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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Lyni, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Just curious what people's hobbies are, and how you tend to waste time procrastinate spend your free time!

    For me, I have a wide variety of hobbies, since I have a habit of getting bored easily~ I guess I'll list them all here~
    • Origami
    • Beading
    • Spriting
    • Writing Character Bios that never end up being used for anything
    • Singing/Listening to Vocaloid songs
    • Learning Vocaloid dances
    • Watching anime
    • Reading manga
    • Reading in general
    • Looking up news
    • Scrolling through Tumblr
    • Eating paper
    • Researching about phonetics, dialects, and other linguistic subjects
    • Writing arbitrary programs that don't work
    • Breeding Pokemon
    • Skyping
    • Chatting in the chatroom
    • Using doll makers (related to the third bullet point)
    • Sitting in bed while staring at the ceiling
    • Walking around campus or outside of campus
    • Strolling through the mall/any other shopping area
    • Embarrassing my friends
    • Meowing in public
    So yeah~! What does everyone else do here :D
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hmm... What do I actually do these days...
    I'm going to mimic you and just list various things in bullet form. ^^

    • Chatting with friends - in a variety of ways!
    • Spending time with friends/family in general
    • Buying pizza, eating pizza, coveting pizza, admiring pizza, rambling about pizza, seeking out new pizza places to eat at, etc. etc. PIZZA <.>
    • Playing video games on my own and with friends/family locally and online
    • Surfing the internet (usually the same handful of websites)
    • Reading gaming news and any news/articles that @Demelza writes ♥
    • Pokémon!
    • Stalking the Creative Corner and 'Charms forums (and occasionally posting!)
    • Poking at the Cryptidex
    • Stalking Facebook
    • Liking things. Liking all the things.
    • Watching Anime on my own and with friends/family (lots and lots of Anime)
    • Watching Doctor Who via Netflix (recently started season 4!)
    • Watching movies at the cinema
    • Reading manga on Crunchyroll's manga app
    • Reading my graphic novels
    • Listening to music
    • Collecting and listening to Anime-related music (deserves its own bullet)
    • Playing solitaire on my iPhone (my go-to game when bored or waiting around xp)
    • Collecting Pokemon merchandise
    • Window shopping for toys, video games, Anime, and related merchandise
    • Throwing money at Amiibo
    • Training and/or playing with said Amiibo and staring at them and sobbing about wanting more Amiibo
    • Collecting StreetPass tags
    • Poking at Pixel Miner on my Pebble (Smartwatch)
    • Daydreaming
    • Taking pictures with my iPhone/iPad
    • Fictional writing (when I can actually find the energy for it x.x)
    • Blogging
    • Traveling
    • Singing when nobody else is listening - or when I'm too tired/hyper to give a damn 8D
    • Attacking Google images
    • Researching the origins/meaning behind songs and their lyrics
    Trying to think of more to add but nothing immediate is coming to mind. Will likely amend this list if I can think of anything else. :angel:
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  3. I've got a few hobbies, these are my major ones :)
    • Drawing
    • Collecting Pokemon Plushies
    • Making Mega Pokemon and Fan-Pokemon (mostly megas)
    • Browsing Ebay
    • Playing video games
    • Making Sprites on MS Paint
    • Writing crappy stories
    • Collecting Shiny Pokemon
    • Watching movies and TV shows
    • Reading Paranormal stories on the interwebs
    • Looking at scary pictures
    • Reading Creepypasta
    • Creating my own characters.
    • Collecting plush in general
    • Scrolling through PKMNCollectors.Livejournal
    • Researching about space (planets, galaxies, etc)
    • Going on list sites such as Listverse, Cracked, Oddee
    • Looking up crappy movies and games
    • Looking through my old Schleich collection
    • Going on Photoshop and doing random stuff
    • Eating my Mum's amazing food ♥
    • Thanking about random crap
    • Sitting in the car and listening to the radio
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hovering ominously across the threshold of dimension, observing the domains within my sphere of influence with ever-shifting arrays of oculars and and periodically descending upon the mindless and the stupid with a terrifying eldritch resonance and armblades extended.

    ... Oh wait. You meant aside from that. Well, here's a list.
    • Drawing/Painting - mostly (but not exclusively) creature, character and object designs, though I've been starting to dip a little deeper into landscapes. My dream career is to take this particular hobby more professionally and delve into the realm of concept art for video games/movies/whatever. It's probably never going to happen, but I can dream, Harold!
    • Writing/RPing - which I really need to be doing more of. <<;
    • Worldbuilding - this radiates into both my art and my writing. I really appreciate good worldbuilding and I aspire for the universes inside my head to have such.
    • Playing certain instruments - mostly piano, occasionally guitar.
    • Listening to music.
    • Singing.
    • Voice acting.
    • Generally hovering around the internet.
    • Absorbing interesting information relevant to my assorted fields of interest (many of which science-based).
    • Hanging out, to the best of my ability, with the few people on the planet I actually care about, roughly 95% of which live on the other side of the god damn planet.
    • Occasionally watching a movie or a series, when my attention span can be arsed to.
    • Also occasionally playing video games.
    • Cooking/Baking.
    • Generally being lost inside my own mind.
    • A number of other things I dabble in on occasion and might someday get back to if I live that long.
    • Severely needing a life.
    That's pretty much it.

    Incidentally why do I keep reading 'hobbies' as 'hobbits'?
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  5. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Hobbies, hobbies, hobbies... Lemme see.

    • Playing video games
    • Listening to podcasts (UKAnime, Anime Limited, StreetPass UK)
    • Listening to music
    • Playing guitar
    • Surfing the internets
    • Writing news for various places
    • Running StreetPass Leeds meets. What? That totally counts in hobbies :p
    • Reading manga
    • Watching anime
    • Spending time with friends
    • Playing Guild Wars 2
    • Annoying @Linkachu
    • Writing
    • Collecting Amiibo!
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  6. Hobbies, hm...
    • Pokemon
    • Collecting Pokemon Plush
    • Art
    • Writing Fanfiction
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    • Borderlands
    • Collecting Music (100+ GB)
    • Sleeping (This totally counts)
    • Annoying my best friends
    • Baking
    • Using Tumblr
    • Avoiding School Work
    And hopefully I'll get started to learning to sew soon. I want to make some plush of my own.
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  7. I dont have much but here you go :3
    • Playing games like league, major as mask and dragon age atm
    • Drawing!!!
    • Listening to music most of the day
    • I like cleaning when no ones home ouo I hate the feeling of someone watching me while I clean..
    • I like to bake! But I'm terrible at it...
    • I also make sculptures/figures but I'm terrible at that too
    • Shopping online ouo I like cute clothes heehe
    • Going on tumblr
    • Watching anime, currently watching mekaku city actors, death parade, and Tokyo ghoul.
    • I often watch gaming streams especially for league or for binding of Isaac, feels nice to hear a human voice? (Kinda creepy now that I think about it...)
    Thats it I guess :0 I dont do much...haha
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  8. I listen to Vocaloid songs a lot as a hobby, I watch television, look at mega evolutions, and play with my cat. :nom:
  9. hobbies include:

    • watching anime
    • reading manga
    • reading novels
    • writing my own novels
    • playing pokemon
    • playing advance wars
    • watching my favorite youtubers
    • running
    • playing with my doggie
    • thinking of how to wonder my find
    • learning a new language :D
    • playing board games
  10. My hobbies? Lemme see.....
    • Pokemon, duh~
    • Listening to, and singing along with, my favorite songs!!
    • Drawing
    • Reading ♥
    • Legend of Zelda ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ <.>
    • Playing video games in general
    • YouTube!!! Well, watching youtubers :)
    • Sleeping.. as staded by Br4v3b1rd, it counts.. deal with it
    • Playing the piano
    • Playing the guitar
    • Daydreaming
    • Ignoring my chores
    • Being forced to do my chores
    • Texting my friends~

    Thatttsss abooouuuttt it, I guesss......
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  11. I'm a big fan of fish keeping, I often watch YouTube videos (Maybe one day I'll make my own), writing (Although for your benefit, I do not publish such works to Pokecharms), reading, political debating, science (specifically genetics), spriting, and some sketching.

    I collect baseball cards, although not near as many as I used to. Pokemon cards also find a place in my collection.
  12. I tend to have a wide assortment of hobbies, including but not limited to:

    • Reading fiction novels
    • Playing video games
    • Listening to music
    • Watching films and television
    • Frequenting my favorite Youtube channels
    • Surfing the Web
    • Randomly searching anything I have even a vague curiosity towards
    • Writing fan fiction
    • Reading fan fiction
    • Riding my bike
    • Going for walks in the golf course nearby
    • Playing music (Percussion ♥ )
    • Lots and lots of daydreaming
    • Singing (if the songs don't stray from my vocal range)
    • Dancing like a complete dorkball
    • Playing cards
    • Indulging in romantic fantasies
    • Creating scavenger hunts or something similar for younger children
    • Stealing all of my sisters' gum
    • Being annoying( It's a tough job, but someone has to do it)
    • Collecting foreign and/or unused money (mostly coins)
    • Going along with whatever strange ideas pop into my head
    • Increasing my vast repertoire of vocabulary words
    • Augmenting my knowledge of history, typically U.S. history
    ...And that's pretty much all I can think of!
  13. Panstyx

    Panstyx Formerly ShinyFlareon123

    Pokemon player
    General gamer
    Anime fan
    Writing fanfics
    Watching Youtube
    Annoying little bro
    Eating cereal
    Rom Hacking
  14. Here we go~ ;)
    • Running / Biking / Walking /working out (exercise in general, really. I love to exercise)
    • Collecting Funko Pop Vinyls (just completed the DBZ set~)
    • Making reviews of Funko Pops for my YouTube channel
    • Playing Pokemon, of course
    • Baking
    • Hanging out with friends
    • Listening to music
    • Shopping
  15. Hobbies, huh. Well…

    • Pokémon (Duh!)
    • Drawing
    • Reading Manga
    • Eating :blush:
    • Cycling
    • Photography
    • Listening to music
    • Playing the piano
    • Reading Fanfiction
    • Writing Fanfiction
    • Swimming
    • Watching movies
    • Playing Xbox
    • Just plain dicking around ;)
  16. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    -Drawing random crap
    -Doing this
    Besides this...
    -Parody scribbling characters from SDR2 to troll my friends. :D

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  17. Mine are...
    -adding to my pokemon collection
    -getting new tattoos
    -watching anime
    -writing lyrics
    -working out
    -drinking tea and finding rare tea
    -collecting japanese artifacts
    -learning about japanese culture

    Well i guess that sums it up
  18. I can think of a few major hobbies I have, most of them involving collections...
    • Collecting notebooks. I always use them when writing drafts and ideas for stories.
    • Collecting pencil shavings
    • Collecting intriguing rocks and minerals
    • Collecting fantasy and dragon stuff. I have a whole shelf dedicated to that collection.
    • Collecting trinkets of my past, which includes toys and stuffed animals I used to play with when I was young, stuff my old friends gave me or stuff I bought at various fairs.
    • Drawing
    • Leveling up characters in Diablo 3
    • Watching my favourite youtubers (Markiplier, I Hate Everything, etc.)
  19. Mine Are
    - Watching Youtube videos
    - Watching combat sports (boxing, kickboxing, wrestling)
    - I maintain a combat sports blog
    - Creating character bios for future stories
    - Craft beer
    - Reading

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