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High Quality HG/SS Pictures Revealed on Official Japanese Site

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    [img align=right]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y101/Linkachu166/HGSSScreenShot-1.png[/img] The Official Japanese Pokemon Website has finally updated their Heart Gold and Soul Silver page to reveal images and tid-bits of information previously mentioned in Coro Coro magazine. Included is new artwork for the Johto Starters and Ho-oh/Lugia, artwork of the playable characters, and various screen shots. Nothing new, but still worth a look. Check out the comment jump for the images.

    To recap what we already know:
    - The PokeGear has been redesigned and will now be displayed on the bottom touch screen with the click of the X or Start buttons.
    - Starter Pokemon follow behind the hero outside their PokeBalls ala Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow. To what extent this feature will be utilized has yet to be fully stated.
    - Much like FR/LG, 3D locational artwork will briefly be displayed upon entering a new area.
    - Confirmed: The Pikachu-colored Pichu will unlock an event involving the Notched-eared Pichu near the Ilex Forest Shrine.
    - The female player character ("Soul") is not the same girl from Crystal as many had initially expected, instead being a brand new character entirely.

    And I think that's it. If anyone has extra information to add, let me know.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, May 15, 2009.

    1. Linkachu
      New starter Pokemon Artwork

      New Ho-oh and Lugia Artwork

      Our heroes :3

      Pick your starter and PokeGear display screen shots

      And more random pictures

      That's all of 'em so far.
    2. Stark
      I spy a Sprout Tower and the Slowpoke Well! Nice stuff :p
    3. Magpie

      Cyndaquil looks so cute following behind the trainer. It's nice to see some better quality pictures of the starters in the game, and the Sprout tower looks interesting. I can't wait to see more stuff.

      Must say I'm liking most of the new Johto Pokemon artwork that I've seen so far.
    4. ulises87g
      the lugia artwork looks really nice- but the starter pokemon selection screen isn't soo great. i like the dp selection a lot better, with the pokeballs coming out of the suitcase and the way they move in there when the suitase opens up- that made me really excited to pick a starter, but not so much in hgss... :-\
    5. Azro
      I think picking your starter looks awsome! Although the briefcase was good, this one makes it seem more official! like its supposed to be, in the lab, getting your first pokemon x]

      The lugia artwork looks awsome. Im not looking forward to braveing whirl islands again i must say =[
    6. Linkachu
      ... First, the bullets don't work on the main site (I edit that out). Then I notice that I used the acronym "HS" (HEART SILVER! XP) in the topic title and for all of my original image names. Now, I just realized I'd called the notch-eared Pichu a Pikachu.


      I've already been thrown off a cliff today, but someone shoot me, too, plzkthx.

      But in other news: ulises87g - how can you be sure these PokeBalls won't move around when you point at them, too? The table might even have a nifty revolving feel to it. Can't really know until you actually see the scene in motion XD
    7. ulises87g
      yea you're right Linkachu. a lazy susan style pokeball choose would be pretty damn awesome.
      yea and i guess it does look more official but i do kinda prefer the scrappy unnofficial pick your pokemon in the midst of a starly attack style better. but i still think this selection and intro will be great too
    8. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      *shoots Linkachu* Feel better?

      These pics are so awesome! I'm now even more psyched about the game than I was an hour ago.

      I read on Bulbapedia that the girl's name is supposed to be Soul (just like Leaf in FRLG), which does shed some light on to why Kris is gone. If the original female were to be included, her name would imply a remake of Crystal Version. I'm not defending the choice to have a new female lead, I liked Kris a lot better, but I can see why they changed it.

      As for the starter following you around, there haven't been any screen shots of later in the game so maybe when they evolve they go back in their Pokeballs. It's just a theory so don't quote me on it when its wrong.

      *goes back to contemplating mode*
    9. Linkachu
      Made a minor edit to take the name into account, and I do agree. Kris was specifically in Crystal, while these are remakes of Gold/Silver. It makes sense why she wasn't the included female character... Although, if she HAD been included I wouldn't have been surprised by that either.
    10. Dragodden
      This looks really really nifty! ^,^ I'm really starting to get excited now.

      I think I'll be starting with a cyndaquil. I'm firey. :D

      I have to say, though... why do the female mains always have ridiculous get up?! I hardly ever play the girl for that sole reason! Gack! The HAT! >.
    11. Jenova
      Ah finally - a game that doesn't include the female character wearing a miniskirt. And I actually like her puffy hat and hairstyle, it reminds me of my old Pokemon character Adalie.

      Love how the remake looks.

      Ah, I can't wait until Heart Gold and Soul Silver comes out in Japan and then, everywhere else xD
      Although I'll laugh my ass off if Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile will still follow us as a Meganium, Typhlosion or Feraligatr.
    12. POH!KEMON
      Are you kidding? She looks like an anime farmer version of Strawberry Shortcake! Did you look at the overalls?

      Anyways, I really like the new Lugia and Ho-oh images. They look more courageous and legend-like. I hope they have new images for the three beasts, dogs, or whatever they really are.
    13. sunny1213141515
      Ok, is it possible I could get even more excited than I already was? The new theme, and now this! Gah! I can not wait to import Gold. Yeep!

      Hate the girl character- hate it. Choosing the boy, even though I'm a girl. XP

      Now I just need to complete Platinum before I get distracted by this...
    14. Jenova
      At least no one can see what's UNDER the overalls. Either way, I think most people hated how Dawn looked back when Diamond and Pearl was going to be released and yet some people tolerated her whoredress so no harm done >_>

      Seriously, one time that I happen to like a girl character's design besides Kris's, and I get spiked for it xD
    15. Mystic_Suicune
      Umm..I'm glad that they're doing remakes, and that Gold (the male trainer)..his looking hasn't changed much...but WHY isn't Krystal (sp?) in it. I hate the new female trainer's look.
    16. Silver Scizor
      Silver Scizor
      From what I have already seen, the game looks fantastic, but I don't think I would be able to get used to the starter following me around. I was never a huge fan of that. But I love the Poke'gear element.
    17. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      The design of the player characters is so meaningless it's absurd how the fandom always over-reacts to them. They're pretty much the only characters in the entire game that you wont give a damn about because you barely ever see them - 'cos they're you.

      Besides, as silly as this new girl may be - it's hardly a massive departure from any other player character design in the entire history of the game. If you want silly hats, try looking in R/S/E's direction.
    18. sunny1213141515
      The 'hats' in RSE weren't as terrible as this one. I actually liked the girl's bandana. The boy's was... meh. I didn't really like it. Usually they make the boy look stupid, now it's the other way around. The girl has a giant balloon for a hat, and the guy looks awesome.
    19. OranRi
      Wow now I really can't wait for the release. The graphics look great and I'm really glad about the PokeGear being put back in. The new Johto artwork looks pretty great so far too.
    20. Linkachu
      Hey, I actually like May's bandanna XD
    21. Johto-Master
      Although I'll laugh my ass off if Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile will still follow us as a Meganium, Typhlosion or Feraligatr.

      YES! Fear my following Feraligatr!
    22. InfernoVega
      AHAH, That's spooky Will Feraligator fallow me? The layout is gonna be totally different. I'm gonna have a hard time getting around Jhoto!!
    23. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      Finally, someone who thinks May's bandanna is as silly as I do. I think that comment was aimed more at Brendan than May though. But thanks to Jenova, the girl's design is growing on me. I'll miss Crystal but hey, I'll live. Sprout Tower looks amazing though, but I'm most looking forward to seeing Dragon Den and Goldenrod City.
    24. Tatile
      Hmm, I like the designs, but I have to agree on the girl's hat. Granted, I haven't played the originals, but I take it the hat was never that silly.

      The apparent quality of the sprites make me wonder what all the updated critters will look like, as well as if there will be more of the Platinum-style mugs about.
    25. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Someone called me?

      To be honest, the anime company will like the fact that the girl is different now. Since they already put the original girl as someone who tries to make battles pretty and yet never heard of contests. This allows this girl to make some spontanious appearence somewhere, very much like the rangers did. Something similar might happen with the Manga too.

      In my opinion though, the girl's hat isn't quite bad, I heard of hats that explode in hair because people stuff them inside. This one is quite convieniant for those girls that want a hat but don't want to cut their hair. I also think it could make a good cushion XD.

      And yes, Brendan's tobaggin-like hat is sexy. My (initial) interpretation may not have it, but I still like the hat.
    26. Bara_Himi
      So the girl did change.
    27. POH!KEMON
      Hey, I actually like May's bandanna XD
      Don't worry, Linkachu. I did too (along wiht the D/P/PT female character).
    28. CrystalCore
      I think every generation has at least one stupid thing involving a main character's head

      I: Leaf just looks weird to me
      II: Crys' hair and now balloon-head's hat
      III: Brendan's (NOT YOU SAVEM) crazy hair-like hat
      IV: Lucas' gay frenchie fancy hat
      V: Something stupid's gotta happen!
    29. POH!KEMON
      I have to disagree (and agree) on you in generation. Who knows, the characters might turn out good. Were they ever going to do a new pic of Professor Elm?
    30. pokemon+girfan615
      I like this...it's going to be awesome having the Pokemon follow you i've allways wanted them to make a new game with that feature because I don't have yellow...
    31. muzikjamr
      the pokemon following you around is going to be...well...weird because we're not used to it since Yellow and that was only a Pikachu.
      i am ecstatic about kanto still being in the game. it actually gives you a purpose after the elite four.
      oh, and brendan's hat looked really weird.

    32. Nemesis
      Muzikjamr, please don't post the GPX+ eggs in your posts, you can put them in your signature, which you do by clicking profile from the die bar. Thanks.
    33. baratron
      At least the girl character is FINALLY wearing trousers, even if they are stupidly short. I've always wondered how a person runs, cycles and battles whilst wearing a miniskirt without ever horribly embarrassing themselves. How do you pick objects up off the floor if your skirt is so short it shows your knickers when you do so? Sure, there is an entire genre of Japanese "adult entertainment" featuring such scenes, but Pokemon is a child-friendly game! So definitely a step in the right direction in my opinion, even if the whole getup is... rather 80s.

      I genuinely rather like the male character design.

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