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Private/Closed Hoenn League tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Jagson, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Character Bio and OOC chatter goes here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/hoenn-league-tournament-discussion.14127/
    Drew watched the shore as his boat ever so closely made it's way to shore. He looked at the stadium. The man made island of Prenston a few miles east of Hoenn is where the tournament was to be held. As the ship stopped in Prenston's harbor Drew with Tess his ever annoying yet loving Kirlia made their way to the registration office. " Are you ready Tess?" Drew said.
    " Kirlia!" Tess cheerfully said as she walked side by side with Drew.
    Drew walked into the registration office.
    " Yes I'd like to register for the Hoenn League." Drew said. He handed the employee is trainer ID and his badges.
    " Your all set." The employee said. " Good luck." Drew shook his head and walked out of the registration office. The smell of fresh salt water went into his nose as he watched other trainers make their way to the registration office.
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  2. Riley's plane had finally landed. The passengers were now walking into the airport. "Thanks for joining us on this flight.", said one the flight people. Riley looked around Hoenn International Airport. It was full of many different shops. As he walked around, he finally found a place to eat. "Wow, it would be a steakhouse.", he said as he walked in.

    He sat down and gave the waiter his order. He looked to one of the the tvs. It was showing an advertisement for the Hoenn League Tournament. "I wonder if the others will make it.", thought Riley as he remembered the others he met at the Johto Tournament.
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  3. Yannick walked through the entrance of the tournaments office. "Excuse me. I would like to enter the tournament here are my badges." He said. Then he looked around and found Drew. "Well no surprise here. So as always you made it here faster than I did." He said as he sat down next to Drew.
  4. Drew turned around and saw Yannick sitting right beside him. " Nice to see you too." Drew said. " Truthfully I just got here a few seconds ago. I was just wondering about what to do now."
  5. Riley arrived at the registration place and handed the guy his badges. "Hey, aren't you that guy from the Johto Tournament, the one who killed the Graveler?", he asked. "Yeah, I'm here to destroy more people.", said Riley with a smirk. "Well okay then, you're in. Good luck!", he said. "Thanks.", said Riley as he walked in.

    "Well well, look who decided to show up!", Riley said as he walked up to Drew and Yannick. "You should've stayed home Drew. If you face me now, you'll lose.", Riley said with a smirk.
  6. " yeah. no." Drew said. " Me and tess are going to kick your ass." Drew said.
    " Kirlia." Tess cheered.
  7. after Luke got of the Plane he registrated and saw 3 famillar faces

    "Well well. drew , yannick and riley aye"

    Luke walked over and remember'd that they was in Johto together
    yannick and luke and riley got to the semi's.

    "I told you ill be here!"

    Luke smiled and sat beside them
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  8. "Well she's cute, but it still won't beat me.", Riley stated with a smirk. "I got some new Pokemon as well.", said Riley as he held a pokeball in his hand tossing it up and down. "If I called it out, this place would be destroyed... just like I'm going to destroy both of you."
  9. "Your not the only One riley"

    said Luke as he sat next to him

    "But I did bring this one"

    Luke said picking up hes pokeball
    "Go!, charizard"

    the dragon was released from the ball as it spitted out mini flames and sat down eating special fire pokemon food

    "I would never forget my charizard."

    Luke set petting the dragon
  10. " Yeah right." Drew said looking at the young pup. " Still all bark and no bite somethings never change." Drew said edging the pup on.
  11. "Charizard may be strong, but I know how to beat it.", Riley said as he watched the Charizard devour the food. Then he turned to Drew. "Really, that's your comeback. That just goes to to show how incompetent you still are.", Riley exclaimed.
  12. Luke laughed at the comment drew made and changed the subject

    "so how long have you been here?"

    he said Looking inside hes bag for a certain item

    "aha found it"

    Luke got a book out of hes bag

    "this shows were all the wonderful food places are."
  13. Drew looked at Riley. "It's not a comeback when it's true young pup." Drew then turned his attention to Luke. " Well let's find a place to eat I'm...." The ground started to shake it only lasted a few seconds then it subsided. " Fuck that's the third one this week."
  14. "What the hell is that?!", Riley asked as he felt the ground shake underneath them. A few moments later it subsided. "You say three times this week. Hasn't anyone found out what's going on yet?!" Riley exclaimed.
  15. "Probably a horde of Tauros."
    Luke didn't really care about the ground shaking after what he as been through in Johto

    "anyway at the end of this town there's a 5 star café'"

    Luke said reading the book
  16. "Sounds good to me.", said Riley when he heard about the cafe. "If it's good food, I'll eat all day.", he exclaimed starting to get a bit hungry.
  17. "settled then shall we head off?"

    Luke got up and returned hes charizard

    and headed of to the cafe' with riley

    "have you spoke to Patrick and hes gang?"

    Luke questioned in confusion why they didn't get off at the same plane
  18. "No, I haven't heard from them yet. But knowing them, Patrick and Ella are probably going at it as we speak. ", said Riley as he prepared to leave. "Hey Drew, are you coming?"
  19. "I actually traveled to Hoenn with them but we lost touch after words." Drew said as he thought back to his time on the Free Marry the good the bad and saying goodbye to a dear old friend.
    Drew snapped out of his train of thought as he heard Riley Speak. " Yeah I'm coming. Come on Yannick." Drew said as he started to walk with them. Tess walked right beside Drew.
  20. "Well too bad for you Drew. But if they don't show up, that means less competitors for me.", exclaimed Riley. "I hate to admit it, but Patrick was pretty good. Now come on, lets go get some food.", Riley said to Drew.
  21. "Yeah I mean me and Patrick was in cortez's jail cell so we bonded a bit"
    Luke hated speaking of the name cortez
    and decided to stop speaking of Him after what he as done
    as they was walking the came across a building which had row's of tables laid


    "This must be it"

    Luke said as he went inside
  22. "Yeah, Cortez...", said Riley as he looked down. "I wonder what happened to him.", he said as went inside behind Luke.
  23. " As far as I know he's in prison." Drew said. " Where the bastard belongs." He noticed as he saw Riley's sad expression " What's wrong?"
  24. "excuse me waiter table for 4?"

    Luke said to the waiter

    "ah Yes Mr chappwell and his guest!"

    the waiter shook lukes hand and showed the gents to the table

    "Yes My Grandad Owns this place so im known all around here"

    he said to the other Boys
  25. "Oh, it's nothing. It's just that when I think of him, it's like, well this is going to sound weird. It feels like he's in me. I know, it sounds weird.", stated Riley as he took his seat.
  26. "Intresting.."

    Luke said

    "waiter may we have the finest drink and food you have"
    Luke smiled at him

    "certainly sir."

    the waiter said

    with a nod he headed to the chef's kitchen
  27. "It doesn't only sound weird it sounds wrong in so many ways!" Yannick almost fell off his chair because he laughed.
  28. "Yeah, well fuck you.", exclaimed Riley. "I thought you had atleast a shred of decency, but I guess not.", Riley exclaimed to Yannick. "Let's see how this water tastes.", said Riley as he took a sip. There was water since their actual drinks hadn't arrived yet. Riley spat out the water. "Tastes like shit!", he exclaimed as he put the cup down.
  29. "Sorry dude, I guess the training I did with my old man influenced my behaviour. But that doesn't bother me one bit after all it made me stronger." Yannick said.
  30. " Let's be honest if Yannick didn't say anything then I would have." Drew said with a little chuckle. " Anyways. of course the water taste like shit we're on a fucking island."
  31. "Lucky you guys.", said Riley. "Unlike you guys, I never knew my parents. I was left for dead. It sucked.", said Riley trying to stay calm. "I guess that's how I got so strong by myself. Taking my anger out during battles and all. I've seen things at a very young age that some people can't handle.", said Riley as he stared off. "Like watching a women being beat to death in front of me."
  32. Drew sat in silence for a good amount of time looking at Riley. For the first time he didn't see the young pup but someone who was emotionally broken. he didn't know what to say so he just put his hand on the boy's shoulder.
  33. "Bit far aye?"

    Luke started to chuckle

    "But I have to agree this water is shit."

    said Luke pouring the water on the floor

    "at least the foods good"

    said Luke eating his food steak.
  34. "It's alright Drew. As you can tell, I'm past that now. I just wish I could see their face now and show them how strong I've gotten.", Riley said as he looked at his food. He cut a slice of steak out and tasted it. "Wow, this actually tastes good.", he said.
  35. Drew took a bite of the steak. His mouth started to water. " yum." Drew said. " So Luke how are you going to pay for this. I mean this place looks pretty damn expensive."
  36. "He's probably rich as well.", said Riley as he finished up his steak. "Man that was good."
  37. "I hope so cause I'm pretty broke." Yannick said chewing on his steak. "Man I could eat all day." Suddenly he stopped chewing and his face got a little angry. "My instincts say there is something here we should be carefull about."
  38. " yeah I've been feeling the same thing." Drew said. He looked around the cafee for a few seconds. " I'll be back." He exits the building and starts to walk around outside. " Tess do you feel that." He said noticing a shift in the wind.
    " Kirlia." Tess said shaking her head. " We should..." His voice is cut off as the earth started to shake again. This one lasted a lot longer than the previous one. Drew fell down hitting the pavment with his head going unconscious.
    Tess grabbed Drew by his leg and pulled him into an area of artificial grass. She did her best to keep him safe from the earthquake
  39. Joe entered the registration area and showed his trainer ID and badges. Then he waked to a bench and sat down. "I'm so excited" he thought "I cant wait to-" he felt the earth shake. He held onto the bench and stood up, before quickly running to a telephone pole and holding on. "What is happening?" he shouted, "Is there an earthquake?"
  40. "What the actual hell!" Yannick ran out of the cafee barely able to stand. "Fuck where did Drew go?" He looked around. "Just in case Flygon go! Fly just above the ground we have to look for injured people."

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