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Ask to Join Heroes of Northbridge: A Superhero RP Reboot

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Gold The Dragonite, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    (Join here!https://pokecharms.com/threads/heroes-of-northbridge-a-superhero-rp-reboot-discussion.21453)

    @Clite of Dragonbow

    Lucas and Alex were driving down to their father's speech. "Why do I have to come? I could be doing something else productive!" Alex whined. "Because we have to support Dad, and besides the Prism Crystal thing could help the world," Lucas said, focusing on the road. Soon they arrived just in time for the speech. The two hopped out of the car and stood in the crowd, where their father shortly spotted them and gave a smile before getting ready to speak in front of the public.

    Meanwhile, Roy and his goons were standing on a building near the public speech, preparing to steal the Prism Crystal. "B-boss, I'm scared... What if we get caught? I can't go to jail!? I can't do this, I'm outta here!" the freaked out goon said. "Well, we can't have you reporting to the police so..." The leader said, grabbing the minion by the throat with his muscular hands. Roy then hurled him off the side, with screams hurling down, before a soft clunk. All of his other goons were filled with even more terror, yet Roy only gave a smile, looking over the edge.
  2. A teenage girl with electric blue hair rode down the sidewalks of the bustling city on her bicycle, a serene smile on her face. Some people thought the city was chaotic, but she'd grown to like it.
    Today was different, however. She was on her way to a special speech regarding a certain "Prism Crystal", and how it could change the world. Science had always interested her, so she was excited. She found a spot with good view of the stage, putting her bike on a nearby rack, and waited patiently for the speech to start.
  3. Ophelia and some of her thugs watched from a distance, waiting for a speech "I heard that Roy's boys may attack this place. It is a rare show to see someone like him getting arrest" She said.
    "Stupid Sis, I don't care about Roy... I just want date that I will gather by recording Prism Crystal, This sample that you gather is not enough for me. Just do your job" said Gobe to his sis, he wasn't here, but he could hear and see her, as one of the thugs hold a phone with turned on call. "Yeah, yeah..."

    Meanwhile, a young teen came closer to the crowd, he had a black hair, black clothes on him and scar on his left cheek, if not his Emerald eyes. He would look like a ghost... He stood somewhere, where he thought he will see a speech... 'Help the world...If they wanted to help... Why they didn't help my close ones' Ryon thought and waited for an event to begin.
  4. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Dr. Kane Altman was near Mr. Asos, he was there because he was a big member of the research team. He was excited for his boss' speech. He saw Lucas and Alex and made a small hand motion as a hello to them, before he stood smartly awaiting the start of the speech. He read a live reading of the crystal's power outputs and stability, everything seemed alright but there seemed to be some dangerous spikes, Altman stepped forward slightly and whispering into Mr. Asos' ear he explained his concerns.

    Abigail James was standing watching the event, she had her camera ready. This was a big thing for her, she hadn't been doing well at her photography internship and this event would big a huge boost for her career. She looked around snapping pictures of the crowd and of Mr. Asos. She then waited patiently for the speech to begin.
  5. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    James had walked over to some people having some high tech screens pulled up around him. The screens showed a highly advanced battle armor he was working on. 'Hopefully I can get this done for the next tech showcase in town.' James had told himself before he accidentally bumped into a girl with a camera. "Oh my goodness I am so sorry!" James began to apologize as he wasn't paying attention.

    Marcel was in the crowd listening to his favorite bands...Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Skillet, etc. 'I have stuff to do today...so can we just hurry this dumb speech up.' Marcel told himself a bit impatient since he had already planned stuff with his friends involving band practice. He didn't know exactly what was going on behind the scenes however.
  6. Nearby, Allie heard a familiar song playing. Looking over, she saw a boy who looked slightly older than her playing rock music.
    She began quietly singing the currently playing song to herself, almost subconsciously. She walked over, a nonchalant expression on her face.
    "Rock fan, hey?" she asked.
  7. Ryon heard that someone was playing music aloud. Great, He didn't cared much but, It will pass Four years after... Accident. Thanks to people he was an Orphan and if he didn't work hard, also homeless.

    The guy that was playing those songs seemed to be in his age.
    "I wonder... If he is a student or something..." Ryon whispered to himself, He never was in school as he didn't had possibility to join any. Some kind of girl came to him later, his girlfriend? If yes, then he has better taste than he looks. Well, Ryon schouldn't be the one to judge. He hoped it will begin soon "Help the world...You couldn't even help a bunch of innocent kids from hell" he thought again.
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  8. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel had one of those realization moments...his headphones weren't plugged in all the way. "Well then this awkward...heh. You know that moment in which you forget to plug in your earbuds all the way and you only realize it by everyone looking at you....happened to me a couple of times. Including this one....but if you want. We can listen to these songs together while we wait for this speech to start." Marcel offered to the girl next to her. "By the way. The name's Marcel." Marcel told her as he smiled at her.
  9. She chuckled softly. "Sure, that'd be great. I'm a bit bored anyway. The name's Allie." She resumed humming along to the tune, eventually switching to singing very quietly - almost subconsciously. Her voice was quite good, although she had to keep a lot of the songs to a higher pitch due to her vocal range.
  10. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel couldn't help but hear her sing. 'I know I can barely hear her. But I won't lie...she has an amazing voice.' Marcel told himself as his heart began to rush a little but since if his increasing thoughts about this moment. 'Should I show her how I sing? I don't know if I should.....' Marcel told himself as he looked over at Allie and back at the sky. "You actually have a fairly nice singing voice." Marcel told her with complete honesty.
  11. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    Justin has been walking about all day, not doing much of anything off his regular routine. Y’know, school, café, headphones on, the usual teen stuff. As he was walking, he noticed a crowd, and heard faint music in the distance. Seeing as the boy had little homework(or he was procrastinating), he decided to go check out whatever was going on. As he got closer, he remembered what was happening today. Mr. Asos was revealing the Prism Crystal, whatever it was. “I guess I can stick around... I don’t have too much of a reason to, but maybe this will be a big thing in industrialization or something.” He said quietly to himself. “Then again, I wonder if someone’s gonna try and steal it.” He thought as he found a good spot near the mid-front.

    (Sorry for the late post, school then marching band practice)
  12. Trying not to blush, Allie smiled faintly. "Thank you. I learned it from my older sister. Runs in the family, I guess."
    She stared at the cloudless sky, wondering what her sister was up to. She knew the young woman was very busy - all the time, as a matter of fact - but that didn't bother her.
  13. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel smiled and knew there were some...feelings between them. "Yeah. I got my singing voice from practice and inspirations. But..." Marcel told Allie as he tried to contain his blush but little by little it would show and he didn't care about the blush. "Your singing voice fits you entirely. Don't worry about what other's say about your singing." Marcel told her as more blush began to appear on his face. "Because there will always be someone here to root for you and your singing no matter what." Marcel spat out before becoming super flustered.
  14. Normally, matters of the heart bounced off Allie's head like an iron sphere off a brick wall. However, she couldn't help but begin to go pink in the face.
    "Oh - I - uh - thank you," she stuttered, before quickly diverting the conversation topic, sensing that one of them was going to be very embarrassed if it continued.
    "So - are you excited for the speech?" she asked, still blushing.
  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Abigail steady herself after she was knocked into, she turned around to face the boy, "It's fine really, but make sure that you look where your going a bit more when in crowds, you might bump into someone important." she lifted up her camera and took a snapshot of the boy "there you go, now I will remember to make myself obvious when walking near you" she added giggling slightly.
  16. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Mr Asos tapped the mic a few times and announced the audience. "Welcome, everyone to Asos Industries' announcement! As most of you know, the Prism Crystal is a new ore we have discovered on a distant island. "We've run some tests, and have figured out that it's currently the largest power source in the world!" He said, hoping to gaining a few gasps and claps. "Hopefully, we will soon be able to use this for the whole city of Northbridge, and much, much more!" Mr Asos pointed to the Prism Crystal, that was put in a case. He gained more applause and smiled at the people in front of him.

    Roy and his gang were about to attack on his command. "Nearly... Now!" He shouted, using a grappling hook onto a lamp post, his lackeys doing the same. He's able to get down, but it shatters, breaking the case! " The Crystal!" Mr Asos screams. The crystal falls in the middle of the crowd, and emits a blinding light, enveloping many people's eyes, including Lucas and Alex.

    Screams and shouts could be heard in the crowd as the Prism Crystal gave off a a blinding white. Suddenly, the words "Replication" gets whispered into her head and she sees someone in a black and white costume, looking like a... a superhero. Her vision was then back, and she saw most of the people from the speech fleeing and her brother dragging her by the arm away from Roy and his gang, seeing him scoop up the crystal in his hand, smiling a villainous grin. However, she could also feel something on her other arm. Alex looked down. It was the suit she saw.
  17. Ryon stayed silent as a Mr. Asos was saying his speech, but when the crystal broke, big light blinded him.

    Whispers, someone was saying something to Ryon, but he couldn't tell what.

    "Where I am? Who..." Ryon turned around, he saw a boy. Who looked like him, the boy was smiling "hey... It seems that you can't hear it"
    "Hear what?"
    "Your power's name... It seems that you aren't worthy to hear a name of such enormous power. Don't worry, I will help you. Call me Dark" and Dark summoned a mask to his hand, it looked kinda creepy, like a white monster. "Now, let me explain something"

    After a while of talking with Dark, Ryon asked "Where I will find this 'Half-mask'".
    "You will go to the closest shop, it will lay on the ground. Give random coin to the shop assistant and leave, simple...Remember, destroy the city for your loved ones and I will give you your power name"
    Ryon woke up and turned around, he saw many people lying on the ground and many escaping in fear. Well, its time to leave. He slowly stood up and looked for a shop, He will return to this place later.

    Ophelia returned to her brother and yelled "You won't believe, I received super powers!"
    "I can" Gobe said "Ophelia, tell me. Where I can find Roy and his group"

  18. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    Justin’s eyes went a little bit wider as the crystal flew his way, landing near him and blinding him, as well as knocking him out. What people didn’t notice was a tiny white speck that flew towards and went inside his body. As Justin awoke on the inside of his mind, he say nothing but a light grey landscape. There were no visible walls, only an invisible floor which Justin was laying on. In the distance, Justin could see a character in the distance. They had on darker grey clothing and a orb-like helmet. They were walking closer, only to stop at Justin and reach a hand to help him get up. Justin took the hand, and he was now back in reality. He didn’t notice his clothing change, but he did notice the screaming around him. “Hold out your hand. We need to go somewhere private.” A voice in his head said. Seeing as there was nothing else to do, and he wanted to get out of where he was, he held out his hand like the voice told him. This opened a portal to his room at his house, which he stepped through, and it closed behind him. He was a little freaked out, now.
  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kane was saw the flash of light and was blinded, in his mind he saw an image of a hideous creature, it was a good 2 feet taller than he was and way more muscular. When he awoke however, he couldn't remember exactly who or where he was, all he knew was the name Lucas and something about a crystal. He spotted his reflection in a car, he saw the monster looking back at him, he suddenly felt very hungry and seeing a group of men standing nearby he pounced, he landed on one man tearing into him while stabbing another through the chest with one of his tendrils. He then saw that one of these men was holding a crystal, perhaps this was his master, his creator. he left the two dismembered men and walked up to Roy, he looked at him "That is one of the only things I remember, is it yours, do you know who I am?" he said to Roy.

    Abigail was blinded by the light and bumped into the boy who bumped into her earlier knocking herself out and accidentally taking a few erratic pictures as she fell. She woke up in a blank empty place, with a voice whispering different rocks in her ear, she saw an image of herself wearing a green sleeveless hoodie, black jeans, green boots and a green scarf thing that covers the lower half of her face. Next to her stood a gleaming Jade tiger. Then the vision was gone she woke up dazed and saw the costume in her hand. She turned to the tech boy from earlier, "what's happening, what do we do?"
  20. The flash of light enveloped her vision, causing her to stumble over.
    She tried to scream, but her mouth wouldn’t make sound. She tried to flee, but her body wouldn’t move.
    Zero... you are Zero...
    “What do you mean, I’m Zero?” she tried to say, before seeing a vision of herself in a superhero-like outfit.
    “What the hell?” Her vocal chords actually worked this time, before a blue blast blinded her.
    When the vision faded away, she didn’t react like the others. The panic of the crowd was too much for her and she passed out.
  21. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Lucas and Alex got inside the car, alongside with their father. "So, where are we going now?" Mr. Asos asked his son. A monster then looked at the car and kill a few people. "Anywhere but here." He replied, driving off.

    Roy looked at the monster as it killed his men. The man scratched his head as the... thing asked if he knew him. "Uh, yes, yes I do! You.. work for me!" Roy lied, a smug smile growing on his lips.
  22. Akura woke up, he had vision of him stealing powers of others and using them for... For what? He stood up, in his left hand he had a gun from his dream. It looked kinda normal, but he knew that it can't be normal. He hid it in the pocket and looked around. His sister was lying on the ground, but she was alive. He searched for his Father, but he couldn't find him.

    After some time, Akura searched for his Father in small dark alley. His Father was here, dead and someone was standing with blood on his hands. Akura didn't need to think long, but his Father killer also. The Man pulled to him Akura, with a knife ready to stab. Boy in the last seconds, drew his gun and shot in guy's head. After Killer's death, Akura's eye started to hurt and after a while it stopped. "Dad... Wait here... I will go for Marie and find Mr.Asos...As a friend of yours, He schould at least help me with your funeral..." and Akura left.

    Ryon returned to his flat with a weird mask and Akura took his unconscious sister. He (Akura) also notice a man and a monster that was talking about something in a distance.
  23. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel was both blinded and had a weird presence enter his body. This...being was filled with vengeance and haunting voices following him. "Wake up. This is important." The voice had told Marcel as he got up and saw a guy with ripped clothes and chains wrapped around him. The interesting part was that his face and neck were completely black but the body still contained normal skin. "By the by here. For simplicity you can just call me The Guy. But there is one thing that I would like to change for you." The Guy told Marcel as he phased into Marcel's body. Immediately Marcel felt sharp pains in his head and back. Marcel fell grabbing his shoulders as demon wings bursted out of his back. Slowly horns grew from the top of his head and blood dripped on to the ground. "What did you do to me?!" Marcel asked worried about his appearance.

    James had passed out from the light. But slowly he woke up...but things were different. His body felt cold and he looked to see metal all over his body. "What the?!" James told aloud but he noticed his voice was more synth than anything else (Think Gray Fox from Smash bros). 'So it is complete. But of course the question is can I remove this head piece?' James told himself as the helmet split to 5 different pieces and showed his face once again. "Much better. But what happened?" James had asked the girl near him.
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  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kane heard the man say that he worked for him, "Really?" It seemed like a sensible thing to be true to him, a monstrous creature like himself working for a guy that seemed like a criminal. "Ok, what do you want me to do sir" he said.

    Abigail was freaking out, when the boy spoke she turned round and said rather hastily "I don't know there was a bright light and now there are criminal, maniacs and monsters all over the place, we should probably get away right?" She thought about changing into the outfit that had appeared, when she thought about finding somewhere to change a rock box formed around her and she stood amazed, she got changed and willed the box to go away, it did. She tested her new found powers creating a small spike of rock.
  25. A young lady could be seen in the crowd of unsuspecting people as Mr. Asos made the announcement of the future of Northbridge. Up until she saw some goons from behind Mr. Asos destroy the case and knock the crystal towards the part of the crowd... The part of the crowd she was at. The light blinded her and she passed out.

    Within her supposed dreamscape, everything was black. Then she saw amber eyes, much like her own, glaring at her from the darkness. Then she saw shiny teeth splayed out in a grin. Then the thing charged at her, enveloping her, taking over her.

    Outside of her head, she was seen convulsing and screaming in pain. Wings and tail sprout out painfully, spines slowly jut out from her spine and down her tail, she lost the ability to stand on two legs and her arms and legs painfully changed to a more quadrupedal form. Black scales covered her entire body, her neck elongated, and her face painfully changed to that of a dragon.

    She woke up in pain and rage. All she could think about was protecting those who were scared. She looked around and saw Roy's men. She recognized them as the ones who did this to them. They must pay. Seeing that the creature was in front of him, she charged at Roy, paying no attention to his newfound ally. He had to pay. He did this to her. He did this to everyone involved.

    She roared, which came bellowing out like a scaly lion despite her small size, and she quickly pounced at him, aiming to rend his body to bits.
  26. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kane was cut off from waiting for an order when the reptilian creature pounced launching himself using tendrils he blocked the small creatures path, he hissed at it "don't hurt my boss" he glared at the creature preparing to tear this new specimen to pieces. He watched the lizard waiting for it to strike first.
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  27. (Allie will pass out again after this post)
    Allie woke up, her eyes glowing blue. Her eyes seemed.. unnaturally empty.
    She saw a man in the crowd, seemingly the cause of this mess, and she felt all sense of self fade away. This man had to die. He had to die now.
    She’d lost control completely, an overwhelming desire for revenge along with the power that she’d been given taking over her mind. Not questioning a single thing her body did, she flashed over to the evil man.
    DIE.” Suddenly, ice spikes began thrusting out from the ground, in an effort to cause this villain as much pain as possible. Looking in her eyes, you could not see a human, but a being of pure hatred. A desire to rid the world of this evil. A desire to protect, yes, but overwhelmed by anger.
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  28. Akura made sure that Marie is safe, after this. He returned to the place of speech. There was chaos, Monsters, villains, everything seemed to attack everyone. He was trying to find someone alive and he spotted two people (Abigail and James) Girl was in some kind of green costume and boy in armor....They weren't normal, but they were alive and not attacking everyone on their way. Marie was safe, so Akura had time to check those two. He came closer, carefully "Hey, you two. This place is... Kinda dangerous. Let's get out of here" he said as he was like 7 meters away from them.
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  29. Being stopped so suddenly, she looked up at the creature who blocked her path. He was the biggest threat here. Why didn't she go for this guy? She was about to pounce when she saw ice spikes heading their way. Growling, she left the scene in a black and purple blur. She spread out her wings and shot up like a rocket. Flapping a bit, she looked back down at the chaos around the place. Then she finally began to claw her way back from the recesses of her mind. Screeching, she plummeted down to the ground behind the ice lady. She felt trapped. She then saw a fleeing car. Time to hitch a ride. But she was distracted by nearby talking. Looking over, she saw two people in costume, one was testing out her powers, and another guy came up to them. Seeing that the ice lady was about to pass out, she felt like she had to stay there and protect her. She roared at the three and gestured her head towards the ice lady, hoping they could hear her over the ruckus. Bass should carry longer distances and be heard a lot easier than a chirp, but she would just have to wait.
  30. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel looked over at what Allie did with her ice spikes. "Woah....this this affect others?" Marcel asked the Guy as he didn't know what has happening. "Hell if I know. But I definitely am giving you an outfit to cover you up." The Guy told Marcel as his current outfit changed into a dark hunter outfit with chains around his body. And to top it all of a shadow cape that fades into shadows at the end and gives a dark smoke from it. "I got to help her out." Marcel told The Guy as he picked Allie up into his arms and flew off to somewhere safe.

    James didn't know at this point. He changed one of his plasma cannons into a hand at the end. "Anything can go at this point. Come with me." James told the girl as he held his hand out to her as an offering to help her out.
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  31. Seeing the ice lady get whisked away, she looked over at the other three humans now. Seeing it would be easier to go with them, she raced towards Akura and looked back to see James helping Abigail. She could feel herself regaining control now. She felt her dragon self crawling away from her mind, giving her body back to control. She painfully turned back into her normal human self, yelling out in pain as she was now found panting and heaving on the floor. She got up, shakily though. Her pupils were now slits and held a shadow of the dragon that would take over at any given point. She focused on controlling herself and looked over at Akura.

    "Pretty sure they'll follow us. We need to get out of here," she then looked over at the two. "Hey! Robot-Demon-Guy and Earth Lady, get over here. It'll be safer in a group!" She waved her arms at them and waved for them to follow them.
  32. Akura looked as dragon-like creature turned into a young woman. Someone took the girl that shot ice and escaped... Why everyone have such interesting powers 'For people with Powers... You are the biggest danger' What that voice wanted to tell by that. He also had a project in his head, project for 'Special Bullets'...

    The Dragon earlier girl came closer to him and said to get out of there, really good advise. Akura hoped that the robo-boy and earth-girl will really follow them.
    "Ryon" said Dark in Ryon head.
    "We shall begin soon... Our Power... Needs blood"
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  33. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Roy was watching his new new minion until ice spikes came out of nowhere. He threw his arms up defensively, until he felt little to no pain. The man looked at his hands, and they were made of stone. He gave a gruff chuckle as he shouted to his gang: "Let's get out of here!" before getting into a black van. "New guy, get over here!" The golem said before striking the ground with his fists, causing a small quake in the area.

    Lucas, Alex and their dad got to their house. Mr. Asos ran immediately into the house while his children lingered around the car. "So... wanna talk about it?" Lucas asked his sister. "Talk about what, the fact that everyone got superpowers from the crystal?" She said in a blank tone. "Well, this city just got a lot more dangerous, that's for sure." The boy said, as they went inside.
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  34. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kane turned around and walked towards the van, he go in the back of the van, he sat perched on the floor of the van and looked around at the men inside. He felt a strong hunger towards them, an almost painful hunger. He mouth watered slightly, but he held back, he would eat when they reached their destination.

    Abigail grabbed James hand, "come on, Dragon Girl is right, we should stay as a group" she then proceeded to run over to Dragon Girl and the other guy, she turned to the Dragon "What's the plan, where are we going?"
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  35. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    James of course knew what they meant as stick as a group. 'Strength in numbers. Classic battle strategy but at a time like this...it can work really well!' James told himself as he held Abigail's hand a little bit tighter as to show he wants to protect her. "Alright. So where are we heading off to?" James asked the dragon girl importantly.

    Marcel was trying to find a good place to take care of Allie. "Ah! Perfect!" Marcel whispered as he landed on top of a building and got all the stuff he needed to help her. 'I don't want to lose her...' Marcel told himself as he did his most to help her out and make her feel better.
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  36. "Ummmmm, I may have an idea" Akura started "Me and my Little sister life not so far from here, we can go there and wait for a while. Believe me, it will be hard to find better place around here" he said and waited for response.

    Ryon left his hause looking for a prey.
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  37. The girl coughed suddenly, before awakening. Her vision focused to see the boy from before trying to help her... only he looked different.
    For some reason, the fact that he now had seemingly inhuman features didn't scare her. Adrenaline, maybe? She didn't know.
    Her anger had subsided; in fact, she was rather placid now. She smiled faintly at Marcel, sitting up.
    "Thanks for saving me... much appreciated. Where are we-ooohhhhh...." Her voice trailed off as she suddenly realized where they were: on top of a building. She was still a bit dizzy, so it took her a second to analyze that.
    "So... let me get this straight... some people tried to steal the crystal, we got superpowers, I passed out, woke up, attacked someone, passed out again, then you carried me on top of a building?" she asked slowly, putting the pieces of the puzzle together. This was her memory of the events.
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  38. MarcelGalliard790

    MarcelGalliard790 Previously SlicertheGallade890

    Marcel got a bit nervous about what he was going to do next. "Yes. That is the basic summary of things. But..." Marcel drifted off as he got a bit closer to Allie. He put his hand on her cheek and finally gave into his feelings. "You are such a kind and wonderful person. I couldn't just leave you in the open with all of those maniacs with their powers going full on violent. With you lying unconscious in the middle of it all. I knew that I had an urge to protect you. I wanted to make sure you are and will always be ok." Marcel told Allie before removing his hand from her cheek and holding one of Allie's hands. He ended his talking with a kiss to Allie's cheek.

    James didn't really know of he wanted to trust Akura. "Well it all depends on what the others say." James told him for a response. "I'll just go with what the others say." James told Akuma as James started to power up one of his Plasma Cannons just incase if anyone were to attack them.
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  39. Drayda was shivering now from the exhaustion. She can feel the dragon coming back. She was starting to get dizzy and lose control again. "Any place is better than this. I don't care where we are, just as long as we are away. A house would be a great idea, so that we can figure out our powers more and recuperate. I... I don't have much control over the dragon in me, and I have a bad feeling she'll try to take over soon," she looked to Akura. "Take us to your home, please. We don't have much else, and my house is too far away to reliably get there."
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    "Is it really that big of a deal?" the black-haired girl complained. From what she could remember, today was the unveiling of some special crystal. Her mother hadn't been able to stop talking about it ever since it was first mentioned by the President of Amos Industries. As "cool" as it sounded, Roxanne had no interest in going to some building with a bunch of scientists while people talked about a giant floating energy rock. It was a rather dull way of describing the event, but in her eyes, it was the complete truth. If the teen's mother had been having any success in controlling her kid brother, then she would've been on her way to the speech a long time ago. Rocky's mom kept muttering things about how late she was going to be, and what she was going to miss. All while the teen sat back on the couch and "enjoyed" various news reports that were all covering the same thing, that damn crystal. After flipping through a few more channels in search of something to watch, the girl finally gave up. She threw down the remote, huffing out an exhale.

    She eventually decided to just leave the stupid news on. After all, it seemed to be catching her brother's attention enough to give her mother a break. Little Evan climbed up onto the couch next to Rocky and stared at the TV with wide eyes. "I guess I'll take care of him for now mom. You'd better get go-" the girl was cut off by an unexpected sight on the screen. There was a flash of light. After the light died down, the girl noticed that the crystal had gone missing. Not only that, but it seemed like all hell had broke loose inside of the building. "The crystal's gone! What on earth is going on in there!?" she asked in complete shock. The things she was seeing looked like they were straight out of a sci-fi novel. Spikes of ice, a dragon? "Mom... I uh, don't think you should head down there anymore." she said. The girl stood up, "Meanwhile... I'm going to use the bathroom real quick." the black-haired girl said. As she headed towards the bathroom, she took a detour and made her way out the backdoor.

    As the girl carefully shut the door behind her she leaned up against the house and let out a sigh. "More like, I just figured out what I'm gonna do today." she thought with a smirk. With that, the girl began to make her way towards the facility of the crystal unveiling.
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