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Private/Closed Hero VS Villain RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Bumbletime, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    @Jodie.xox @Killerbunny the god @Pokéboy098 @GalacticDeg @Clite of Dragonbow (Think thats everyone...)

    Raptor peered out of the bushes in front of her, smirking. Finding this new hero should be easy. It always was. She let out a silent whistle and Whispy appeared at her side in an instant. Raptor looked at it with a devilish grin and said. "Ready to take out some heros?"
    Whispy smirked back, his soft voice like the splintering of ice. "Ready as I'll ever be."
    Raptor nodded. "Lets go then"
    The two lept off and through the trees, barely making a noise. The wind whistled through Raptor's fur, making her look more bushy than usual. However just as she jumped across to the last tree, a sharp pain hit her in the chest and she was sent tumbling down through the trees, landing on the ground with a large thud. Raptor grasped her side where the wound was, a small blow dart was lodged into her side. She howled in pain as Whispy crouched over her, trying to pull it out.
    "No!" She snarled at him. "Don't..."
    Whispy shook his head. "I don't know what you suggest I do then" they said through gritted teeth, as they disappeared in a sheet of purple flame.
    Raptor curled up on the leaves, whimpering, trying to sleep to ease off the pain, as the wind blew harshly making her only colder.
  2. Ryon was in the shop, some beer, some food... Nothing special, He came to Shop assistant and gave him a money "What is this" He asked Ryon "500 from Monopoly. What, You can use it in the next game" Ryon said to him and was about to leave. "Where do you think yo-" man started and then he felt that something scratched his cheek, from small scratch came some blood, on the wall was a knife. "Yo-you tried to kill me!" Man yelled. "If I tried to kill you, I would hit you between eyes" Ryon explained and left the shop. Weather was really bad, so He hoped to reach base quickly. "I can't wait to play with VIc and fluffy Raptor. It will be so much fun. I know it" He whispered to himself.
  3. Astra walked into a small shop to get a quick snack and drink. She had a backpack on her back to carry her packets in, so she was fully prepared. At least, she thought she was. As she walked inside, she saw someone threatening the shop keeper with a knife. She quickly ran to get her snacks, threw the money down on the counter, wedged them into her backpack and ran to him. "Sir, who did that to you?" The man pointed to someone walking away in another direction. "That was pretty cool, you know. What an eventful day we're having!" The man frowned at her and went back into his shop to call the police, but was quickly stopped by Astra. "Wait there, I'll deal with it." She then ran off towards Ryon. She waved her arms behind him, "Hey there!"
  4. Ryon turned around and smiled to Astra "Oh, You said that to me. Hello there, we have a really good day today, don't we..Oh I know you. You also were in the shop, I couldn't forget such a cuye girl... Oh wait, it was too aggressive. I schould say first that I'm a really busy man, but I would love to meet you...Seems that I really messed this up" He said, his voice was kind and soft, and his little smile. What a perfect mask for a socio(psycho)path. "So, you want something from me. After I help you, maybe I will propose a date and will return to my hard work, lazing somewhere around"
  5. Jasper was alone, in the cold, rainy night, which was a rare sight. Usually, he was with the group of friends who he preferred to never be without- but all their jobs had given them late shifts- and so he was alone, in the city. Trying not to feel bad in this horrible condition- he decided to take shelter from the city by hiding in a small grocery shop. It was the truth that the flat's fridge was nearly empty.

    As he made his way inside the shop, he could see a red stain on the wall. His heart began to race, as he dashed up to the counter.
    "What happened?".

    "H-He- someone... threw a knife... at my cheek!". The tan-skinned employee looked rather traumatized, with the plaster covering his cheek. Jasper assumed that was where the knife hit.

    "Why did he attack you? Did he attack any other people?" The artificial human was hoping to get more details to find him. "In-fact, can you describe him?".

    The cashier retold the story, and before long, Jasper ran outside, and began to look around for this criminal.
  6. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Raptor looked up, trying to stop the tears in her eyes. She got up slowly, dragging herself to the city. However as she reached the edge of it, she realised how bad of an idea that would be, as she was probably a criminal here. So Raptor hid in a dark alleyway, weeping to herself. She really wished nobody would spot her, because this wounded state would greatly increase her chances of getting caught and taken to the police for all the past things she had done here. However at the same time she wished someone would, if it meant they could help her.
  7. Victor the lycanthrope was walking around the streets of the city he lived in when he heard sobbing from an alley. He smiled to himself when he thought about how he could either get some new help for his cause, taking over the country, or food. Depending on who was in that alley. He walked into the alley and had his claws ready, but hidden. As he went deeper into the alley, the sobbing grew louder and soon he found a small lizard-like being. It looked fierce and could definitely be of help to him. It seemed as though that it was hurt and needed help. Victor decided to help it in exchange of it's services when it was ready. He retracted his claws before speaking.
    "Hey there, little girl. Need any help?" He asked with a seemingly warm smile, though it was just an act to get the girl to trust him.
  8. With no luck on finding this psychotic criminal, he thought to himself of the common 'where would I hide if I was a criminal.'. He found an answer to that fast. The alleyways. Maybe it wasn't him that answered the question, but the crying alleyway ahead of him. Obviously some criminal activity was happening there- and a little girl was being attacked?

    With no question of what could be happening, he made his swift way through the crowd, and down the alleyway. The crying had stopped, as Jasper made his way down this short alleyway. There was a little.. dragon there, being helped up by a suspicious man.

    "Hey. What are you doing? Are you trying to abduct her?!". Jasper's voice was cold and dry, this was a common tactic he used to bring out the hostility in a criminal. The sooner this guy attacked him, the sooner he could get this over with.

    (I know, Victor probably won't attack Jasper but that's his thought.) ( @Killerbunny the god )
  9. Victor turned around to look at the newcomer.
    "No abductions here. Just helping out this girl. Maybe you could help me with this?" Victor said, silently cursing. He could handle one of them if something went wrong but he'd have to cause a scene if there were two of them. He could easily chase after either one of them but he preferred not to make a scene in a city like this
  10. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Raptor looked at Victor closely. "Wait...oh no..." She whispered. If she was caught out here by her boss, lying in a wounded space, she'd be in huge trouble. "I uhh..." Her fur bristled, standing on end. She grabbed a piece of black cloth and draped it over her head and shoulders, trying to make it so Victor wouldn't recognise her. "Im fine...I was just leaving..." Raptor made her way past Victor and Jasper but hunched over again a few meters away. The dart was obviously tainted with some sort of paralytic poison, because her foot was turning numb.

    (Edit: The species Raptor is, a Wickerbeast, is more similar to a werewolf than a dragon, just for future reference)
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  11. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Zal was walking along the city alleys, silently leaving and coming , until he saw a group of people, "ugh, now i gotta pass and hope they don't notice my backpack!" He thought, passing the group with an annoyed look on his face, when he turned , he saw a werewolf like person , in need of help , with a cold ice look, "probably a bad guy. I don't care" he thought to himself once again, passing the werewolf an leaving
  12. Jasper was.. still suspicious of this person. The artificial human was asked to help the dragon, but before he could respond, she ran off. In confusion, he watched her run a few metres, crouc, and so he couldn't quite work out what happened. Soon after that, another person that Jasper could tell was also suspicious had walked past, but he tried not to think of it. Instead he headed back to the dragon girl, and asked her in his usual calm voice- not intimidating her, hopefully.

    "Please tell me what's wrong, I might be able to help."
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  13. ((@Astrapi finally edited my post, sorry for being so long.))
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  14. El was in a crowd of people, hovering around the city. Each person looked..strange. She had been slowly sinking into her thoughts without thinking were she was going. She ended up tripping over a werewolf like creature, one she had never seen before. “Sorry! I-I-I’m so clumsy...should of looked were I was going!”
  15. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Raptor looked at the girl who had tripped over her in slight shock, but shook it off. "Its okay..." She whispered, turning to Jasper with a sigh. She looked around cautiously, then said; "Follow me" Before jumping up to the roof of an abandoned warehouse next to where they were, then jumping off the other edge. She looked around cautiously again, then pulled back a rusty door and entered, crouching in a small corner. She removed the cloak from around her shoulders and took a look at her foot. It was starting to swell and the small dart was still lodged into her skin. She tried to remove it, but it wouldn't move.

    ((@Esumi , for the way this RP needs to progress It'd be better off If your character didn't follow after Raptor))
  16. Astra laughed, “He’s fine, just a scratch, and if he can’t handle that than he should really toughen up.” She smirked, “So your work is laying around? Sounds pretty nice to me. Love your jacket.” She put a hand out to shake, “I’m Astra, I guess you could call me a hero, I don’t really do much yet, though.” She looked around, “I was supposed to be looking for my friend but I have no idea where he got off to.”
  17. Ryon shaked Astra hand "It is a pleasure to meet you, Astra. My name is Ryon, just a lazy guy as many in this world" he said with soft and calm voice "If you like my jacket, then I can give it to you. It isn't a problem at all. So, you will be a hero... I believe that you are great and will be famous in no time. I can help you find your friend, if you want." He told Astra and he put his jacket on her back. "Then, let's search"
  18. Jasper took the reptile-like girl's request for him to follow, and so he left the suspicious man and, although he'd forgotten, the potential murderer in the city. Although he had no idea where he was going with this girl, for all he knew it could be a trap, he followed her. His mindset of wanting to help the innocent got him to follow them, whether it killed him or not.

    Then, spotting something in her foot, he lunged forward, and attempted to yank it out swiftly without her notice.
  19. El runs away in a struggle, with thoughts floating over her head. “I could of looked!” “Ugh, how stupid am I?”

    El lives in a big apartment complex. It’s really popular since some “celebrity” owns the so called “penthouse” at the top of her building. El does not like her nor her actions due to some..other stuff. When El wakes up all she hears is fans screaming outside her window for autographs. She lives below the top floor.

    While going up the stairs (El has a huge fear of elevators!) She saw someone familiar.
    “Hey! Watcha doing here?”

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