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Ask to Join Hoenn- Journey to Destiny!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by frickydizzle, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. First of all, if you want to join, go to this thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/hoenn-journey-to-destiny-discussion.18580/

    Touya had lived in Littleroot for his whole life. He knew every single little blade of grass that was in the area. But with this knowledge, came nothing special. He was almost 13 now, and was going to get a pokemon for his birthday. His family didn't agree with the fact that you had to be only 10 to get a pokemon, so Touya's parents only let him get one when he was 13. To be honest, Touya technically
    already has a pokemon. The family's pet Stoutland, Bruce. But he didn't think it counted. He went to bed, woke up, got dressed and said to his mom, "Today's the day, mom. Today is when i get a pokemon." and with that, he left the house and headed off to Professor Birch's lab. "This is it!! I'm gonna get a pokemon!!" He stepped in. Birch was there, holding 6 pokeballs. "Pick Mudkip, Treeko or Torchic, Touya. Pick a good one." He muttered to himself. He picked Mudkip. Or as he called it, Spike.
  2. Man Ralts I wonder if Prof.Birch has a Pokémon for us I mean you get lonely sometimes right Ralts. Ruby asks Ralts. Ralts nods in agreement. C'mon lets go Ruby shouts as he runs to Prof.Birch,s lab.You know Ralts we might make a friend besides the Pokémon we choose. Hello Prof.Birch I'd like a Treeko.Prof.Birch hands Ruby a pokeball with a grass symbol. thanks Prof.Birch. Oh hey didn't notice you there my name is Ruby what is yours? Ruby says to Touya.

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