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Hoenn Retold

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Paleoneos, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Sobius Lett peered over his shoulder one more time. This was it, he was finally saying goodbye to this god-forsaken old town he had grown up in. Littleroot was all fine and dandy but the boy was ready to explore and having recently been approved by the local Trainer Academy, Sobi had earned his Trainer's License and more importantly his first Pokemon, a curious little Treecko. The reptilian creature made its way up the boy's back and onto his shoulder obscuring his view of the town signifying it was time for him to leave. "Ko-," it said abruptly.

    Sobius Lett, a lanky 18 year old a little late on his start for his Pokemon Journey, tied his mane of long wavy black hair into a ponytail as he made his way towards Oldale Town to pick up his starter package at the Oldale Pokemart. The trip was necessary as Littleroot didn't have one. His Treecko, Gladiator, remained perched on his shoulder occasionally licking its eyeballs to keep them moist, looking absent minded. Sobi was proud of the Pokemon though as he got to start off with and had already spent some time bonding with a Pokemon few Trainers were allowed to start their journey with. He couldn't wait to test its abilities. As he ventured towards the city limits the scenery changed. First from farmland and scattered buildings to fresh pine and fields of wild grass. He was finally leaving home and the feeling of homesickness he thought he might have was overwhelmed by the sense of adventure. All he had to do was start walking.

    It had been a few days traveling on the route to Oldale town. The sun was in high noon casting over the surrounding forest in a dramatic thick haze of humidity fueled by the nearby ocean. Sobi wiped his brow with the back of his forearm having taken a moment to rest on one of the many mossy boulders. Unlike the normal paths, highways and roads the cars took, Pokemon Trainers had to brave the wild much farther away from civilization to enter the domain of the creatures within. Over the years paths have been forged through the thickets though they never stayed for too long, eventually the wilds overtook them.

    A rustling of leaves from above signaled the return of his friend. The eye-lidless commodity jumped from branch to branch using its particularly sticky fingers onto the surfaces. It looked down spying its Trainer and crawled downwards with something attached to its belly. Sobi jumped up excited.

    "Oh! Great Job!!" Adventure was exhausting but it was also exciting and Sobi loved taking survival tactics and applying them. He had attached a pouch to the stomach of the gecko and it was now full of berries. He knew grass type Pokemon had an affinity for finding fruit and his cold-blooded friend was no different. The two sat on the mossy outcrop together happily munching berries carefully aware of a small rustling nearby. It wasn't uncommon for other Pokemon to be attracted to food.

    He kept his guard up listening intently to the rustling behind him all the while making sure to keep an eye on his Treecko. It might be a great time to test out his abilities. Suddenly out of the brush, a Pokemon jumped out and snagged a few berries.

    "Hey!" Sobi cried. The Pokemon perched on a tree limb far above his reach and began munching on the berries. The boy quickly whipped out his Pokedex to make a positive ID though he already knew what kind of Pokemon it was. The portable dex chimed.

    "Pidgey: The Tiny Bird Pokemon. Ability: Big Pecks. This Pokemon prefers evasive maneuvers and will only attack when cornered." It was a bad type match-up. If the Pidgey used any Flying Type moves against his Treecko the battle would be over quickly. He had to rely on the Grass-Types climbing abilities and agility. The real problem was that Absorb and Pound needed the Pokemon to touch the Pidgey or get within strike zone in which case could open the lizard up to a direct attack.

    "Gladiator." Sobi said calmly. Though the tone was soft, his reptilian Pokemon suddenly became ridged and responsive. It hissed, eyes focusing on its foe above in the trees. The bird cawed loudly signaling its attempt to run. "Go Now! Pound!" With amazing speed and power, the Treecko jumped 7 feet into the air onto a branch in a nearby tree and skillfully thrust itself towards the bird that was beginning to take flight. It was almost in slow motion. In the last second, Treecko was going to miss the Pound and instead grabbed the bird's leg using Absorb. The draining of energy kept the Pidgey from flying and instead they plummeted towards the ground. Treecko managed to let go sticking to the base of a trunk as the bird hit the ground.
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  2. Mikkaru was hungrily wondering the forest with her Pidgy looking for food. They found a few berries and began to eat them before Pidgey jumped up and flew away suddenly. "Hey! Pidgey, where are you going?!" She shouted towards her Pokémon. She raced after it before seeing it up in a tree. She watched as a stranger sent out their Treeko, and as they attacked her beloved bird Pokemon. "Hey! What do you think you are doing!" She yelled angrily.
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  3. The atmosphere was suddenly still as if a massive pause button was pushed. Gladiator the Treecko was even in mid attack. Sobius slowly turned to see the source of the shrill sound his eyes meeting the rather annoyed gaze of a girl who he assumed was the trainer of this Pidgey. He snapped his fingers and treecko appeared by his side.

    "I'm sorry I thought it was a wild Pokemon." He said it calmly though with a bit of hesitation as he knew sometime trainers would "steal" a catch after another trainer does all the work.
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  4. Mikkaru ran forward and scooped up her pokemon, eyebrows furrowed with concern. She looked back at the trainer with hopeful eye. " Its fine, just please tell me you happen to have a potion on you?" She asked, worried about her Pidgey.

    ((Just asking, what does Sobius look like?))
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  5. The tall, lanky dark-haired boy messed through his thick wild hair sheepishly before fishing a potion out his backpack. He took the liberty to call the pidgey forth and spray the healing mist around it. Gladiator sat down looking at the trio stuffing his face with berries making a small mumbling sound.

    "There we go. Good as new. I apologize again for that. Here, take this." He put out his hand extending his palm in a giving gesture. It was a sitrus berry. He only had two but he thought he'd share. No doubt his treecko would find more. "Just in case."

    (( he is rather tall about 6'2" with long black mane of messy hair. His eyes are crimson in color and currently he is sporting a white v-neck undershirt with a leather jacket and tight leather pants. There is a belt around his waist that carries all of his pokemon and he sports a one shoulder backpack. Also he has a dangling eating featuring a question mark on his ear.))
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  6. Mikkaru looked at the up tall boy. "Oh, no. We're fine, we had been gathering berries just before all this happened actually." She scratched her head embarrassedly, "Hey, I don't believe I know your name."

    ((Cool! Mikkaru is about average height, she has blue hair that comes down to her waist and ice blue eyes. She is wearing a tight white dress that comes down to
    her knees and has light blue earrings that look kind of like water droplets and a light blue scarf. ))
    ((Also, sorry for the short post.))
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  7. "Sobius Lett at your service." He bowed deeply extending his left arm over in front of himself and quickly resumed normal stance. "Or sobi for short."

    With his refocus on the girl he tuned into her exotic beauty. He didn't really think much of it as far as romance was concerned but instead acknowledged that she was indeed pretty cute. Treecko had finished with its berries and took its normal place on his shoulder.

    "So where are ya headed? Just start your journey too?" Hr decided to take a seat on one of the nearby boulders inviting her for a chat. Either she would become a rival or not, simple as that. He made sure to always keep his competition in check.

    (( no worries sometimes its hard to respond longer. :)))
  8. Mikkaru listened as the boy introduced himself. "Ok, Sobi. By the way, my name
    is Mikkaru. I am headed to Oldale town from here." Mikkaru replied to his questions "And yes, I just started my journey also!" She stood up to stretch and her Pidgey flew up to sit on her shoulder. "Where are you going from here?" The girl asked.

    ((Thanks, I'm a beginner at Roleplay so take pity upon me. :) ))
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  9. Off in the distance, hidden by trees and bushes, a small camp fire crackled as a young man sat with a Growlithe, an egg beside him on a cushion. He sipped on a cup of tea watching the Pokemon. "Finally out on adventure. It's good to be out in the world huh boy?" The Growlithe gave a bark as it's plum of a tail wagged happily. "I do miss Uncle but he should be fine at the Gym. Besides Tabitha is old enough to look after it if Uncle needs to leave." He smiled as he rubbed the Pokemon's head. He stood up retrieving a red fedora from the ground placing it on his head.
    He wore a similarly colored jacket along with a black undershirt and gloves. Below his waist were jeans and black boots. On a belt loop was a chain with different pokeballs, they clattered faintly against the tops of each other as he moved.
    "The outdoors are nice but I'd prefer not camping out, if we can help it." He folded his hands behind his head looking up at the sky. his hazel eyes seemed to burn. "Wonder what new Pokemon are ahead. I know me and you can take'em but it is exciting." The Pokemon shook itself off as it bounded up to his side, as it did so he went to his coat retrieving a small pouch which he dumped out over the fire releasing sand over it effectively putting it out. "Welp we better keep moving"
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  10. @Mikkaru
    The boy raised an eyebrow moving to stand and dusted himself off. "Well then, looks like we're gonna be travel buddies because that's where I'm headed." He placed his hand over his brow scanning on the horizon. Treecko mimicked him.

    "Looks like this way. When did you wanna start heading out? I need to catch a new Pokemon at some point."

    @Drake Tyban
    ((Did you want an encounter or join us eventually?))
  11. Mikkaru giggled at the sight of the two close friends. "We can start at any time, I'm ready whenever!" She said "I need to catch some new Pokemon too. Her Pidgey gave her a worried look. "No, I'm not replacing you, silly!" She said. "I'm getting you a new friend!" This cheered up the bird Pokemon and he nuzzled up against his trainer's chin.
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  12. @Paleoneos
    (I figured we would meet up and I could join you for a while, unless you had something else in mind)

    With everything packed he looked down at the Growlithe nodding. "Alright we should get going, we can't stay here forever." He smiled before blinking his smile fading. "Where is that scarf I got you? Did you lose another one?" The Growlithe gave a innocent smile. "You nut we'll just get another one in the next town...as soon as we know where that is. This Region is defiantly not Kanto." He chuckled nervously.
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  13. @Mikkaru @Drake Tyban

    Sobi led the way through the thicket attempting to find the path he was originally on though to little avail. He sent Gladiator up into the trees to scout out how close and to his dismay he had managed to lead him and his new teammate to the middle of nowhere. Strangely enough they also managed to stumble upon another trainer who seemed to be just leaving. Under his breath he muttered but knew he'd need help.

    "Hey you! Do you know how far we are from the main route to Oldale town?" While he was talking he took the time to quickly scan the Growlithe for his pokedex making a mental note of its typing and smelling ability. 'Maybe it can sniff out the road.' He thought to himself.

    This entire time though he didn't pay attention to Mikkaru. "Sorry, my name is Sobi and this is Mikkaru. Are you heading the same way?"
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  14. "Oldale?" He looked at his Pokemon then back at the boy. "Is...that near Fallarbor Town?" He rubbed the back of his head him and his Growlithe laughing. "We...are kind of tourists" I've been stuck out her for the past few hours. Oh right I'm Drake, and this is Alibaster!" The Growlithe barked tail wagging as Drake hefted a backpack onto his back.
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  15. "Perhaps you would require my assistance?" The new trainer appeared younger than Sobi, but older than Mikkaru. He was wearing Knight's armor with only his pale skin, brown hair and blue eyes visible, and for some reason had a Ponyta garbed in Nylon silk as his steed. He also had a Honedge resting on his back. "If it's to Oldale town you wish to go, than I shall lead you to the fabled checkpoint."
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  16. Mikkaru looked at the sudden visitors with a bit of surprise. "Oh, yeah that would be great!" She said "Drake if you would like you can tag along." She wanted to get going soon due to the idea of catching more Pokémon.
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  17. @Everyone

    Sobi was a bit taken aback by how quickly the group had grown though this was commonplace. There were always new trainers here and there with their own motives, journeys and skills. It was always safer to travel in groups anyway so he shrugged.

    "I guess that means for now at least we are a team." He starred cautiously at the strangely dressed male ironclad. It was more of a Kalos thing to dress up like that though he had heard the people of Rota made that their daily attire as well. Trying to make conversation, he spoke.

    "So who might you be? That garb is pretty uncommon around here." He motioned towards the boy on the Ponyta. Meanwhile Gladiator was attempting to share some berries with Mikkaru's Pidgey.
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  18. "Ah, yon friend speaks the truth! I be not from here, rather from fabled Garlon Castle in far Garet. I hath come to do battle with the many Pokemon of this Reigon in search of completing the records of mine Pokedex. Where come ye from?"
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  19. @Eeveechu151 He didn't mean to but he accidentally made a whoa sound after listening to the guy. He had never heard of Garlon Castle or Garet but the Pokemon world was vast. He quickly spoke in order to regain his composure.

    "I'm from here to be perfectly honest with you. The town a few bits back is where I moved to recently. So we are all trainers attempting to complete our Pokedexs huh?" He made a motion that signaled for the boy to lead the way. While walking behind him though, he wondered why the Honedge that was staring at Sobi didn't manage to attack its trainer. Even skilled trainers found this Pokemon difficult to deal with.
  20. He awed at the sight of Ponyta approaching it. "So majestic." The Growlithe barked jealously as Drake dismissed him. "You are too but you don't have fire coming out of your body boy. You know I've always wanted one for the Gym." He noticed the question of where everyone was from and smiled. "Cinnabar Island, born and raised." He bowed at the knight. "Drake Tyban, son of the breeder Neil Tyban." He began to follow them his Growlithe not far behind.
  21. "Ah, then you be skilled at Pokemon care, yea? A tip for me Honedge; sharpen the dull parts of yon blade each morn. Yon Pokemon become yer friend then. 'Tis what I do. The city be yonder." he said, gently tugging the reins on Ponyta so that it trotted beside the group.
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  22. Mikkaru jumped into the conversation "I'm from here also! But I'm not anybody important or the daughter there of." She shrugged "But that doesn't bother me." She said "I'm going to explore the world, meeting Pokémon and people as I go!"
  23. "Ah, a just cause, milady. Dare I ponder, but could ye acquaint ye' sefls with me?" the man said, gently stroking the neck of his Ponyta. The Pokemon gently neighed as it trotted along.
  24. "Why of course!" Mikkaru said "Ask any question and you get a answer!" She said swirling around on her tippy toes.
  25. @Eeveechu151 Sobi allowed the others to go first taking turns asking each other questions and giving answers. He didn't really disclose much other than the fact that he had just started his journey and was following the guidelines of first Gyms, then E4 and finally to take a shot at the champion. However without any gear none of this would be feasible.

    He facepalmed after not disclosing some bits of information he wasn't sure they knew. "Hey guys almost forgot. Oldale's Pokemart will have a free Starter kit for us. It comes with a few Pokeballs, some potions and a fee status healers. All you'll have to do is show your trainer card.' H started walking however slowly just to get the group on the move. They would most likely continue to chatter as they went along.
  26. "Ah, 'tis true, my comrade. However, I came with the equips required for a knight of Garlon. Dost ye no have the gear as of yet, good sir?"
  27. @Eeveechu151 "Well my friend Garlon must be pretty big." He turned around to point. In the distance one would be able to see a small settlement separated by vast farmland.

    "See that? That's Littleroot; something I believe you'd call a hamlet. It doesn't have a lot if things the big cities do here including Pokemarts or centers. The professor and his assistants made it the town of choice for trainers to start their journey because if thus. In tune with nature and all that jazz." He stopped realizing he was monologuing and would rather not get caught along the moment.

    "Anyways no I don't have the gear I need yet, just Gladiator here."

    "Ko-!" Chirped the green lizard.
  28. "Alas, the Garet Region may be huge, but Garlon Castle itself is as small as your homeland." he said, removing some Potions from his pack. "For you, good sir."
  29. Mikkaru looked at the both of them. "We might want to get going soon." She said pointing to the sun "The sun is setting and if we want to get there by tomarrow we might want to go now."
  30. "Ah, you speak truly fair maiden. Alas, let us travel. If I may reveal my name, I am known in Garet as Sir Elan the Skilled. Might thee inform me of yon titles?" Sir Elan said, strapping his pack to the silk on his Ponyta.
  31. "My name is Mikkaru." She said smiling. "This is my Pidgey!" She said pointing to the small bird pokemon on her shoulder. "Your Ponyta is beautiful!" She added starry eyed.
  32. Drake had been day dreaming before being snapped back to reality blinking. "Oh, huh...sorry what were we talking about I seemed to have trailed off..." He looked down at his Growlithe which seemed to roll it's eyes. "Hey now I don't need anything from you Ali" He teased the Pokemon as he hoisted him up rubbing the Pokemon's head with a smile.
  33. "Ah, I was just being aqainted with yon band of travelers."
  34. "Oh my gosh, is that a Ponyta" a short Brown haired kid yelled. He got near. "Mind if I add it to the pokedex, oh I'm Josh, I'm trying to impress my older brother by filling up the the pokedex" he pulls it out and starts getting data.
  35. "Ah, you have my permission, fabled squire. The Pokedex Completion is an honorable goal to acheve. Scan as you wish."
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  36. Finishing up, he shows is party of Pokemon and said " I found some hoenn maps and I don't need them so here" handing them some maps. He returns his charmander and bayleef. But kepps his pikachu out. "Well, I hope wee can be friends".
  37. "Why of course!" Mikkaru said politely "Pikachu, huh? Does it have a name?" She looked at the mouse pokemon, it was quite cute. "An adorable pokemon if I do say so myself!" She added pushing a blue strand of hair out of her eyes and behind her ear.
  38. "Aye, I agree with the fair maiden. 'Tis a wise choice in Pikachu." Suddenly, Sir Elan realized that he never got the names of his new friends. "Could I bother ye for your titles, good sirs and madam?"
  39. "As i said I'm Josh and this is Sparks" he said "oh thank you" he said handing over some money
  40. He smiled warmly setting his Pokemon down turning to the knight. "Might I ask why someone garbbed in a full suit of battle armor is wandering around in the middle of Hoenn's woods? It seems a bit out of place." He shrugged. "Maybe it's just we don't have knights in Kanto."

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