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Ask to Join Hoenn region journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Yaypotato34, Sep 3, 2016.


    RP for the hoenn region

    We will start off with one of the three starters (no overlapping) and journey through the region challenging gyms, entering contests, building bases or doing whatever you feel.

    Fill out the sheet below

    Age: (10-20)
    Back story/ reason to become a trainer:

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    As you haven't started the RP yet, I've moved this to the discussion board. Feel free to start a new thread in the Pokémon Role Play board when you have your players and you're ready to start :)
  3. Name: Archie
    Age: 13
    Appearance: 5'3, short brown hair, blue eyes, wears skinny jeans, t shirts and zip up hoodies.
    Starter: Treeko
    Hometown: Rustboro city, Hoenn
    Back story/ reason to become a trainer: Archie's cousin is Roxanne, the gym leader of Rustboro city and she is the one who inspired him to be a trainer as he looks up to her because he sees her as strong and inspirational
  4. Name: Emily
    Age: 11
    Appearance: 5'1", black hair that goes to her shoulders, brown eyes, blue capris, red t-shirt, red-and-black shoes.
    Starter: Torchic
    Hometown: Dewford Town
    Back story/ reason to become a trainer: Her friend moved away to Sinnoh recently, making them not able to see each other. She wants to go on an adventure with Pokemon so that she can travel the regions, and eventually find her friend in Sinnoh.

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