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Open High School RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by OmnipotentOnion, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Whoo-hoo High School RPs

    I think the idea of this is pretty straightforward, so I'll just get right into the important stuff.

    Welcome, to W. N. Stormridge High School! This school is the best of the best, being recognized nationwide for its educational superiority among other schools in the district. You have been accepted to this highly prestigious school by having proven your academic prowess, and with the arrival of the first day of school, you will be an honored member of the Stormridge Serpents.

    - Basic RPing rules apply, obviously. Click here to view if you haven't already.
    - As this is a High School RP, there is bound to be drama, and obviously, romance. I will allow this provided it's kept clean (you know what I mean), but in a High School RP, it should not take up the entirety of the plot. Y'all have Romance RPs for that.
    - Attach a spoiler with an RP sample from your previous RPs so that I can look over them and see if you did take 3rd Grade English all those years ago and accept you. I swear, using grammar is not as hard as some of you make it out to be.
    - Password is "meaty yeety". Include that into your Character Template so that I can verify you've read the rules.
    - Last but hopefully not least, have fun!

    Age: 15 (All students will be freshman)

    Name: Dylan Sage
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Dylan has jet black hair swept to the right and a slightly tan skin tone. His eyes have a deep brown hue, and he wears a pair of black rectangular glasses. Dylan stands at 5'6, and he has a slim but muscular build. His normal attire will usually consist of a black v-neck tee, navy jeans, and dark grey sneakers, and he'll put on a dark grey jacket in cold weather.
    Personality: Dylan's just an overall "buddy". He'll comfort anyone in his vicinity who looks down, usually through his good sense of humor.
    Family: Father (Michael Sage) Mother (Audrey Sage) Younger Brother (Lucas Sage) Pet Dog (Hugo)
    Other: what a meaty yeety

    Lemme just tag some people here; if y'all are interested, feel free to hop on in!
    @kageyama @Godjacob @tokyomustard @_obsequious @Crims0n @Platinum_ @Pretty Pichu @Zenhu
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  2. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    I have a question, is cursing allowed?
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  3. mild cursing; as in
    damn, hell, that stuff's alright
    ass, b*tch, f*ck is not
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  4. that was a bit uncomfortable to type ngl lol
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  5. can i get uuuuuuuuuuh permission to join this thread?

    Lis softly held his hand back as the pair made their way to the Music Hall. When they arrived, Lis took Dylan’s hand once again, stepping out of the vehicle. It was rather warm out, but in a comfortable way. “Lead the way,” she grinned, still holding his hand.

    Name: Elisabeth “Lis” Fifer
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 (All students will be freshman)
    Appearance: A very pretty, rather thin young lady, who stands at 5’3”. Her hair is a pale, soft silver, and her eyes are a bright, icy blue color, and are softly narrowed from a Japanese heritage. In warmer weather, she usually wears sporty shorts and a loose tee, or a pretty sundress. In colder weather, she usually wears navy skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, and some sort of graphic long-sleeved tee.
    Personality: Lis is a gentle, kind girl who only wants the best for people. She tends to be quiet, can be pretty emotional at times, and wants to be alone at some times. With friends, Lis tends to be more confident and cheerful, though. She also has a hidden negative side that only comes through during times of stress and conflict. During her different school years, she managed to become very popular and has had many friends she’s had to move away from.
    Family: Annabelle Fifer (Mother), Stormy Fifer (Pet Cat [who may or may not be based on my own kitty])
    Other: Meaty Yeety
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  6. permission uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh granted
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  7. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Thx lol
    Name: Michael Banks
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15 (All students will be freshman)
    Appearance:Black messy hair with some white stripes due to dye; dark brown eyes and wears contacts because he doesn’t like using glasses (though he does have a pair for backup); Black T-Shirt under Gray Hoodie; Black jeans and sneakers; 5’5”
    Personality: To be revealed in RP (another way of me saying: I’m too lazy to write this and/or I don’t know how to describe character personalities when I haven’t RPed through the yet)
    Family: Father (Isaac Banks) Mother (Mary Banks) Older Sister (Nicole Banks) Pet Parrot (Chachi)
    Other: Meaty Yeety
    Nick and Professor Oak walked to Route 1 and Nick saw another trainer just beat a Pidgey with his Vulpix.

    "Woah I wanna be a trainer like that!"
    he thought.

    "All right then, since you don't have a Pokémon you have to be lucky to catch one. You usually have to weaken the Pokémon first in order to catch them. Since you can't do that, how about going for an already weak Pokémon?" Professor Oak explained. Nick nodded and began searching the grass for weak Pokémon. After a bit, he found one of the weakest Pokémon on the Route. A Caterpie.

    "All right! Go Pokéball!" Nick shouted. The Caterpie got startled however before it could run away it was inside the Pokéball. Nick stared at the Pokéball with anticipation and anxiety. One... two... three... ting! Caterpie was caught! Nick jumped into the air and began cheering. Professor Oak grinned.

    "Now that you have a Pokémon, you can go on a journey. I must be headed for my lab now, however. After all, there are other trainers that need to begin their journey," Oak said. Nick nodded and Professor Oak left. Eventually, he reached his laboratory and saw Katherine.

    "Hello there! By your Pokémon, I believe you are a trainer. Are you looking for Pokéballs and a Pokédex to begin your journey?" he asked. "If so, follow me inside."

    Meanwhile Nick was trying to train his Caterpie so it could evolve and become stronger. However, only after defeating two Rattatas, his Caterpie fainted by the gust of a Pidgey. Nick hurried home so he could heal his Pokémon. Soon afterwards, he headed back to Route 1 to train his Caterpie more. Nick kept on looking at the trainer with a Vulpix.

    "Maybe I can evolve Caterpie and then catch a Pokémon. I would stand a better chance against that Vulpix in case I want to fight that trainer. After all, bug is weak against fire. So I should catch a Rattata or Pidgey soon. Or maybe a different Pokémon in Route 22. However, to do that I would have to go over all of Route 1 with just a Caterpie. That might be difficult. Hopefully Caterpie evolves soon like the Pokédex says. As a Metapod, he would stand a much better chance against Pidgeys and it would probably be way easier tocatch new Pokémon,"
    he thought.
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  8. TBH I am a bit swamped right now between all the other RPs I am part of. So I might consider joining, but I have to think it over and if I do I may not be as active as you might like.
  9. It's all good; take your time
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  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Yeah I feel you, I’m also in a bunch of RPs. I’m mostly focusing on one currently though, as it has gotten me quite motivated. (I think you might be able to figure it out godjacob xD)
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  11. Name: Abigail “Abby” Conrad
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15 (All students will be freshman)
    Appearance: Abby stands at 5’1”, has long brown hair she keeps in a ponytail and hazel eyes. She typically wears blue skinny jeans, black and white checkered Converse, a white or light blue shirt and a black jacket over it.
    Personality: Abby is a friendly person and enjoys taking on new activities and adventures. She however doesn’t talk much about her family life.
    Family: Alice Conrad (Mother), Eric Conrad (Father), Thomas Conrad (Older Brother), Jessica Conrad (Younger sister)
    Other: Meaty yeety

    Kira stepped out of her house, shielding her eyes from the midday sun. She had gotten a later start than she had anticipated, but at least her journey was about to begin. With her bag on her back, her Pokéballs on her waist and a goodbye to her uncle and cousin, Kira ventured through Lumiose City towards Professor Sycamore’s lab. She had emailed the professor a few months ago, with encouragement from her cousin, about starting her adventure through Kalos to partake in the Kalos League. Sycamore responded promptly with great enthusiasm, writing that Kira should swing by his lab to pick up a Pokédex and a starter Pokémon, if she so chose.

    To say that Kira was excited was anunderstatement. After receiving the email, she had been looking forward to this day. Kira couldn’t sleep the night before; she was too excited to be out on her own. She didn’t pack to much, just enough supplies to safely get to the next town, though Santalune City was only a couple hour trek, at the most. The real journey right now was getting across Lumiose City. It was such a big and busy city, making a city tour an all day adventure. Not wanting to waste time, Kira hailed a cab. Once inside the cab, she buckled herself in and told the cabbie her destination. In a few minutes, she arrived at Professor Sycamore's lab. She thanked and paid the cabbie and headed inside. The girl at the front desk directed her to the top floor.
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  12. Name: Sebastian Michaels
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: He looks like the most snobbish, annoyingly smart person you'll ever meet. Like seriously.... He has slicked back, black hair that is parted on the left. He has on a wealthy looking suit. A dark green dress jacket over a white and green striped dress shirt with a green and black tie. He has on black slacks and black dress shoes. He has black eyes and pale skin. He has a black satchel that houses all of his school stuff, and a spare comb to fix his hair. When he has to wear something fitness related, he goes for a black tank top, black shorts, and black and white sneakers.
    Personality: He is quite the smarta-.... Sorry XD He is quite smart and his snobbish attitude gets him into trouble more often than not. He feels like he is very privileged and doesn't know nor care about how people aren't as privileged as him. TL;DR: he's very annoying with his intelligence and lack of human sympathy and empathy.
    Family: Raphael Michaels (father), Cynthia Michaels (mother).
    Other: Meaty yeaty

    Name: Angelica Langley
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: She wears a pink frilly skirt and a lighter pink shirt with designer cuts and its glittery. She also has a very mature looking face, even though she's only 15. It's all thanks to her make-up, which she never leaves the house without it on her face and some backup essentials in her pink purse. She has pink high heels, that are also encrusted with fake jewels, and she says they're real. She has long blonde hair that she styles in just about anything and is most notorious for her braided princess crown. She also has these bright blue, charming eyes. She also constantly paints her nails these amazing designs and says she does it, but most people know that she goes to the manicure/pedicure salon to get her nails done. When she has to wear something fitness related, she gets a really long white t-shirt and tie the bottom up in a little bun so she can show off her belly just a little, and her booty shorts and her pink and white sneakers.
    Personality: She loves to make friends and loves to make herself popular. She feels that if she doesn't get enough people to like her, she won't amount to anything. She just simply adores cute things, and loves all things girly. She excludes people who are too good for her or who are easy targets to get picked on. She is one of those girls that has a posse of her best friends around her at all times and picks on people for the fun of it, and because they are capable of doing so. She also constantly gives white lies.
    Family: Lydia Langley (mother), Martin Langley (father), Kyle Langley (younger brother)
    Other: Meaty yeety

    Literally created the two worst kinds of people I would never want to meet in a high school setting XD coolio XD
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  13. Accepted!

    welp, looks like we have enough people to start the RP, but I'll start it tmrw since sleep is an important thing and should be cherished
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  14. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    HAH! FUNNY JOKE! (Seriously I should get more sleep myself) also we have normal kid.. yay! I bet he’s gonna be interesting... (this guy will be like literally me, pretty good grades, but besides that, so completely average it makes himself feel sad)
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  15. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    At school rn
    I’m willing to join, I’ll make a bio ASAP when I get home
  16. aaaaaa I have to think about it - I have a lot of RPs im trying to keep with right now but I'm super interested! my mind will prob be made up tomorrow
  17. sounds good!

    Also @Cloudswift just in case you happen to be interested as well
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  18. hey, when do you think the actual thread will be up?
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  19. Starting on it now ^-^
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  20. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Name: Kim Haneul
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15 (All students will be freshman)
    Appearance: Mid-length ash brown hair. Peachy skin with brown eyes. Stands at a 5'8", pretty tall for a freshman. (His appearance everyday will differ, from his fashionista side of course. I'll make a post for a different outfit each passing day lol)
    Personality: May seem loud and annoying, but he's really just sociable. Tries to act cool but secretly soft for many things. Tries to seem straight, but actually bisexual af. Has a thing for fashion from his father's side and has a tendency to work-out a lot from his other father. Confusing huh, that's his life though. Seems straight for one moment and gay the other.
    (TLDR; Essentially he has a gay/bi identity crisis)
    Family: Kim Taewon (Father) Kim Junghoon (Father)
    Other: meaty yeety

    Do i need to do the roleplay post thing again? I've roleplayed with you before
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  21. Nah, you're fine. To be honest, it was mostly for new people since there are some who can't type grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs for the life of them, but anyway accepted!
  22. OH forgot to add something! Eliza has a pet German Shepherd named Schwartz (German for Black and pronounced as Sch-vaht-z) for his black pelt, and she also has a ruby-throated hummingbird named Ruby because of his bright red feathers. They will both make appearances.
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  23. Name: Skylar Jenson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Physical - Skylar stands at about 5’10” and weighs about average for his height. His grey-blue eyes are complemented by mane of dirty blond hair, combed into messy spikes up front. His lightly tanned skin accentuates his growing (but not completely gross) muscles.
    Clothing - Skylar typically wears a casual pink, button up, short sleeved shirt with the top few buttons undone, revealing the top of a white tank top acting as an undergarment. He also wears a pair of classic jeans and a pair of grey sneakers (think Vans) to finish his outfit. Depending on the occasion this main outfit would be switched out (for times like athletic outings or formal events).
    Personality: Skylar is typically laid back, taking things one at a time. He has a flourishing family life and is open about them. He is dedicated to pursuing the things that he loves and tries his best to achieve them. He is a optimist, always looking at the silver lining and wanting to help others do the same. He definitely isn’t opposed to making a lot of friends or to get into a romantic relationship, but he doesn’t feel like he needs to force those relationships.
    Family: Drake Jenson (Father), Emilia Jenson (Mother), Darcy Jenson (Three year old brother), Primrose (Scottish Terrier/Dog)
    Other: meaty yeety

    I would attach that extra RP slot but I really need to get to some homework so feel free to check my history.
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  24. Nice sheet! So long as you try to widen your paragraphs a bit more, it should be just fine. Accepted!
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  25. gonna call it a night amigo
  26. Hey Onion, gonna make bio tomorrow, m'cause i'm lazy and all.

  27. It's all good; take your time!
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  28. Ya don't need to bump it XD I was going to post, but I had stuff to do, and now I have a novel to read XD I kept liking your stuff to let you guys know I was still on board with it and I notice it, but now I'm behind on reading it. XD
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  29. Lol I was aware, it was for others as well, in case they forgot
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  30. Finally made a post XD I just kind of got my characters ready for a time skip, since I missed so much character interaction XD oh well, you get a sneak peek at my character's behaviors.
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  31. So, the ones in the thread who have yet to post their OCs' going to bed are
    @Semper Iuvenis
    @Pyramid Prince

    The ones who have been accepted but have yet to post on the RP are

    The ones who have yet to come to a decision on whether or not they wish to join are

    Once the people who I'm fairly sure are in the RP have posted, we can timeskip to the orientation.
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  32. @OmnipotentOnion Yo I'm totally down to join! I finally have the time lol. Getting a sheet up now. (We've been in a couple RPs together before, so would the sample be necessary? I'm going to leave it out but if you still want an idea I can edit it in later!)
  33. Name: Liam Young

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15 (All students will be freshman)

    Appearance: Liam is an olive skinned, auburn-eyed boy with beige blonde/platinum shaded hair. He stands at 5'5 and tends to wear a light of positive hued colors such as yellows and pinks the majority of the time. His stature and smooth skin causes him to appear as if he hasn't done a days worth of hardwork, most likely because he hasn't. His face is usually always holds either a positive or extremely tired expression.

    Personality: His personality matches his clothing type; mostly a happy-go-lucky. His main two moods were positive/energetic, or exhausted and only wanting to nap. The duality of a teenager. He is an only child that comes from quite the wealthy family, so he had tendencies to dress and act a bit high on his horse, and speaks fluent sarcasm. Liam definitely has judgmental traits, but hardly ever vocalizes them due to avoid hurting people's feelings. His own bluntness can cause him to hurt other's feelings unknowingly.

    Family: Mr. Calvin Young (Father; Owner of YNG Clothing™) // Ivette Young (Mother; Creative Director of YNG Clothing™; her father runs a RealEstate company.) // Bobbles (Pet Ferret)

    - Liam is very passionate and involved with artistic ventures; currently a lead singer and the youngest member in his band "USix".
    - He is also confidently bisexual, despite being too young. He keeps it a secret from his parents in fear of what they would think, but internally he was accepting and had known since he was young.
    meaty yeety
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