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Ask to Join Hoenn League tournament discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the Hoenn League tournament. The tournament that decides who is strong enough to go against the elite four and an attempt to battle against the champion. While the current one has been going on strange earth quacks have been plaguing the region. On top of that an ancient organization continues their plan for world domination.

    1. Only first to third gen pokemon are allowed
    2. Be respectful.
    3. fallow the rules as stated by the admins
    4. 9 pokemon are allowed.
    5. No legendaries
    6. You are allowed to have one battle bond, Give a description of what said pokemon looks like in this form and what stats increased.

    Character bio
    Pokémon ( What is it) ( Nickname) (Sex)

    Name: Drew Leuric
    age: 18
    appearance: beige t shirt and green military jacket with slacks. He stands at 5'11 and weighs 180 pounds
    Krillia ( Tess) ( Female)
    Shiftery ( Trunks) ( Male)
    Manetric (Skye) (Female)
    Swampert (Clay) (Male)
    Exploud ( Amp) (Male)
    Data (Metagross)
    Poliwrath ( Poli) ( Male) (BB)
    Gengar ( Nightmare) ( Male)
    Medichan (Chie) ( Female)
  2. Name: Jeff James
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Blue Eyes , With Blondish White Hair , Charmander T-Shirt , And Black Jeans , Weighs 180 Pounds And 5'9 Foot
    Partner: Kaboom (Charmander Who Doesn't Evolve , And Can I Use GEN 1 AND 2 Pokes And Charmanders A Female)
    Secondary: Lu Lu (Maril With A Black tie Whos A Male)
    Third: N/A
    Four: N/A
    Five: N/A
    Six: N/A
  3. Added a few other descriptions if that's ok.

    Zack Hunter
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Zack is quick tempered, especially when put in sticky situations, leading to him often making some bad decisions. His emotions are easily tampered with, which is why he steers clear of relationships. Brave, Bold, and Heroic.
    Appearance: Zack has light tanned skin, Tiger orange dyed hair, Crimson red eyes behind a pair of white sports sunglasses, usually always wearing an amber red athletic shirt with an orange-reddish fire emblem on the chest, behind a scarlet red sports jacket, neon orange basketball shorts, and dark red sneakers. He's really in shape, not super muscular or anything but does have a six-pack (IDK why, but it feels cringy writing that). He also has a few scars all over his body, from his year of training, a small ruby on a keychain that hooks to his pocket.
    Sceptile (Thorn) Male
    Dusclops (Apocalypse) Male
    Sharpedo (Fang) Male
    Camerupt (Volcano) Male
    Metagross (Metalhead) Male
    Salamence (Cliffhanger) Male

    Charizard (Torch) Male
    Typhlosion (Firestorm) Male

    (Hope you don't mind but I wanna invite some peps. @skycaptain @Retro Master @Bleach)
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  4. Oh shit
    I want to join but what happened last time truly had an impact on me and its been 3 months till ive been in the shoes of a rp character like nion till then ive roleplayed a sociopathic killer aka Jason Voorhees/Pennywise reject a Darth Vader reject, a Godzilla reject and other rejects
  5. Name: Tessa Willow (Tes)
    age 15 (kinda young, but she's quite strong.)
    appearance: She dyes her hair to often, so it changes. The only feature that points her out is her eyes. They are a grey on gold that makes them unique. Her clothes include a bright blue T shirt with a darker blue skirt and silver leggings. She wears a belt that holds her stuff.
    Arcinine M
    Alakazam M
    Rapidash. F
    Lapras. F
    Gardivoir. F (sorry for misspell, got a headache so yea)
    Melotic F
    Other PKMN:
    Metagross, Umbreon (shiny) F. (Umbreon stays out of pokeball.)
  6. All of you are accepted
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  7. Totally not gonna have snorlax in my team :)
    Name: Nion
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Nion is really friendly looking at the worsts of people and treating them with kindness even if they may look at him and think he's a retard. He's also unpredictable sometimes making a bad situation worsts. He also doesen't care what people may think of him.
    Appearance: 7,2 In height, He has his hair died bright neon green in the upper right side of his hair, purple in the left lower corner of his hair, while orange in the left upper corner of his hair, and blue dyed on the right lower side of his hair( The hair meens something people who were in the kanto and johto reboot know what this meens Blue=Riley ,Layla:purple ,Zack=Orange, Neon Green=Nion) He wears a bright orange shirt. Neon custom made jeans and white leather gloves. Orange and Yellow Shoes Or.... Hes wearing a Pokémon Trainer Red Hat but the red outline is neon green. He wears a backpack that's a little snorlax. He wears red/white leather gloves. Red and white shoes. A neon green jacket and bright orange pants.
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  8. Is Peterson Island real? I couldn't find a reference image is all. If not do we just make it up as we go?
  9. No for the most part I create the cities that the tournaments are being held in. Like the one in Kanto. So yeah make it up as we go.
  10. Ok sounds good. Thanks.
  11. So what happened to Johto?
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  12. It just died.
    plus if you want to break it down there were three types of people in it
    the one who was adding to the plot
    the ones talking about romance
    and the ones that where doing their own thing.
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  13. I feel like I fit into all of those at one point... XD
  14. If retro joins we already know who's gonna win, just putting it out there XD
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  15. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Name: rai Anderson
    Appearance: red t-shirt with a black coat
    eyes: red
    hair: black
    Height 6"1 weigh 170 pounds

    - electivire (male) (kevin)
    - Typhlosion (male) (blaze)
    - Alakazam (male) ( Houdini)
    - Tyranitar (female) (aura)
    - Espeon (female) (emily)
    - Aerodactyl (male) (stone)
    Other are: scizor/ Hitmonlee/and dewgong
    Personality: rai is quiet but shows his love when needed but mostly to his Pokemon. he has a greater connection to Pokemon than humans so thats why he stay clear form them.
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  16. @Breon one problem Electivire is a gen four pokemon only gen one to three are allowed in this. Other than that your in.
  17. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

  18. Oh, I have dusknoir, who was technically a gen 4 pokemon, but evolution line was from gen 3... So is that still ok?
  19. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    That's why I thought it was okay because electivire evolutions were gen 3
  20. Name: Riley
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Brown hair and eyes. Wears a black leather jacket with a green hoodie attached too it. Wears a black t-shirt underneath. Black jeans and red and white shoes. (Just look at the character in my profile pic for a better description)



    Well, Riley can never miss a tournament... especially if it's one he's gonna win :p
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  21. Dang, ok I'll just devolve it.

    Also, if it's not too late I think I'ma try out using reserves as well, if that's cool with you.
  22. its fine
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  23. Name: Layla Evans
    Sex: Female
    age: 17
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    5'4, 110lbs pale skin, long brunette hair, welcoming blue eyes. Generally wears jeans and a yellow top with tennis shoes. Always has her black backpack and loves to wear scarves, even when it's not very cold.
    Shrub the Vileplume(Male)
    Kaley the Camerupt(Female)
    Hupgup the Farfetch'd(Male)
    Rhys the Milotic(Male)
    Sydney the Skarmory(Female)
    Jeff the Spinda(Male)

    Rusty the Sandslash(Male)
    Solomon the Salamence(Male)
    Ophelia the Lanturn(Female)
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  24. What are we gonna say happened in Johto? Such as who won and what not.
  25. Well we could have a small tournament between the five of us and figure out who won that way, as for plot relevance just say nothing that important happened.
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  26. Just gonna point to the obvious winner in the room and say Retro would've won that too XD
  27. YES!!! Everyone is back! I'd just have a vote to see who won, in my opinion, and if that is the case than I vote @Retro Master just for simplicity.
  28. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

  29. You place my vote, or vote for me?
  30. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    I voted for you
  31. Why? I wasn't part of it.
  32. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    It's just my opinion, your team looks great to me
  33. @Breon I think they were talking about a vote regarding the people involved in the Johto tournament.
  34. Ya know everybody have you looked back at the kanto league rp and think... dambit white powder...
  35. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

  36. Also, hope it's ok, but I moved Drew and Nion, just cuz waiting for everyone to write that they moved takes a long time. I wouldn't have if it was a more serious situation of course. So... Yea.
  37. It's fine.
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