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Open Hoenn: An Island of Exploration

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Cmeriwether, May 11, 2020.

  1. It’s fine @Cmeriwether , I was just reminding you and clarifying. Also, so, Chrom’s side is Research and development, I’m guessing Kage’s side is more action based?
  2. Kage is part of The raid team, headed by Donovan. He (Donovan) has a burning hatred of Jason's father, which is leading to the presentation.
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  3. Cool. So Chrom leads a research team. Well upper admin leader. He still reports to the high admin whom then works directly under the actual leader. Do you have any idea what they might be researching? They could be researching anything from performance based drugs to enhance pokémon abilities or possibly research stations studying pokémon DNA and genetic makeup to further understand their evolutions. Possibly breed pokémon with better genetics.
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  4. Mhm. I'm just trying to think of a char.
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  5. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    I don’t know if I’m up to another Rp.... You need me for enough players?
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  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    @Cmeriwether sorry, just saw the tag. Anyway, I'm unable to join any new RPs at the moment, as I hardly have time to do the RPs I'm currently in. So, pass for me.
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  7. I got a few questions; who's controlling the leader?

    Also is Donavan your character Cmeriwhether? I can't find his bio anywhere.

    I was planning on making a trainer. An author. Since he's young he obviously hasn't written many books so its unlikely anyone would know his books. Possible ,but unlikely. Being a trainer he will help face team darkarrows ,and maybe gain writing inspiration along the way.
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  8. I'm not sure, it may be @Eliiiscool, and Donovan is mine
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  9. Name: Hisato Kimura the Third(fun reference to Lupin the Third)
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: straight
    Height: 5'5 ft.
    Weight:125 pounds
    Eye Color: left eye(green) and right eye(blue).
    Hair Color: brown with strands of blonde hair here and there.
    Other Appearance details: Hisato has short hair about two inches in length neatly combed to the left. He's slightly tan and whenever he grins his dimples show.

    Outfit: he wears a dark blue t-shirt with a picture of chingling on it, A bright red coat with white stripes goings up the arms ,and a thin blue stripe within the white stripes. He also wears jeans with dark and light blue vertical stripes. He also wears pink socks with white sneakers(featuring red, blue, pink stripes with yellow stars). He also wears pale blue fingerless gloves ,and a pair of go-go goggles around his neck just incase he ever visits a desert. He also a a shoulder bag with various snacks and journals.

    Rank: N/A ; Trainer/Author
    Personality: Hisato is a strange yet smart boy. A bit of a weirdo. He's a fairly oblivious boy who spends more time contemplating random thoughts than interacting with actual people. Despite this Hisato isn't an anti-social person. In contradictory he's a very friendly ,and very much enjoys making friends. He enjoys talking and asking questions as he is quite the inquisitive character often times seeking answers to questions that the average person wouldn't think about. His biggest passion in life is writing. He enjoys writing in his many journals ,and spinning up whimsical stories of the strange and unexpected.
    Family: (A father(Hisato Kimura the Second), mother(Akira Kimura), one brother(Haiyato Kimura) ,and one sister(Akiya Kimura))
    Crush: (Unknown)
    Slowking(Skol) ability: oblivious
    (male) (water/psychic) (calm/laidback)
    Alakazam(Alkam) ability: synchronize
    (male) (psychic) (bold/confident)
    Mr. Mime(Remi) ability: soundproof
    (male) (psychic/fairy) (prankster/exciteable)
    girafarig(Firarig) ability: inner focus
    (female) (normal/psychic) (cautious/modest)
    sigilyph(Glyp) ability: wonder skin
    (male) (psychic/flying) (sassy/rash)
    bronzong(Boro): levitate
    (genderless) (psychic/steel) (jolly/brave)
    (If the names seem weird its because they are anagrams. Well kinda. I didn't use all the letters in their pokémon names ,but I only used letters found in their names)
    Other: Hisato grew up in Johto with his family. His family is a little odd; His father Hisato Kimura the Second is a nice, smart ,and friendly man ,but after years of hard work and stress Hisato's father Hisato Kimura the Second is a smart and friendly man who enjoys spending time with his family. He can also be a bit of a sarcastic man. After years of stress he's gained quite the drinking problem. Despite this his problems never effect his family time. Hisato's mother Akira Kimura spends a caring and kind hearted mother ,but is also a bit obsessed with collecting knickknacks and watching her favorite show 'Galar's got talent'. Hisato Kimura's younger brother Haiyato polite hard working brother who also isn't very bright, enjoys scary movies ,and may have read one too many comic books ,and scary theories. His older sister Akiya Kimura is the oldest of the three siblings. Shes a mature and responsible sibling whom is a coordinator in her spare time. She can be very vein at times ,and can display very little patience for nonsense. Despite whatever odd traits their family may have they get along surprisingly well.

    Hisato Kimura has spent a good majority of his life in Johto ,but also Kanto. His family enjoyed the occasional vacation to Alola where they spent most of their vacation time. In Hisato's time in Johto and Kanto he had written in various journals of his life experiences as well as his friends and people he's met ,and even a couple legends here and there. Whenever Hisato would write a book he would typically write them based on his experiences he's had in whatever region he be in. As well as stories he's heard whether they be the on goings of the life of an average fisherman or an age old tale of a warrior and his trusty dog. Hisato enjoyed adding various stories into his books as a way appreciating the places he's visited ,and the history surrounding the places. In hopes that readers might find these stories interesting enough to visit these places. In Hisato's life so far he's written three books ,but only two of them have ever been published.

    "Home sweet Johto" (Johto Stories was the first book he ever written. He had spent three years writing this book before finally publishing it a year later)

    "Kanto stories" (Kanto stories is a book he began writing one year after he began writing Home sweet Johto. He spent two and a half years writing this book ,and published it six months after publishing his first book)

    "Alohalola!" (Alohalola is the third book he began writing this book two years after he began writing Home sweet Johto. He spent one year writing this book before hitting a writers block. He's never felt comfortable publishing it as he believed it was missing something. Perhaps one day he will visit Alola again ,and finish his third book)

    Hisato despite not finishing his third book decided he would visit a different region ,and start a new book. Perhaps later on he will visit Alola ,and finish his third book ,but at this point in his life he wished to try something new. In doing so he made the unexpected journey to Hoenn to begin a potential fourth book. Possibly third if he finished this book before finishing his new book before Alohalola.
  10. Name: Leslie Christopher MacIntosh, goes by Chris, his middle name.
    Age: (11-15) 11
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: (This could be discovered later for younger characters) Good.
    Height: Four feet, Eight inches.
    Weight: 82 Pounds.
    Eye Color: A Boring Shade of Blue
    Hair Color: Light Blonde.
    Other Appearance details: He wears clothes, believe it or not. He wears a red hoodie with beige cargo pants.
    Rank: (If Team Darkarrows) N/A
    Personality: Chris is stubborn and rash. He doesn't like people getting in his way and does stuff his own way, which often ends up with him in trouble. He isn't very competitive, but instead is very cocky and garish. Always talking smack, Chris is a compulsive liar and not very clever. He hates his first name, and always uses his first name instead.
    Family: George Thomas MacIntosh (father), Mary Anne Jocelyn MacIntosh (mother).
    Crush: N/A
    Pokemon: Dunsparce "Hackney", and Nincada "Kensington".
    Other: He obtained Hackney from his uncle and caught a Nincada by accident. He does not know how to catch a Pokémon, yet.
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  11. Is anyone going to post, I kinda of need people to post so I can post Jason and Alyssa's arrival.
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  12. I can't cause I already posted last.
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