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Ask to Join Hoenn Journeys

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Radioactive_Microwave281, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/hoenn-journeys.16711/#post-458638 - link to the discussion

    Alarm clock rang in the Philipp's bedroom "Ok, ok I'm coming..." he said sleepily. He got up, tuurned off the alarm clock and changed into his normal clothes. Muddy jumped from the bed and landed on Philipp's head. Philipp laughed and came downstairs to the kitchen. "Hi, mom!" he yelled "Oh,hi son!" answered his mom happily. "Here you have your breakfast" she said and pointed at the table. After breakfast, Philipp bided farewell his mom. "Oh, I nearly forgot, dad asked me to give it to you" she said and handled him box of pokeballs. "And this is from me" his mom added and gave him some bread. 'Thanks mom!" thanked Philipp and left his house. "I hope I will meet many new friends" he thought to himself
  2. Slipping the straps of her rugged knapsack up to her shoulders, Micah took a drawn out breath of excitement as she made the first move out of her house. Technically, she had no business starting her journey for another two weeks, due mostly to her parents' trepidation about her journey, but in her case, it would have to be easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, because she was leaving today. The sun was high overhead, the sky clear as ever, and a gentle breeze shook the trees of route 101. It was simply too perfect of a day to pass up. Besides, sneaking out just made her first day as a trainer more exciting, and upon making it out the front door, she signaled for Laine, her Phantump, to follow. Her worrywart Pokemon frankly shared the same trepidation as her parents, but she had at least been convinced that leaving that day instead of any other would be a good thing. Silently, she glided along to Micah's side, who then promptly caught the Phantump in a hug.

    "We're gonna do it Laine! We're gonna be a team!" She squealed, speed walking out into the center of the town towards the first route.
  3. Eis


    Having finally reached Littleroot Town, Nina celebrated by finding the nearest tree and collapsing underneath its shade. It had been a long trek from the small dock on Route 104, and coming from the freezing climate of Snowpoint City, it was difficult for her to adjust to the hot, humid weather in Hoenn. Still, Nina was sure that the long journey was worth it. Many new trainers in Hoenn started off in Littleroot Town, and Nina thought it best to seek out one of these new trainers to travel around with. She was unfamiliar with Hoenn, and while a veteran trainer would have worked as well, the strength gap would've made Nina feel like a burden.

    "Hopefully someone will come by soon." Nina glanced down at the pokeball she held in her right hand. It contained her partner, Ruhig, who was currently worn out from the onslaught of wild Pokémon that had attacked them on their journey to Littleroot. Normally, Nina would have healed him by now, but she had used her last potion as soon as she had left Oldale Town, and foolishly continued on down Route 101 instead of heading back to restock. "Sorry, Ruhig. This was a lot rougher for you than it was for me. I promise to get you to a Pokémon Center as soon as I can." She looked up at the pathway leading out of the town, waiting for someone to walk out of the town so she could tag along.
  4. Just before Micah and Laine could come parading out of Littleroot, she did a double take at Philipp and his partner Pokemon. If he saw and snitched on her, it would be half a dozen more complicated explanations she'd have to give to her parents for why she'd tried to leave early. Running away would only make her look more suspicious, so with her back turned to him, she straightened her posture and strolled confidently into the route as if she had somewhere to be. A remarkably short, decidedly foreign trainer caught her eye, and as the cogs in her head began to turn, Micah's face took on a pleading expression as she rushed to stand before her.

    "Hey! It's been a while. Good to see you!" She beamed, pretending to know the girl in case she needed an alibi. "How've you been?"
  5. Chloe had done quite a bit of quote-unquote ‘adventuring’ already before she made it to Littleroot Town. Heading out from Mauville City she had decided to go on foot the entire way. If she wanted this, she would work for it! And boy did it pay off, even though her feet were somewhat sore and it took her two days to even get to Littleroot, it was quite the experience. For one because she had never been out of Mauville City before, but the real reason what made this such an experience, was because she had done it on her own! Well, with the guidance of her Pokémon, but still! From this day on she was in control of her life. Not her mother, nor her father! She was in control from now on and she loved it!

    And boy was it showing that she did. Chloe was walking around like she owned the place, looking for someone, anyone really, to share her experience with. Surely there were more trainers around who were on the road to ‘fulfill their destiny’ or something along those lines. She was about to actually enter the town when her gaze landed on a target, ehr, person! Well, persons, two of them to be exact. They seemed to be in a conversation, but had that ever kept Chloe from walking up to someone? Nope! So she made her way over to the tree, leaning against it with her hand and speaking up, somewhat forcing herself into this conversation she knew nothing about.

    “Hey, you don’t look like you’re from ‘round here!” She referred to the girl sitting underneath the tree first. Nice and blunt, no need to sugarcoat it, right? “Are you guys headin’ out on your ‘epic quest for fame and stuff’ as well?”
  6. Eis


    Just when Nina was about to give up on waiting, a girl had appeared at the town's exit. She looked up, and was met with a tall, somewhat muscular girl with short black hair. The girl looked to be a trainer, too. 'Yes!' Nina thought, 'This is my chance!'

    What was odd to her though was the desperate expression on the girl's face as she walked over to Nina. Did something happen to her? Even more strange was when the girl reached Nina, the desperate look was replaced with a friendly smile, and she began talking as if she knew Nina. Had she met this girl sometime before? She definitely didn't remember meeting anyone like her before. Then again, her memory wasn't that great, so it was probably best to just go along with it, right?

    "O-oh! Hello...uh...miss?" Okay, not the best response, she had to admit. Still, all she had to do was stall for a while, and maybe the taller trainer would drop her name. Asking would just be too embarrassing, though it was probably the best option. Just then, another girl coming from the opposite direction leaned up against the tree Nina was sitting under, and joined the conversation. Having two people talk to her at once flustered Nina. She wasn't used to this much interaction! Stuttering, she addressed the new arrival. "Um, uh...no, I'm not from here. And uh, yes! Yes, I am on a journey! And am currently looking for a partner to travel with! And...yeah!"

    Nina anxiously waited for a response. Hopefully, that train wreck of a reply didn't scare the two off.
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  7. A bead of sweat threatened to roll down Micah's temple. She bode her time, smiling and nodding as the two girls spoke, before risking her fate and turning her head. With a great sigh of relief, she realized Philipp was yet to approach, or even seemingly take notice of her escape from Littleroot. "Phew. Sorry gal, I didn't mean to confuse you. I was worried someone might be following me out of town, so I thought pretending to know you might make it look like I actually have business out here." Laine looked at her trainer, a bit judgingly, as if to ask why she telling these two all of that. "Yeah, I'm actually from Kalos, but I'm a real Hoenn citizen now. Who's to say anything about fame? I do have my eye on one thing: the fortune of a good adventure." She explained with a twinkle in her eye. "And if you're looking for a partner, I can for sure at least stay at your side until we reach Petalburg."
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  8. Chloe was about to continue the conversation by agreeing to travel together and ‘cut the chitchat’ so they could get a move on. She was. Until she realized exactly what Micah was saying. “Hang on, hold up, time out.” Chloe made a ‘T’-shape with her hands and raised an eyebrow at Micah as she looked the girl over before continuing to speak. “Why would you be followed out of town?” Chloe’s interest in this girl was suddenly sky-high due to a single sentence. Taking a few steps towards Micah, Chloe wrapped her arm around the girl’s shoulder. “Who is it? Stalker? Boyfriend? Oh! Mááybe a girlfriend?!” Chloe went on for a bit, calling out every possible individual ranging from the Pokémon Professor, to her parents to authority figures like cops. After running out of things to blurt out without thinking she stopped, giving Micah a chance to explain her situation. Finally!
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  9. Eis


    At first, Nina felt relieved when she heard Micah's explanation. So she hadn't forgotten her after all! However, when Chloe asked for the reason Micah had to hide in the first place, Nina began to worry again, this time for entirely different reasons. Was this person in danger? Rather than probe for answers though, Nina decided to keep quiet and allow the muscular girl to explain the situation herself. Besides, it seemed that the brash girl was doing more than enough probing.
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  10. Philipp walked nearby three girls under the tree, thinking about journey. The only thing he needed was partner. Then he heard girls talking about something, but the main thing he payed attention were words: 'journey', 'partner' or 'Petalburg'. "Interesting..." Philipp said to himself.
    He creeped behind the girls "Do you plan starting a journey too?" the young trainer asked.
    "Mud-mudkip!" Muddy cried
  11. "Mudkip MUH-hud kip." Jet called out into the sky. "Come on, I hasn't been THAT long since we were at Petalburg City." Tommy said back. The two had just come back from Salteport after seeing some pretty weird stuff going on there. His Mudkip, however, wanted to go back to Littleroot Town. "Mud Kip!" Jet pleaded. "Okay, OKAY! Fine..." He said to Jet. On the way, he passed Three Girls and a Boy by a tree. "Hmm, could be traveling companions. We haven't had any of those since back in Unova. And I would hardly call Bianca one." He said to Jet. "Mud! Mudkipkipkip!" Chimed Jet. "Okay I'll ask them." Said Tommy, walking over to them. "Hey, you guys want to be my traveling companions?" Tommy asked happily. "Mud!" Jet said, running over to Muddy , wanting to play.
  12. "Of course!" Answered Philipp both to Jonathan and Tommy. "I was just searching for new partners!" he said enthusiassly. "My name is Philipp and you are?" Philipp asked Jonathan and Tommy.
    "Mudddy-mud-kip-mudkip!" Muddy cried while playing with Jet, glad to have new companion
  13. "Nice to meet you Jonathan. And you too Treecko!" Philipp yelled happily. "I'm sure Muddy will be delighted because of meeting you!" he added and picked up Muddy. "Muddy, meet Jonathan and Treecko" young trainer new companies to his partners.
    "Muuuuud!" yelled tiny Mudkip
  14. "Yes mom, I do have everything!" Lindsey called back from the door. Her partner, rain, was next to her almost as annoyed as her trainer was. "I just want to make you prepared for your journey!" Her mom called from inside the house. "I know but I have everything." Lindsey called back. The pair shares their good-byes once again before lindsey shut the door.

    "Come on rain. Lets go start our adventure!" Lindsey called to her pokemon excitedly. "Vul-PIX" Rain said as she jumpted up and down. Linsey let out a laugh as they started walking.

    The pair where walking to littleroot town. It was a bit far from her hometown, but she was told from her uncle that this was the best place to start. As she reached the little town, she noticed that many other trainers where already here. She walked over to a trio of boys and a trio of girls. 'Has even number.' She thought. "Hello!" She called as she walked over to them,"It seems alot of trainers are starting their journey today."
  15. "Name's Tommy, and I see your Mudkip Muddy has met my Mudkip Jet." Tommy laughed. He then saw Lindsey in the distance. "Hello!" He called back to her. He was exited to see so many people. "Call me Tommy!" He said to Lindsey. He then turned to Jet. "Hey Jet! You ready to max out?" The Mudkip deepened its stare and then nodded. "Mud...KIP!" Jet got surrounded in a glowing light. Jet had evolved into Marshtomp. "I mean, I've allready beaten 2 gyms." Tommy said, shrugging. "Although, if you guys wanna travel together, I'll slow down. At least until we get to the 3rd gym!" He said, winking.

    My team in the future:
    (By the way, in the future I change my clothes and dye my hair.)
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  16. Philipp saw girl walking to them"Hi I'm Philipp" he said "And this is Muddy" he pointed at his partner. "So when can we start journey?" asked Philipp unpatiently. "I can't wait any longer! I want to battle and catch new pokemon!" (OCC: Cryronn you have to start as a BEGGINING trainer.)
  17. "Well, we could start right now!" Said Tommy, smiling. "Why don't our two Mudkips battle?" Asked Tommy. "It would be a good expiriance for us both. But I didn't tell you something. I went down here to get my first Pokemon Jet. Then I went back to rustburo and bonded with my Mudkip for 2 days. Although it hasn't got any training in, so I guess I'm still just starting out." Said Tommy.

    (OCC: Pretend that evolution never happened, okay?)
  18. (OCC: No problem)
    "Great idea! Muddy I choose you!" yelled Philipp. Muddy jumped in front of Jet. "Ready?" young trainer asked his partner. "Muuuud!" replied Muddy and jumped as high as he can.
  19. "Let's go, Jet!" Jet then jumped in front, ready to battle. "You gonna be fine?" Asked Tommy. Jet then jumped up and down like, "I got this." "Okay, but I gotta warn you, Phillip. I didn't name my Mudkip Jet for nothing. Professer Juniper gave me one with a hidden move, although I assume your's has like, Mud Bomb or something." Tommy stated. "By the way, I come from Reverse Mountain in the Unova Region, and Professer Juniper sent over the Mudkip to me after I left. I then got it from Professer Birch."
  20. Chloe looked at the anxious girl, with a smile plastered on her face, as the girl managed to force out a stuttered response. “Being from here or not’s no biggie, I’ve lived in Hoenn all my life and I’ll get you through this Region nóóó problem!” Chloe’s smile widened as she continued. “So, you could be in luck! Just imagine,” sitting down under the tree, next to the anxious girl, Chloe wrapped an arm around the girl’s shoulder and gestured to the sky with the other arm, “two gals on a journey through Hoenn, the sky’s the limit, carpe diem, blah blah, you know what I mean, right?”

    Despite her company showing no signs of the same over-the-top excitement, Chloe just continued with her talking as if she had it all planned out. Which, to a certain extent, she had. Traveling from Mauville City to Littleroot Town was good for one thing at least, she knew the way! “Oh, geez, almost forgot! Name’s Chloe, nice to meet yóóúú..” Chloe purposefully stretched out the last word, giving her newfound company a chance to ‘fill in the blank’ with her own name.
  21. Lindsey watched the two, whom where ready to fight each other. "Shouldn't you guys move a bit further from everyone else?" Lindsey suggested, "you don't want to hurt anyone around you." "Vul-pix" Rain called, agreeing with her trainer.
  22. Eis


    Nina couldn't help but stiffen up a bit when Chloe put her arm around her. It was going to be a long time before she got used to social interaction. Yet, at the same time, Nina felt at ease with this girl. Having someone straight up offer to guide her around Hoenn was pretty comforting. She could already tell that Chloe was a very upfront, headstrong person, and Nina admired that. Maybe, Nina thought, she could learn a thing or two from Chloe if they traveled together. While Chloe was going on about her plans for their journey, Nina just sat there, mesmerized by Chloe's overwhelming confidence.

    She then shook herself out of her daze when she realized that Chloe was waiting on her answer. "Oh! Uh, Nina. My name is Nina, and it's nice to meet you too, Chloe!" Nina straightened herself, not wanting to seem disrespectful. The last thing she wanted now was to make a bad impression on the older girl.
  23. "Oh, yeah. Phillip, we should move farther away from the group." Said Tommy. "Come on Jet, let's go over to the line of pine trees. You too, Phillip." Tommy said, walking towards their battlefield. He then yelled over to Lindsey. "Your free to watch if you want. Also, your Vulpix looks really cute!"
  24. Chloe breath didn’t last long enough for the ‘yóóúú’ to continue until Nina realized what was being asked of her. So, Chloe stopped and just looked at the girl for an awkward second until her newfound friend snapped back to reality. “Nice to meet you Nina,” Chloe giggled slightly, pulling the girl a little closer, “so, now that we know what to call each other, let’s see what you’re packin’?”

    Chloe pulled back the arm that had been wrapped around Nina and used it, along with the other one, to take her Psyduck-backpack and dig around in it. Eventually she found what she was looking for, a Pokéball. Chloe enlarged the compact orb with a press of the button and called out for her companion, “c’mon Puff-Puff!” with a flash of light the Jigglypuff, named Puff-Puff, appeared in front of the two. “This is my Pokémon, and best friend, Puff-Puff. She’s the one who helped my get here honestly. I would’ve gotten side-tracked at best or completely lost at worst without her.”

  25. Eis


    Nina watched the balloon-like Pokémon in fascination. Nina had seen very few Pokémon outside of the ones local to Snowpoint, and Puff-Puff was a welcome sight after the onslaught of Poochyena and Wurmple she had encountered on her way to Littleroot. Not to mention that the Jigglypuff was absolutely adorable. "Wow," Nina gasped, "your partner is amazing!"

    Since Chloe had shown off her partner, Nina thought it was only fair to introduce hers. As she reached into her bag however, she remembered the other reason she needed an escort. "Um...I'm sorry, but my partner, Ruhig, is very tired right now. The wild Pokémon around here were very aggressive, and he's been fending them off for us the whole way here."
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  26. Chloe was more than a little excited to see what partner Nina had brought along on her journey, yet the initial excitement changed to a more concerned expression when the girl explained the situation and state of her partner. “Why didn’t you say so sooner?!” Chloe exclaimed, practically jumping up from her sitting position and, once she stood, reacting out an arm to Nina so she could pull herself up. “We have to get to a Pokémon Center right now! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!”

    The situation was more than likely, far, far less threatening than Chloe made it out to be, but she always had the tendency to blow things out of proportions. “Next stop, Oldale Pokémon Center!”
  27. [I am so sorry for the lack of a response in the past two days. Surprise power outage hit my RP abilities like a truck. Everything's good now, but seriously, you have my apology a thousand times over ;_;]

    Micah drew a sharp breath of surprise as Philipp rolled in out of nowhere, only to stare agape in confusion at the parade of new trainers that came to follow. "I was uh... trying to avoid that kid. Not to be rude, but just because I'm trying to skip town a few days early for this journey, if you get me. No danger. Just uh- him, and he kind of knows me, and could have told on me." She explained, impossible to hide the growing grin at the corners of her mouth. "And also because it seemed more fun to treat it like some kind of shady incognito escape than just that. Yeah, maybe I should go."

    Laine could only sigh and shake her head. Seeing that the two girls had their own conversation to be had, she nudged her head in a direction to suggest Micah get moving. Her trainer rubbed her on the head reassuringly, taking a few steps further down the route.
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  28. Eis


    Nina was a bit shocked at Chloe's reaction. Yes, Ruhig was tired, but he wasn't badly hurt or anything. Still, Nina didn't want to argue with her guide, and getting to the Pokémon Center soon worked just fine for Nina. Grabbing hold of Chloe's outstretched hand, she let out a quick "Yes ma'am!" as she hoisted herself up as fast as she could, stumbling a bit as she tried to keep up with the taller, longer legged girl. By the time the got to Oldale Town, Nina was already sweating buckets, Hoenn's heat simply not agreeing with her.

    Stumbling into the Pokémon Center, well behind Chloe, Nina managed to drag herself to the front desk as she took Ruhig's pokeball from her bag and nearly slammed it on the table from exhaustion. "C-could you please, heal my Pokémon for me? Thanks." As soon as the nurse took Ruhig to the back to be healed, Nina collapsed at the desk, turning her head to meet the eyes of her new companion. "Sorry about that! The heat just...really gets to me." So much for a good impression.
  29. Chloe watched on with a concerned expression as her friend seemed exhausted from the walk to Oldale Town, even though it wasn’t that far. She was about to voice her concerns when Nina spoke up about the temperature simply ‘getting to her’. Something that made Chloe remember she wasn’t exactly from here. “Oh, right! You’re not from here,” Chloe leaned against the desk, “so where are you from anyway then? I bet it’s cold, since you’re sweatin’ pretty hard even though it’s not that hot outside.”

    Easy for Chloe to say that it wasn’t that hot, but the sun was definitely bringing its A-game. At least the Pokémon Center was a lot cooler than being out in the sun, so Chloe waited patiently for her friend to catch her breath before asking any more questions.
  30. Eis


    Nina was thankful for the cool air in the Pokémon Center, as it helped her get back on her feet more quickly, even though she was still plenty tired from her sprint earlier. She straightened herself out, still leaning on the front desk as she gave her answer. "Oh, yeah. I came from Snowpoiny City in Sinnoh. It's uh...a lot colder over there." Nina felt a bit stupid, saying something that really didn't need to be pointed out. Still, even after being in Hoenn for a few days now, Nina was still amazed with how bright and colorful the region was. She had never been outside of Snowpoint before she set off on her journey, and back there everything was under at least 4 inches of snow. "Uh...what about you? Where are you from?"
  31. “Snowpoint City, Sinnoh.” Chloe repeated the words slowly and trying her best to recall anything, anything at all, that might be related to that name. No such luck, after about a minute of pondering Chloe came to the conclusion she had absolutely nothing to relate to Snowpoint. Which wasn’t too weird, since she rarely even left her hometown. “Sorry, doesn’t right a bell. I’ve never been out of Hoenn anyway and spend most of my time at home, or at least close to home.”

    Chloe glanced up at the ceiling, while leaning her back against the desk, and sighed. Home. She never liked home. “I’m from Mauville City. I, ehr, I live there with my parents, sort of. They aren’t home much.” Though her expression and speech clearly showed this wasn’t her preferred topic to speak about, she couldn’t deny her friend the information. If they weren’t honest with each other this whole journey would eventually come crashing down. “So, yeah, Mauville City, Hoenn.”
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  32. Eis


    Even with her limited social experience, Nina could tell that this was an uncomfortable subject for Chloe, so she decided not to press further. "I-I see." The silence between them was palpable, and it made Nina more than a bit nervous. She silently begged for something to come up and change the subject. Luckily for her, at that moment the nurse returned to the front desk with Ruhig's pokeball in hand.

    "Thank you for waiting. We've restored your Sneasel to full health." The nurse said as she handed the ball back to Nina. Nina was, admittedly, a bit surprised. She never knew that Pokémon Centers were that quick! "Thank you so much!" Turning to Chloe, an idea struck her. "Oh, I was going to introduce you to Ruhig, wasn't I? Do you, uh, still want to see him?"
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  33. As Micah speedwalked down the route towards Oldale town, she couldn't tell if the hard thumping of her heartbeat was from the exertion of walking in the heat, or the stress of trying to make friends, only to still only have her Phantump by her side at the end of the encounter. A lopsided frown shone dully on her face, and Laine nuzzled her hand and hummed with worry for her trainer. True, she'd been the one to slip away and walk off to begin with, but she'd been nervous. The bright beaming of the sun hardly did wonders for her vision, and it was no surprise when she almost tripped over a ledge after guiding her feet in a lazy circle. She drew her breath, taking a step back to sit and rest in the nearby shade.

    "Hey Laine, you think we'll make friends, right?" She dolefully asked. Her partner Pokemon rapidly nodded her head, but a bit too eagerly to be truly believed. Much more pressing, however, was the pained squeal of a creature nearby. A Poochyena was snapping playfully at a wounded Wurmple, not realizing that it was hurt, and Micah rushed to her feet to approach. "Hey! Hey! Shoo! Laine, confuse it!" She instructed, and a purple beam of distorted shapes shot from her Phantump's mouth, making the pup whine in frustration as it stumbled on its feet. Impulsively, she grabbed for the tiny worm, pulling her hand back fast, but not fast enough to avoid the Poochyena's snapping jaws. Micah yelped in pain as its teeth sunk into her arm, biting her lip to cope as Laine's astonish thwacked it hard enough to make it let go. Cradling the Wurmple, she grabbed Laine and carried her under her arm as she sprinted through the rest of the route and into Oldale town, blood leaking from the bite all the while.
  34. "Yea." Chloe kept her gaze on the ceiling as looking at Nina during the awkward silence would only make the situation, well, more awkward. Maybe she should've kept her trap shut for once, because now it had caused this. This silence, it was so uncomfortable, but Chloe couldn't think of anything to talk about for once in her life. "So, ehr, how abo-"

    Chloe's weak attempt at starting a new conversation was cut short by the center nurse. Thank Arceus! It wasn't like that sentence was really going to go anywhere, so Chloe was glad to be interrupted. "Ruhig? Oh yea! Yea totally! Show me that partner o' yours girl!" Chloe was going all-in on this, anything to get the conversation going again. That, and she was just really damn curious about this Pokémon.
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  35. Eis


    Nina smiled, excited to finally introduce her partner. She always felt more comfortable when Ruhig was around, and as embarrassing as it was to admit, he was much better with people than she was. Enlargening the pokeball in her hand, Nina tossed it into the air, releasing her Sneasel. "Come on out, Ruhig!"

    The Sneasel did a flip in the air as he came out of his pokeball, striking a pose as he landed. Nina giggled a bit as Ruhig bowed a bit, as if to an applauding audience. "Hehe, sorry about that. He enjoys his theatrics when we're not fighting. This is Ruhig, my partner, friend, and a total dork." Ruhig let out a short shriek, giving Nina an expression of mock offendedness. While Nina was usually very careful with her words around other people, with Ruhig she felt that she didn't have to hold anything back. They just understood each other, she supposed.
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  36. Chloe could hardly contain her excitement when the Ruhig, the Sneasel, was revealed to her. She had been curious about the girl’s Pokémon ever since they had set out towards Oldale Town. It only got better from there, however. The Sneasel was quite the show-off, something Chloe thoroughly enjoyed. She had left home to become a Pokémon coordinator after all, and this Sneasel was star-material, at least to Chloe he was. “Oh. My. Arceus! That was so cool!”

    Chloe kneeled down somewhat, giving the theatrical Pokémon a closer ‘inspection’, before turning her gaze back to Nine. “Sóó? Are you going to tell me everythin’ or what?” She said it as if Nina could just guess whatever it was Chloe meant. “Did you capture him yourself? Or was he given to you? Or, or! Maybe you met each other on the road and became best buds naturally! Do tell, come on! I want to know everything!”
  37. As her adrenaline began to fade, Micah realized that she wasn't the runner she thought she was. With the scared, battle weakened Wurmple still held limply in her fist, her run quickly slowed to a jog, and then her jog to a sluggish walk. Laine squirmed free from under her arm to literally hover over her bite, squeaking out her concern to her trainer, but with her other hand occupied with the bug Pokemon, and Oldale town only a few dozen paces ahead, Micah wasn't about to cause a scene over the wound. Action heroes could suffer ten times worse, and still stand heroically to aid the wounded, she told herself. Her furious panting slowly faded, brows furrowing as stalwart expression wrenched her face. Finally dragging herself into the town's Pokecenter, she barged in the door and held the whimpering Wurmple out with outstretched hands. "Hello? There's a Wurmple here that's been hurt." She called.
  38. Eis


    While Ruhig was busy lapping up attention Chloe was giving him, Nina was focused on fiddling with her hands, her eyes following her two thumbs in particular. It was a habit of hers that popped up sometimes when she talked to someone. Nina didn't really like talking about herself all that much. Then again, she thought, she would have to get used to it if she ever wanted to break out of her shell. That was the whole point of the journey, right? "Well, uh, I guess that last one is the most accurate?"

    Nina kneeled down and rested her hand on Ruhig's head, gently stroking the fur around his ear. To her, it was a way of distracting herself from her nervousness. The Sneasel, however, looked quite embarrassed at his trainer's gesture. Being stroked was for pet Pokemon, not dashing rogues like himself! He allowed it, however, as he knew that without him Nina would be a nervous wreck...and also because it did feel rather nice. "I found Mr. Charmer here by pure luck. I was just wandering through the town's outskirts when I caught him scrounging for food. I felt bad for him, so I started sneaking berries to him whenever I could. One day he just kinda...followed me home." There was a bit more to the story than that, but Nina didn't want to bore Chloe with details. That was when a girl, the same one Chloe and her had been talking to outside of Littleroot, bursted into the Pokemon Center, carrying a wounded Wurmple in her bleeding arm. Nina was left frozen in place, not knowing what to do or how to react, and praying that someone else would come to the rescue.
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  39. Chloe had found herself at a dilemma, she wanted to continue smothering the theatrical Pokémon with her undivided attention, yet she wanted to make sure Nina knew her story didn’t fall to deaf ears. The decision was made when Chloe turned her gaze to her companion, listening carefully to anything, and everything, the girl had to say about her Pokémon. Which wasn’t much, well, compared to Chloe’s standards it wasn’t much. It was a short, but clear story and contained all the information Chloe had asked for. “Oh. My. Arceus! That’s so cool! Your bond must be so strong then!” Chloe beamed, absolutely ecstatic about the story.

    Clearly there wasn’t much needed to kick Chloe’s bombastic attitude into full gear. “Well, now I’m one story behind aren’t I? My turn! So, I didn’t exactly catch Puff-Puff either. She wa- -ááát?!” Chloe made a full 180 when she heard the rather loud entrance of the girl she’d met before in Littleroot. Immediately forgetting about her story, she yelled out, effectively attracting the attention of everyone that was currently resided within the Center. “EVERYBODY! Stay calm!! No panic!!”

    “Hey!” Chloe turned to a middle-aged man who hadn’t done anything except cough, “I said no panicking!!” Could it be that she was panicking herself? Because she had no experience in Pokémon battle and thus, by extension, no clue how to deal with hurt Pokémon? Possibly, well definitely, but at least her yelling was good for one thing; attracting the attention of the nurse, who immediately stepped up to Micah and the whimpering Wurmple she carried with her.
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  40. "Oh gosh..." Micah muttered, all of the attention now on her and her little damsel Pokemon in distress. Normally, she might've been a bit more outgoing, but with a bleeding Wurmple in her hands and a bite wound of her own, she suddenly felt very small under the scrutiny of the center. "Good to see you two again. We'll have to catch up later." She managed to joke, handing the Wurmple to the nurse in her outstretched palm as her injured arm shied away in a poor attempt to hide it.
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