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Ask to Join High School RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by SylvieThePokemonTrainer, Sep 10, 2017.

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    No swearing (no more than crap, hell, heck, crud.)
    No inappropriate actions
    Kid friendly profile pictures
    No inappropriate words/ phrases
    No overpowered characters
    You must have a paragraph amount of words
    No alcoholic references
    Romance allowed, just only let it go as far as being content that younger viewers shouldn't read
    No serious violence, such as death, or blood (My biggest fear? Blood.) And no major beating up and knocking out and whatever is classes as extreme fighting and could involve lots of blood XD
    No being a complete copy of a 'typical popular girl', or a 'typical nerd', or a 'typical careless emo'. Bo-ring! Make your character unique! Not a complete cliche high school kid!
    No crazy things happening (no war helicopters...no students turning into kittens...)
    No depressing things...(etc. My whole family is dead because they all had cancer. I'm a depressed orphan now. And my only friend, my cat, just died. And guess what? Somebody broke into my house and set me on fire when I was five. I have burn marks forever now.)

    This will just be a nice RP about some students who are either having their first day at High School, or are older and have been in high school for a while. Or who are changing high schools to this one. Whatever you want. (Just remember - your character may NOT be an alien who comes from Pluto as a secret spy who studies humans and plans to boil them in the school's kitchen oven for a nice lunch meal.)

    This is Riverside Road High School, the high school your character is attending. This is quite a normal high school - not a bad, run-down high school but not a posh, fancy high school.

    This school is actually a bit like a college though - it is a high school, but you must send in an application to be accepted into this school. It is a school for very intelligent students who are looking for further education - or just parents who force their kids to be smart.

    This school is a KS3 school - with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9. There are three classes in each year for each subject. There is an A class, a B class and a C class. If you are in an A class for a subject, you are one of the smartest. If you are in a B class for a subject you are okay but need to do some more studying to move up to an A class. If you are in a C class, you are the least brightest of the more brighter people at the subject - you need some serious studying if you want to be an A class student.

    It has an art room, a computer room, a classroom for each subject, a library, a cafeteria, a detention room, nurses office, Headmaster office, Deputy Headmaster Office, staff office, reception, parking lot, playground...so yes, just a normal high school, with the added whole 'sending in an application' and 'this school has to accept you because it is quite an expensive school, with lots of different classes and different rooms giving different privileges and extra education' things.

    There are 22 classes. There are:
    English - Literacy - Spelling -
    Science = Physics - Chemistry - Biology -
    Physical Education
    Religious Studies
    French - Spanish - Mandarin - Russian - Portuguese -
    ICT - Graphics - Computer Science -

    You will be graded as an A student, B student or C student at the end of the year, and after every term. Depending on what grade student you are, you will get harder work. A students get hard work, B students get moderately hard work, and C students get slightly hard work. You are graded on what grade-class you are in each class, and your grades are judged on what is the biggest majority of grades you get in your classes. Etc. if you have A's in seven subjects, B's in six subjects and C's in nine subjects, you will be a C student, as you get mostly C's. Say you get A's in ten subjects, B's in ten subjects and C's in two subjects - You get the same number of B's and C's, you will be the higher grade - so in this situation, you would be an A student.

    Age: (11 - 14)
    Grade: (A, B or C)
    Year: (What year in school)

    Personality: (Please use at least more than one line - or you can say TBS - to be seen.)

    Appearance: (Description, picture or use your profile picture)

    Love Relationships?: (Remember - romance is allowed, but keep it to a strict minimum.)
    Crush: (If any)


    SIGN UP IN THE DISCUSSION THREAD HERE - https://pokecharms.com/threads/high-school-rp-discussion.17725/


    Here are the pictures for certain parts of the High School to give you a rough idea of what it looks like!

    Each Classroom - rubidouxclassroom.jpg

    Library - lv2.jpg

    Cafeteria -

    Playground -

  2. Ellie anxiously crossed the street, the massive high school looming in front of her. She was so scared, you would've though Death was standing in front of her, about to take her soul. She took a deep breath and walked through the metal school gate, down the concrete steps, and into the playground - as she was fifteen minutes early. About fourteen other students were in the playground - two playing football together, three singing songs while jumping on a bench, five girls in a big group gossiping about boys, it sounded like, and then three boys were teasing a girl and yanking her plaits, hissing insults to her in a mocking tone. Ellie's eyes narrowed angrily, and a full frown crept onto her face. Forgetting her nervousness completely, and shoving it into the back of her mind, she furiously stomped over to the group of bullies - the three boys seeming to be each fourteen, and the girl seemed like this was her first day - she was also the same height as Ellie, which meant something, as Ellie was kinda small for her age, compared to other kids. Ellie reckoned the girl was around the same age as her.

    "Hey! Why are you teasing her?" Ellie demanded angrily, harshly slapping one of the boy's hands away from pulling the poor girl's plaits. The girl stared on sadly as if she was in a day dream. The three boys snickered rudely.

    "Oh hi, Mrs Ling! Didn't realize you were in school yet! We were just trying to explain to this baby that she's in high school, not still in play school letting her mummy style her hair," The biggest boy sneered, pointing a withering glare straight at Ellie. Ellie fiercely glared back.

    "Says the person who thinks toy cars are just amazing?" Ellie hissed madly. The biggest boy spat at her, although could Ellie quite clearly see he was embarrassed, and then proceeded to shove her into a large puddle of mud right behind her. The three boys disbanded with a mean cackle, leaving Ellie to fall into the large puddle of mud. She was absolutely covered in the sloppy, wet dirt, when the thing she was least expecting happened. The 'poor girl' then yanked a wig off her head and revealed a purple and black short hair under. Ellie stared in shock, and feeling betrayed, the 'poor girl' smirked evilly at her and threw the long, brown wig at her face, laughing at her as she sat miserably in the mud.

    "Wow, so many people have fallen for that trick," She sneered crudely, laughing loudly and walking away to the three boys, a certain tone of evil and mischief in her laugh. Ellie was furious. She was just trying to help - and it was all a prank. A mean, selfish prank. She stood up slowly, disgusted, and flicked off the sloppy mud stuck to her new uniform, now completely brown. There were no teachers - but Ellie felt seriously eager to tell on the three boys and girl - although she knew this would lead to more bullying and teasing. She had heard stories from her mum - how there was always children like the three boys and girl in this school. Her mum had hated to tell her, but she told Ellie that no matter what, do not snitch. "The bullies will gain power through your defeat." She had said. Ellie followed this advice, and followed another piece of her mum's advice - "Always stand up for yourself. Just try not to be worse than the other person - because that turns the scenario on you, even if you didn't start it." Ellie was also going to take this advice - and she told herself, that if the boys and girl even approached her slightly, she would do something. But, she stopped thinking about her mum's advice and rushed off to the reception office at the front of the school, desperate to ask if she could take a shower in the gymnasium, even though the showers reeked of horrible odors, and then she would ask for school uniform. As she gloomily ran to the reception office, she was muttering to herself. "This day has already gone off to a bad start..."
  3. Lillian waved goodbye to her brother as he drove off, leaving her in front of her new school. She sighed and walked through the gate, keeping her arms tucked into her long poncho. She saw a group of kids snickering to each other, and a girl covered in mud walking inside. She decided not to question it, not wanting to provoke anyone, and sat down on a bench, pulling out a sketchbook.

    She started drawing her brother, as though the picture would be a good-luck charm. She soon found herself nodding along to the singing children, the ghost of a smile crossing her face. She assumed classes would be starting soon, so she got up and started walking towards the school.
  4. This is Shanes third year in high school, his last year in ks3, but this is his first year in this high school, as he had transferred here from a different school after his family had moved. This was a huge change in scenery for Shane as his last school wasn't as posh or extravagant as this one.

    Shane crossed the road to his new posh high school, the massive building was standing in front of him and all Shane could do is stare in awe. He took a deep breath before entering the prestigious high school and walking down the concrete path to the playground. Being early, there weren't many people here. There were a few playing sports a few girls gossiping and a few people singing. But as Shae scanned the area, he could see five people what looked like, a girl falling for some trick by four bullies. "I probably shouldn't get involved" Shane thought as the girl who was getting bullied ran into the giant building. Shane proceeded to sit down at a bench and wait for the buzzer to go for school to start.
  5. Lillian suddenly stopped in front of the door, and realized.. she was supposed to wear a uniform. She mentally cursed, looking down at her outfit. Her poncho was her favorite thing to wear, and she would hate to give it up. Maybe she could wear it over the uniform? She started walking to the reception office to ask for a uniform, hugging her poncho as she did so. She absentmindedly wondered what the uniforms looked like.
  6. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    "Every year you do this." She stated sternly to Toby, shaking her head in disappointment. The short boy looked away, trying to look casual. "I'm sorry, miss, but it slipped my mind..."
    "You say that every year too." She adds, folding her arms as she raised one long slender eyebrow. "Look, I'll wear it tomorro-"
    "You need to wear it today." She interrupts as her foot begins to impatiently tap. "Go to the receptionist office and order a new pair."
    Toby finally looks at her, his brow furrowing, his mouth agape. "What!? No! Those are all used, and smell like Robert Pattinson's acting career!" He complains, but she looks on sternly. "Now."

    It was unavoidable. Toby soon found himself sitting in a small chair in the receptionist's office, alone. Nobody else was in here yet accept him, and he wasn't liking how this day was going.

    "Don't talk to anyone. Don't make friends. And DON'T slack off." His father had ordered. Toby wasn't having that, though. He liked to talk to people, he liked his few friends. He definitely loved being lazy. But his father was the opposite. He never talked anymore, only to tell Toby to do something, or warn him. He didn't have any friends, at least none that Toby knew of, and his dad was definitely no slacker. Being ex-military, his father could be heard in the early hours of the morning grunting as he did his routine exercise of pull ups, sit ups, and various others.
    But Toby wasn't like that. While he may be lazy, he could truly do something if he put his mind to it.
    Unless it was arguing with a teacher. They always won by default, because of their superior status and authority.

    He perked up as he heard heavy footsteps pounding down a hallway, and stood up quickly. Finally! He was getting sick of this room. He'd spent his fair share of time here, and didn't desire to see it ever again.
    As the person entered the room, Toby turned to them. "Hey, sorry to bother you, but I need..." His voice trailed off at the realization that this was another student. A girl. Even shorter than he was, and covered in muck. "Oh, sorry. I thought you were someone else." He apologized.
    He contemplated on just waiting for the nurse, or receptionist like the good boy his father wanted him to be...
    Or, he could easily go in and grab the girl a towel. He knew his way around. That mess however would require more than a towel. She'd need a shower. The showers were usually locked at this time of the day, and he knew where the keys were.
    "Are you okay?"
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  7. Lillian treaded on light feet to the receptionist office, but when she saw there were already people in there, she stopped. Okay, it's fine. They're just students. You'll live.
    She slipped into the office as noiselessly as possible as the boy asked the girl if she was okay. The girl was covered in dirt, and both of them were shorter than her, surprisingly. Though, the girl did look younger, maybe 11 or 12, but the boy didn't. He was about Lillian's age, maybe older, even. She shrugged it off (metaphorically) and waited.
  8. Ellie ran into the reception office, an upset and annoyed frown stuck on her face. "Please, may I have another uniform?" She asked urgently - even her hair was dripping with mud. An ancient, stern looking lady in an armchair inside the office nodded, and slowly waddled off to grab her a uniform. Ellie groaned and uttered a curse word to herself, cursing the bullies. She never even really cussed much - she was just really mad. The old lady hobbled back in front of the desk and slowly slipped a school uniform under the glass the old lady was behind.

    "Thank you," Ellie muttered - she was grateful, but she really didn't seem like it due to her bad mood. The elderly lady grumpily jabbed a finger at a staff only bathroom, before uttering a brief, moody group of words which, in grumpy-moody language converted to English, seemed to sound like:

    "You're allowed in there, go." Ellie nodded in response, assuming the old crone was as grumpy as she was. A boy, a boy of which sounded distant to her as she was in the middle of an attempt to block out all noise to calm herself from how angry she was, asked if she was okay. Ellie, in her current state, ignored this boy and desperately burst into the bathroom. She looked around the posh bathroom in awe before quickly shuffling into a toilet cubicle. She felt embarrassed, stripping off her clothes, paranoid somebody was watching her - she ignored this creepy feeling though and dropped all her muddy clothes onto the floor. She quickly peeked her head around the slightly open door and saw a shower - she then hastily slipped out of the toilet cubicle and rushed into the shower, shutting the door and hoping it wasn't see through - she assumed it wasn't. She tied her hair up into a high ponytail with a hair band she always had on her wrist, and took a quick shower, washing all the mud off. She felt bad - the shower was pretty much brown. She already despised the old crone at the reception desk though - she did despise anybody with a constant bad mood, and she had seen the crone behind the reception desk when she and her mum were trying to apply Ellie into the school, and the crone was grumpy, so Ellie just assumed she was always grumpy - she DID assume a lot of things. Ellie also took note that she didn't have to despise herself - this grump of herself was only temporary until she could change into an actually clean uniform. She sighed and opened the door as small as she could to fit her arm out. She grabbed her backpack and grabbed a clean towel out - yes, she had bought her own towel - she has a phobia of germs, and it didn't help that she was going to be forced to take a shower after every gym session - she had an array of excuses to whip out if necessary for getting out of gym.

    She quickly dried herself, which took about five minutes, before rushing back into the toilet cubicle and changing into the clean uniform. Unfortunately for her, the clothes were five times her size - it didn't help that she was small, compared to the average height other eleven-year-old girls should be. She groaned exasperatedly as the hem of her skirt kept shifting down and then pulling the whole skirt down. She pondered what to do in her head - she was not risking going outside and then her skirt falling down, showing everybody the freaking pink frilly knickers she was given to wear - before looking down at the shoes she had to borrow. She reckoned the old crone wouldn't even notice a shoelace had disappeared from a single shoe, so she quickly took off a shoe lace and then took the shoe lace off another. It was a bit old school - ? - but she had to do it, so she tied the two shoelaces together and then tied it around her waist, the skirt now secured. She grinned at this and then opened the toiled cubicle door before grabbing her Nyan Cat backpack, hoisting it onto her back and happily walking out the toilet with a now cheerful smile on her face.

    She felt she could be able to tackle high school now, even with her baggy shirt, so big that with her arms by her side, the shirt was hanging even lower than where her hands would be. Her skirt was down to her shoes that were ALSO way too big for her, and her socks were just ugly - a grey brownish colour, like a mouldy poop, with tons of holes and rips. Her blue jacket with the school logo on hung so low it was nearly the same height as the skirt. She was very annoyed at this, but she also tried to ignore it, walking out of the reception office as she let her hair out of her high pony tail and tied it into two long, thick bunches of hair that were tied above her ears, nearly directly on top of her head. Apparently, according to her mother, this was her "signature hairstyle". Ellie began to walk down the stone path back into the playground, nervous but also prepared to deal with stuck up girls or devious, selfish boys.
  9. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    "Ah. Okay." Toby nodded his head as the girl went about her business, eventually leaving. "Nice to meet you too." With that, he turned to his right, looking at Lillian. "Yo. Can I help you? Or can I not. What are you doing in here... oh... ah..." He concluded, realization dawning on his face as he looked at her attire. "Same reason I am. Uniform problems... you're new, arentcha." Toby stated, not letting the girl get a word in yet. "I could tell by the bewildered look in your eyes, and the smell of fresh meat." He smirked, before chuckling. "Heh. Just joking about the second part." At this point, he finally stopped, to allow the girl a response.
  10. Lillian wouldn't have spoken during the spiel anyway, but when he stopped she could tell it was her turn to speak. She cleared her throat before responding in a small voice. "Uh, yeah.. new. I don't have a uniform.." She seemed to be clutching the inside of her poncho for emotional support, like a nervous tic she never broke the habit of. She looked at the boy, still surprised at his height.
    She needed to make friends. Gotta start somewhere. "Um, I'm Lillian.." She grin sheepishly.
  11. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    "Toby! Pleasure's all mine!" He grinned, thrusting out his hand for her to shake. "I've been in and around this school for a couple years, so if you ever need anything, anything at all, I'm your man. Unless It's something freakishly weird. That, I'm afraid to say, is my area of expertise. In that case, you could consider me the and only man for the job." He ranted as he cocked his head to the side.
    "You will never have a completely bad day if you show kindness at least once." (Greg Henry Quinn)
    Toby grinned inwardly as he remembered this quote. He was full of these quotes too, or, as his dad put it, wisdom. Toby hoped his enthusiasm wouldn't scare the irl off. He'd need to tone that down for a bit. New kids are always afraid of a spunky, spontaneous kid like himself.
  12. Lillian meekly shook his hand, surprised by enthusiasm. She chuckled at the offer. "Thanks, but right now all I need is a uniform, though I'd rather keep my current outfit.." She looked down at her attire and felt her heart clench at the thought of being separated from it.
    It's just an outfit, suck it up.
    Lillian inhaled, then looked back at Toby, grinning. "But it's fine. I'll live."
  13. Daniel walked into the playground and sat down at a bench, thankfully the bell hadn't gone off yet, so he grabbed his IPod and earbuds and began to listen to some music. He then pulled out his book and began to read about WW2 and he continued to read until a bully snatched the book from him and held it above his head.

    the bully grinned as he taunted Daniel, threatening to throw the 50$ book in the mud. Daniel however wasn't taking any sh$&. "Say goodbye to clean clothing frauline." Daniel said as he kicked the bully's kneecap and pushed him into the mud, picking up the book. "Have fun little piggy." Daniel said as he walked off with his things. He hated bullies who just bullied for no reason.
  14. The old lady stood at the reception desk and glared at the boy and girl both chatting together, both not in uniform. "Hey!" The old lady rasped slowly. "That's, not, proper, uniform," She continued, spitting as she talked, her saggy skin hiding the wrinkles on her face, her cheeks bobbing up and down every time she moved her mouth. She narrowed her eyes in a withering glare at the boy and girl, as if to say 'ANSWER ME NOW.'

    Sylvie ran into the playground with confident courage, determined to not give in to any bullies or fall for any pranks. She smiled to herself, urging herself to be brave as she walked over to a bench a boy was walking away from and sat down on it. She pulled out a little music player and switched it on, putting her earphones in and turning on gentle piano music, happily nodding along to it with a grin as she pulled out a book and began to read Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. Hey, you can never be too old for Harry Potter, especially if you're reading it for the fifty millionth time!
  15. Lillian let out a small squeak, glancing at the lady before looking down. "Um... no, no it's not, so, um, I-I was hoping to get a uniform..." She tried not to focus on the wrinkles on the spit, yet they both made her cringe internally. She was gripping her poncho hard, staring at the floor. She didn't like talking to people normally, and adults only freaked her out more. Weird looking and mean adults were even worse. Basically, this old hag was nightmare fuel for her. She was staring at her shoes at though her eyes were magnetically attracted to them, and she was taking silent, calculated breaths.
  16. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    "Oh! How are ya, Margy? You are looking as dashing as always." Toby grinned as he casually leaned against the desk, adding a wink to her. "And you know, same old same old. I don't have my uniform again, so I'm here to get a new one. Like last year."
    "So, how's the kids?"
    Toby was well known throughout the school for being generally laid back, and teasing. He loved to tease. He was considered a favorite student by most, if not all, of the teachers. Toby was just too lovable to dislike.
  17. The old lady glared at them both. She ignored the boy and muttered a quiet 'Rascals.' under her breath as she grabbed two uniforms and chucked them onto the reception desk before pointing to the staff bathroom and carefully sitting into an armchair at a table, beginning to sluggishly type at a computer. She looked up for a second and just properly realized what Toby had said, shooting a glare at him. "I have no kids," She hissed in a raspy, cold voice before turning back to the computer screen and slowly typing again.

    A much younger, smiley woman walked into the reception office. She had a bright smile and long, bright blonde hair tied into a high ponytail. "Hi!" She waved to the boy and girl with a sweet, shrill voice. "Are you okay kiddies?" She cooed in a babyish voice. She then went up more closer to them, although she was behind the plastic glass. "Don't worry about her, she's just mean because she's deaf and she divorced her husband last month," The woman whispered with a snicker before turning away from them and proceeding to sort out some folders on a bookshelf. "Kiddies, go change into your uniforms. You don't want to be in big twou-ble!" She cooed, treating them like four-year-olds. Most students in this high school hated her - she treated all the students like preschoolers, and apparently she never stopped smiley, giving her the nickname 'Mrs. Smiley', even though her real name is Mrs. Sandstone.
  18. Lillian held the uniform and walked over to the bathroom quickly, already getting bad vibes from the smiling woman. She changed quickly, but kept her poncho on over the uniform. So what if she got in trouble? It's better than getting a stupid panic attack. She exited the bathroom, folding up her dress and stuffing it into her bag.
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  19. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    "I know." Toby replied at the receptionist's comment, before Mrs. Sandstone entered the room, possibly even making the room cringe with her shrill voice and glee. But Toby never really minded 'Mrs. Smiley', concluding he was okay with getting babied by her, even if it was cringey at times. Better than his strict, no-nonsense father, always pushing him past his limits and then some.
    "I'd love to change, Mrs. Smiles, but I don't seem to have a Uniform that fits." Toby stated, holding up the much larger Uniform. "Besides, I couldn't be as happy as you with one of those dusty old things on. Have you lost weight? You're looking a little curvier, Mrs. Smiley." Toby winked, grinning widely at this. He naturally flirted with most others of the opposite gender, it was just a trait of his. Not saying he likes the other person, but with the right people, and can forge a relationship between them where they 'flirt-tease', which is really more just joking around, like Toby is doing right now.
  20. Dan walked down the hall, passing by Toby, who as usual was flirt teasing with someone. "Hey Toby, focus on someone your age!" Dan jokingly said to Toby. Dan then remembered that he was not in his uniform. "Also, screw uniforms."
  21. Mrs. Sunshine sighed loudly as the boy made a remark about her curviness and complained about the uniform being too big. She clicked over to where the old lady stood in her ridiculously high heels and opened a drawer with hundreds, maybe even thousands of grey paper clips - cheap, weak ones that couldn't hold two pieces of paper together. A bit strange, seeing as this was quite a rich school - most students assumed that Mrs Sunshine and the old lady paid for it though - they were both a part of the reception staff and were responsible for how much of the school's supplies they used. Apparently, they were mother and daughter, which made sense, although it was a rumour. They paid for more school supplies because they got ridiculously large wages for sitting around in a reception office all day, helping out students. She pushed about twenty paper clips onto the table for the boy, putting on a fake, big smile. "Here you go, little wittle boy! Use them carefully, and don't hurt your wittle fingers!" She cooed, showing off her pearl white teeth and going back to the back of the reception office and making a cup of coffee.

    The old lady glared even more fiercely as Mrs Sunshine put some paper clips on the desk and then left, doing her usual routine of treating the kids like four-year-olds in preschool. The old lady, with Mrs Sunshine being her daughter, knew everything about her - and she obviously knew that Mrs Sunshine hated the students and loved to tease them - she only did this job for the money and despised kids. The old lady grabbed a uniform out of a laundry basket and lazily threw it onto the desk, pointing at the boy who was talking to Toby. She then sat back down at her desk and continued to stare at a computer screen, occasionally lifting her finger to press a key on the keyboard.


    Sylvie continued to happily listen to her classical piano music as she read her Harry Potter book. More students began to quickly arrive at the school as two or three teachers appeared in the playground, beginning to monitor everybody for bad behaviour. One of the teachers, Mrs Bond, the most popular and actually kindest teacher rang a bell and yelled that school began in ten minutes. She sat a bench and read her book as she slipped her glasses on, the other two teachers chatting together in a corner of the playground, not really monitoring at all as they appeared to be gossiping about the head teacher divorcing his wife. Sylvie quickly turned her music up as the loud bell rang throughout the playground and continued to listen to her music when the bell stopped, her anxiety increasing at a high speed, these exact words ringing in her head: 'School is starting. That means people - jerks, bullies, frenemies, mean people...and there probably will be some nice people, but you won't make any friends.' She wasn't insane or anything, but her mind had a mind of its own, which sounded a bit wierd but was true - she couldn't control what her mind was telling her, she never could. She couldn't concentrate on her Harry Potter book as this voice rang in her head. She had no mental illnesses, or anything wrong with her - her mother always told her it was because she had a way more active mind than others and had so many thoughts rushing through her mind couldn't control them and made its own thoughts to think of. Sylvie always believed this - believing every thing her mother said, as she couldn't bear to think that she had depression or major anxiety or anything, because she didn't.

    (Is this RP dead? XD @X3n0 Jake @LillianThePaint @Comic @BlackPheonix21 )
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