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Ask to Join Heroes of Northbridge (Superhero RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Gold The Dragonite, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    (Join here! https://pokecharms.com/threads/heroes-of-northbridge-discussion-superhero-rp.2115/
    Tags: @Frontier Master @EmoKitty21 @Shadow_Pup @Astrapi @ThatJustin’sASpy! @Barefoot_Kittens)

    Lucas and Alex were driving down to their father's speech. "Why do I have to come? I could be doing something else productive!" Alex whined. "Because we have to support Dad, and besides the Prism Crystal thing could help the world," Lucas said, focusing on the road. Soon they arrived just in time for the speech. The two hopped out of the car and stood in the crowd, where their father shortly spotted them and gave a smile before getting ready to speak.

    Meanwhile, Roy and his goons were standing on a building near the public speech, preparing to steal the Prism Crystal. "B-boss, I'm scared... What if we get caught? I can't go to jail!? I can't do this, I'm outta here!" the freaked out goon said. "Well, we can't have you reporting to the police so..." The leader said, grabbing the minion by the throat with his muscular hands. Roy then hurled him off the side, with screams hurling down, before a soft clunk. All of his other goons were filled with even more terror, yet Roy only gave a smile, looking over the edge.
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  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jonathan and Amy Cooke had come to watch the speech, Amy was looking around in awe "there are so many people" she said, he brother Jon pointed out a spot close to the place where the speech would be spoken from, "let's stand there we be right at the front." The stood in the spot he had indicated and waited for the speech to begin.

    Nearby a girl was wandering around when she noticed the crowds, "oh yeah that speech is today" she thought, Seraphina Hale decided to pop over and see what all the fuss was about, standing quite near the front she waited for this thing to begin.
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  3. Daniel let out a low sigh as he parked his car on the street, right next to the smooth green ark where a crowd had already begun to develop. He wasn't usually one to attend such events, but the subject of this speech was particularly interesting to Daniel. Nobody was 100% sure what the Prism Crystal could do, but most believed it was very powerful- it was, at the very least, expensive. "Here's to trying new things." Daniel smiled as he stepped out of the parked vehicle. Did he plan on stealing the crystal? No, not really. But if it ever were proven true that the crystal had such power- then maybe he'd look into getting his hands on it. For now, the male just wanted to see the device.

    Akira's music was loud enough for the passerby to hear it despite, the sound being tucked into his ear by his earbuds. The boy playfully bobbed his head along with a carefree grin across his face, hands buried deep within his hoodie pockets. Looking up, Akira's sapphire gaze lit when he noticed a gathering of people. Of course, the young male had no clue what was happening- but if it was a party, he wanted in. Aki turned his music off and let the buds fall free from his ears, tucking them into his pocket as he stood on his tiptoes to try and see over the shoulders of the people who whispered about the crystal and Asos Inc.
  4. Orion raised his hand in front of his face to keep the sun from blinding him. It was times like this that he wished he had invested some time into an education or trade. Work was hard to find nowadays, and he had to suffer this hot sun as a result of his financial situation. He looked towards the street and envied those who passed him as they enjoyed their simple luxuries. Still, it was a small price to pay to witness today’s event, at least, he had hoped. Rumors suggest that the Prism Crystal could bring about great change and he wanted to see for himself what all the fuss was about.

    The turnout at the venue was about what he expected. Media reporters, excited citizens, and political representatives as far as the eye can see. Orion attempted to make his way through the crowd without drawing too much attention to himself. He only wished to hear about this mysterious Prism Crystal without having to exchange pleasantries with strangers he would likely never meet again. He eventually found a spot in the crowd that gave him enough visibility of the podium where he could see the president of Asos Industries had positioned himself for the much anticipated speech.
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  5. An older man was in his car. He saw a group of people form aound the famed prism. He had heard about it for awhile now. He had hoped to get there earlier to get a chance to look at the security of the place. He was sure that the prism would bring in a pretty penny on the black market. He decided since he was there he might as well enjoy the speech. He was jewelry store clerk with short black hair and dark blue eyes. He had a smart looking suit on. It seemed to fit him well. He stepped up to the middle of the crowd. He wanted to blend in.
  6. As Justin strolled through the city, headphones in and walking with a slouch, he noticed a big crowd in front of a stage where the Asos President was positioned. He nearly forgotten about the big reveal of the Prism Crystal, which was a mystery to everyone. No one knew what it did, no one knew what it could do, and Justin presumed that they had either just found out or were revealing the crystal to the public for mainstream attention. That of course meant that it was open to being stolen, but that was the company's problem, not Justin's. Nonetheless, he stepped into the crowd, deciding that this would be more entertaining than his current schedule, which was a whole lot of nothing.
  7. Ryon was just walking around the city, alone. He saw big crowds "It must be the crowds to this mysterius prism crystal. If It can't bring dead back to live, then it isn't something amazing" He whispered to himself, but he came closer to see it. It's not that he have something to do.

    Ophelia and her thugs looked at the scene. "Well, I wonder what that crystal is...and who will want to steal it."
  8. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    East looked at the crowds surrounding who was making the speech and sighed. She didn't care much for the speech, but she hoped to see the crystal. Shrugging she walked into the crowd, shouldering her way to the front. 'Cant be worse than homework' she thought, watching whoever was giving the speech. But the words all seemed to rush through her head and come out the other end, and whatever they were saying she couldn't make sense of.
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  9. Kazumi stood far apart from the crowds watching the speech, hoping to find the thugs he’d overheard hours before hand. He knew they were planning something and he was going to put a stop to it.
    “If the intel is correct then their leader should be here, this could be my chance to dismantle the organization entirely” thought Kazumi checking his armor was in place and his multiple sets of collapsable handcuffs ready
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  10. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Mr Asos let out a cough and announced the audience. "Welcome, everyone to Asos Industries' announcement! As most of you know, the Prism Crystal is a new ore we have discovered on a distant island. We don't know the usage, but we ran few tests, and Asos has found out that it can power electricity for the entire building!" He said, gaining a few gasps and claps, including his children. "Hopefully, we will soon be able to use this for the whole city of Northbridge!" Mr Asos pointed to the Prism Crystal, put in a case. He gained more applause and smiled at the people in front of him.

    Roy and his gang were about to attack on his command. "Nearly... Now!" He shouted, using a grappling hook onto a lamp post, his lackeys doing the same. He's able to get down, but it shatters, breaking the case! " The Crystal!" Mr Asos screams. The crystal falls in the middle of the crowd, and emits a blinding light, enveloping many people's eyes, including Lucas and Alex.

    "Lucas, I can't see!" Alex shouts out. "Me neither, just try to stay calm!" Lucas replied. But Alex didn't hear her older brother. In fact, she couldn't hear anything. It was if she was in a white room. Suddenly, the words "Replication" gets whispers into her head and she sees someone in a black and white costume, looking like a... a superhero. Her vision was then back, and she saw most of the people fleeing and her brother dragging her by the arm away from Roy and his gang, seeing him scoop up the crystal in his hand, smiling a villainous grin. However, she could also feel something in her other arm. Alex looked down. It was the suit she saw.
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  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Amy and Jon both closed their eyes at the light, in Jon's ear he heard a whisper of the word "Absorption" he saw an image of himself standing wearing only his trousers his body made out of a mix of stone and metal, then things started to go cloudy, he started to walk off in a random direction, his short was torn accidentally by a passerby, he threw it to the ground, Amy went through a similar ordeal opening her eyes however to find the suit she had seen in her mind in her hands, she looked around for Jon, finding only his shirt laying on the ground torn, she knelt beside it and looked around, what could of happened.

    Seraphina blacked out and heard a whisper of the words "Bounty" she saw an image of her in a black military style outfit, she self consciously was unsure of whether it suited her, she open her eyes with a jolt and found in one hand she had the outfit and in the other she held a black Stetson.
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  12. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    East saw the thugs too late to stop anything, and blacked out, a blinding flash taking over her vision, a large figure standing in front of her, it looked similar to a lynx, yet bipedal? Voices echoed in her mind taking over her thoughts. A whisper of the word "Run" became clearer. 'Calm down' She thought 'Its just another hallucination' Her eyes stung and she started to get a large headache, and her whole body felt like it was being stretched. Another flash and she could see again, crowds of fearful people running away from where the speech had taken place. Yet East felt...odd. Like something had changed. Everything seemed more detailed, things she wouldn't notice before being blatantly obvious. And she could hear all of it. She shook her head and scampered over to an abandoned building quite far from where she was before. She collapsed onto the ground, head spinning. She laid sprawled out on the floor, yet was surprised to feel something from behind, something that wasn't there before. She looked behind her, and saw small, bobbed tail. Her eyes widened in shock and she jumped up instantly, looking at her hands - now paws. She couldn't believe it. She found a broken piece of glass on the floor and picked it up, looking at her reflection. Sure enough, in front of her stood the lynx creature from the flash. Everything else was the same, her clothes, her eyes, even the fur colour matched her hair colour. Yet she was a lynx. Her trainers started to hurt her feet, so she took them off. She sighed, still shaken. She dragged herself over to a corner and layed down, feeling sick. "How did this happen? Am I going to stay like this? Please no..." She closed her eyes and weeped, but when she opened them again she was herself again. She shook her head and closed her eyes. "I hope its all a dream..."
  13. Ryon wasn't super interested in this, but then he was thinking about what this crystal may give him, energy for entire building is quite a lot... Then he saw as someone was trying to steal crystal and it shattered. Giant light appeard and Ryon fell at the ground.

    He heard whispers and was surrounded by darkness. "&*-+&=... 2@&=(...;©¢¥€..." those whispers didn't have any sense at all. Then he saw a giant gray hall. In front of him was standing a guy, that looked just like him.

    "Who are you?..." Ryon asked.
    "What? Have you never seen yourself in the mirror? I'm you, Ryon, but better" The mysterius guy said. Ryon steped closer to him "What are those whispers?"
    "Your power name of course" Other Ryon explained "They aren't any kind of words" Ryon told to his other self. "It seems that you aren't ready to know just yet..." on other Ryon hand materialized a weird mask "... Then call me 'Dark'"
    Ophelia smiled to herself, as she woke up and left this place "Pain Syndrome... Sounds perfect"
    "Dark, what is that mask?" Ryon asked
    "It's connected to your power. But, if you don't know its name, then it won't let you use 'Real power'... Let's call it a test, If it will accept you. You schould be able to materialize this mask, like me, for now, you can buy 'half' of it in 'cursed shop', there is only one mask in this world, Good luck... See you soon"
    Ryon woke up and he felt a bit different. He noticed that he is in front of the souvenirs shop 'Cursed' and he bought his mask.
  14. “Power the entire city?” Orion whispered to himself. This may be one of the most important technological advancements in decades. And it didn’t need to end there. If enough of this ore can be collected, energy production will change the world over. The crowd broke into loud cheers and applause and Orion couldn’t help but to join them.

    Suddenly, the applause and cheers turned into panic and discord. In what felt like a split second, grapple hooks appeared out of no where bringing strange men along with them. They attempt to steal the revolutionary Prism Crystal, but it somehow manages to fly out into the crowd.

    As people begin to rush out of the area, Orion tries to escape the way he came only to be knocked to the ground by the crowd. Guarding his face and doing his best not to get trampled by the other citizens as they rushed past him kicking him repeatedly along the way, he eventually finds his way back to his feet. Before he could make his escape, A blinding light emits through the crowd and blinds him.

    Everyone around him faded into the white light. The screams, crying, and sounds of traffic faded into nothingness. Orion slowly opened his eyes and felt as if he had been removed from the world itself.

    “It’s frustrating, isn’t it?”

    Orion turned around to see a hooded figure approach him. Its face was hidden behind the mask of a fox. “People make strides to move this world, for better or worse. What have you done?”

    Orion opens his mouth to speak. Nothing.


    Orion turns to another. He was almost identical to the first, but donned a mask resembling a hound. “You’ve done nothing for anyone, not even yourself.” The figure scoffed at him. “And you have the audacity to feel envious of those whom have earn what is theirs.”

    “But surely you want for something?”

    A third appeared, this time wearing the mask of an owl. “You want others to feel as if you’ve influenced this world in some way, even if you can’t do it alone.”

    All three figures walk towards him. “The right to change the outcome in this world is reserved for those with the will to act.”

    They draw closer and closer overlapping into one being before finally stopping before Orion. Now one being, the masks are replaced with some sort of haze too thick to see through. The figure places its hands on his shoulders and leans in. Orion attempts to pull away, but the figure only pulls him in closer.

    “You can’t resist me. You can’t resist us.”

    The figure releases him, but he doesn’t run anymore. Why would he? There was no where to run to, at least not that he could see.

    “You aren’t a fighter. You never have been. You can’t change who you are. You can’t change the ways of this world”. The figure turns facing away from him. “And if you can’t do it yourself, then don’t.” The figure begins walking away from Orion and with each step it took, his vision became oh so slightly more distorted. “If you can’t act on your own, surround yourself with those who can act on your behalf. Maybe if your feelings can reach and empower someone else, you’ll find the change you seek eventually. Do you understand?” The distortions continue to worsen until the figure stops and looks back at Orion. His face bare to be seen, but Orion’s distorted vision still prevented him from recognizing it. The figure smiled faintly.


    With that one word - almost as if a spell was cast upon him - the distortions worsened immensely until he could no longer bare it. He shut his eyes wishing that it would all stop. Suddenly, the cries returned and as he opened his eyes, the world was flooded with color again. He was back to his senses. It felt as if so much time had passed, but it was almost like he had never left. Someone shoved him running past to escape the area, and with his wits finally returning to him, her turned and made his own escape through the crowd.
  15. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Lucas and Alex were now running away from the attack, seeing many people acting different. Someone buying a creepy mask in front of a store, someone in a... lynx costume? "You know, I think I'm going to see you at home," Alex said, running in the direction of East.. "Alex, wait! Great, she's already gone." Lucas groaned, running to his car.

    Alex arrived at the abandoned warehouse, hoping the person she was there. "Hello? Anybody here?" Her voice echoed. She could hear weeping, and eventually found East. "Hey, are you okay? As for as I know, running away to a abandoned warehouse isn't exactly normal..." She slightly joked. Suddenly voices were heard throughout the spacious warehouse.

    "Hah, that was far too easy!" Roy laughed, with nervous laughter behind him, and with the Prism Crystal in his hand. Though I don't feel too well..." The large man groaned, nearly falling to the ground. He then suddenly threw a fist into a wall, making a large hole. But the fist was... made of rocks. Roy looked back to his minions, and they all looked at him with fright. He looked up at the glass ceiling, and saw a large humanoid golem with glowing red eyes.
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  16. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    East looked at Alex, stunned. "I uhh..." She tilted her head, looking not at her, but what was behind her. A tall, ghost like person was floating around behind her, but when she looked again they disappeared. "Im fine.." She told Alex. "I just get a little dazed sometimes....hallucinations, eh?" She tried to force a smile, but she was still rather wobbly.
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  17. Ryon left the crowd and he headed to his flat. He lived alone, he didn't have parents from the beginning of his life. He headed to his room, on the wall was a poster, or you could tell, a newspaper. <Kids killed. Politics get money, Police can't find anyone>

    Ryon heard Dark's voice in his head "This world, people didn't help... You always was unwanted kid, even in Orphanage. But everyone else, your friends were innocent...This world needs to pay. Wait some time and rush, with a knife. Bring vengeance to this world"

    Ophelia looked from the high building at the crowd. "Heh, I schould test my power soon... Maybe on this people"
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  18. The crowd started thinning out the further he got away from the venue. Feeling somewhat safe with the distance, he decided to slow down and catch his breath. “I suppose it was too good to be true.” He whispered to himself as he walked down the street. It was as if he had seen an ember of hope for the future be born only for the radiant flame was snuffed out before it could become anything more. Hope is a fragile thing.

    They would have to report on the event. With the media that was there, it would make sense that there was some sort of story or life feed going around already. He made his way to a café that was close enough to reach quickly, but far enough from the venue that there was a chance that they would still be open to customers. He took a seat at a small table that would allow him to watch the news story on a television mounted on a nearby wall.

    Things were going about as he expected. The area was still in a state of disarray with people trying to escape the area, Police had begun setting up a perimeter in hopes of capturing anyone responsible, and as he feared, the Crystal Prism hasn’t been recovered yet. Perhaps this organization had gotten their hands on the Prism Crystal, but what were they planning to do with it. Orion leaned back in his chair a bit as he felt someone tap his shoulder. He looked back to see that it was an employee of this café.

    “Excuse me, but…we only allow those who make a purchase to occupy our tables...”

    He looked at her for a moment and sighed to himself. He preferred to stay and watch for a while longer in hopes that some new information would present itself, but his finances were in a dire state as it was. He stood up, apologized briefly, and exited the café. He’d have to deal with a few more miles of walking before he could watch the story at home.
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  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Seraphina walked around aimlessly, she stumbled around and was shoved by a group of people, she hit someone's car (Lucas' car @Gold The Dragonite ) head first and collapsed beside it in a dizzy state.

    Jon walked, not knowing where he was going he entered some place and saw a rock monster, "the hell is that". He then saw the crystal, and stopped and doubled over crying out in pain, he put his hand against a metal support beam to steady himself and felt it bend beneath his hand, he looked in awe at the now solid steel hand in front of him "what is happening".

    Amy ran, she entered an abandoned looking building, a good distance ahead of her she saw two people talking, she blinked hard when she saw that when of them looked like a lynx but when she opened her eyes she was standing right next to them, "oh god sorry, I'm not sure what happened" she had teleported without knowing.
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  20. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Lucas hurriedly jumped into his car, until he heard a clunk. "The-- uh oh." He said, looking at Seraphina on the floor. "Lotta bad things happening today... Hey, you okay?" Lucas said, helping Seraphina to her feet.

    Alex was attempting to calm down East, when she sees someone just, appear, out of nowhere. She nearly screams, but quickly clasps her hand over her mouth. "How did you do that!?" Alex whispered with shock in her tone.

    "The hell?" Roy said, seeing the random person come in and do the same thing that he did. "Guess it wasn't just me then..." The golem thought. "From the looks of it, that crystal thing gave us some sort of... superpower I guess," Roy replied to Jon. "Looks like you become whatever you touch."

    "That must be it! You must've gotten superpowers!" Alex said to Amy. Roy could hear some voices, so he gave a gesture to one of his goons, and they started to approach where the three were.
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  21. After a while into the presentation, Justin was suddenly blinded by a light. He then had a vision where he was in a completely white place, standing on a platform that was either invisible or the exact same color as the rest of the area. In front of him, he saw a humanoid figure, his body structure and everything, standing there in front of him. The person’s cloak was dark grey, and seemed to be made of a material thicker than leather. Their face was covered by a white orb helmet, and they were holding a sword with glowing edges. At their sides were two holstered pistols, which Justin couldn’t tell the caliber of. The person’s helmet then slowly deactivated, and it was shown who this person was. Justin looked in astonishment at this clone of himself. He then blacked out in that world, and slowly awoke in the real one. Something felt... different, to say the least. Coming to his senses, he noticed a few scattered and scared people where the presentation was just held. “Run...” A voice in his head said. “What?” He asked, unsure of what the voice said. “Run. Get away from here.” The voice continued. “What the...? Okay then.” He began to question, and decided it was better to listen to the voice. He began to run toward the nearest building, at a faster speed than he remembered he was able to go. Instead of questioning that as well, he got inside and found a chair, where he sat down. “What a crazy day...” Justin said to himself.
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  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Seraphina looked up a the boy, "oh thanks" she said as she stood up, "do you what's happening, I couldn't see properly" she said as she brushed herself off "oh I'm Seraphina Hale by the way, what's your name". She looked the boy up and down, he was definitely well off, that was for certain.

    Jon looked at Roy, "hey, you probably shouldn't be around here, you should run" he said, as he headed up the stairs of the building to the top, he grabbed a metal object changing his skin and then he jumped from the roof, landing on the ground creating a small crater, he had successfully gone where he had noticed before, a fenced off area bere the building, the fence was very high, so jumping from the roof had been his only choice, he then started to run again.

    Amy turned to the two "powers?" she looked herself up an down, "reall..wait do you guys here people, I think so one is coming this way" she looked around she had definitely heard something, but she didn't know what.
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  23. Akira rubbed his head, letting out a brief groan as he watched the crowd dissipate. "Gravity?" the boy huffed, slowly getting to his feet. What a load of nonsense. There must've been something in the air, it was some crazy hallucination. Looking around, Akira noticed that the few people that stuck around where looking rather odd. The boy sighed before he tightened his grip on the fabric in his hand, looking down to find a costume. A super-hero costume identical to the one in his vision. "No way!" a sudden grin spread across the young male's lips. No way he just happened to be in the area when the prism was nearly taken. No way that there was a bipedal lynx running to his left, or a golem in front of him. No way that he really had powers. Akira's vision grew blurry with excitement, hi eyes darted back and forth and he couldn't help from shaking. While some might have been frightened or confused under these circumstances, Akira was overwhelmed with glee- this was just too awesome. It was like a television show or a comic book. "Only one way to find out." Akira took a deep breath, this was the moment he had been waiting for. Gravity manipulation wasn't exactly ideal, but the boy figured he'd be able to make it work. He stood tall and clenched his fist closing his eyes while drawing shallow breaths, supposedly he expected to float. Yet when his feet remained on the floor, Akira let out an irritated growl. Was this some sort of prank? All around him people where activating powers and conversing. What was wrong with him? The boy let gritted his teeth, spitting curses through his lips while staring at the ground in frustration. Of course he had the weakest power, it couldn't even make him float. Akira, in a sudden vent of frustration, turned to a nearby parked car and kicked it. Upon contact, the large vehicle went flying and rolled over several times before stopping in the middle of the road. Akira just watched it, wide-eyed, unsure of what he had done.

    Daniel could immediately feel the difference when he awoke from that strange dream. He looked down at his hands, nothing much had changed about them. The man clenched his fists and wiggled his fingers before bending down to pick up a pebbled, while he rolled the thing in his palm back and forth he smirked suddenly. Then, as if on a silent cue the pebble turned to two, then three and four. "Indeed." Daniel's deep voice rolled from his throat as he dropped the pebbles back onto the dirt and looked around him. Daniel let out a menacing chuckled before tucking his hands into his pockets and walking towards his car. While those idiots were distracted with each other, he had a clean getaway. He'd be the first to use his powers in the real world, it would be unheard of. Nobody would be able to stop him. The man walked to his car slowly, confident in his ability despite just receiving it. Daniel sat in his car, windows rolled down and watched the scene ahead of him unfold. "Fools." the man purred, deciding that it was too entertaining for him to just leave.
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  24. Ophelia made it to the base and meet with one of her thugs. "Miss Ophelia, I'm glad that not-" He got pierced by chain, while he was talking and died. "So this is what my power can do... I wonder, maybe my brother can make better chains... Even if, I schould wait for that idiot."

    Ryon had his mask on, his hoodie and he hold a knife in right hand. While he was walking in the shadows, He met two people. A man, that tormented a young woman. Without any emotion, he killed the man and when woman thought about him like a savior. He killed her too. "Good, you understand now. Let's go, 6 more and you can return to home" said in mind Dark.
    Meanwhile, someone saw Ryon's actions and called police.

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  25. Orion huffed and puffed as he desperately sprinted up the stairwell and toward his room. The day had already taken a dark turn, but he had been hearing rumors of strange happenings around town since the speech incident. He threw open his door and rushed towards the TV tripping over the random clothing items littered throughout his apartment. He quickly changed to the local news and looked on in horror.

    Random murders, a car sent flying for no apparent reason, rumors of mysterious monsters appearing near the venue and no explanation for any of it. He already knew in the back of his mind that it had something to do with that Prism Crystal. It was something far more complicated than some new element or power source.

    He sat there silently watching the news wondering how this could have happened. This city was supposed to change, but this is not what he had in mind. What could he do though? He couldn’t save those lives, prevent that car accident, or hunt down those…things. All he managed to do was run and save his own skin.

    The right to change the outcome in this world is reserved for those with the will to act.

    “What bull…” he pounded the table in front of him, stood up and looked out of his living room window. “What good is will if I lack the means to do anything…?”

    But something wasn’t right. Everyone seemed to be panicking in the streets down below. He lived a good distance away from the venue. The chaos couldn’t have made its way all the way out here. He didn’t want to know what had happened, but the vision he had kept haunting his mind.

    You’ve done nothing for anyone, not even yourself.

    He felt a brief moment of shame. He could at least…take a look. He made his way back down to the base of the building and stood just outside of the doorway listening to the people that passed on. The death count was increasing, and apparently, two new casualties had just been reported to the authorities.
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  26. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    East shook her head. She didn't believe she had powers. She looked where Amy was talking about then sighed with hopelessness. "I honestly don't have the willpower to move anymore. Whatever happened has killed all my energy. If something does come, then whelp." She slumped against the wall again, closing her eyes. Her headache came back again with a sudden jolt of energy, and when she opened her eyes again, she was the lynx. East groaned. "Why me?" Voices came back to her head, and suddenly figures became visible all around her, like spirits, one of which was a small dragon no bigger than her hand. It slowly picked its way around the threesome. East looked dazed at the creature, but it looked back at her with inevitable disdain. As it walked out of the building, East looked back at everyone. "Did...did you guys see that?"
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  27. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "I'm Lucas, Lucas Asos! Hey, did you see a girl in a purple hoodie anywhere by any chance?" Lucas asked Seraphina. He also saw someone draw a knife to two people and kill them. "Yeah, I think we should get out of here quick..." He said, worried.

    "What, see you turn into a two legged lynx? Nope, not at all." She said nervously. Alex looked back. The lackey was very close to them, slightly trembling with fear. Alex went back to the voice she heard. "Replication" is the word she heard. That must be the power she got. To, replicate something? She thought hard about Roy's new appearance, and she started to feel heavier. Alex opened her eyes, and saw she was made of stone! "So that's what it meant!" She said. Alex slowly crept to the goon with heavy footsteps, and punched him square in the chest, knocking him out instantly. "We should get out of here soon before they find us." Alex said, turning back to normal.

    "Larry, you okay back there?" Roy asked in his thundering voice. "These people, so unreliable..." The large golem muttered, with his booming steps approaching the others.
  28. Ryon heard a noise in one building "Dark, It will be good, if I check this out"
    "It schouldn't be bad, remember about vengeance. People of this City need to pay"

    Ryon came closer to the building, but he didn't went inside, as police ordered him to stop and surrounded him. There was like 15 people, some of them had machine guns and the rest had simple guns. "You there, stop right there. You are going under arrest for the brutal murder of two people. Drop your weapon and don't move, or we will fire at you"
    "I'm already really spacey now... You really won't beat me" and he rushed at them with great, full speed "After all, you are just humans!!!"

    He killed all policemen. Some of them was able to shoot at him and wound him, but he didn't receive in vital spot and even raised his strength.
    "That's enough for today, Ryon. We schould leave now"
    "I'm not Ryon. Now, call me Chaos, as this is what I will bring to this City, to Northbridge" Ryon said to Dark, what looked like he whispered to himself.
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  29. The sound of rapid gunfire echoed nearby, but it ended just as quickly as it had begun. Orion flinched at the sound of it and covered his ears retreating into the apartment building. “That was very close” he whispered to himself. The panic only worsened after that. All the curiosity in the word couldn’t motivate him to investigate, but the voices from the dream would not let him run either.

    He continued to hide where he felt he was safe and listened to anyone who passed by in the panic hoping to gain something from the cries, but nothing beneficial stuck out to him. He peaked out into the streets, and everyone had fled the area by then. There weren’t any additional shots fired, but he had a feeling in his stomach that things were only just beginning.
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  30. Astrapi

    Astrapi Previously AstrapiDappletail

    East shook her head. "No, that. Th-the dragon thing that walked around us!" East sighed. "Nevermind" She looked to where Roy was and the word 'Run' sounded in her head again. Without realising what she was doing, East got up and ran, faster than she'd ever ran before. And weirdly enough, it felt natural. As if she was meant to do this. She stopped at two large buildings, and she picked her way through the ally. A small crack in the wall almost hidden by shadows caught East's eye, and she crouched down and squeezed herself into it. A good hiding spot, and she could easily get out and run again if she was found.
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  31. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Amy turned to the girl who took out the guard guy, "maybe we should leave, it seems kind of dangerous, I can try to teleport us but run would probably be easier and safer" she looked around, she didn't feel like fighting right now, she turned back to the girl hoping she would come with her, if not she would go alone.

    "No I haven't seen her around here, we should probably find her, random people seem to be getting violent" she said as a brick came flying towards Lucas's car, she grabbed someone's shoe she saw lying on the ground and threw it at the brick, she was well off being accurate but the shoe seemed to curve towards the brick and hit it, causing to drop before hitting his car, "do you know a safe place, I could go?" Seraphina asked.

    Jon found the horrific scene with the police seeing a bit nearby he walked over, "hey you ok, what happened here" he asked before getting randomly angry, "hey kid did you do this, I mean not that I really care but why did you do it?"
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  32. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Alex nodded and ran out of the warehouse towards an alley to where East was, unable to see her, hoping that Amy would come with them.

    Lucas was about to use his powers to stop the brick, but stopped as Seraphina threw a shoe at it. "Thanks, I'm not too sure on anywhere safe, but you could stay at my house if you want to." He said, gesturing to his car.

    Roy stopped for a second, as he couldn't hear anything. He turned back and started to walk back to his gang. "So boss, since you can turn into... that, does that mean we can rob more places?" A nervous goon asked. The gluttonous man just gave a long laugh while stomping back. "We'll be doing more than robbing..."
  33. Ryon turned to Jon "If you really don't care, then why did you ask. They stood against me, so I needed to defeat them" he said calmly "This is my gift for the people that abandoned innocent, to those that claimed to protect them. You can't stop Chaos"

    Gobe was in his Limousine, when his sister called to him. He took his phone.
    "Hi Sis, what do you want?"
    "Yes, I watched it on TV. Such a shame, I wanted to buy it from the thief"
    "Huh,interesting. Im on my way, meanwhile tell me about this 'powers'
    "Don't worry, I will get Prism Crystal in traditional way"
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  34. Justin, dumbfounded, confused of what was going on, noticed movement outside the window of the building he was sheltering in. He’d seen a car fly into the middle of the road, which was not natural, but given the current state of the city, wasn’t surprising either. “You seem confused. I don’t think I have properly made myself out to you.” The voice said. “Yeah, just who are you?” Justin asked back. “I am Anti-Virus. I was a microorganism living on the crystal that fell near you. I was looking for a host, and you seemed the right fit.” Anti-Virus responded. “Microorganism... so like, a parasite?” Justin continued to question. “Well, more like a parasite in a mutual relationship. I get to use you as a host, and you get enhanced ability. A fair trade, at least in my eyes." the parasite continued. “What powers? I don’t feel any different... Well...” Justin said back. “Some powers you’ll need to learn. But you’ve already noticed your enhanced agility. Also, you should look in the window at your reflection.” Anti-Virus suggested. Indeed, the teen looked and noticed the exact same thing he saw his vision. He looked down at himself, and sure enough, a thick grey coat covered his body, two pistol holsters at his sides, and a sheathed sword on his back. “What the... why? What’s going on?” Justin finally asked aloud, not able to hold back his questions any longer. “You’ve been given power by me, remember? And I thought it only suiting that you should get some more protective clothing.” Anti-Virus replied. “Okay, that makes sense I guess... oh boy I wonder what my parents are gonna think of this.” The boy said. He then got up and walked back outside, stretching his limbs out. “I guess if I’m gonna become a superhero... no. I won’t force it on myself. If someone’s in danger, I’ll do it, but I won’t go looking for crime or anything... that’s kinda what other heros do anyways? Whatever..." he thought to himself. He had completely forgotten that there was a glowing orb helmet, unseeable by him unless looking in a mirror, on his head concealing his face from others.
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  35. Gobe met his sister in the garden of their dead parents hause. "So can you show me that power of yours?"
    The entire garden was destroyed, Ophelia was lying on the ground and Gobe seemed pretty excited "Amazing, so this what give you Prism Crystal. I even have an idea, how to give you even greater power sister" Gobe said and he was slowly leaving her.
    "I'm not suprised that I still couldn't win brother..." Ophelia said and stood up "Where are you going?"
    "I want to find thief that failed to capture this crystal"

    (Let's give some live to this RP...)
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  36. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Amy ran out of the building and accidentally teleported to he alleyway as she spotted it, she looked in the alley and saw Alex, so walked in and stood next to her, "hey so now what, I didn't plan further than getting away". She looked around the alley and thought she had heard something but ignored it and turned back to look at Alex.

    Seraphina thought for a second and then said "ok, then. Let's go then" she then got in his car, sitting in the passenger seat and waited for Lucas, she poked her head round he car door, "I'm sure your sister will be fine". She then sat back on the seat and waited.

    Jon looked at Ryon, he had originally thought him mad or insane, but the more he thought about it the more he agreed, "let me join you, please" he asked, lookin at Ryon hopefully, "I agree with you, Chaos is a gift, Chaos is a necessity for regrowth" he smiled cruelly to himself, this would be fun.
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  37. Gobe keep looking around the city for Roy "It is quite calm city, it is really in chaos?" He asked himself.

    Ryon smiled and said to Jon "Alright, you can join me.. But, tell me one thing. Are you one of the vitnesses of Prism Crystal breaking" He asked him.
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  38. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Neither did I..." Alex replied. "Maybe we could make a run for it?" She asked Amy.

    "I hope so too." Lucas said. He got into his car and started to drive to his house, which looked like a small mansion. "Apparently, its a gift from my dad after finding the Prism Crystal." He sighed. "Anyways, we should go i-." Lucas told Seraphina before he heard something. "Come those whose blessing is unsused..." The whisper said, and he felt that he was pulled towards the house. "Strange..." Lucas said aloud.

    Roy started to hear a whisper. "Not this again...!" The man groaned, looking over to a crate which has the Prism Crystal on top of it. "Come, those who have decided their fate..." The crystal echoed throughout Roy's head. The tall man could heard voices near his location, and peered around the vicinity outside to see Gobe. "Please tell me you're hallucinating too with these voices..."
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  39. A speech being given about some crystal was nonexistent in Reiven's mind, having been concerned with much more important things. There was a large crowd of people standing around listening to the speech without a care in the world, uncaring about their pockets that were begging to be picked from as she had casually made her way towards the crowd of people. She was successful in stealing what she could get her hands on, nearly being caught a few times in the process. However, the sound of breaking glass caught her attention, interrupting the pillaging she was carrying out, followed by a white light that engulfed her entirely. Reiven kept still, feeling her heart pounding fast against her chest as she did not move, unsure of what was happening and why.

    a delicate voice whispered in her ears.

    The image of a dark figure stood before her amidst the bright light, slowly coming into view until Reiven saw that the image was her, only there was something different. She had the ears and tail of a leopard, as well as claws and sharp teeth. But, it didn't stop there as her image doubled over in pain, slowly transforming as bones cracked and muscles rippled underneath the skin. What had been Reiven's double image, was now a large six-legged leopard.

    The leopard soon faded, along with the white light as Reiven found herself standing among a panicked crowd of people. She took this opportunity to run away, heading down the street while moving onto the sidewalk, keeping her head down as she tried to look inconspicuous. She dipped into the nearest open alleyway, running fast as if her life depended on it while following the twist and turns of the interconnecting allies. Once she deemed that it was safe to stop running, Reiven took the time to look over her newly given features using a large shard of a broken mirror that laid on the ground.

    It was a bit scary and intimidating as she looked over herself, watching her ears and tail twitch at the slightest touch of her clawed hand. She was starting to feel comfortable until the sound of voices could be heard, drawing her attention away from the mirror shard as uncertainty began to take hold. Reiven began to move, heading in the direction of the voices out of piqued curiosity. The many other sounds and scents nearly filled her senses all at once, making her have to sort each one out to avoid being overwhelmed.

    She was unsure of how far away the voices were as Reiven hesitantly kept moving in their direction, unable to keep a bad feeling from forming in the pit of her gut with each step she took.
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  40. Shuzo wasn't confident that a searing white light was part of the speech. Sure, it was a powerful crystal, but it probably wouldn't be wise to show that off by potentially blinding the audience. Nevertheless, the teen flinched when the light filled his eyes, leaving no room to shade with his hands. A soft voice seemed to whisper in his head: "Lightning." Shuzo slowly opened his eyes, seeing clearly despite the light.

    Standing in front of him... was him, dressed in some "ninja" garb lined with metal. Though the clothes were indeed a little confusing, what he found most surprising was the blue lightning crackling around the figure in front of him, dancing wildly in his eyes as well. Shuzo scoffed as he looked at himself before asking, "What, is this me in some alternate dimension? Why am I seeing this?" Staying silent, the Shuzo in front of him pointed at his chest, eyes still aglow with azure electricity. Shuzo narrowed his eyes in confusion upon seeing the action, thinking, I have no idea what that means. What's he implying? Suddenly, his lookalike drew back an arm as a blue lightning bolt materialized in his hand. Other-Shuzo then hurled it with incredible force, prompting Shuzo to step back and cover his face with his arms to protect himself. What surprised him was that there was no pain. Upon contact, the projectile dispersed immediately as electricity began to crackle around him. Shuzo looked at his arms and torso, taking in the sight. So, this is me now, I guess. The figure in front of him turned around, slowly fading away, as the blinding white light began to fade away and Shuzo was brought back to reality.

    Now back on solid concrete, Shuzo shook himself out of his stupor and looked around, seeing frightened civilians running from the scene. As the teen began to walk away as well, he felt something weighing down his right hand, and turning to look at what it could be, he saw the suit, draped over his arm. So, it really wasn't a hallucination. A delicate whisper of a voice sounded in his mind, leading him to who-knew-where. Hopefully to answers. As he walked, he stuffed his new found suit into the backpack he had brought with him, so as not to draw any attention to himself with what he had been holding.
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