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Open Heroes of the Brotherhood: Von Dracostein's Lost Grimoire

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Cmeriwether, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. In the Year 204 CF (approximately 600 years before Mages of the Eastern Corridor or The Quackosaurian Invasion), a major disturbance in the small kingdom of Rotaria, on the continent of Sirlandor, called together adventurers from near and far around the continent. That disturbance, was the sealing of Larus Von Dracostein's Grimoire, done by the Archmage of Rotaria, Jared Johnson to prevent a world war. Unfortunately, it alerted Larus Von Dracostein himself to investigate and attempt to end Archmage Jared.

    Your character is an adventurer from one of the nine Kingdoms of Sirlandor.

    • Rotaria (directly south of Centralia)
    • Akaria (West of Rotaria)
    • Centralia (middle kingdom)
    • Drago (East of Centralia)
    • Lucios (North of Centralia)
    • Formid (directly west of Centralia and North of Akaria)
    • Drog (North of Formid, West of Lucios)
    • Flosig (East of Rotaria, South of Drago)
    • Nil (North of Drago, East of Lucios)
    And The character sheet

    Age: (14-30)
    Physical Appearance:
    Equipment: (Anything of note must be explained)
    Combat Style:
    Familiar: (Every adventurer as access to summoning a Familiar, please under no circumstances should you be able to summon a Solar, a Lich, or any other Humanoid creature, or even a dragon.)
    Bloodline: (you can come up with your own)
    Age when Discovered Adventurer's Spark: (When the character discovered their potential as an adventurer)
    Notable Points:

    Name: Jade Nora Johnson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Personality: Jade is bold, adamant and bit a of a charmer, known for her flirtatious side, as well as her serious side.
    Physical Appearance: She stands 5'8" and is of a voluptuous build on a medium frame, with brown hair and orange eyes, she has scars on her legs and stomach from fighting off medium sized animals when she was young.
    Clothing: Jade wears Leather armor of a special design, it is rather showy but protective, she also wears a cloak made of fur from her hunts in the Eastern Tribelands of Rotaria.
    Equipment: Her armor is Called Shortbow Titus's Flaming Leather, which has a random Resistance to Fire, and she wields an Dragon Moonbow, which will occasionally shoot Lightning as its arrows.
    Combat Style: She is a Ranged fighter, good far out, not so good in close quarters.
    Familiar: Jaguarundi (cat native to Americas)
    Bloodline: Johnson, major Tribal bloodline in the Eastern Tribelands
    Element: Water
    Age when Discovered Adventurer's Spark: 3 (Fought off adult bear using water)
    Notable Points: Jade is the second child of Nine and the oldest Daughter of the Chieftain of the Eastern Tribelands, she has a Twin sister, Grace.
    Crush: Unknown
    Other: None

    Name: Grace Kiera Johnson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Grace is shy around most, but she can have a bloodlust, when not being shy or bloodlusting, she is a serious girl with a sweet disposition, and will be very careful with those who are allies.
    Physical Appearance: Grace stands five foot eight, of a Voluptuous build on a medium Frame, red hair and orange eyes, she has a scar on her back from fighting a person possessed by an Asura in the village.
    Clothing: Grace wears scale mail, it has a section clawed out from its previous owner, right around the chest area, so she wears a shirt to cover the area, and wears a Pair of scale boots.
    Equipment: Boots of Sneak Attack and Scale Armor of Sneak Attack, which give Grace the ability to sneak around without the armor alerting her presence.
    Combat Style: Grace generally goes behind, landing a stealthy attack.
    Familiar: Rottweiler, works as a guard dog for camp, highly protective of Grace.
    Bloodline: Johnson Clan
    Element: Water
    Age when Discovered Adventurer's Spark: 4 (Fought toe on toe with an Asura, discovered her connection to Water during fight.)
    Notable Points: She is the third of Nine kids, and Jade's twin
    Crush: Cornelius Ironshield
    Other: She is possessed by approximately one percent of the Asura that she fought, reason for the bloodlust.

    Name: Cornelius Ironshield
    Age: 16*
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: He is a serious, Stern, highly protective and overall powerful, but can actually care when certain matters are in play.
    Physical Appearance: Cornelius stands five foot ten, with golden hair and Silver eyes, on a medium frame, slightly muscled.
    Clothing: He wears a special suit of Plate Armor and a cloak
    Equipment: He wields a Greatsword of the Warrior God, which gives him increased power on his swings, and wears Plate armor of the Warrior God, which gives him increased defense against physical damage.
    Combat Style: He goes in to hit the enemy hard and keep attention towards him.
    Familiar: Napoleon (breed of Domestic Cat)
    Bloodline: Warrior God of the Great Weapon
    Element: Light
    Age when Discovered Adventurer's Spark: 4 (The Warrior God of the Great Weapon descended into Sirlandor in the form of Cornelius, power is 90% less as Cornelius).
    Notable Points: He is Claudius, Warrior God of the Great Weapon, Descended to help Sirlandor
    Crush: Grace Johnson.
    Other: None

    I will post a character sheet for any important characters.

    Tags for those that might be interested:
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  2. Name: Isaac Jude
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight

    : At first glance, Isaac is very stoic. He seldom says anything, instead deciding to communicate through facial expressions, gestures, and actions, and when he does speak, it's often only a few words at a time. He can be very focused and narrow-minded, sometimes unknowingly. Beneath this stone exterior, lies a boy who has the best interests of his friends and family at heart, despite his often questionable approaches. Has a southern accent which gets thicker the more intense he gets.

    Physical Appearance: Isaac stands at 6'1, with a medium build, accompanied by dark skin and brown eyes. He has black hair, which is slightly shifted to the right.

    : His attire consists of a navy blue shirt with black gloves, navy blue pants with black boots, and a large black cape that extends over his chest. He wears yellow feather earrings. He also wears a black blindfold over his forehead, as well as a black bandana around his neck. To top it off, he wears a blue cowboy-like hat, with a yellow feather poking out of the crown.

    Equipment: He can shift the blindfold he wears on his forehead over his eyes, allowing him to see through his familiar. The feather earrings as well as the feather on his hat grant him resistances to wind magic, as well as the ability to fall slower and glide. His hat is also enchanted, allowing him to store up to 4 objects within it, depending on their size.

    His signature twin pistols, called The Regulators, are twin-barreled, rapid firing peacemakers. One is colored black, the other colored white.

    Combat Style: Isaac is extremely proficient with dual wielding pistols, his quick reflexes and sharp aim allowing him to hit even the trickiest of targets. He is also crafty and quick on his feet. That being said, Isaac is not very strong physically, preferring to keep his enemies at bay, and gunning them down before they get a chance to react. His lack of physical strength also means that he can't take very many hits before becoming incapacitated, or even worse.

    Familiar: A dark eagle with sharp yellow eyes, that soars through the skies, called Ruckus. With his blindfold, Isaac is able to see through the eyes of this eagle. This can, however, quickly take a toll on Isaac's eyes, currently limiting him to only being able to use it for 2 minutes at any given time, before having to let his eyes rest for the next 10 minutes.

    Bloodline: Isaac belongs to a family of farmers and cattle herders that reside in the rural areas of Southern Flosig. Every generation, however, the family picks one son or daughter to become the family gunslinger, tasked with learning the ways of Quick Draw in order to keep the peace locally, and protect the town should anything happen.

    : While Wind is the element Isaac has the closest affiliation too, he is currently unable to manifest or control it. Rather, he is able to infuse his mana into his bullets to grant them special effects, or extra power.

    Age when Discovered Adventurer's Spark: 11, when he was chosen as the next gunslinger, succeeding his uncle. Though his training is not yet complete, his family decided to send him to Rotaria to investigate the strange disturbance, and judge whether or not it was a threat to their town.

    Notable Points: Enjoys watching the sun set.

    Crush: N/A (yet).
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  3. So is the the sort of fantasy rp that's got elves and dwarves and magic and all that?
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  4. Yes, did you have any plans for those?
  5. Well, I was just thinking of making my character be a half-elf.

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