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Ask to Join Heroes of Northbridge Discussion (Superhero RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Gold The Dragonite, Jun 26, 2019.


Should I separate the heroes into teams?

Poll closed Jun 28, 2019.
  1. Yes!

  2. No!

  3. How do we decide the leaders....?

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Hey there, thanks for taking interest in this! I've been thinking about making this for a while, and decided to put it into action.

    RP is here! https://pokecharms.com/threads/heroes-of-northbridge-superhero-rp.21157/

    After many years, Asos Industries have found a item called the Prism Crystal! They have no idea what it does, but they hope it will help the city of Northbridge. They make a speech in front of their building, the Prism Crystal in a case until a group of criminals try to steal it! Their leader grabs it, but it falls into the crowd! You happen to be in the vicinity, and look at the crystal in time, just to see a bright light take over your vision...

    1. Keep it PG-13, I'll allow swearing, but don't go overboard and swear in every sentence.
    2. I don't have to say this, but no overpowered powers, like being able to kill someone with a thought. You can get more powers throughout the roleplay. However, if you do want a slightly OP power, you must have a weakness.
    3. Romance is allowed, but keep it to a kiss.
    4. Remember to hate the character, not the person.
    5. The roleplay will start with the speech, so no one is experienced with their powers.


    Hero or villain?:

    Name: Lucas Asos
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He's slightly tall for his age, and is average weight. He usually wears a red plaid shirt, black sneakers and blue jeans. Lucas also has black eyes and brown messy hair.
    Alias: Solare
    Costume: He doesn't wear one, as his hair and eyes turn into an ember, hiding his identity.
    Power: Fire Manipulation
    Age: 19
    Personality: He's a extrovert who's mostly always positive. He can also get reckless from time to time.
    Hero or villain?: Hero
    Other: His father is the president of Asos Industries.

    Name: Alex Asos
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Alex has blonde hair and light brown eyes. She's average height and weight. She wears a purple hoodie and slightly ripped jeans.
    Alias: Replica
    Costume: Alex wears a white suit and her mask is black. She also has a white cape and belt, with a black outline. The belt has a white diamond symbol on it.
    Power: Power Replication, however there's a time limit, and it's harder to replicate stronger powers.
    Age: 16
    Personality: She's like her older brother, but is more cautious. Alex plans out her actions more.
    Hero or villain?: Hero
    Other: Her father is the president of Asos Industries.

    Name: Roy Clarks
    Appearance: He's a tall man and wears an assault vest. Roy also has brown eyes and hair. He has a skull and crossbone tattoo on his arm.
    Alias: Gravestone
    Hero costume: He just wears his assault vest, however he transforms into a humanoid golem with glowing red eyes.
    Power: Becoming a Golem.
    Age: 37
    Personality: He's quite greedy and self centered. Roy would do anything to be the best.
    Hero or villain?: Villain.
    Other: Roy and his thugs are the ones attacked the speech.
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  2. Name: Kazumi Sawatari
    Appearance: 5’11 with a very fit physique, his short brown hair is always ruffled and messy. His eyes are naturally grey matching his steely resolve and stoic nature
    Alias: Renegade
    Costume: a grey armored combat suit with a brown leather jacket over the top. He hides his face behind a tactical visor and breathing mask
    Power: he can absorb, manipulate and redirect energy, currently he can only properly control Kinetic energy but he hopes to expand this further
    Age: 23
    Personality: Anti-social and utilitarian he despises people who get in his way seeing them as no different to the goons or thugs stopping him from reaching the masterminds of injustice
    Hero or villain?: Anti-Hero/Vigilante
    Other: He’s currently wanted in 16 states
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  3. Name: Saphrax Rhodes
    Appearance: 6'0" with a very slim but toned build. He is very strong looking. He has strong cheekbones. His eyes are an icey blue. They seem to be almost glowing. He has very pale skin. His hair is long and thick. It is a deep purple that goes down to the middle of his back. He wears a dark pink v neck t-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, dark pink converse, and a leather jacket. On his neck he has a red gem choker that seems to shine when it hits the sun.
    Alias: Midnight Panther
    Costume: He wears a black body suit. It has long sleeves. He wears utility belt around his waist. It is lower on one side. He still has his necklace on. He has fangs that grow out from his canines and claws that come from the tips of his fingers. He wears black combat boots with this.
    Power: He has fanges and claws that retracts. He has enhanced senses, but not greatly so. He can shapeshift but only into a panther, wolf, and a black and purple cat. He has a bite that can slow down the target. He drains their blood and it knocks them out. He can change his age. He will still have all of his memories and everything, but looks and acts the age he chose to become.
    Age: Looks 18. (He is really 46.)
    Personality: He is very calculated. He tends to be a little sarcastic when he is confronted. He will tend to take things that catch his interest. He does not care what he does as long as he gets what he wants.
    Hero or villain?: He is more of thief and only works with the heros when there is something in it for him.
    Other: He has no pulse. He would be called a vampire to some. The choker he wears is a gem that keeps him alive in the sun. Without it he would turn to ash. He does not need to sleep much if any at all. He has to drink blood in order to survive. He is very skilled in daggers as well as a bow. Though he does prefer to use his natural abilities. He has a slowed down age effect, but he will eventually die. This can not be changed by changing his age either.
  4. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Both of you are accepted! I'll probably start the roleplay after a few more people join.
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  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Amy Cooke
    Appearance: Average height, 5' 6", long flowing red hair, green eyes and skinny. She wears a blue plaid mini-skirt, a yellow crop-top, a pink hoodie and blue trainers.
    Alias: Blink
    Costume: None her eyes turn completely white and her skin turns green. She does sometimes wears a blue face mask.
    Power: Teleportation
    Age: 18
    Personality: Amy is very thoughtful and cautious. She likes thinking things through and likes animals a lot. She used to idolise her big brother before he turned evil after his thought to be death. She now desperately wants to find a new role-model and idol.
    Hero or villain?: Hero
    Other: N/A

    Name: Jonathan Cooke
    Appearance: Tall, 6' 2", short fawx hawk style red hair (it became white after he gained powers), green eyes (they became grey) and muscular. He wears a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt and grey trainers.
    Alias: Chameleon
    Costume: He only wears the black jeans.
    Power: Absorption, he can turn his skin into any material that he touches.
    Age: 25
    Personality: Jon used to be sweet, protective and kind, but after the incident when he was not found due to his camouflage having activated, he believed he had been deliberately abandoned. He became violent, angry, distrusting and vengeful.
    Hero or villain?: Villain
    Other: N.A

    Name: Seraphina Hale
    Appearance: She is kind of short, 5' 4", she is skinny, has pink hair in a long plait and grey eyes. She wears torn blue jeans, black trainers, a slightly torn white t-shirt with a black skull on it, a tattered leather jacket with spiked shoulders and a pair of sunglasses.
    Alias: Head-hunter
    Costume: She wears black combat trousers and shirt, a long black trench-coat, black combat boots and a black Stetson.
    Power: "Bounty", she sets a metaphysical target on her chosen target, any thing she throws or shoots will always be drawn to the target.
    Age: 16
    Personality: She is pretty blunt in the way she speaks, she is however good natured, kind and caring. She despises those who pick on the weak and has a soft spot for blondes. She is a lesbian.
    Hero or villain?: Hero
    Other: N/A
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  6. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Accepted! Remember that the RP starts at the speech, so maybe you could get Jonathan to become a villain a bit into the RP?
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    yeah that is kind of the plan, as he will get lost, think he was abandoned and become slowly corrupted by a villain.
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  8. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Okay then! I think I'll wait for one more person then I'll start the RP.
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  10. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Yeah, it'd help if you could tag anyone who would be interested!
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Eh, sorry, kinda filled up with RPs right now...
  12. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    No problem, I understand if you're busy or anything!
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  13. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I’ll join this, looks fun

    Using a new OC because I use Delphi too much oof

    Name: East Finch
    Appearance: Tall, slender with hair that is aluminium blond, fading to ginger, then died blue black at the tips. Freckles dot her face. Her eyes are indigo, but turn amber as they near the iris. She wears shorts, a white T-shirt and a jeans jacket. Blue trainers.
    Alias: Ferra
    Costume: Black hoodie, leggings, fingerless gloves, black shoes, and a purple bandana she wears around her neck/mouth.
    Power: Can turn into a humanoid lynx, but she cant control it well. She can also see things others can’t, but often confuses these with the hallucinations she gets. image.jpg
    (The middle character is what she looks like as a lynx. Art is by me)
    Age: 16
    Personality: East is rather quiet and shy, but she is extremely loyal and will stick up for anyone, no matter who they are. She finds making friends hard. She also gets hallucinations frequently, but keeps this as a secret with her close friends.
    Hero or villain?: Hero
    Other: Theme song is Dead Hearts
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  14. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Accepted, I'll make the roleplay now!
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  15. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Name: Justin Hardin

    Appearance: 6’0”, approximately 145.00lbs. Has medium dirty blonde hair, deep brown eyes, and pale pink skin. Wears full light grey everything, including a jacket, shirt, sweatpants, and shoes. Wears black headphones and a big black backpack.

    Alias: Anti-Virus

    Costume: A dark grey cloak and body wear, made of thick material. His face is covered by the Anti-Virus, making an orb around his head.

    Power: While he attacks with a one-handed sword and dual pistols, his main powers are super agility, Anti-Virus magic, and protective shields. He uses the shields specifically for others and not himself, and his agility makes him more versatile to dodge. In order to preform Anti-Virus magic(which is your standard orb blast, spikes, slashes, opening portals, and creating platforms)
    he must places the tip of his blade in the ground and discard his pistols. He levitates when using magic, but it’s rather low and slow and leaves him vulnerable to attack. His weapons and attacks can pierce any material because they are imbued with Anti-Virus, however, they are relatively weak, and it would take multiple(like, A LOT)hits from his attacks to finally defeat someone. He also is very frail, and will only be able to take few attacks before being considered defeated.

    Age: 17

    Personality: Calm, quiet, and skeptical. Views everyone for what they could be vs what they could become, and is very just with his options.

    Hero or villain?: Neutral, but fights for what is right. So like, Semi-hero? Yeah, that.

    Other: Anti-Virus is a living organism that lives everywhere and assists this human by giving them enhanced ability and access to its power in exchange for a living host. Anti-Virus magic is more like manipulation of the already existing Anti-Virus. Also, portals can only be opened to places that the user has already been. Also, to use the Anti-Virus in the air, you must be in a 100ft vicinity of it, so he can’t reach across the world or anything crazy, unless it’s a portal to a place that he’s already been, of course.

    Okay, I can see how this can look OP, If you want me to change anything or amp Up the weaknesses, tell me.
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  16. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I would say it's too OP, but the shield is for others, he uses agility, it takes many hits with Anti-Virus, and he has to get rid of some of his weapons to do it anyways! As long as there's enough cons to counter the pros, then I'm fine with it! Accepted!
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  17. Name: Akira Motsi
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Akira is neither tall or muscular, giving him a less than intimidating appearance. His skin is a creamy, olive color and his large, ovular eyes are a sparkling blue shade. His blonde hair is styled in an undercut, with the top loosely forming waves of highlights and low lights.
    Alias: Under Pressure
    Costume: A black body suit covers most of his skin, it shields his neck, chest, stomach, and arms with tight and flexible fabric; while the bottom half is baggy and loose around his legs. The switch form tight to baggy happens at his waist covered by a thick piece of neon blue fabric wrapped around his waist. The same fabric is wrapped around his hands like make-shift cloves and his feet like make-shift socks. A neon blue hooded mask, of similar hue to his belt, is brought over his the back of his head and covers the upper-part of his face including his eyes and the bridge of his nose. Akira hates the mask, claiming it's uncomfortable and messes up his hair- so he only wears it when in big crowds of people or when he wants to look 'cool'.
    Power: Gravity Manipulation- Akira can manipulate the gravity of himself and anything he is making contact with. The most obvious applications of this ability is to enhance his strength and speed by lessening his own gravity, 'flying' by lessening his own gravity, Immobility by fastening himself to the ground by increasing gravity, making other objects heavier or lighter by manipulating gravity.
    Age: 15
    Personality: Akira is rather immature and ignorant. Even after gaining his powers- he never accepted the responsibilities of being a hero, but still wanted all the cool stuff. He can be insensitive and selfish and times, but ultimately has a heart of gold. It can take some time before he gets serious, but once Akira drops his childish act things tend to dangerous.
    Hero or villain?: Hero (more accurately anti-hero)
    Other: Akira is a hero at heart. But he's lazy and selfish, and most people don't regard him as anything but a nuisance. Despite his surprising strength and skill, his childish attitude makes him more of a laughing stock than a threat.

    Daniel Greeves
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Fairly tall for his age, Daniel is lean and skeletal looking. He has pale skin and deep brown eyes. Curly black hair is messy and unkept, but no longer than 2 inches long.
    Alias: Duece
    Costume: Modeled after a modern Superman, Daniel's costume is relatively simple. A hoodie of dark blue color covers from his hips to his chest. On the chest of this hoodie is the iconic superman diamond, but with a sloppy D in the center (clearly homemade). He sports dark blue legging with red shorts over the top and large red tennis shoes. To top it off, he fastens a long red cape under the hood of his jacket.
    Power: Mass multiplication- Duece can take anything he touches and multiply it. He has to be making contact with the object in order to duplicate, and he can make as many copies as he wants. It does not work on living things.
    Age: 19
    Personality: Cunning and ruthless, one could say that Daniel would've made the perfect villain before he even gained his power. He is quick to act, but constantly thinking- both witty and precarious, he uses his brains rather than brute strength in battle. Outside of battling, Daniel is manipulative, often convincing someone to join him for a short time before abusing their use and ultimately betraying them.
    Hero or villain?: Villain
    Other: As far as villainous reasoning, he just kinda got a power-boner after receiving his ability- decided to take a shot at taking over the world.
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  18. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Accepted! Gee, if I get too many people, I might have to make the RP private! But seriously, thank you all for taking interest in this!
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  19. Double post are ok in discussion thread as long ad you are updating everyone on something or it has been awhile since you last posted.
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  20. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Thanks for telling me that, I'm always a bit cautious cause I don't wanna do something wrong and shut down the RP.
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  21. Hmmm, I would like to join this one RP if I can... Just I will make a bio later.
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  22. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    No problem!
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  23. I'm very new to this site and spend my time reading other person's RP's, but I have wanted to get involved a bit. I understand if my being brand-new is a concern, but I figured I'd try a bio just incase.

    Name: Orion Berkut
    Appearance: Orion is a slim, 5’10 tall young man with slightly tan skin. His eyes are grey and glow faint green while casting his Aura abilities. He tends to favor dark colors for his civilian attire and wears a silver cross pendent around his neck that he received from an out friend.
    Alias: Aura
    Costume: Unable to afford anything resembling a true costume, he tends to act in a simple dark grey hooded jacket and a mask that depends solely on what he wants to wear that day. He covers his legs with simple black pants and shoes.
    Power: As he is, Orion’s abilities are strictly support-based. He has a strong regenerative factor that allows him to heal from wounds over time if they aren’t fatal. His true strength is being able to release his nearly invisible aura around himself within a limited range that will heal allies of his choosing at the expense of his own regenerative factors. He can push it further by “infusing” his aura into one ally that will grant them his strong regenerative factor and buff their latent abilities at the expense of his own healing and stamina. He has no specialized offensive abilities at this time.
    Age: 23
    Personality: Orion is fairly introverted and takes a while to warm up to anyone he meets for the first time. He fears direct conflict and does his best to avoid angering those around him. Regardless, he does wish to help others in whatever way he can and believe that his powers manifested due to that desire. He tends to be easily swayed by others he trusts and will support them wholeheartedly.
    Hero or villain?: Neutral, he tends to side with those he trusts
    Other: He does not believe that any one view can be seen as bad or good and follows his own moral compass, believing that it will point him more toward a greater good. He is willing to hear out anyone’s side and bases his loyalties on how much their views align with his.
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  24. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Good bio! Accepted!
  25. Name: Ryon (Just Ryon)
    Appearance: He is 6'0 tall, a bit muscular. He has Crow-Black hair and Emerald eyes. He has many scars on his entire body, becouse of the tortures that 'this' did to him...
    Alias: Chaos
    Costume: He wears a hollow mask that he bought on internet with black hoodie with red knife sign. He also wears a black jeans.
    Power: Noname- Chaos power is based on his adrenaline(Hope I said it right(sooo Tired)), wounds and etc. He is sighly stronger and faster than any human. But while he is fighting for his life. When he gets more wounds, He fights long or is really active and he force himself, his strength, Durability and speed raises. He has also something like bloodlust. (Still, his power may hide something, but untill he won't learn to control himself, He won't find it. His poweriis kind of... He is weak, but if you won't kill me, I may come back stronger)
    Age: 16
    Personality: He was once kind and good kid, but after the attack that he survived (4 years ago) he is cold and mean.
    Hero or villain?: sort of a villain, he see people lifes worthless and he don't care to kill some randoms (I hope heroes will help him and he will change)
    Other: Orphan, His Orphanage was attacked by some kind of bandits. One of them was sadist that was torturing him for few days, this is why he changed.
    Name: Ophelia Blackwind
    Appearance: tall, slim Woman with long blonde hair and Sapphire eyes.
    Alias: Macabre
    Costume: She wears leather clothes and has black mask. She wears a gloves, that each of them are made from chains.
    Power: Pain Syndrome- her power isn't useful, when fight with more than one enemy. She choose the target that she get in her chains, after that chains cut skin with little blades and the target gets big, slow pain. The target dies after some time
    Age: 28
    Personality: She is a sadist, bossy and mean woman that always seeks for a new target.
    Hero or villain?: Villain, Hired killer
    Other: She is the one that with 'friends' attacked Ryon's Orphanage, killed his friends and tortured him.

    (Well, I hope thats a good bios. I'm so tired... Hour... 0:00 am. Goodnight)
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  26. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    I will post when I can :3
    I also edited East's age because I always end up with the youngest character oof
  27. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Accepted! I'll probably post after everyone posts.
  28. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Made a poll: remember to vote!
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  29. 3rd option is as yes or... No...
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  30. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    I'd say it's a "confused" option. By teams, I mean groups of 4 or 5 battling villains instead of like 14 heroes working together.
  31. I wanted Ryon to be villain first then (Change) and help heroes... I will stay confused.
  32. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I think we have
    6-7 heroes
    2-3 anti-heroes/vigilantes
    6 villains
    2 neutral
    But don't trust my counting
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  33. I don't trust your counting (But don't worry, I'm the only one)
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  34. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    There's 4 heroes, 5 if you count Ryon, 2 anti heroes, 4 villains (not including Ryon), and 2 neutral.
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  35. My question before voting on the poll is just how permanent these teams are meant to be? I like the idea, but will it keep characters from changing alliances? Sounds like a few characters were made with that option in mind
  36. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    What do you mean alliances? Do you mean switching teams, or going to be a villain? I'll probably make the teams according to personality, varied powers, etc. If you want, I could let everyone decide what team they want to be in.
  37. I meant between switching from hero to villian or vice versa depending on how events unfold. Also if my character gets put in a team, is the intention to stay with that team indefinately, or is it until the end of an immediate battle. Thinking about it though I think I'll vote no just because I can see it restricting things quite a bit.
  38. That is why imitatly voted no. My character is kind of someone who would only work with someone if he could get something out of them or use them to his advantage. I do not see him working with other often.
  39. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Okay, by teams, I meant by only heroes. Villains would occasionally team up with other villains, or have their minions. Neutrals and anti-heroes would be there as a sort of extra. If an anti hero or villains becomes a hero or vice versa, they could form another team or join a non-full team.

    That's the thing I was worried about. Most of the anti heroes mostly wants something and is anti social. Also, it'd be weird if two teams of heroes were fighting different villains, the posts would get messed up and everything.
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