raised his hand and rested it gently on Crystal's head, his widened eyes never leaving hers. How...?

    "CREEK!" Professor Lupin's voice thundered down the corridor; he strode angrily up to David and Crystal, a very sheepish-looking Lara in his wake. David swallowed and turned to face him.

    "Sir, I can explain -"

    "I very much hope you can!" The wizard's old eyes were blazing. "First Miss Quicksilver informs me that her fellow Ravenclaw has been missing since the Feast, then I find your sister wandering about at this ungodly hour; but I certainly didn't expect a student of your experience to..." He trailed off, seeming to notice the horse, standing innocently behind David, for the first time. David took his chance.

    "Professor," he said calmly, "I think this is Crystal."

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