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Ask to Join Hoenn Trainer RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Opal Starr stepped off of the small boat from Johto, her Vulpix Amber sat in her backpack, enjoying not having to walk around. Opal slowly looked around Slateport City, deciding where to go first. She quickly found a small poke mart and entered it. Opal took off her backpack and pulled Amber out of it, "You're so cheeky, you know that right?" Opal said, "Because you aren't exactly the lightest pokemon" Opal walked through the aisles of the store, wondering what to buy. She quickly found some poke balls and some potions, she walked to the front counter and payed for the supplies. She then walked out and sat on a nearby bench, pulling some food out of her backpack.
  2. Will was so excited! He just got his first Pokemon, his Treecko Scout, and now was an official trainer. To celebrate Will had decided to run around town with his partner to help burn off the excess energy. This display had drawn a number of looks from the residents but Will had paid it no mind. Eventually Will decided to take a break, having taken a seat on a bench next to a girl and her Vulpix.

    "Beat you buddy! How are you going to be a top Pokemon if you can't beat your trainer in a race!" Will said with a big grin, Scout arriving soon after. Scout's focus however was on the girl next to Will, the Treecko greeting the girl and her Vulpix in her backpack with a stare of curiosity.
  3. Opal turned to see a trainer and his Treecko looking at her, Amber jumped out of the backpack and sat next to the Treecko. Opal smiled and looked up at the trainer, "Hi there, I'm Opal Starr and this is my Vulpix Amber" She said, hoping she made a good first impression on the boy.
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  4. "Nice to meet you. I'm Will and this is my Treecko Scout!" Will said with a big grin, Scout focused his attention of the Amber who sat next to him. The Treecko examined the Vulpix with interest.
  5. Cyndi got off of the boat and went onto the port that welcomed her to Slateport City. She saw a small building that had a bluish roof that beared resemblance to her Pokémon's primary body color. She also saw another modest sized building that had an orange roof that was like the sun's shining rays of ultraviolet light, as she thought, "Hmm, I think this is the place where I could possibly take my little buddy to if he's too hurt... though you can't always just leave him for five seconds and expect them to be healed like that."

    Her Pokémon's coral hairs gradually stiffened to the sound of some unfamiliar voices that discoursed about, as the Pokémon whispered with an ailing tone, "A- A- A- Axo... A- A- Ax- Axo..."

    Cyndi's eyes darted down towards her Axovenio that attempted to conceal a rather strenuous cough, as she said with significant concern, "Hey buddy, are you alright? You sound like death to me... Come on, we should go over to that place over there to get you checked out first."

    The Axovenio's coral hairs were now as stiff as steel the moment when he heard Cyndi's last sentence, as he hesitantly replied while still coughing, "A- A- A- A- Axo.... A... Axo..."

    Cyndi quietly made her way over to the Pokémon Center, as she replied while gently patting the Axovenio's stomach, "Oh come on now, don't be such a little chicken... it's just going to be the nurse looking at you to make sure you're fine. There's nothing to worry about, now please relax okay?"

    The Axovenio saw her moving closer and closer towards the entryway of the Pokémon Center, as he squirmed in her sling in an attempt to resist her command. Knowing that he was attempting to flee away from the building, Cyndi grasped his lower chest with both hands in a modest grip; she avoided the areas that were bandaged, since she knew that it would cause extreme pain to him.

    Cyndi sighed and thought while walking into the Pokémon Center, "Boy oh boy... here we go again... this is gonna be like last time isn't it? Well, I'm sorry my little baby Axovenio, but you know it's for your own good..."
  6. "Are you from here, I heard that Treecko are this regions starter pokemon" Opal said, looking at the Treecko with curiosity. Amber was watching the Treecko with curiosity, until she saw her tails. Amber couldn't get enough of chasing her tail, it was pretty funny. Amber raced around in circles on the bench, desperatley trying to catch her tail until she fell off of the bench and lay on the ground, waiting for a tummy rub. Opal laughed and picked the Small Vulpix up, gently stroking her.
  7. "Indeed. Got my buddy here today. Making this my first day as an official Pokemon Trainer!" Will said with a big grin before Scout jumped on Will's shoulder. Scout saw Amber receive a belly rub from Opal and became a little jealous. Scout began to poke the side of Will's face to get his attention before it pointed to its belly. Will was confused for a moment before he saw Opal give Amber a belly rub.

    "Oh, want one too? Fine. But don't expect this to be routine." Will said before he began to rub Scout on his belly, the Treecko on his shoulder loved every second of it.
  8. After Cyndi went into the Pokémon Center, she went up to a woman with pink hair and an apron that were as white as the overhead clouds, as she calmly said, "Well hello, I feel like something is wrong with my little buddy here..."

    The woman's eyebrows rose to the sound of Cyndi's Axovenio attempting to mask his obvious coughs, as she replied, "Well, he's coughing a lot, so there's something definitely wrong. Here, I'll take you to the other Nurse Joy if you need me to, she's at the left hallway three doors to the left."

    Cyndi quietly gasped, as she replied, "Wait... you're telling me that there's more than one of you? Umm... I suppose that I can go over to the room myself then."

    The Nurse replied, "Well yes, Joy is the family name here, so everyone calls us Nurse Joy pretty much. Anyway, the other nurse will check your little Pokémon out and if he needs any medicine or anything, then she'll give it to him after she's done checking him."

    The Axovenio's now watery eyes intensely stared at the hallway that Cyndi walked towards after waving to the Nurse, as she said to him, "Come on little buddy, it's just a quick checkup now... the other nurse is going to check you and then give you your medicine and you're done!"

    The Axovenio's pulse escalated the moment when Cyndi opened the door to the third left room in the bitter cold corridors, as he weakly retorted, "Axo... Axovenio... Axo!"

    The Nurse's eyes widened to the sound of the Axovenio sobbing like a newborn baby, as she said in concern when Cyndi walked in the room, "Well hello, I suppose you're the girl with the coughing Pokémon that the other nurse at the counter told me about right? He looks pretty frightened here, I think that we might need to calm him or something."

    Cyndi replied with hesitance, "U- umm... I think it's better if we just get it over with since he's always like this when we go into the Pokémon Center."

    The Nurse twinkled a wink towards Cyndi, as she said while grabbing her stethoscope, "Well, let's get to the point then. Now, I'm just going to measure the little guy's heartbeat first..."

    The Axovenio's attention was shifted towards the doorway out of the room, as he attempted to get out of his sling with feeble effort. Cyndi held him down with a gentle grip, as the Nurse placed her stethoscope onto his chest after taking note of his arrays of bandages he had on.

    The Nurse carefully listened to the Axovenio's heartbeats, as she said in concern after taking the stethoscope off, "His pulse is unusually high... this could mean that he might have something serious."

    Cyndi looked down at her Axovenio with concern, as she saw the Nurse walking over to a desk that contained various medicinal tools. The Axovenio's breathing became rapid like an overworking automobile, as he attempted to gather in as much energy as he could before the Nurse was finished with getting her next tool for the next part of the dreaded checkup.
  9. "I've had little Amber here for a while" Opal said as Amver jumped up onto her shoulder. "Once I got Amber I knew I just had to travel."
  10. "Makes sense. So what brings you to Hoenn? League Challenger...Coordinator or something else?" Will asked, curious. During this Will continued to give Scout a belly rub while he was on his shoulder. Scout seemed to like it enough.
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  11. "League Challenger I reckon" Opal said, looking down at a pokedex she had received from Professor Elm. It had already registered Amber, but no other Pokemon. She pointed it towards Scout and scanned him, entering some of his data into the Dex, "What about you, are you challenging the gyms?" She asked.
  12. Will smirked. "Indeed, guess that makes us rivals. In spite of that, I like you. Would you be willing to let me travel with you?" Will asked, having taken out his own Pokedex to scan Amber's data much like Opal did on Scout. Will wanted to travel with someone rather than go on his own, but he doubted Opal would actually agree. Especially considering they both had the same goal and would be competition for the other.
  13. "Sure, It'll be fun!" Opal said, glad to have someone to travel with. She bender down and looked at the small Treecko, letting Amber down onto the ground to play.
  14. "Thanks!" Will said with a smile. Scout looked at Opal before it went over and grabbed a nearby straw. Scout placed it in its mouth and then began a series of martial arts demonstrations, trying to impress Opal. Will let out a sigh.

    "Sorry...Scout thinks he's cooler than he actually is." Will said with a deadpan expression.
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  15. Opal laughed, don't worry about it, you should see Amber. She thinks she rules the world" Opal said, as she said it, Amber bowed her head forward towards Opal, requesting to be pat by her. Opal rolled her eyes and gave Amber a quick pat, before turning back to listen to Will.
  16. The warm rays of the pleasant sunshine glimmered down at the Skiddo that carried Nolan on his back. They both went off of the modest ship that was from the lavish region of Kalos. The Skiddo gave a slight chuckle to Nolan's tight grip, as he steadily made his way towards the Pokémon Market.

    On their way to the Pokémon Market, Nolan noticed some people that discoursed about, as the Skiddo's eyes turned towards the Vulpix that was with one of the trainers. Nolan gently patted the Skiddo's horns, as the Skiddo nodded and continued his way over to the Pokémon Market. The Skiddo noticed an Ariados that was now near the Pokémon Market's entryway that seemed to scare off other people that attempted to get past him, as he turned his attention towards the Skiddo and gave off a low, intimidating vibration with his legs.

    The Skiddo gave off a worried cry to Nolan, as he nodded and took out his mallet from his satchel. The mallet's metallic head seemed to be rather gigantic in proportion to the wooden handle that firmly supported it with ease, as Nolan uttered out a distinctive sound that made Skiddo nod with approval.

    The Skiddo anchored himself towards the ground, as he thought, "Argh... why do we have to fight that spider of all the times now?! That thing is so giant and scary, but at least I have Nolan to help out... let's just hope that this isn't like that time where we almost passed out from that one exhausting battle."
  17. "So, anywhere you want to go first? Rustboro City has the first Gym Badge, so I defiantly want to go there, but if you have any place you'd like to check out first I'm all ears." Will said to Opal, Scout having sent a mini glare to its partner for daring to diss his martial arts skills.
  18. The Skiddo saw the Ariados charging towards him as he took careful notice of the horn on the Ariados's head that was now radiating with fierce power. The Skiddo shivered in terror, as Nolan gave off a blink towards the horn with a slight grin. The Skiddo attempted to flee from the Ariados as fast as he could, as Nolan charged at the Ariados and fiercely swung his mallet in a downward direction at his horn!

    Surprised at the boy's tactic, the Ariados attempted to guard against the strike, but it was already too late. The Ariados emitted an angered, buzzing growl from the intense pressure that suddenly came from the forceful strike on his small horn, as he attempted to focus in as much energy as he could despite the enormous amount of pain he was experiencing.

    The Skiddo came back to Nolan the moment when he heard the Ariados screaming in pain, as Nolan gave him a prominent hand signal towards the Ariados. Knowing that he was at a huge disadvantage against the Ariados, the Skiddo stayed at a considerable distance from the Ariados and hesitantly launched a bombardment of hard-shelled, highly explosive seeds towards him.

    Despite the attack being nearly ineffective against the Ariados, he was still helpless due to his now poor health from his extreme pressure point that he was struck at earlier. He attempted to block the attack with feeble effort, as his body collapsed the moment when the seeds exploded on his frail body. He was inert like a sedimentary rock seconds after the smoke dispersed, as the Skiddo hesitantly tapped his static body that was unresponsive to both sound and touch.

    Nolan nervously helped the Skiddo push the unconscious Ariados away from the entryway of the Pokémon Market, as some people rushed inside after being relieved that the annoyance was taken care of. Some of the Pokémon Center staff went outside of the Pokémon Center and carried the Ariados into the place to get him treated like the rest of the injured Pokémon inside.

    Nolan tentatively walked inside the Pokémon Market with his Skiddo escorting him like an overprotective bodyguard, as the Skiddo heard the cashier say in a puzzled tone, "Umm... isn't he a bit too young to be here alone like that?"

    The Skiddo replied while following Nolan over to the medicinal isle, "Skiddo, Skid."
  19. "Rustboro sounds pretty good, but maybe we should explore Slateport for a bit" Opal said, "We could start on the way to Rustboro in an hour or so"

    Amber wimpered as she watched a Skiddo and his trainer fight an Ariados, Amber didn't really like bug Pokemon much. She jumped up into Opal's arms and dug her head into Opal's chest.
  20. "Think something's wrong with Amber?" Will said before Scout tugged at his pants and pointed to the battle with a trainer and his Skiddo vs. an Ariados.

    "Cool a battle! Want to check it out Opal?" Will asked, always excited to see a trainer battle, even against a wild Pokemon.
  21. "Sure! Oh Amber you'll be fine" Opal said, "She's just a bit scared of bug pokemon"

    Opal walked over to the battle between the Skiddo and the Ariados, the trainer seemed to be pretty good at what he was doing. Soon, the Ariados had fainted and the trainer walked into the Pokemart victorious.
  22. Will watched the battle end, having a level of admiration for the trainer. Will was determined to get that good and beyond to achieve his own goal.

    "So...where do you want to go next?" Will asked Opal, Scout crawled up to his shoulder.
  23. Carmine stepped off the ship and stretched his arms above his head. His Pokémon, Wimpod, who was sleeping on top of his head, stirred awake at the turbulence of the stretching. It was quite the trip from Alola, but it was a new beginning for the duo.

    "Alright, buddy," Carmine said, petting Wimpod. "We're here. Let's go check this place out."

    Wimpod chirped happily as Carmine left the docks and headed towards Slateport's Pokémon center. There they would probably find more information about Hoenn and the city.
  24. The Skiddo noticed Nolan's hasty movements, as he said in concern, "Skiddo, Skiddo?" Nolan sighed and gave a vague nod at him while hastily grabbing some potions and some other colored bottles that each contained their respective liquid medications for various problems that they could remedy with ease. Nolan pointed his finger up and attempted to reach for his back, as the Skiddo giggled and replied after deciphering his message, "Skiddo, Skid. Skiddo Skiddo."

    The Skiddo assisted Nolan in getting the items over to his back, as Nolan smiled at the Skiddo after the last bottle was placed with the stack. The Skiddo went up to the counter and helped Nolan up to the counter's height after the cashier took all the items and scanned them with precise aim, as Nolan handed the cashier the exact amount of money that was needed to purchase the supplies. The cashier said after Nolan paid her, "Umm well okay... here's your stuff I suppose... I'm not sure if I should say this, but you might be a bit too young to be wandering off alone like that."

    The Skiddo concealed his chuckle towards Nolan, as he grabbed the items and neatly placed them into Nolan's satchel. He helped Nolan up onto his back after depositing Nolan's mallet back into the satchel with careful placement. He went out of the Pokémon Market after Nolan was ready to go, as he saw a man with his Wimpod that approached towards the Pokémon Center. The Skiddo gave a vague wink to Nolan, as Nolan gulped at him after thinking about his past times in various Pokémon Centers he was in. Nolan gave a hesitant sigh, as he held onto the Skiddo's horns with a nervous grip. Sensing the sudden, dubious grip from Nolan's sweaty palms, the Skiddo said in an attempt to calm him, "Skiddo, Skiddo Skiddo." He decided to walk over to the Pokémon Center, as Nolan's attention was intensely focused on the Wimpod that was with the man.

    Meanwhile, Cyndi was still in the Pokémon Center, as the Nurse was finally finished with the Axovenio's checkup. The Nurse said after noticing that the Axovenio was exhausted, "Okay, so he's got a pretty high fever, and from what the Chansey said after checking him out also, he feels awfully cold, he's dizzy, he can't seem to walk or even sit down by himself, and well... it appears to be that he's had some lacerations on where the bandages are after that test with the ultrasound. If I had to make a diagnosis right now, well... I'd have to say with my entire heart that it's influenza."

    The Nurse noticed that the Axovenio was now motionless, as she continued, "Oh my, he's knocked out, but he's still breathing, so I'll need him to do some work to help him out. Can you hand him over to me? I'm going to go to the treatment room which is this white door here and treat his lacerations and then replace his bandages after alright?"

    Cyndi nervously handed over the Axovenio with her trembling hands, as she quietly cried, "P- please make sure he's alright!"

    The Nurse winked and replied while taking the Axovenio to the other room, "Don't worry, he's gonna be okay, just have a seat here until I'm done." Cyndi nodded, as she fidgeted about in her cushioned seat with a worrisome blink towards the door.
  25. "Maybe we should go to the pokemon center?" Opal said, looking down at Amber, "she hasn't been in a while, Amber probably needs a checkup to make sure she's alright"
  26. "Sounds good to me. Scout needs to get a checkup as well, don't you buddy?" Will asked, Scout giving him a nod in agreement before he began to make his way to the center.
  27. Carmine entered through the automated sliding door and into the Pokemon Center. He looked around, noticing the differences between the Alola centers and the Hoenn centers. There was a map of the region on one of the walls to which Carmine headed towards. The Alolan trainer stood in front of the map, hand on his chin as he scanned the Hoenn Region.

    "We're here," Carmine pointed to Slateport City on the map as he talked to his Wimpod. "There's no gym here, but it looks like there is a contest hall here. We'll check that out and the market before heading North to Mauville City." He noticed the multiple routes branching out of the city. "Looks like that is the center of Hoenn. And there's a gym there."

    Carmine nodded his head as he made up his mind on his plans for the immediate future: some sight seeing in Slateport before heading to Mauville. From there, it was a mystery that he would solve as it got closer.

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