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Ask to Join Hoenn: A region of Exploration (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cmeriwether, May 13, 2020.

  1. Jason Argentston and Alyssa Seaboard walked off the boat to a small island off the coast of Hoenn, it had came from Sinnoh. The two walked through the island until they found a decently sized house, it was a brick house. There was a Houndoom in the yard, he looked up, and immediately bursted for Jason, nearly bowling him over.

    "Hi, Houndoom!" Jason exclaimed.

    Houndoom suddenly started growling.

    "Cut it out, she's my girlfriend!" Jason yelled in an attempt for the Houndoom to listen.

    The Houndoom sat down and waited for his next command.

    "Is he yours?" Alyssa asked.

    "My mom's, her first Pokemon." Jason explained, as he heard chattering, "Chatot!"

    The Music Note Pokemon jumped on Jason's head, chattering away when a young, silver haired, green eyed girl opened the door.

    "Jace?" The girl asked.

    "Emma!" Jason exclaimed.

    "Mom, Dad, Jason's home, and he brought a girl with him!" Emma Argentston shouted.

    A silver haired man and platinum blonde haired woman walked out to the door, a medium blue, footed fish Pokemon followed.

    "Hi Maze Guardian, and the Unovan Coordinator, my father told me about your adventures!" Alyssa exclaimed excitedly.

    "My guess, you're Bart's daughter?" The Maze Guardian asked.

    Alyssa nodded, and gripped Jason's hand, when a phone inside rang. The Maze Guardian ran into the house and answered. When he returned, he whispered something to The Unovan Coordinator and then turned to the couple.

    "That was Professor Birch, he invited us to his presentation in Littleroot Town." The Maze Guardian explained.

    "I have Hydreigon's pokeball, where are you going, sweetheart?" The Unovan Coordinator asked.

    "To Find Golurk, Dragonite spooked it again." The Maze Guardian explained, "I don't know how it's possible to spook a Ghost type."

    "We'll get going, your siblings will meet us at Littleroot." The Unovan Coordinator called to the couple.

    Jason nodded as he threw a pokeball, releasing an Aerodactyl. He motioned for Alyssa to board Aerodactyl. She hopped on and wrapped her arms around his waist to hold on. Ariana had gotten Emma aboard her Hydreigon and waited for takeoff. A Salamence flew off towards the main island, signaling that The Maze Guardian had found his Golurk.

    "I wonder what my starter will be?" Emma asked Jason.

    "Beldum sure surprised me." Jason explained, "You see there were eight of us leaving that day, and I was second to select that day. I chose Beldum for a challenge, Laura chose Bagon, and James got stuck with Treecko."

    "James got stuck with Treecko?" Emma asked.

    "He was last to pick." Jason facepalmed.

    Emma giggled, as their mother redirected Emma's attention as the Salamence flew by.

    "Up for a Race, Dad?" Jason asked the Salamence rider.

    "You ready?" The rider asked.

    "Let's go!" Jason exclaimed as he took off.

    "Jason, be careful, okay?" The woman on the Hydreigon warned.

    "Mom/Ari!" Both other Pokemon pilots yelled simultaneously.

    (So, your character needs to arrive at the presentation. @Pinch @Gamingfan @Captain Pokémon
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  2. Somewhere outside near a large building lying on a patch of grass under a large tree Chrom laid without a care in the world. Chrom had already met his quota so far it's not like his break he was taking was really effecting his job or anything. "I got plenty of time until I need to meet my deadline. Take a nice quick nap and maybe beeline over later today and hit the ol grind" Chrom thought to himself. He let out a yawn before turning his gaze towards his Scizor Hasami. Hasami was rested against the trees not fully asleep, but relaxed with his eyes closed. Chrom almost let out a smirk but before his mouth could fully form a smile his frown reappeared onto his face.

    "Glad your enjoying your nap buddy ,but later today we should try get some work done. I wonder if we can just not do that? I mean what's the harm in doing it tomorrow am I right? No harm no foul? Isn't that what they say? Though we should probably get work done quickly Yeah? Sooner were finished with our tasks for the day it's back to relaxationville. Sound good to you Hasami?" Chrom said as he slumped over foward looking towards his pokémon.

    Chrom reluctantly stood up on his feet, "I just don't know if I really wanna work now? I mean it would be silly to rush things through. Slow and steady wins the race ,and I do plan to reach the finish like *yawn*... Sooner or later" Chrom said as he stretched his arms out and over his head. "Sciz..." Hisashi muttered, "I'm right there with ya buddy. I'm right there with ya... Sooner were done for the day sooner we take a break ,and I'm going to relax inside with the AC" Chrom said ever so calmly. Chrom quickly whipped his camera out snapping a picture of his scizor before putting his camera away. Despite Chrom's laziness he genuinely enjoyed snapping photos in his spare time. One of his few hobbies outside napping. Photo taking made him happy. Even if he never showed it. Hisashi didn't particularly enjoy getting his photo taken ,but was always tolerable as he cared dearly for his trainer Chrom.

    "Hisashi. As much as I'd like sit lay on my backside right there next to you it really is about time we get our butts moving. No but or bug to it" Chrom reluctantly said. Saying those words felt like knives slicing the insides of his mouth ,but regardless he was ready to make action. He let out a sadistic grin momentarily before walking towards the building he was conveniently near. "All things according to plan" he said softly.
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