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Hoenn Scavenger Hunt (Open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by InTheForest, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Lush green grass that was soft to the touch was under Lizzie's shoes as she glanced around the central plaza of Mauville City. Looking up at the dark moonless night sky, she reminisced on what used to be a simple and small city had grown into a huge shopping center filled with strange people and stranger wares or services. Looking to the center of the plaza, she saw the Square Tower being lit up by the city's mainframes. Looking down at the orange pamphlet, it said there was going to be a scavenger hunt for trainers and those that complete it get the ultimate prize of their choosing. The prize listed on her mind was a set of all the evolutionary stones, even ones from places like Orre, a faraway land she had never heard of until today. A bell rang out and a void on a loud speaker went on, the voice of Mauville City's Gym Leader, Wattson.

    "Wow, a lot of you youngsters showed up today. Welcome to the nation-wide scavenger, also known as the Hoenn Scavenger Hunt, HSH! We welcome all, from trainers ready to beat the elite, to those who have yet to try on the gym challenge! Naturally, to make things fair, we have four different lines," Wattson's booming voice paused as the lights went out, the only lighting was various small electronics, lighting from the Center, for the Mart was closed for the event, and lights from the apartments above the plaza, where people on the richer side got ready for bed. A hanging spotlight powered by a Magnemite focused on the far left of Lizzie's view, revealing the tell-tale pink hair of Nurse Joy in front of her Center sitting down in a plastic chair behind a wooden table with stacks of red themed paper to Nurse Joy's left. "For those who have yet to receive a badge, please see Nurse Joy."

    "For those of you with your first, second, or third badges, please see me, Wattson!" The light shifted a foot to Nurse Joy's left to reveal Wattson himself, holding a microphone with his trademark grin. He too was sitting in a plastic chair behind a wooden desk, but the difference was he had yellow papers in front of him.

    "Those with your fourth or fifth badges, please line up in front of Professor Birch, who volunteered to help us all the way from Littleroot!" Shifting a foot from Wattson's left, the lighted showed Professor Birch, who was standing instead of sitting, looking through his stack of papers, which were green.

    "And last but not least, those that have won their sixth, seventh, or eighth badges, please Champion Steven, who is representing both the League and the Devon Corporation, both have helped make this happen!" The light briefly shown to Lizzie's farthest right, and standing in front of the Mart sat Steven, who waved hello to the mass of trainers, which caused girls and guys to squeal and or faint. Lizzie groaned in embarrassment that she was around fan girls and fan guys.

    After waiting a few moments and watching the four people in front of them, the huge group realized they were to go up to their assigned tables and started separating into four crowded lines. Lizzie went to the line for Steven, readying her I.D. and badge case that proudly held seven badges in case they required it. Lizzie's mood eventually worsened as she was constantly pushed and shoved against her will, eventually losing her green bandana and forcing her mousy brown hair to spill around her when another pushed harshly against her once more. In her frustration and uncomfortably due to closed spaces, she reached out with a tanned hand and forced the other trainer to turn to look at her and face her burning grey eyes.

    "I know this is a huge event and all but can you stop pushing on me! Sorry to yell, but I like getting pushed as much as the next gal, which is not very much at all in this crowded mess."
  2. Very feebly, Daniel tried to make his way to Nurse Joy. He was embarrassed, having no Gym Badges at all...but he was surprised at how many of the mass trainers there that hadn't either.

    He was hoping his blonde hair would shaggily cover his hazel eyes, which were filled with embarrassment and disappointment.

    Daniel was being knocked around through the rushing and impatient trainers, causing the small green headed creature in his arms to squirm. His Ralts had been somewhat claustrophobic, but even at times like this he refused to be returned to his PokeBall, for Daniels sake.

    Ralts had nothing wrong with the white and red absorbing sphere, it was Daniel that kept Ralts around. He was a bit tougher than his trainer, and would do anything to protect him.

    After what seemed like forever, Daniel finnaly made it to the line - but there at least 50 people ahead of him. He pulled Ralts closer. A crowd isn't what Daniel was best at, but the prize was in mind. He wanted to meet the current Top Coordinator. Daniel had great interests in Contests, and this would be his perfect chance to meet her, or to get official lessons.

    Now thy he had survived the journey, all he had to do was wait in the line... wait - wait - and wait.
  3. Lizzie, after the confrontation with the other trainer that almost got her kicked out of the competition, finally got to the front. In front of her was Steven, the very champion she was aiming to beat. The stack she saw at the beginning was nearly depleted, the stack having around 20 or less sheets left. Steven flashed a smile at Lizzie before asking for ID and badge case. Presenting both, they were handed back to her with the gray sheet, which now being so close to it, she could now see it was a map with items. Moving away from the crowd, she sat on the grass, looking at the map's locations.
  4. After standing and waiting for an agonizing amount of time, he came face to face with Nurse Joy.

    She gave off a friendly smile and waved to Daniel.

    "H-Hello...I-I'm Daniel...." He told the pink haired nurse.

    Ralts spoke his name from in the arms of the boy.

    "Of course, here Daniel!" She replied, taking a sheet of paper from a stack, where about 15 sheets of paper left lied. She handed it to Daniel.

    He meekly received the paper, and thanked Nurse Joy, walking off to the side for the next trainer to repeat the process he had just went through.

    Shifting Ralts to his left arm, they both peered at the map that was held in his right hand. He silently examined the items on the list as he took a seat on a small hill like bump in the ground.

    The noise of chattering people was a bit distracting, but he bared through it, setting Ralts down next to him.
  5. Lizzie looked up to see the people in the lines getting shorter until each of the hosts called out "No more maps, either team up or leave!" Making many people beg others to let them join or most of them to leave in disappointment. Sighing, she released Sceptile to keep her company as she noticed many others had their Pokemon out. Sitting close to him, she rested against the compliant Sceptile, who had begun looking through the map, occasionally excitedly pointing out a city they had been to.
  6. Daniel and Ralts perked up as each of the hosts voices book from the speakers that there were no more maps left.

    He sighed in relief that he got one, but as he sat on the grass, holding Ralts close, he saw three trainers a bit older than him walk by. Their heads were low, as the disappintmeant on their face wasn't describable. The girl of the three was even in tears.

    Daniel couldn't bare seeing someone shatter like that, and he thought about the end results. Yeah, he wanted to become a great coordinator an get lessons, but he only had two Pokemon - what is there to hope for with that.

    The shaggy haired boy stood, picking his Pokemon up in his arms, and caught up to the three. He hoped his social anxiety wouldn't kick in just long enough for him to do what he considered to be the right thing.

    When he caught up to them he moved infrot of their view.

    "G-guys...he-....." He started to rub his rub his arm as he shifted.

    "He-here...you....you deserve it...m-more..." He manage to speak, holding his map out.

    The threes' expressions slowly changed. They questioned if he's sure, but he just noded, and handed his map over. They happily accepted it and thanked the boy, before running back off.

    But then there Daniel stood, with no map in his possession - basically giving up his dream.

    Walking off a bit disappointed himself, he held Ralts close. He felt embarrassed as he was part of the handful that didn't had a map, to be sent home or partner up - which asking strangers to be apart of a team wasn't even a consideration for him. His shyness would not allow it.

    He kicks the dirt softly as he makes his way out of the area, but it wasn't just dirt that he hit. Before he knew it he was falling face first into the grass. Ralts went tumbling from his arms.


    Daniel turned to see if it was a tree stump that he tripped over, but no, it was a large green tail - a sceptile tail.

    His eyes races from the tail up to the large body of the reptile Pokemon, seeing it's trainer, a girl, leaning up against it.

    "I-I'm so sorry!" He sputtered, scooting back, fearful of the intimidating Pokemon - searching for where his Ralts fell off too.
  7. Sceptile glanced to the boy who was currently freaking out. Putting the map down, he stood up to his full height, leaving his trainer to lean on nothing. Since Lizzie wasn't magic, she fell on the grass, hitting her head on the soft grass. Groggily, Lizzie sat up, looking to see Sceptile staring at a boy who was backing away from them quizzically.

    "Hey, are you alright? What are you looking for?" Lizzie questioned the boy, her tone demanding answers to her questions immediately. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a Ralts, but made no move towards it.
  8. Bleyd's PokeNav was broken, and at the worst of times. He hadn't ever bothered to learn sign language, and with the feature his sister had created on his PokeNav, he hadn't needed to. But the device wouldn't so much as turn on, so there was no way he could ask for a map. With the chaos and loudness around him, it seemed to Bleyd that yelling would be the only way to get anyone's attention, and it was impossible for him to yell.

    He balled his hands into fists and gritted his teeth. That's what Bleyd hated most about being mute: feeling so helpless. It wouldn't be so bad if he had never been able to speak, but it was only about a year ago that his voice just went kaput. The doctors had no explaination, and worse, no cure. His sister the tech wiz had managed to create a speech synthesizer for his PokeNav, and only them did he realize how dependent he had become on it.

    With no other way to unleash his anger, Bleyd kicked a rock as far and hard as he could. It hit a Sceptile in the side and started a sort of chain reaction. The Sceptile turned slightly towards Bleyd, causing an unsuspecting trainer to trip on its tail, causing Sceptile to look at the trainer, causing the Sceptile's trainer to fall down.

    Bleyd rushed over to the toppled trainers. 'I'm sorry,' he tried to say, but he only mouthed the words while exhaling, unable to put the sound behind them. Bleyd cursed himself mentally for not even being able to apologize. He searched his pockets for things to write with and eventually found a pen and an old envelope. He scrawled 'SORRY' on the back of the envelope and held it out awkwardly towards the trainers.
  9. Lizzie turned her attention away from one boy to spot another. She looked closely at it before realizing it was for them. "Sorry? Sorry for what? If you're saying sorry for something, you might want to tell what it is. Quite all right for whatever you're saying sorry for, at least on our side. Right, Sceptile?" Sceptile cooed in agreement, he might have been surprised by the rock, but it hadn't really hurt him, so it was alright as long as his trainer was alright with it. "Err... Do you need something to write on?"
  10. Bleyd frowned sheepishly. 'Yes,' he wrote next to sorry. He hadn't left much room for follow up conversation on the envelope. He tried to think of a way to explain why he was sorry in the shortest way possible without further confusing the girl.
  11. Lizzie raised up one finger before digging in her bag. "Lets see... Fresh Water, Lemonade, some berries... Ah!" From her bag, she pulled out a green notepad that featured Treecko on the cover. "Here you go." Lizzie gave the notepad to Bleyd, before waiting for him to write and the other boy to explain.
  12. Ralts was finally able to spot his trainer, Daniel, and made his way to him, placing his small white hand onto Daniel, as if he could help him up.

    Barely noticing his partner, Daniel watched as a silent boy approached them and began writing on the envelope. Daniel held Ralts in his arms and stood. He want going to speak, due to worrying about saying something stupid and getting embarrassed. He just watched as the things played out in front of him - trying to figure out why the boy wouldn't talk, and why he was apologizing.
  13. Bleyd took the journal gratefully and began writing. He tried to keep it short and sweet to save as much room as possible. 'My name's Bleyd. Long story short, I can't talk. I'm sorry I hit your Sceptile.' He noticed the map
    In the girl's hand and felt a flicker of hope. 'Any chance you would be willing to share a map?' He was scared she would say no. After all, he had just kicked a rock at her Sceptile, tripped a guy, and knocked her over in one fell swoop.
  14. "O-oh." Danial answered.

    A mute kid. Daniel was all too familiar with this.

    "My...my dad is mute too..." He told the boy, holding Ralts a bit closer. He surprised himself at his ability to admit something like that to a stranger.
  15. Lizzie glanced down at the map she was holding. It included areas she couldn't readily reach with just her Pokemon on hand, and it wouldn't hurt to have company. "Like I said before, me and Sceptile easily forgive others." Lizzie paused, glancing at Sceptile, who nodded in agreement, before continuing. "And yes, I can share the map. Company is company and help is help."
  16. Bleyd grinned. 'Thank you!" he scribbled. He knew he could be of help. 'Knows fly," he wrote, excitedly fingering his single Poke ball

    He turned to Daniel, his excitement fading. 'I'm sorry," he scrawled. 'Not talking sucks.' Immediately after writing it, he hoped he hadn't offended Daniel. He hadn't meant to sound mean, but that's how he felt.
  17. Daniel let out a small laugh.

    "I know, right? B-but my dad makes the most of it...it actually helps his bond with his pokemon a lot, plus...he says that my mother doesn't nag him all day anymore." He smiled at the memories.
  18. Bleyd smiled. He was glad that the boy's dad had come to terms with being mute, something Bleyd himself had been too stubborn to figure out. 'What are your names?' He scribbled onto the pad of paper. (Accidentally forgot he didn't know their names in the last post)
  19. Detsu ran in a panic asking various trainers to join him but none would accept. "Blaze can you at least act like you care?" the Blaziken snickered at its owner which made Destu even more nervous. "Oh fine." he said as he laid down tired from all the running "we'll stop here." he darted his Maroon eyes left and right to find someone who would let him look at the map. "All I need is to see it and I can just have you redraw it with Sketch." he said to the Smeargle that decided to follow them. "Guess I should name-" he trailed of as his eyes found three trainers in a triangle."All right let's do this guys" he said as he made his way towards the group.
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