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Open Hoenn region rp

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Firetamer123, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. You can use any pokemon. Please don't start with any legendary/rare pokemon. you can have one shiny pokemon in your team. I consider shiny pokemon more of an uncommon thing then a rare thing. You can start with six pokemon in your team when you start. please be nice and don't curse. you can have crushes and boyfriends/girlfriends. Don't go op on us if you do join XP Also we don't start out with the mega bracelets but your pokemon can hold the mega stones. I'll let you know when you can get it though so don't worry.

    number of badges: (three or less)
    back story:

    Here's mine:

    Name: Jasmine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Long orange red hair, green eyes, dark purple tang top (like profile pic), red skirt, long black socks and red shoes.
    Personality: friendly, sweet, kind, caring, shy at times
    number of badges: 0
    Goals: Be the best she can be
    Pokemon: Houndoom, charmeleon, vulpix, sawbuck, Breloom, Roselia
    back story: Father was a fire type gym leader, Mother was a grass and bug type gym leader. both are retired and living in littleroot. Jasmine as always dreamed of adventure and becoming a strong pokemon trainer. She helped the professor with his research of near by pokemon. In return he would help her get and train her own pokemon team.


    Jasmine got out of bed and raced down the stairs to get breakfast. Her baby sister and brother were still sleeping. "Mom, Dad! I'm going now!" she called after she finished her meal. "Wish me luck!" She ran out the door holding her bag close. She couldn't wait to get going. Her strongest pokemon Houndoom remained close to her hands if she encountered any trouble. She stopped at the beginning of route 1. She paused. It dawned on her that she would be leaving home for a very long time. She took one last look at the little town she called home before walking through route 1.
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  2. Name: Sasha
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Brown long hair hung up in a ponytail. She has fair skin covered in freckles and commonly is found in a black tank top covered in a red crop jacket. She wears black skinny jeans.
    Personality: She is a very loudmouthed and rather crude young woman with rebellious tendencies. She is the kind of girl who really doesn't care about what others think of her.
    Number of Badges: Trio Badge (Unova)
    Goals: To prove her father wrong.
    Pokemon: Yamask (Level 14), Zorua (Level 16), and a Gothita (Level 13)
    Back Story: She was born and raised in Unova, her older brother being a rather successful trainer. He caught her her first Pokemon, a Zorua, and raised her for years. Later on, she caught her two other Pokemon, trying to keep up with her brother. Her father ended up looking down on her, thinking that she would never become as good as her older brother. She came to Hoenn to prove her father wrong.


    Sasha wandered around Route 1, a bit confused. She didn't exactly know what to do, wandering around aimlessly. "Good God, where am I?" She asked, stumbling over rocks and branches. She hated Hoenn, it was so different compared to Unova. "Hello!" She called out, hoping for an answer. "Can someone tell me where I am?"
  3. Jasmine heard someone call out she she answer. "Hello!" She called. She didn't know if it was friend of foe. She held one of her poke balls in her hand just to be on the safe side. "Your on route 1 of the hoenn region!" She said.
  4. Name: Nathan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: has black and white hair with green eyes and white pants with black spots and a black shirt with white spots
    Personality: carefree, energetic, and outgoing
    Number of badges: 0
    Goals: To be a top Pokémon performer
    Pokémon: Froslass and Drifblim
    Back story: Nathan used to be bullied when he was young, but used that as a stepping stone. Nathan then meet his two Pokémon and started to perform just for fun, but then decided to become a top performer. Nathan decided to go to the Hoenn region to perform and make everyone smile like he did in Sinnoh his home region.

    Rp: As Nathan got off the boat from Sinnoh he then headed straight to twinleaf town to see if there was a place to preform. Then out of nowhere he heard someone calling out. He then responded " No I don't, I was wondering the same thing cause I'm not sure if I'm going the right way." Nathan shouted towards the direction he heard the person. At the same time he heard someone relate respond where they were.
  5. Name: Kayo
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Kayo has Short spiky white hair he wears a casual hoodie jacket and jeans.
    Noticable Features: He has a necklace that was given by his grandfather the necklace has a stone but not even his grandfather knew what it was.
    Personality: Kayo is out going and friendly but quiet to people he doesn’t know.
    Badges: 4
    Goal: To win the hoenn league
    Pokemon: Combusken Shiny umbreon lairon
    milotic shelgon roselia
    Backround: Kayo is born in alola but they moved to hoenn due to his fathers work(hes a cop)

    Kayo was walking down to lavaridge town “Ah there it is man! this took a while...” he says exhaustingly. He arrives and head’s to the pokemon centre for the night he then heads to his room but before he enters it a guy confronts him “Hey! you here to challenge the gym?” kayo rubbs his eyes “Yeah so what if i am?” the guy gets slightly frustrated “Hmph goodluck then you won’t stand a chance!” kayo opens his door “We will see then” he yawns and lies on his bed and falls asleep. The next morning he wakes up he looks at the time “Oh its that early ugh!” he lies back down and looks at his watch again “Wait?!” he rubs his eyes “I better get going!” he grabs his bags and heads out he walks down the stairs and goes to nurse joy “Here you go your pokemon are fit and well!” he takes his pokemon “Thank you” he slightly bows and walks out. Whilst looking for the gym he doesn’t notice much of the town other than a few buildings a small market he them notices the gym “There it is!” he walks in and notices the guy from the night before battle he seemed to have lost kayo gave a big wave “For someone who talks big you sure lost” the guy walked past saying nothing the gym leader seemed nice “Hey you! you must be here to challenge me? whats your name?” kayo walked down “Kayo...kayo osako...nice to meet you” the gym leader got to her position “Ready? here we go! go torqual” her pokemon came out sending out steam “Alright then Umbreon show them” umbreon came out the blue sparkled “Oh! ive never seen a blue umbreon this one must be rare! anyway this won’t change anything fire spin go!” her pokemon fired it “Use agility to dodge it!” umbreon dodged it fast “Now dark pulse” it was a direct hit but torqual was still standing “Flamethrower go!” it fired it again “Use agility again!” umbreon dodged it once more “Now shadow claw!” umbreon jumped “Fire spin” she said at the unexpected moment umbreon was hit badly “Umbreon!” Kayo ran to it “Can you still fight?” it shook his head then it fainted “Guess not then..take a good rest..okay that wasn’t bad... if you have fire so have i go combusken!” combusken front flipped out of its pokeball and landed “Combusken!” it shouted its name “Alright quick attack lets go” she quickly countered it “Use overheat!” kayo saw combusken going for the attack “Combusken run around torkoal instead!” it ran around it as fast as it could Flanery got frustrated a little “Keep using flamethrower!” kayo smirked “Use double kick!”
    combusken jumped and double kicked torkoal it lost it step and slid “Torkoal you okay!” torkoal got angry and released a large amount of smoke “Okay use body slam” torkoal jumped “Fire punch!” kayo quickly said torkoal went for combusken for the fire punch unfortunately it had no effect and torkoal got a direct hit. Combusken was struggling to get up “Overheat charge it up to the max!” torkoal was heating up “come on combusken you get up please..!” combusken was still struggling suddenly it stopped so did torkoal combusken started to glow and stood up “BLAZIKEN!” it was shouting loudly “Woa...!” the gym leader smiled “Ive never seen this happen before!” kayo smiled “Don’t get distracted...now lets try this use blaze kick lets go..” blaziken ran at high speed and got a direct hit it was still out of breath flanery came up to kayo “This was far the best battle i had in a long time here you deserve this...!” kayo took the badge and put it away “Thank you this has taught me alot..!” kayo walked out and headed to the next town.
  6. Name: Dull
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: Black hair with blue eyes, black jacket with sunglasses, and blue jeans with black socks and black shoes.
    Personality: Rebel, serious, light-hearted, caring
    Number of badges: 3
    Goals: To become the champion of Hoenn and to be more caring
    Pokemon: Lucario (lv. 29), Notch-eared Pichu (lv. 28, Grovyle (lv. 27), Pawniard (lv.24)
    Backstory: Dull was born in Sinnoh. Dull was the life of the party. He was never a bully, but more of a brainy socialite. But when he was getting a Pokemon, but there was an incident making Dull stuck with a Riolu. But he was able to beat Sinnoh and Kanto with various Pokemon. After the huge trials of Kanto and Sinnoh, Dull decided to start over and leave all of his Pokemon except his Lucario, who Dull had a tight bond with Lucario already. Dull's mom and dad divorced right after he became the champion of Sinnoh. Dull decided to visit his dad after the sad events. Dull found out his father had become a part of the Kanto Elite Four. After beating Kanto, he decided to go to Hoenn to visit some of his grandparents. His grandma was a Dragon-Type trainer who got all eight badges and his grandpa beat the entire battle frontier. They both retired and reside at Littleroot Town, where he can get his starter for absolutely no reason. He also realized he needs to start caring for his Pokemon more. So his Pokemon started learning other necessary skills of a caring trainer. With his skills, he was able to beat Roxanne, Brawly, and Watson. He is currently traveling to Mt. Chimney.

    Rp: Dull was traveling to Mt. Chimney when he found an abandoned Pokemon. "Huh?" questioned Dull. So Dull brought out Lucario. "Go, Lucario!" "Lucario!" he growled. But then it appeared. It was a Gligar! "Gli..." groaned the Pokemon. Dull realized: "Gligars don't live in Hoenn! This one must be thrown out from the Safari Zone!" So the Gligar started to beg for Dull to catch him. With a smile, Dull to catch him! All it took was a Poke Ball and three shakes. Now he was continuing to trip to Mt. Chimney.
    Gligar (lv.25)
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  7. Name:william
    Appearance:blue hoodie with sports pants and a white t-shirts
    Personality:nice, adventurous, funny
    number of badges: stone badge, knuckle badge, and dynamo badge
    Goals: to travel every region there is!!!
    Pokemon: eevee and sneasle
    back story: William was born in johto but then moved to hoenn and is currently on mt.chimney looking for a important abandoned lab

    RP: as William walks and hikes on mt.chimney William hears a male Pokemon trainer looking and talking to a gligar that looked like it was from the safari zone William walked down to the trainer and said "hi my name is William" as he went to shake his hand
  8. RP: After finally getting to Mt. Chimney, Dull finally found what was looking for. "Hey, the meteorite!" Dull said. So he took the Meteorite and went and bought some Lava Cookies for Pokemon. Gligar seemed to like spicy things. "Gligar.," said Gligar. So he ate all of the cookies he bought. "Well that's okay, let's just buy some more," said Dull. So Dull went down through the Jagged Pass, not to mention beating all of the trainers there. "Phew! Let's get to Lavaridge," said Dull. But then, he saw a trainer. "Hey," Dull said.
  9. william then said "hey did you happen to see a abandoned lab" as he pulled out a map to show him
  10. As kayo continued along the route he encounters a group of people in mysterious clothing he takes out a book “So this must be team plasma huh? how unfortunate hmph! better keep going...” Kayo walks past them as if not to notice anything then one of the grunts notices kayo walking past and confronts him “Hey! you! what are you doing?!” kayo attempted to continue walking but the grunt pushed him back “Your not going anywhere...now play nice and hand over your pokemon sure a trainer like you must have some rare pokemon!” kayo closed his eyes and gave a smirk “how about i show you that will maybe shut you up!” both trainers took a step back “Umbreon lets go!” umbreon jumped out the blue sparkled from its body and was ready to face its enemy. The grunt throws his pokeball “Go slugma!” slugma came out fired up “Shadow ball” umbreon quickly fired it the grunt thought quickly back “Use flamethrower to get rid of it!” it fired its move and both hit the shadow ball was lost and the flamethrower continued on towards umbreon “Dodge it!” kayo quickly told umbreon the move missed “Now use faint attack lets go!” umbreon vanished and hit slugma it withstood the attack but was heavily damaged “Slugma! use tackle” kayo gave a smirk “Dodge it and use shadow claw!” umbreon dodged it with ease and finished slugma off the grunt got angry “camerupt lets go!” camerupt came out shooting its flames “Umbreon return..!..i suppose i do need you now milotic lets go!” milotic came out screamonv its name “Camerupt use flame...” kayo quickly said a move before the grunt could say anything “Hydro pump!” milotic fired it and it was super effective! “Now dragon tail go!” milotic speeded towards camerupt and hit him hard leaving heavy damage “now finish it hydro pump!” milotic fired and camerupt was fainted “Nice one milotic return...cya grunt” kayo walked on as if nothing happened.
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    Just a reminder - According to our RP forum rules posts around here need to be third person, past tense, story format and be at least a paragraph long. Some of you have their grammar going all over the place, while others are writing posts that are far too short. I'd also advise you to learn how to structure paragraphs because nigh-unreadable walls of text are helping no one.

    Also, TheForgettingBacon - I saw that in your profile. If you have any intention of working that into a Mega Evolution catalyst of some sort, you would still need to ask permission as per our rules before doing so, and failure to do so would lead to major action taken against you. The only thing worse than breaking rules is trying to sneak something by the rules.
  12. Name: Rain
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Short, purple hair, green eyes, long sleeved,frilly,black and purple dress, key amulet
    Personality: Shy at first, but once you get to know her she's a feisty fashionista ready for battle!
    Number of Badges: none
    Goals: To become a famous performer as well as a master witch
    Pokémon: Fennekin, Ralts, and Popplio
    Backstory: Rain moved from her home region of Kalos where she learned about contests, to Hoenn and has enjoyed performing ever since.

    Rp: Rain ran down the stairs as fast as possible, screaming with delight, today was the day she could finally leave home with the Pokémon given to her by her mother and start her real journey. "Hey Arbor! Hurry up before I eat all the muffins that Mom packed us," said an overly excited Rain. "Ok..ok...I'll be down there in....ZzZzZ,"said Arbor before falling asleep on the stairs. "WAKE UP YOU TREE HUGGER," Rain roared at her lazy brother "WHAT IF IT STARTS RAINING?!? Wait....I just made a pun......WHY?!" "Good one Hot Head," said Arbor, who finally woke up. Rain just grabbed a muffin, her bag, a few potions from the cupboard, and stormed outside.
  13. william wandering around on mt chimney thought to him self "man i wonder why this lab is so important for dad"as he walked on mt chimney
  14. RP: He didn't say anything. So I just went to Lavaridge Town. "Huh, I should go to the gym. That's all I'm here for." I thought. So I went to the gym and beaten all of the trainers. That puzzle was at least that puzzle was hard. Actually, more exhausting. And after going through so many holes, I found Flannery. "Hey..um.trainer! I'm Flannery! And I'll burn you with my fire type Pokemon! Get ready!" she said. I also heard it was a 4v4, so at least Grovyle didn't have to battle. But I have 2 steel types I have to use anyways! But I got ready. The referee explained the rules and other stuff I already knew, and then the battle started. "Go, Pawniard!" I said. "Pawniard!!" it said. And she sent out her Pokemon. "Go, Torkoal!" she said. And the battle has begun! " Pawniard! Use Swords Dance!" I said. But then Flannery told her Torkoal to use: "Bulldoze! Let's go!" It hit Pawniard hard, but it wasn't tired. "Pawniard! Use Iron Head!" I said. "Pawnnniard!" it screamed. Torkoal got hit very hard, and it barely was able to move. "Torkoal! Use Flamethrower now!" she said. Pawniard almost fell. But seconds later, both had fainted. "Both Pokemon are unable to fight! It's a tie right now!" the referee said. So I put Pawniard back to his Pokeball. "You deserve a great rest," I said. Now I needed to put out my second Pokemon. "Go, Pichu!" I said. "Pichu!" it said. Pichu was ready for a good fight. I focused on Pichu so much that I didn't see her next Pokemon. It was a Charmeleon! "Charmelon! Use Flamethrower!" she said. "Dodge it and use Nasty Plot!" I said. "Pichu!" it said. Pichu dodged it and set up its next move. "Now Charmeleon! Use Dragon Rage!" she said. "Pichu use Thunderbolt!" I said. "Piichuuu!!" it said. But Pichu got hit by Dragon Rage but it landed the Thunderbolt. They both fainted! "It's another tie!" I said. "Huh, you are a good trainer after all," Flannery said. "Now Pichu, have a good rest," I said. "Now Lucario! Go!" I said. "Lucarr!" it said. She sent out a Ninetales. "Now Lucario! Use Earthquake!" I said. But the Ninetales somehow took it easily. "Now Ninetales! Use Flamethrower!" she said. "Lucario dodge it!" I said. Lucario was able to use the steam to somehow jump! "Now! Use Quick Attack!" we both said. They both hit hard. But they both stayed standing. It was starting to get to nighttime. "Lucario! Aura Sphere!" I said. "Now Ninetales, Flamethrower!" she said. "Lucario dodge it quickly!" I said. But Lucario got hit barely. But it was still enough to defeat Lucario. "Lucario has fainted! It is now 2-3!" "Lucario, you deserve a good rest," I said. Now I only had one Pokemon left. "Go, Gligar!" I said. "Glii!!" it said. Now It was on! "Gligar use Earthquake!" I said. It was a very hard Earthquake, considering it just learned it. I had an Earthquake TM from my previous journeys. Ninetales had fainted. "Thanks, Ninetales, you deserve a great rest." she said. "Now go, Camerupt!" she said. The roof somehow opened! Now the night sky had opened. "Here Gligar, a Razor Fang. Now go there!" I told Gligar. While I gave Gligar the Razor Fang, she sent out her Camerupt. She just made her Camerupt use Lava Plume multiple times. But Gligar dodged all of them. "Now Camerupt! Use Stone Edge!" she said. It hit. "Gligar no!!" I said. But then, Gligar started glowing. "Huh? Is it evolving? Wait, it is!" I said. It finished evolving! "Gliiscor!" it said. "Now Gliscor! Use Earthquake!' I said. It quickly took out Camerupt. "Yes! I won!" I said. "Wow! You're a great battler!" Flannery said. After that, she awarded me with the Heat Badge. "This shows proof you beaten this gym, and here's a TM for Flamethrower." she said. "I hope your journey goes well!" she said. "Yes! Now time to go back to that gym back at Petalburg City!" I said.
  15. Name: Zachariah
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Zachariah is a 6ft 5 205 lbs muscular teenage male with tan skin. He has an intimidating and ominous aura about him. He has black hair and gold eyes. He wears a black trench coat with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes. He has two scars that overlap his eyes and meet at his nose. He wears a gold chain around his neck. He has a tattoo of a dragon roaring on his chest and a tribal tattoo on his back.
    Personality: Zachariah is a cold, unforgiving, and ruthless person. When he battles he likes to feel out his opponent. All of his Pokemon are trained to withstand long and punishing battles. Zachariah's training style is to try and break his Pokemon, forcing them to battle time and time again with no rest, to the point of borderline abuse. He doesn't accept failure from his Pokemon and if they faint during battle Zachariah makes them pay. He records all of his battles and whenever he has free time he studies them, writing down notes, mostly what he needs to improve on. That being said, he cares for his Pokemon and makes sure they are well-taken care of. After a victory, he rewards his Pokemon handsomely. Zachariah is a lone wolf, preferring his own company over others. Zachariah is not just harsh but he is extremely prideful. Despite all that, he is a very honorable battler, once he knows a battle is done, he will order his Pokemon to stand down. Win, lose or draw once a battle concludes he will simply walk away to study and train, never being satisfied with his performance.
    number of badges: (three or less)
    Goals: To become champion of the Hoenn League
    Pokemon: Mudkip, Bagon, Aron, Whismur, Anorith, Dusksull
    back story:
    Zachariah has very little memories of his parents. All he can truly remember is tears falling on his cheeks as he was being handed over to an unknown person by what he assumes to be his mother. Zachariah has lived in Aether Paradise, located in the Alola Region for the vast majority of his life. While he was there, Aether President and Zachariah's legal guardian Lusamine forced him to complete challenging and intense studies on Pokemon evolution and development as well as battle strategies. He was pushed hard in his studies and while he was given no Pokemon, Lusamine allowed him to use rental Pokemon to practice what he had learned. While Lusamine treated him well, Zachariah became a cold and unforgiving person. Once he turned eighteen Lusamine decided that Zachariah's talents were best served elsewhere. So she told him he should go challenge a Pokemon league and that it was his choice which one that was. After thinking long and hard Zachariah chose the Hoenn Region. Here he met Professor Birch who was about to give young May and Brendan their starting Pokemon. Coincidentally, the champion of the Sinnoh region, Cynthia was there as well visiting Professor Birch. Although it had been 18 years Cynthia recognized her son immediately and after Zachariah battled with May and Brendan, she offered to travel with him and coach him, resolving to not tell Zachariah the truth. Zachariah accepted and thus his journey begun. Zachariah never respected Lusamine's biological children, Lille and Gladion. He saw Lille as a weak, spineless fool who had no business around Pokemon and Gladion as a pathetic failure of a human being who will never be his equal.

    RP: Zachariah sat on a tree branch eyes closed arms folded as he was deep in thought. He was still fairly new on his journey and already he was dreaming big. He had one goal, one dream and that was to become the champion. It was a dream that he planned on achieving or dying trying. His coach had left to buy food leaving him with his thoughts. Knowing her, she'd take awhile. Zachariah opened his golden eyes and hopped from the tree " enough rest. Time to work" he said throwing his pokeballs in the air. He looked at his six pokemon sternly " we have work to do"
  16. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Name: Glacier
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Glacier is a teenager that has light pale skin, blond hair, and greenish-yellow eyes. Glacier wears a Team Plasma uniform with a cape attached to it. His hood has the Team Plasma symbol on it There is a Necklace that Glacier wears, that by no means is related to Mega Evolution. He also wears a belt that holds his Pokeballs.
    Personality: Glacier is a battle-read boy that is always there to protect Pokemon and humans. Despite having previous affairs with Team Plasma, he is not like Ghetsis. Glacier wants to unite Pokemon, Humans, and Team Plasma together in order for peace. His Pokemon are well bonded with him because of how much they've been through.
    number of badges: 1 (Mind Badge)
    Goals: To become the Hoenn League Champion
    Pokemon: Garchomp, Quilava, Lapras
    back story: Glacier grew up in Blackthorn City in the Johto Region until he moved to the Unova Region. He joined Team Plasma at age 13. Glacier was at the rank of captain when he figured out Team Plasma's true intentions of taking over the entire Unova Region. He confronted Ghetsis and was able to defeat him in battle. Two years later, Glacier reorganized Team Plasma as its new leader. He now travels to every region to battle in the Pokemon League and become the champion of that region with his partner, Garchomp

    RP: Glacier was traveling on Lapras's back toward Petalburg City but they had to be on route 103 or route 104 to be able to access the city. "I can't wait to battle the Pokemon League! They'll be sorry they ever messed with me." He said, patting Lapras's neck. She sang in joy and looked straight ahead toward the remainder of the Hoenn Region. Glacier had been thinking of what gym he should challenge next. "Its either Roxanne of Rustboro City or Norman of Petalburg City. Both are astonishing trainers with strong Pokemon." He muttered. Glacier patted his belt with the two other Pokeballs on it. Lapras swam faster than before and eventually made it to shore but it was outside Mauville City. "Oh...I guess we can take down Wattson easily." Glacier said, hopping off Lapras's back.
  17. - Name: Bard
    - Gender: Male
    - Age: 22
    - Appearance: Short black hair and typical Alolan tanned skin young adult
    - Personality: Lazy and easily angry but has a good heart
    - Number of badges: 0, Island challenge failed.
    - Goals: Learn about mega evolution and domain it. Also interested in Hoenn mythology.
    - Pokemon: Decidueye (Strix) - Midnight Lycanroc (Lycaon) - Alolan Marowak (Geist) - Vaporeon (Merrow) - Tauros (Uro) - Treecko (Gecko)
    - Back story: A strong experienced trainer from Alola with sad past who once was a team Skull member. Still remember those times with fondliness, he had nowhere to go and the team skull gave him a family. Now is traveling to improve and become strong by his own. Some day heard the people of Seafolk Village talk about mega evolution, a strange phenomenon who allows the pokemon to evolve temporaly into a new way of power who has its origin in the Hoenn region.

    RP: Bard had been talking to Professor Birch about mega evolution, he supposed that the best place to start investigating would be his laboratory since he is a pokemon expert. Only some specific species of pokemon could mega evolve and for this they need a mega stone for the pokemon and a keystone for the trainer in addition to a strong link between them. None of the pokemon that he carried with him could do it, so after a long talk, Professor Birch decided to give him a pokemon that the new coaches didn't choose, he gave him a pokeball with a Treecko, a grass-type pokemon. Birtch assured that once it reached its final evolutionary stage it would be able to mega-evolve. He had been riding in Tauros for a long time and had just left behind Petalburg City when he saw the sea, a sea who gave him memories from Alola. He decided to rest with Uro (tauros).
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  18. Name:Winter
    Appearance: Long silver/white hair,icy-blue eyes,wears a black long sleeved crop top hoodie, skinny black jeans and knee high brown heeled boots, she usually puts her hair down but when she is battling she puts it in a ponytail and she also has a locket around her neck that her father gave her
    Personality:seems rude and cold but is actually a caring person seems snobby the first time you meet her
    Number of badges:none
    Goals:to beat both of her parents one day
    Pokemon: Espion,Garchomp,Noivern,Drapion
    Backstory:Winter came from a very rich family but doesn't want to be part of it, she grew up as a proper lady and was treated like a princess so she got everything she wanted that was until she discovered competitive battling she found out really quick that you had to work hard to win so they moved to the hoen region from the sinnoh region so Winter could discover new Pokemon to add to her team

    Rp:Winter walked out of her new house in littleroot town that wasn't even close to the size of her original house in sinnoh but it was fairly big,she walked down the front steps and headed to go look for new Pokemon for her team but as she was walking she felt a little lonely so she took her Espion out and the little psychic type walked along the road with her trainer next to her,Espion may not look like it but she is the a bit the main reason Winters team wins sometimes sense she would put the opponents to sleep while Winters male Pokemon did most of the battling and yes Espeon was her only female pokemon
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  19. Name: Crow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Short black spiked hair with bright red eyes, always wearing a black and white trench coat with a short sleeve white t-shirt and jeans with holes in them with black and white shoes.
    Personality: Sometimes prideful, serious but generous, doesn't always show his true feelings but tells it how it is
    Number of badges: none
    Goals: To bring peace to the world
    Pokemon team: Salamence, Milotic, Typhlosion, Spiritomb, Electivire
    Backstory: Crow has traveled the world to try to bring about peace to the world, but due to his bad luck, he hasn't been able to do any kind of good what so ever. So, on behalf of Steven Stone, Crow's returning to the Hoenn region to help out his old friend with Team Magma and Team Aqua once again. Crow doesn't have any family to rely on, for his father disowns him and his mother had passed away 10 years ago from his life.

    RP: It wouldn't be long before Crow finally arrived back into the Hoenn region. Riding upon his Salamence, Crow had looked into the distance enjoying the breeze in his face and said to himself, "Stone better have a good reason for dragging me back to Hoenn. Doesn't even give me specific details of what's going on nowadays." Then, as he looked down, Crow had seen that he was flying above Mossdeep City. Trying to look closer, he had seen Steven Stone, standing outside his home and waving him down. Crow sighed irritatingly and said, "This better be good to get me away from my vacation in Alola."
  20. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Glacier recalled Lapras and looked at the outskirts of Mauville City. "Well...here we are." He said, walking in. It was larger on the inside! There were shops and restaurants all in Mauville City. "Woah...this place is amazing! But I need to find where the gym is." Glacier muttered, continuing to walk and stop to gawk at the attractions that were here and there. He passed a miniature version of the Lumious Tower which was said to have a special relationship between Hoenn and Kalos. Glacier then reached the exit side of the city and looked to his left. There was a gym there and Glacier grinned from ear to ear. "There it is! The Mauville City gym!" He said, rushing towards it.
  21. Name: Skrelp
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Appearance: A seahorse that camouflages as rotten, moldy kelp.
    Personality: Kind, but loses temper pretty quickly. Likes to get involved in other people's business, and can talk.
    number of badges: 0 (is a pokemon)
    Goals: To evolve into Dragalge
    Pokemon: myself
    back story: He's a Skrelp. He is not clumsy. He did not have have a rough childhood. He is a Skrelp. He is a very special Skrelp, but he is still a Skrelp.

    RP: Skrelp woke up in the swamp one day. He saw a cloud that he thought looked like a Dragalge. This made him think, "Man, I wish I could be like that." So he trained a lot, but eventually got lazy and gave up. Later, he met a group of humans that were talking about something. He decided to go over to them and ask what was going on. In return, one of the humans said, "It's none of your business. Just leave us alone." Skrelp replied, "Ugh, fine..."
    So he decided to keep on doing this to other people, and that became his personality.
  22. Name: Arya Reiner
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Arya bears pale skin, dotted with pale and faint freckles, especially around her nose. Her hair is dark, a brown that's too close to black to tell that it isn't. It's short, getting just barely past her chin. Her eyes are a chilly blue, accompanied with thick black lashes. She's just on the low side of average- around 5'5, and is set with simple curves. She has a pretty round face with kind of adorable cheeks that tend to be red with embarrassment. She's kind of cute, really, but once people get to know her she isn't as cute.
    Personality: Arya is a pretty sweet, caring person to her friends. Except she doesn't have any. She's violently quiet, but has a tongue and verbal attacks that she's not afraid to use if necessary. She's extremely sarcastic, and communicates with others almost entirely though rolls of her eyes and sighs. She's philophobic, meaning she has a fear of love, because she kind of hates getting close to people. Her mind is kind of brilliant, and she easily stores information in little folders in her head.
    Number of Badges: Three.
    Goals: To impress herself. A goal that'll never be satisfied.
    Pokemon: Dragonair, Lapras, Omanyte, Vaporeon. Obviously a water-based team.
    Back Story: She's secretive about it. "Unimportant", she'll say.
    - -
    Arya was roaming silently, along a sidewalk of Mauville City. She'd retreated to the Gym, which was something she did quite a lot. Watching battles was something she did quite a lot, especially at Mauville. She'd been watching Mauville battles for quite a while. It was a particularly difficult gym, and she'd gotten beat, quite violently, the first time she tried. So she'd watch the battles, quietly tucking information in her mind. The way the leader's Pokemon would move, what moves they knew, what order the leader used them in... everything.
    She'd beat them soon, and she knew it. She watched as some kid around her age.. maybe a year older? Sprinting towards the gym with the most ecstatic look on his face. Pale skin, blonde hair. His eyes were just on the side of yellow green. Green with a twinge of yellow. He wore a cape, for Arceus' sake.
    She watched curiously as he ran forward, looking around in awe. She stifled a scoff.
    Already, she'd inferred a few things.

    Excitable. Intelligent, but so blind by excitement to really let it show. Likes the idea of peace, but does he know that peace is just an idea?
    "Hm." she muttered under her breath, continuing to watch.
  23. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Glacier grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and looked at it, smiling. "Alright, Quilava..." He said, "You're on.." He threw the Pokeball in the air and appeared a Quilava in front of Glacier, the fire type ready for a battle. Glacier caught the Pokeball and strapped it back onto his belt. "Best if we went inside..." He muttered. Quilava nodded and then hopped onto Glacier's shoulder. Glacier looked around again and saw Arya. She seems...friendly enough..maybe I can have a skirmish with her. He thought.
  24. The girl noticed him looking at her and made chilling eye contact, still silent. However, when he released his Quilava, she took it as a bit of a challenge. Still, without saying a word, she took out Vaporeon, grinning softly and arching her brow as a way to say 'your turn'. She wasn't the most playful person, usually, but hey. She was in a good mood.
    Vaporeon looked at her with a puzzled expression, confused as to why the girl took out the water-type.
    "Vapor?" he muttered, looking at his trainer. She shook her hand as a way to calm him. The Eeveelution merely shrugged, settling next to her.
    (I totally was gonna have Garchomp, too- it's my favorite Pokemon- *cough cough* my signature *cough cough*, but I didn't want to because two of you already have itttt.. aaahhhhh :w: )
  25. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    (My Signature Pokemon is Zoroark but Garchomp is like my powerhouse so I picked him. Sorry but yours could've been shiny.)

    Glaicer glanced at Quilava then back at Arya. "I suppose it wouldn't hurt. Ready, Quilava?" He asked. The fire type hopped off his shoulder and landed in front of him, flames escaping from his head and back. Glacier grinned and balled a fist. "We're ready...also, I'm Glacier." He said to Arya, bowing slightly.
  26. She had to choke back a laugh at his little bow.
    "Arya," she replied, by means of introducing herself. Curiously, she looked at Quilava, and then to Vaporeon. Her Pokemon seemed pretty excited, so she'd be fine with it; battling, that is. "I'm assuming you're gonna try the Gym Leader after this?" she asked curiously, getting up with a tiny grin.
  27. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "You bet! Quilava and I will win this gym battle....but first, we start with a little training." Glacier said, grabbing his necklace. He felt a rush of heat come over him and looked down at Quilvava then at Vaporeon. "That Vaporeon is raised well, Arya. I can tell" He said, "Its beautiful...but we'll be able to pull through."
  28. The Vaporeon posed for the compliment, raising his paw and giving his owner a smug look. The girl laughed, softly, swatting the Pokemon lightly.
    "The same for your Quilava," she replied with small grin, and it was kind of obvious that Vaporeon was getting excited, because he started pacing microscopically, ready for the battle.
    "Hey. Whoa. Acheron. Chill." she muttered affectionately, looking at Vaporeon, who now, to the stranger, had a name. Acheron. "Sorry about that," she chuckled briefly, looking back up at her challenger. "He's pretty excitable.. haven't battled in a bit."
  29. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Glacier laughed. "What I expect, now...lets begin shall we?" He asked, a hand tightening a grip on his necklace. Archeon, the Vaporeon, looks like its been raised for Speed, but Quilava will show them what speed really is. Glacier thought, glancing down at the Team Plasma symbol on his shirt and sighed. "I'm doing this not for you..but for me.." He muttered.
  30. The girl perked up at what he mumbled, curiosity prickling at her skin. She hadn't caught what he said, but saw him looking pretty intently at the graphic on his shirt. Team Plasma. She knew that anywhere. Arya felt her stomach twist like a Tangela, unease filling her mind. A grunt, or just a fan...? She sighed grimly.
    Arya situated herself on the battlefield, not quite sure how to start this.
    "Acheron," she ordered, and the Vaporeon eagerly hopped on the battlefield, staring at his opponents with those chilling black eyes.
  31. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Quilava..we won't hold back, right?" Glacier asked. The fire type looked back and nodded then turned to face Acheron. The boy nodded back and pointed at the Vaporeon. "Go! Use Swift!" He commanded. Quilava jumped into the air and spun in a circle, throwing medium sized stars at Acheron. She doesn't know...but I'll tell her because I trust Arya. Glacier thought.
  32. "Acheron! Double Team, then Hydro Pump!" Arya ordered, and it was like what she used do with her essays. Control V. Control V.
    In moments, maybe fifteen Vaporeons surrounded the Pokemon. They all blasted it with Hydro Pump as directed, but the fake's were just illusions. Acheron- the real Acheron, amidst the allusions- shot out a blast of jet-like water, showering the Fire-type. Arya knew it would be tiring to Acheron, but he was good with stamina... A high-power attack to start off could be critical, but she had a strategy.
  33. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Quilava was on the ground, drenched but it didn't matter to him. "Nice one...Most Impressive, Arya." Glacier commented, smiling. He pointed at Acheron. "Now! Rollout!" He ordered. Quilava curled into a ball and rolled straight at Acheron.
  34. Arya was quick to respond with a quick smile as Vaporeon was tumbled to the ground, Quilava rolling with him.
    "C'mon, Acheron! Get up, use Quick Attack!" she commanded, and the Vaporeon jumped to it's paws and lunged at it's opponent with an impressive speed. Arya couldn't help but swell with pride. Acheron wasn't slowing down at all, even though his chest was starting to rise and fall a bit more evidently. "Your Quilava is really impressive," she noted cheerfully as her Pokemon charged at his, as though it were casually.
  35. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    "Thanks, Arya! But...there's a flaw in your attacks.." Glacier replied, smirking with confidence. Quilava kept rolling because of Rollout but the attack grew stronger. "Again! Rollout at Acheron!" He commanded. The fire type rolled faster now, and aimed at the Vaporeon.
  36. Name: Kibbles
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Smart, Quirky, Strong, Clumsy
    Appearance:Hazelnut eyes, Brown skin, Messy hair, Fire and Ice Sweatshirt with pants to go with it, Fedora with Headphone on neck
    Main Pokémon: Dragonair
    Other Pokémon: Slowbro, Kadabra, Castform
    Trainer level: In the middle of Beginner and Seasoned
    Other info: Likes Traveling in groups, Works for Crime stopping group called, The Legendary Guard, Is a good Medic

    Kibbles impatiently looked at his watch. " I was supposed to get my ride out to Sinnoh an hour ago!" He was stressed beyond belief. First, some edgy Charizard trainer thought it would be funny to shoot down his helicopter. Then, he found out that his Trainer ID was invalid in Hoenn, so he couldn't use a Pokemon center at all! Plus, it would take too much time because he was waiting for the helicopter that was supposed to pick him up AN HOUR AGO! At this point he was almost pulling his hair out. Could this day get any worse? He saw a Pokemon battle in the distance. He could make out a girl about his age, a boy about his age, and a Vaporeon and a Quilava fighting. "Watching a battle should take my mind away from this stupidity." He sat from a distance and watched the brawl unfold.
  37. The girl returned his smirk.
    "Do I, now?" she asked curiously, as Acheron jumped out of the way. She hadn't managed to interrupt Rollout, but it didn't get to her. The Vaporeon skidded to a stop in front of her, facing the Quilava, it's fish-like lashing faintly. "I didn't realize! Acheron, use Blizzard," she ordered, and a blast of icy air washed over the Quilava, fogging up the area, and some of it got to the trainers, because Arya felt a breeze of frigid air pass. She couldn't see the Quilava past the icy cloud. She figured this would stop Rollout, and even potentially freeze the Pokemon to the ground.
  38. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Rollout was stopped but the battlefield was frozen and Glacier stood there, smirking. "Well....I guess its over, NOT!" He exclaimed. Quilava's flames were appearing out of fog, shining brightly and the heat soon clearing the ice. "Do it, Quilava! Eruption!!" Glacier commanded, almost shouting. Quilava's flames grew higher a little and he fired a large beam of fire at Acheron.
  39. Almost out of nowhere, Kibbles was blasted with a cold, icy air. "GAH!" Kibbles' headphones broke because of freeze burn. And because of how awful and terrible his day was well, you can imagine he would lash out. "ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT!" Kibbles yelled. "HOWEVER BROKE MY FREAKIN' HEADPHONES IS GONNA PAY BIG TIME!" Kibbles' fury exploded like a volcano. He immediately ran up to the trainers, fuming.
  40. SaiyanDakon

    SaiyanDakon Previously UnovaTrainerGlacier

    Glacier looked at Kibbles and glared. "Do you think..you have a right...to interrupt the battle?! Maybe you needed to stay back farther!" Glacier exclaimed, "If you threaten us...you'll have to deal with me first, the Leader of Team Plasma..." He grabbed another Pokeball, just in case Kibbles decided to lash out again.

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