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Ask to Join Hogwarts, c1982-1983 (AU)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by EnviousWorm, Jun 4, 2020.

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    (Discussion thread here! --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/harry-potter-au.22563/)

    Just under a year after the Halloween night attack that left all three Potters dead and Voldemort a broken, powerless man, the Wizarding world has convinced itself it is back to normal. Death Eaters from good families were reintegrated into society, while the poor rabble risen up by Lord Voldemort rot in Azkaban with their old master. Hogwarts, who last year awarded the House Cup to Gryffindor in honor of the fallen Potters, has led the charge in turning Death Eaters back into upstanding wizards at the cost of their own reputation. Even Albus Dumbledore, famed Headmaster and one of the world's most powerful wizards, is unsure if he is doing the right thing. And he can only hope it doesn't interfere with his school anymore...

    After a long and somewhat boring Sorting Ceremony, everyone is at their respective House tables. Slytherins on the room's east side, Gryffindor on the West, with Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw given the honor of buffering the two.

    Dumbledore could only recall how long it'd taken to change that - all the fights between the two, even on the first day. He'd partaken in similar...formalities, back when he was a student.

    Standing up from his throne-like chair, Professors McGonagall and Snape on either side, Dumbledore put his hands up, palms facing the students with his fingers spread. Silence first fell among the older students, then the younger caught on.

    "Welcome to Hogwarts," he said simply, quiet in a way that felt personal to every student, "I know last year was tough. An ideological war that split even our very students, and ended with the deaths of two former students who this school still holds in high regards."

    Everyone hung their heads in a shameful mourning. Everyone except Severus Snape, who sneered into the ceiling, looking pale and somewhat lost, even as Dumbledore continued speaking.

    "There's not much more to say other than that this year must be about healing. As Hogwarts heals, so will our Wizarding world. Reach beyond the bordering colors of your houses and find pride in the qualities of others. If we can achieve that togetherness, we can stand as a spectacle to the world. We can show them that mending a wound takes time, but is not impossible."

    Dumbledore looked to either side, lined with Professors like Flitwick, Sprout, Kilvanus and Trelawney. They shrugged or attempted to look impressed. Most seemed unsure, but Dumbledore seemed to ease their minds a little.

    Looking back out to the crowd of students he said,

    "I do not normally speak this long or sensibly," he paused for a short spattering of laughter, both nervous and genuine, "so I hope that gives credence to how serious our situation is. But with that, I also say: Hogwarts is about having fun, learning and exploring and experiencing and living. Your seven years here and irreplaceable, and every minute is to be cherished. Starting...with the feast."

    With a lazy wave of his hands as an uproarious applause broke out, the empty plates and bowls of the table became filled with any course imaginable. Bangers and mash, fried chicken, calamari, sushi, lobster rolls, lentil and black bean burgers, lo mein, ravioli. As if any student who had a craving suddenly found whatever they wanted in front of their eyes, alongside ten things they didn't know they wanted.

    The feast had begun.

    Shy and serious and moppishly red-headed, the 2nd year Bill Weasley felt his hat snatched up from his head and chased after a couple of his classmates for it, up and down the Gryffindor table. Prefect and Head Boy Milo Powany, shrill and unforgiving had recently having put on about fifteen pounds of muscle over the summer and found himself more authoritative than ever as he commanded Bill's bullies to quit it.

    The Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables were quieter in comparison, but the two house prefects shouted insults at each other in a way that was hard to tell whether they hated each other or were flirting intensely.

    Slytherin's table was much quieter, sneering in the same way as Snape had been - and still was. Their own prefect, Arligon Aldean, was refusing to eat. His lean arms were folded across his bruising chest, and he scolded himself for wincing in pain.

    "They want to pretend like nothing ever happened," he complained aloud to his close friends and first years alike. Loud enough for the Ravenclaws to hear, even, "that old man is truly a buffoon if he thinks that will happen."

    All of this swirled together in a tornado of conversation and emotion, shrouded by the magic that doused the Great Hall's ceiling in a starry night sky. The House banners that hung vertically along the Hall over their tables loomed over their heads with unyielding expectations.
  2. "Procyon wake up! Mother said were on a tight schedule today. Best not get on her bad side today" His younger sister Vega said before scurrying downstairs. Procyon still tired and bewildered face first in a book, quill still in hand, papers scattered about ,and an orange dragon toad named Saltus sat upon Procyon's head admiring the sunshine that had come through the window giving warmth to the happy little toad's scales. Procyon quickly got up startled which startled Saltus whom leaped off Procyon's head landed on Procyon's uniform he was supposed to wear the first day of school. It was still neat, clean ,and folded where Procyon's mother had placed on his nightstand juuuust right. Procyon quickly got dressed and ran out of his room running back as he almost forgotten his best friend Saltus. placing the toad in his pocket he ran downstairs.

    He saw his brother downstairs with the others. Procyon had no more questions for his brother as he had already probed him for as many questions about Hogwarts as he could think of. Too bad for Procyon his brother had already finished his time at Hogwarts the year prior meaning Procyon would have nobody at the school he already knew. A little disappointing ,but the prospect of making new friends excited him. After eating breakfast they would go on to making their way to Diagon Alley. Procyon went to all sorts of stores from; Whizz Hard Books, Magical Menagerie, Borgin and Burkes, Obscurus Books ,and most importantly Ollivanders. His mother being in a hurry made sure she to get his supplies ,and things while he leisurely went about from store to store. He even managed to convince his dad to get him a lunch box from a joke shop. Procyon eventually came across a tall blonde headed man who wore a displeased looking scowl. The man looked over at him as they met eyes. It was Lucius Malfoy. He recognized Procyon fairly easily considering his resemblance to his father Aldebaran. He seemed nice enough during their short encounter. He must have been really busy seeing how quick he left. Procyon continued he was happy to have his wand.

    His mother was in no mood to waste too much time as after they had all the things they had needed she had fully intended to head the train depot ,and reach 9 and 3/4. As soon as they arrived there Procyon ran through with his belongings unafraid as he has seen his brother leave for Hogwarts many times before. He knew what to expect ,and was ready to go on the train for the first time ever. As soon as he got into the train he saw something that made his eyes widen. He wasn't expecting to see a dog! What the heck! That's so cool! Procyon was a 5 year old looking at a doggy for the first time ever. He just had to pet it ,but it was rude to pet someone else's animal without permission. He turned his gaze to the owner of whom's lap it laid its head in, "Can I please pet your doggy miss?" Procyon asked excitedly.


    "Scout honey? Its time to eat! Hurry up! The chaperone that's supposed to help you get things sorted out is going to be here soon!" Scout's mother Elizabeth said. "A few more minutes... Hodwards isn't going anywhere right?" Scout said. "Mroooow" Chatterbox meowed cheerfully pressing her paws against Scout's face, "Chatterbox get off dangit! Okay okay you win. I'll get dressed and head downstairs. She rolled over ,and laid there another 5 minutes before Chatterbox began sinking her claws into Scout's back like a scratching post which caused her to instanly jump up, "Okay! I'm dressing! See! I'm putting my uniform on happy!" Scout said looking at Chatterbox with the most sarcastic facial expression she mustered. Chatterbox simply rolled on her back and playfully tossed around the blankets on Scout's bed.

    As soon as she got dressed she grabbed Chatterbox ,and headed downstairs. Her chaperone was a nicely dressed woman sitting at their table drinking a cup of coffee her mom must have offered. She seemed like a normal human being ,but she wasn't right? She's from this so called 'magical world' ,and Scout was magical too. In a way Scout knew she was magical ever since she was an itty bitty thing from her fourth birthday when she somehow let a meerkat out of its enclosure. To be going to a school for magic was something Scout would never even dream of. Her younger siblings though not magical nor were her parents were all so encouraging of her to go. How could Scout ever show her gratitude to such an amazing supportive family? Scout supposed she might as well gave this Hogwarts an attempt at least.

    "You must be the lady who's gonna help me get my supplies and stuff. So I can go to Haagendazs school of magic" Scout said, "Hogwarts. Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry" The lady said. "Hagwarts?" Scout asked. "Hogwarts" The lady said slowly and firmly. After a few more failed pronunciation attempts Scout got it right ,and the lady was only partially unamused. She was still happy to take Scout and her cat along with her parents ,along to Diagon Alley. Even though her little brothers wanted to go they had their own muggle school to attend to. It was a nice private school as their mother made more than enough to afford it. The chaperone helped escort Scout and her parents through Diagon Alley so they wouldn't get lost or wander down any bad part of town.

    Scout and her father were insistent on getting something to drink as they had been walking around Diagon alley for quite a while. The chaperone would eventually cave in and take them to The Leaky Cauldron where Scout ordered a pumpkin pasty juice ,and her father had a butterbeer. As Scout finished her drink she got up to walk around and to her surprise she bumped into a the wall. Scout could have sworn that wall wasn't there earlier. To her dismay the wall started talking ,and as she looked up,. "That's not a wall! That's a person! A talking person!... Actually that's not very impressive. All people talk ,but still! He's ginormous! What do his folks feed him?!" Scout thought to herself, I'm really sorry mister! I really am!" Scout said. Both Hagrid and Scout began profusely apologizing to one another for a whole minute before the chaperone walked over. Hagrid helped her up ,and the chaperone walked over to see to it that Scout wouldn't run late on schedule. She waved bye to hagrid before leaving.

    After Scout arrived at 9 and 3/4 she began wondering if she could make it through the other side after all she didn't entirely feel like she would fit in. It took some encouraging ,but she eventually made it through to the other side. To her surprise there really was a train! She was nervous but her chaperone wasn't having any more delays and swiftly saw to it she got onto the train. As soon as got onto the train she made her way to the last room third car. "Excuse me... I'm Scout. Can I sit here please?" Scout said.
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  3. Sirius woke up with a little more spark than usual, and the reason for that was because today was finally the day he’d get to go to Hogwarts! His Dad had told him so many stories of his time there, and now it was finally his turn. He got dressed at an unusually fast speed and ran downstairs for breakfast. His bags were at the door already, as he’d packed them the night prior in anticipation for the big day ahead of him. He had no need to go to Diagon Alley, as he and his father had gone there the week before, so everything was prepared. He kept his books and quills and all that in with his luggage, but his wand he kept with him in fear of losing it. After eating his breakfast wholeheartedly, he was ready to go.

    His dad took him to Platform 9 3/4 and saw him off, his mother was far too busy to have been able to come so she’d said goodbye to him the night before. With his usual smile on his face, Sirius walked onto the train that would take him to his new school, and home, for the year.

    It’d been around ten minutes since Sirius had stepped onto the train, he’d been sitting in one of the many cars staring out of the window waiting for the train to get going when a girl approached him asking if she could sit. “Sure, go ahead. No one else is sitting here other than me.” He said, a smile of excitement still clear on his face, “I’m Sirius.”
  4. Melvin had gotten up, got dressed and went to Diagon Alley, gathering his first year materials, bumping into Cyrus Ravenclaw-Selwyn, and Alisha Leftfire, along with her brother, Jerome. He then left the shops and headed towards the train, he entered on the third car, went to the back room of the car, and sat down, looking at his wand, when a girl about his age walked in the door.

    "Yes you can, my name's Melvin McGregor." Melvin responded to the girl, named Scout.


    Cyrus had gotten up, got dressed and went to Diagon Alley, bumping into Melvin McGregor, along with the Leftfire family before he wheeled everything to King's Cross. He then boarded the train, and took a seat in one of the cars.


    Alisha had been at Diagon Alley since Early in the morning, she then got her stuff and boarded the train, sitting in a car by Cyrus.
  5. Scout was pretty excited that she was welcomed into the car, She walked in sitting down ,and Chatterbox jumped down from her luggage ,and sat on her lap. Chatterbox let out a purr before letting out a loud cheerful meow. "I'm Scout Villan ,and this is my cat Chatterbox. Nice to meet you! both of you! Do either of you guys know what to expect at Hogwarts?" Scout said. She began petting her cat as she looked out the window. Scout enjoyed sitting by the window as she enjoyed seeing the scenery pass by as she took a nap awaiting foe the train to reach its destination. Scout however had no intention in napping this time.
  6. Sarah-
    Sarah had a wonderful time in Diagon Alley, with her was her mother and her golden retriever Grace. It seemed that the two had a lot of things that would lead anyone with the belief that the girl and her parent were out shopping for the girls supplies to Hogwarts. Most of their shopping was done in the more expensive stores for clothing and other necessities that she would need.

    Which led to where she was now, with a book in her hand. It was a romance book that she had picked up in one of the many stores that they had visited. Sarah was interrupted from her book, by the sound of her cabin door opening, and a boy asking about Grace, and if he could pet her. Grace loved the idea and got off the bench as soon as she could.

    "Go ahead, Grace is already wanting the attention, as she is a very happy dog and enjoys the attention. The names Sarah by the way." Sarah put down her book to look at the boy as she wanted to make friends. She was a very kind person, so it was not hard for her to bring up a smile for the boy as she loved to make friends.

    The day was great for Sable as he was about to set out for his own journey in his schooling, and was going to a whole new country to attend one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Hogwarts. He was also glad that they had agreed to allow his pet Frost into the school, as she was his best friend. Frost was a gift from his father.

    Being part of another species, Sable had to have a wand made especially for him. This led him to going to Ollinvander's shop. Though that led him to meeting one of the new professors who will be teaching him. Though Sable did not speak much to him, until he went to the counter to get his wand. "Hello, I am here to pick up my wand, you told me it would have been ready today.

    Taylor sat in the great hall with his cat, Jace, who was happily napping in his lap at the moment. He sat in the Hufflepuff table and ate his feast. He was glad that they had vegan options as he could not stand to eat some of the meat that they had presented. Tay begun to talk to one of the boy there. The blonde haired boy thought that the boy was kind of cute, but he was always thought that. Though he would not tell him until he knew what kind person the other was. He was glad to see that he had made a good friend so early on in the school year.
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  7. Procyon gave a smile, "Nice to meet you Sara. My name is Procyon. I don't see a lot of dog's so seeing your friend Grace is really neat" Procyon walked over patting Grace. Grace has soft fur which was even softer than Procyon had expected.Procyon liked petting the dog it was nice. Almost like a stress reliever. Sarah was nice for letting him pet her dog. That was something Procyon would remember about her. "My brother went to Hobwarts. He's much older than me though ,and graduated last year. I remember standing right out there waving goodbye to him as he left to hogwarts ,and here I am looking at my parents. They are the ones way over there. Procyon said waving at them. Procyon was happy to see them wave back. "Remarkable. Are you ready to get to Hogwarts? ha! Of course you are. Your here aren't you?I've already went over more than enough of the study course. I can't wait to see charms class" Procyon said.
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  8. “Not sure, other than learning how to use magic obviously. I know we’ll be learning how to use charms and make potions though, my dad hasn’t really told me much about the classes other than those two.” He replied, “though I’m sure whatever classes we have they’ll be way more interesting than the ones I already mentioned. I’m not really that interested in the basic stuff.”
  9. "My mother didn't tell me much, but we're also going to learn how to defend against the dark arts." Melvin responded to Scout's question, "Sorry Scout, if I introduce myself again, but My name is Melvin McGregor."

    The second part was Directed toward Sirius. Melvin had been in between listening to Scout and watching her cat.


    Cyrus had been keeping calm, and decided to buy something from the passing trolley. He ate it and almost sneezed. He then decided to make sure his robes were in order and such.
  10. (Ollivander's Wand Shop, Diagon Alley, Earlier)

    Mr. Ollivander was a dandy man with a spring in his step, a constant joy in his work in spite of centuries spent in its dedication. He'd been just the man Encilio Dawnfrost needed.

    More atuned to the native magics of his Creole ancestors, Encilio knew if he were to teach defense against the dark arts to eleven year old he'd need a sufficient wand and a skilled wandmaker.

    "Cypress wood, alligator scute and otter whiskers eh?" Garrick Ollivander gave Professor Dawnfrost an odd look, "Are you a teacher or a bog wizard?"

    "Bit o' bot'," Encilio answered with his gleaming white grin.

    A young student came in, obviously to get his first wand. As Encilio introduced himself to the young man, the professor felt an odd aura about him.

    "Professor, I'll have your wand ready in just a few hours now!" Ollivander promised, before turning to Sable, "Ah yes, Mr. Cromwell!"

    Cromwell? Was this boy American or was this a coincidence? Encilio thanked Garrick and wished Sable good luck as he darted outside.

    Ollivander, with his full attention on Sable, reached under his desk and produced a wonderful, ebony box.

    "Dragonwood and dogwood, eh? Unicorn hair and Phoenix feather? You like testing my patience lad," Ollivander said, dreaming of the galleons, "Go ahead! Give her a wave!"

    Outside Ollivander's, Encilio stopped by the Leaky Cauldron for a pint to wait for his wand. Outside he found Rubeus Hagrid - Hogwarts Groundskeeper, once expelled from the school in shame and banned from casting spells.

    "Ay, professor," the humble half-giant said to Encilio, oddly quiet.

    "Hagrid," Dawnfrost replied.

    "Glad teh be meetin yer now," Hagrid said to fill the silence.

    "Why now?" Encilio gave a long glance over both shoulders toward the bustling Diagon Alley.

    "Oh, no reason," Hagrid laughed, "How bou' we get out of th' street an' 'ave ourselves a drink!"

    "Sure," the American said, catching sight of the hooded figures walking out of Gringot's and down toward the Cauldron. Their pace made Hagrid suck in his breath and bolt inside.

    They took a seat in a tucked away corner table and found a serving wand and got themselves a drink. Leaning in to talk clearly through the loud rabble, Encilio said: "Sew tell me? Why are yew actin' off?"

    "Oooh I wish Mr. Dumbledore'd stop sendin me teh dat bank fer tings...." Hagrid started, exasperated.
  11. Sarah-
    Grace was happy to have the attention, and seemed to soak it up. Sarah on the other hand was happy to have someone to talk to, and it was nice to have someone to sat with. "Well it is nice to meet you, I can see that Grace has taken a liking to you." Turning back to her book, Sarah placed a bookmark in the spot she was reading.

    Sable smiled as he was handed the wand, it was very detailed in the design. With a wave of his hand, the wand did not give out a bright light like most. Instead what happened was that the wand produced a very angelic sound and caused sparks and music to be produced. Though it was not the normal sound, it seemed to please Frost, who was trying to play with the sparks that came out of the end. "Is this the reaction that you wanted from me last time?"
  12. "Both of these guys already been taught by their parents... I feel disadvantaged ,and defense against the dark arts? Why do we need defense? Is someone attacking me? Can they just like noooot attack me?That'd be great. Just chill and not attack anybody" Scout thought to herself. "Basic stuff sounds nice. I'd like to do that" Scout said. Scout didn't mind him reintroducing himself ,and didn't think much of it. as Scout continued to listen to the others she'd pet Chatterbox who would let out the occasional meow ,and tug at Scout's sleeve when she didn't feel like she was receiving enough attention.


    A Procyon was planning on sitting down by the window hoping Sarah wouldn't mind him there. Within moments a pair of reptilian-like gold eyes peeked out of Procyon's pocket. As fast as the toad could look around it leaped from the pocket almost like a dragon lifting up off of the ground soaring high into the sky. Well actually it looked more like a scaly orange toad slowly falling ,and Procyon caught it. A few moments later the toad seized the opportunity to leap onto the windowsill where it let out an excited ribbit. Though it was pretty hard to tell the frog was excited based off of its limited facial expression. None the less the toad sat happily on the windowsill as the sunlight down onto its scales giving it warmth once more. Saltus looked so happy that Procyon really didn't want to love him from his spot, "Sorry about that. This is Saltus... My little dragon toad buddy" Procyon said taking a seat. Procyon noticed the book she had ,but didn't want to be nosy so he didn't bother to interrupt her.

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