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Private/Closed Hoenn Trainer Academy Reboot

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ombree, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Bridie stepped off of the small ferry and onto the the land. Her first step into Hoenn. She was in LilyCove City and she was heading towards Hoenn Trainer Academy. She looked around, this city was huge, there were so many people! "What do you think Ivy?" Bridie asked the small Treecko on her shoulder. "Tree! Treecko!"

    Bridie wandered down the hill, towards a huge stone castle like building in the distance. She arrived at the building and knocked on the door. The doors opened and she was greeted by a man in an orange jumpsuit. "Greetings young trainer, Welcome to HTA! I'm Professor Cedar and you are?" He said. "I'm Bridie May" Bridie said quietly. Professor Cedar grabbed a clipboard and ticked something off on it. "Ah, Bridie, you're the first to arrive"
  2. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Luca entered the academy with Aquamarine sleeping in his bag again. Luca realised the only people there were himself and another girl. Professor Cedar stared at Luca, making Luca feel uncomfortable.
    "Uhh, Luca Halsey,"
    "Welcome to the Academy, I'm Professor Cedar,"

    Luca approached the Girl.

    "Hi, I'm Luca," Luca exclaimed.
  3. Bridie turned to see a boy introducing himself. "Hi, I'm Bridie and this is my Treecko, Ivy" She exclaimed. Bridie had been hoping there would be chances for her to make new friends easily, and one had been handed straight to her.

    "Alright you two, here are your schedules and your room keys. Your classes will start tomorrow" Professor Cedar said cheerfully.
  4. "Let's go," Joey Steel, said running with his faithful partner Tyke, the Tyrouge. The sooner they got to the Acadmey the sooner they could meet new people. Of course they were about too. While Joey was distracted by shouting to his Tyrouge, he ran straight into a man in an orange jumpsuit. They both stumbled back and landed on their butts. "I'm sorry," Joey said jumping up and lending a hand to help the man up.

    "And you are?" Professor Cedar asked the boy.

    "Joey Steel, new student," Joey said making a peace sign. Professor Cedar gave a warm smile and handed the boy scedule and a room key.

    "Have fun," he said pointing them in the right direction. Tyke and Joey then saw a boy and girl. He walked over to introduce himself. "Joey Steel, nice to meetcha," he said giving an over exaggerated bow. "And this guy is Tyker," Joey added, when his torso got back up. Then Tyke took his bow.
  5. Bridie laughed, "Nice to meet you Joey Steel, I'm Bridie May and this is Ivy the Treecko" She said happily. On the inside she was jumping up and down with delight, all these people were talking to her! Ivy jumped off of Bridie's shoulder and down to Tyke.

    "(Hi, I'm Ivy) Tree Treecko!" Ivy said with delight.
  6. Adrian huffed as he walked through the heavy doors of the Academy. The place was ironically hard to find, especially in a huge city like this. Fae had given up less than halfway there, and was now resting smugly in his arms. When he surveyed the room, he noticed an older man greeting other students. Figuring that this was the procedure to follow, Adrian approached the jumpsuited man with a smile. "Hello. I'm Adrian Summers?" He said, though his tone almost made it sound like a question.

    The older man returned the smile, looking down at his clipboard and making some sort of mark. When he was finished, he produced a key and a piece of paper, handing it to the boy, who fumbled to take it with a Pokémon in his arms. "Professor Cedar," he said in return. "Here's your room key and schedule. See you in Pokémon Research."
  7. Cleo was panicking "oh god I'm late I'm late!" He said running to the academy he got to the entrance to see a older man standing there "I am so so so sorry that I'm late" he said
  8. Jake shuffled into the academy, fidgeting nervously. He disliked such large buildings. Generally, the larger the building, the more people were in it. Glancing around at the other students, Jake blushed and hid his face, moving quickly to the older man with the clipboard. Slipping past an incredibly apologetic student, Jake let out a tiny cough to get the man's attention.

    "J-Jake Lashley..." Jake uttered his name under his breath, avoiding eye contact with the man.

    The older man checked something off on his clipboard. "Welcome to HTA, Jake. I'm Professor Cedar." Professor Cedar smiled at the anxious young man. "Why not go meet the others?"

    Jake's heart skipped a few beats. He had planned to simply grab his things and hide in his room, but it seemed he would have to wait here until everyone arrived. Taking a deep breath, he slinked over to the other students. He held his head low, gazing at the ground as he gave a weak wave.

  9. Adrian turned to watch two other students enter, and offered a warm smile. One of them seemed incredibly shy, so he figured he should introduce himself first, so he gave a small wave in return. "Hi, I'm Adrian," he said to the other, trying not to let his voice betray any of his own anxiety. After all, this was a pretty new experience for him, too. "You must be a new student too?"
  10. "O-Oh..." Jake was a bit taken aback by the response. Normally people ignored him. "H-Hi Adrian..." The young trainer nodded. "Yeah, I'm a new student too...." Jake's anxiety kicked into overdrive as he struggled to find a conversation topic. His eyes glanced around wildly before falling on the snoozing vulpix in Adrain's arms.

    "I-Is that V-Vulpix yours?" Jake stuttered, pointing to the little fox.
  11. "That's alright, you're aren't that late" Professor Cedar said to Cleo, "What's your name?"

    Bridie looked at all they people arriving. She walked over to a boy with a little fox like Pokemon. She bent down and looked down at it close sly. "It's so cute!" She said. Bridie then stood up and looked up at the trainer. "Hi, I'm Bridie and this is Ivy" She said.
  12. "Thanks!" Adrian said cheerily, kneeling down to get a better look at the girl's Treeko. The Vulpix in his arms stirred slightly at the movement. "And yeah, she's mine. Her name's Fae. I'm Adrian. What about you?" He asked the nervous boy.
  13. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Luca looked at his new classmates, each of them being unique. Luca generally liked talking but everyone was introducing themselves to each other so Luca kind of walked backwards. Aquamarine jumped out of the bag it was sleeping in, Luca shoved him back in but it jumped onto the floor. Luca sighed as Aquamarine slithered towards everyone.
  14. De looked at aquamarine and peeped stepping away shyly Cleo looked at his Pokemon "hey don't worry calm down and interact" de stepped towards the Pokemon
  15. "Alright everyone! Head to your rooms and unpack your stuff!" Professor Cedar called out to the students.

    Bridie looked down at her room key. Room 9. She walked down the corridor and found room 9. There was only one bed so this room was all hers. The walls were pale pink and white and the bed had white netting curtains. The Duma was pale pink and the pillows were an off white. There was a white wooden desk in the corner and a huge pale pink wardrobe. Bridie put her notebook and shoulder bag on her desk and then she went into the wardrobe. She put in her black and silver performance dress and her beige coat and scarf. She then lay down on the bed, it was so soft. She looked out the window, the sun was slowly setting. She cuddled Ivy and fell into a deep sleep.
  16. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Luca looked at his room key. Room 7. Luca walked to Room 7 and entered the Room. There was one double bed so Luca thought he must of been by himself. Luca looked at his bedroom. It was just like what he asked for. It was a White Room with no curtains for the windows, A double bed with a Blue and Grey Doona and matching Pillows, a small grey desk and grey office chair with his laptop on top of the desk and a black lamp. A Grey Wardrobe for Clothes and a Bookshelf. There was even the Small Pokemon Light blue bed Luca requested for Aquamarine. Luca changed into Pyjamas and went to bed.
  17. Jake glanced around with uncertainty as he watched other students head towards their rooms. Turning briefly to Adrian, Jake smiled shakily. "M-My name's Jake. I hope we can train and learn t-together Adrian." Jake had always been told that first impressions were the key to meeting people. Too bad that his first encounter with another person tended to be the last. "I-I'm gonna go find my room. See you later, I guess..." Spinning quickly, Jake sped towards the dorms.

    Jake scratched his head as he glanced from his key to the door. The door had a large number 5 on it. Engraved on the key, however, was "5(2)". "Guess it wouldn't hurt to try this door. Worst comes to worst I can ask Professor Cedar about the key..." The key slid into the door's lock perfectly, unlocking the door with a click as Jake turned it. Entering the room slowly, Jake looked around. The room was nothing special, Jake had forgotten to make a request for a specific setup. All the essentials were there. A desk, wardrobe, lamps, two beds, a bathroom, and.......Jake did a double take. TWO. BEDS. He had a roommate. Groaning loudly, Jake checked his key again. "5(2)" Room 5, key 2. I hope they're at least nice. I wouldn't mind getting to know Adrain more... Jake could only shake his head. Nothing he could do about it. With a sigh, the young man sat on the bed and waited to see who his roommate was.
  18. Adrian nodded with a smile. "Yeah, same here," he told Jake before the boy left. He figured that he should find his room too, since he'd been carrying his belongings on his back for hours now, not to mention his lazy Pokémon. His neck could definitely use a break. He looked down at his room key and wandered down the hall, looking for a matching number. When he found it, he abruptly wondered if anyone was inside yet.

    After all, Adrian had requested a double room, though he wasn't quite sure why, exactly. He supposed it was an impulsive decision to get himself out of his comfort zone, though as he looked at his key, he wondered if maybe he'd made a mistake. He wasn't shy per se, but he didn't know very many students around here yet...

    He decided to bite the bullet and knock before he could stop himself, then opened the door to look inside. It was a nice and simple room, though he did notice that somebody was, in fact, already there. A familiar somebody. "Hey! Jake, right?" He said to the shy boy, grinning.
  19. Bridie woke up early in the morning, she rolled out of the bed and landed on the floor with a thump. Ivy silently climbed down the bed and hopped on to the floor. Bridie slowly dragged herself to the door, stood up, and went to get breakfast.
  20. Felix had woken up eairly to unpack his stuff seeing he hadn't done it in the night before he smiled as everything came together and he woke up de and went to go for breakfast he saw birdie leaving her room "hi!" He waved happily
  21. "Oh, hi there!" Bridie said. She bent down and saw a small, dragon like creature by his feet. "Who's that Pokemon?" She asked.

    (OOC. Anime References XD BIC)
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  22. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    (Ash... XD)
    Luca woke up from his sleep and got ready. He wore a grey hoodie and denim jeans. Luca would have preferred to wear the brown leather jacket he was wearing when he arrived but he needed a break from it. He put a black top hat on Aquamarine. She found it hilarious. Luca checked his watch, it was eight o'clock. Luckily, there was a whole hour until classes started so Luca went to try find a place to have breakfast or if it was in his room because he forgot to have dinner and he was starving.
  23. Cleo smiled and looked down at de and birdie "he's de. De the deino, from the unova region, dragon and dark type, and his abilty is hustle" he said slightly proud
  24. "That's so cool!" Bridie exclaimed, "Anyway I gotta go have breakfast, see you in class I guess"

    Bridie rushed to the dining hall where she found plates of food and lots of students. All of the students looked older than her, they were in the years above Bridie. She and Ivy began to dig in.
  25. Cleo rushed with her "your not the only one who needs to eat!" He said as he made it to the hall he lost sight of her "this place is awsome!" He said getting food for him and de and he started to dig in
  26. (( Sorry DragonFlye, we're gonna have to zip through this pretty quick. I got busy >_<))

    Jake smiled at Adrian, pleased that he had remembered his name. "Y-Yep! So, you're my roommate then, Adrian?" The young man took a few deep breaths to help calm himself down. Even when being alone with just one other person, Jake's anxiety tried to take control. "W-Well I suppose if I had to share a room with anyone, I-I'd prefer it to be someone I-I'm at least a l-little familiar with..." Jake's sentence was ended with a yawn. It'd been a long day. Exhausted, Jake simply kicked off his shoes. He didn't feel like changing into pajamas tonight. Crawling into his bed, Jake snuggled up in his soft covers. "I-I'm super tired, so I'm gonna h-hit the hay. Y-You can stay up as long as you like, I g-guess...." Jake let out another yawn before drifting off to sleep.


    Jake jolted up in his bed, the morning light from the window bathing him in a golden shine as he rubbed his stinging face. "Owwwwww...." To the right of Jake's bed stood a very disgruntled Poliwhirl. Jake sighed as he swung his feet out from under his covers. "Sigs, I know how much you hate being in the ball, but I was tired! You can't blame me for forgetting to let you out!" Sigs croaked angrily, crossing his arms and refusing to look his trainer in the eyes. "Aw, don't be that way bud!" Jake began exchanging the clothes he wore to bed for fresh ones, all the while speaking to his partner. Finally dressed, Jake patted Sigs' head. "Tell you what. Let's go get some breakfast. You must be starving!" Sigs' demeanor changed immediately at the mention of food. Ribbiting happily, Sigs' dashed to the door, eagerly waving to his trainer to follow. Jake laughed. "I'll be right there, I'm gonna leave Adrian a note!"

    My partner woke me up early, so I'm heading out to snag some breakfast. DON'T TOUCH MY THINGS. I'll unpack later tonight.
    From, Jake
    PS: I didn't mean to sound rude, I just have some items that are very precious to me. Please understand. Sorry! :(

    Sigs croaked urgently at his trainer. "Alright, alright, I'm coming!" Setting the note on the desk where Adrian could see it, Jake set out to the dining hall.


    Sigs and Jake both burst into the dining hall laughing and panting. The two of them had ended up racing to breakfast. "Looks like I'm still just a...bit....faster.........." Jake's laughter died when he noticed other students in the hall. "H-Hi....." Jake meekly greeted the others.
  27. (Haha, it's alright, no worries! :D)

    Adrian opened his eyes blearily, wincing at the early sunlight filtering through the window that he forgot to cover last night. He looked across the room, noticing that the bed, like the rest of the room, was empty. He vaguely remembered meeting his roommate last night, and had thought that he'd been a nice guy, if a little shy. He dragged himself to his feet, making sure to nudge Fae awake, much to her displeasure. As he began getting dressed, he noticed a piece of paper on the desk, and picked it up. He smiled as he read it over, noticing that the boy expressed himself much differently in writing.

    Well, he wasn't going to purposefully make a bad impression on his roommate, especially not on the first day. He scribbled a quick I got you, loud and clear and a crude drawing of a smiley face underneath Jake's previous note and gathered the things he would need for class. "Let's go, Fae! You wanna get some food before, right?" He asked, and at the mention of 'food' the Vulpix jumped from the bed and followed the boy from the room. Chuckling, Adrian locked the door with his key and headed down the hallway to the dining hall.

    Once they'd arrived, Adrian greeted the students already there, including Jake, he noticed, with a nod and grabbed a tray, which he began to pile with food for both himself and his partner.
  28. Mia scooped up a bit of food for herself but Ivy was going crazy over by the poke puff tray. Mia noticed a boy with a red fox like Pokemon, her aunty had had a Pokemon that looked a bit like that, it was called a Ninetales. "Hi, that's a very cute Pokemon" She said, walking over to him. "Is it yours?"
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  29. "Hm?" Adrian looked up to see a black haired girl that had asked the question and back to his Pokémon, who was currently chewing on a berry. He smiled at the stranger. "Yeah, this is Fae. I'm Adrian, what about you?"
  30. "I'm Mia and this is my Lilligant, Ivy" Mia said. Ivy wandered over to Fae and bent down to greet her. "What kind of Pokemon is that?" Mia asked. Ivy waved to the little fox like Pokemon.
  31. "Oh, wow! I've never seen a Lilligant in person before! She must like you a lot; I hear they're difficult to raise," Adrian said with wonder, watching as Fae sniffed at Ivy and greeted her with a wag of her tails. "Fae's a Vulpix that I raised from an egg. She's still young, so we're hoping to get stronger at this place."
  32. "I got Ivy as a Petilil about 4 years ago" Mia said, "She's is quite difficult to raise"

    Mia pulled a bottle out of her bag, she then sprayed it on Ivy's flower. Ivy clapped in delight. "This is how I keep Ivy's flower in perfect condition" She said.
  33. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Luca was eating breakfast. They had cooked his favourite, Pancakes with Chocolate Chips and Maple Syrup. Aquamarine was eating some blue Pokeblocks. Luca looked outside, It was a completely different environment to Alola. He watched through the window as some Tailow flew away.
    "It's great to be home," Luca thought quietly. Luca kept staring when his eyes met another pokemon's eyes who was staring back. Luca knew immediately it was a Ralts. They stared for a while and then Ralts teleported away. Luca never saw a Ralts in Alola or most pokemon that lived in Hoenn. Luca quickly finished his breakfast because Aquamarine was bothering Luca for more. Luca was returning his plate when his plate slipped out of his hands and shattered on the floor.
    "Oh my god! I'm so sorry!!" Luca said worryingly, not moving a muscle.
  34. Mia jumped up as she heard a bell ringing. She wasn't really sure was it was, but many of the older students put down their plates and grabbed their bags. Then they all rushed off in different directions. Mia gulped, that must mean classtime, her first class. She grabbed her bag and called Ivy over to her, then she walked down the corridor to her first class, battling.
  35. Cleo heard the plate smash and looked over to Luca, de ran to it trying to nudge him away from the possible harmful shards. Cleo ran and looked for a dust pan to clean up the mess
  36. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Aquamarine used it's tail to sweep up all of the fragments so Luca could walk. Luca carefully picked up all of the shards and placed them into a bin before heading to battling class. Aquamarine hopped back into Luca's Side bag and went to sleep.
  37. Adrian raised his head as well as he heard the shrill sound of the bell. He looked down at the remainder of his sandwich, forlorn; tomorrow he would have to wake up earlier. He gave the rest to Fae, who downed it in a few moments, and the two made their way to the classroom where, supposedly, their Battling class would be held.

    Of course, 'classroom' was quite the loose term; when they entered, they marveled at the small battlefield-like sections of flooring outlined in white paint, likely meant for the students to practice their dueling. A blackboard stood at one end of the room, where an older man seemed to be waiting for the students, a few of whom had already entered. Adrian sat down at one of the tables at the other end of the room, waiting for the rest of the students to arrive. Meanwhile, he picked Fae up and placed her on the surface of the table in front of him, stroking her warm, red fur.
  38. Mia and Ivy gazed at the classroom, battling areas were surrounded by curved tables. Out the front there was a small desk, a blackboard, and a practical looking man standing out the front. About 4 students had arrived, but Mia only really knew one of them. She walked over to a back desk and sat down next to Adrian.

    The man out the frontwalked around, giving small smiled to the students. He bent down to take a closer look at their Pokemon and then walked out to the front. He pulled out a piece chalk and started writing on the chalkboard. My name is Mr Gibson, welcome to your first battling class.
  39. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Luca paused at the teacher. He looked like the youngest teacher in the whole school. Luca curiously wondered what Pokemon he would have. Luca introduced himself to the teacher, sat next to Mia and waited for class to begin.

    Ralts stared at the students through the window, hiding in a tree anxiously, trying not to reveal herself to anyone. Her eyes were fixed on the variety of students that were arriving. Ralts caught attention to a young girl, She had Brown hair and Blue eyes that reminded her of the ocean, Ralts was inspired by the eyes and thought of a performance, She quickly teleported to the river to practice...
  40. "Alright, as it seems many of you are here, I will begin the class" Mr Gibson said, "I am Mr Gibson, and this is my Sceptile" He walked around the room handing out pieces of paper, there were a few questions they had to answer. Mia grabbed her fountain pen and started to read the questions.

    Do you have any experience in battling?
    Do you have a certain goal that you are working towards?
    Do you own a Pokemon?
    If so, what species of Pokemon?
    Do you have any technique in battles?

    These questions were easy for Mia, she didn't have any experience in battling but she did have a goal, she wanted to be a Pokemon breeder. She and Ivy were working towards that goal together. Mia walked over to Mr Gibson and handed him the sheet. "Alright Mia, you see those pokeballs over there?" Mr Gibson said. Mia turned and saw a bunch of pokeballs sitting on a tray. "I want you to choose a random one and go to a battle area, you can then train your Lilligant against it" Mr Gibson said.

    Mia walked towards the table, she picked out a random pokeball and went to one of the small battling fields. She threw the pokeball and out came a golduck. Mia smiled, she had a type advantage in this battle.

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