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Ask to Join Hero High

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Frontier Master, May 15, 2019.

  1. Kazumi stood alone in one of Serpent Silver's training simulator rooms, it was late so the usually packed area was significantly quieter. But still Kazumi waited until the last of his dorm-mates had finally meandered theirvway out of the simulators, mumbling something about the 'machine taking cheap shots' while clutching an assortment of injuries from a few scratches to a badly bruised shoulder. Kazumi paid them little attention as he passed, exchanging only the smallest of acknowledgements before continuing with his preparations.

    "Load Ambush situation Kappa-4, set opponent count to 5, generic opponents, non-lethal engagement, location random, Start" said the seventeen year-old as he shrugged off his Serpent Silver Dorm jacket and readied himself in the centre of the large room for a somewhat intense work out. The computer gave a digital countdown as the area around him morphed and formed a craggy mountain valley.
    "THREE... TWO... ONE... BEEP" the computer let out a final sound before silencing entirely as five identical training bots emerged from the newly generated environment and holographic skins materialized upon them. Kazumi readied himself, as two tongues of metal streamed from his belt forming a pair of spheres which hovered just above his shoulders, the spheres warping and flowing as if made liquid. With a measure and precise flourish Kazumi fired off two thin metal bands, one from each sphere, at the first opponent to reveal himself and begin charging down the virtual mountain side toward him. The first band missed its target burying itself in the earth just below the robot's feet, the new obstacle momentarily tripping it up, just long enough for the second band to wrap itself around the robots legs, and the bot to fall head first down the steep mountain slope.
    The next two fell not unlike their predecessor, though the first band somehow managed to knock the first bot into the other with the band wrapping itself around the bots wrists, binding them together, and sending the pair toppling as well.
    The initial trio had lacked a chance to even come close to Kazumi, the same could not be said about the other two training bots, who had used the commotion with the first three to sneak their way much closer to the teen before mounting their assault. In tandem the two bots moved to try and flank the teen, a pincer like maneuver designed to overwhelm him, both bots jumped out from behind their cover and tried to hit at the seemingly unaware teen. The first bot was taken down almost immediately by a metallic tendril over Kazumi’s left shoulder, pinning it against a large stone while the final bot was left alone, Kazumi bobbing his way out of the way of the initial attack before moving into attack the bot hand to hand. Always aiming to catch his new opponents attacks in order to transition into a takedown but the bot seemed to have been able to predict this plan and kept its offense as tight as it did its defense. Until finally Kazumi was able to force bands around his opponents wrists and force it to the ground.
    “Simulation complete, time 104 seconds, new personal best” spoke the computer as the environment returned to that of an empty room and Kazumi recalled the various metal projectiles back into his spheres before they two disappeared back into the receptacles either side of his belt.
    *buu-ding* Kazumi’s phone buzzed with an all to familiar tone

    New technical read out available
    Do you wish to view

    with a slight sense of uncertainty he tapped the YES icon and hoped for a passable score

    Technique: A- (8)
    Efficiency: B+ (7)
    Time: A (9)
    Ranged combat: A+ (10)
    Melee combat: B+ (7)
    Overall: A- (41/50)

    It was a good score nothing to complain about but not good enough, the grade boundaries for consideration for a mid year Silver to Gold dorm promotion required at least a 90% score in simulator runs. More than slightly irritated Kazumi slung his jacket over his shoulder and exited the simulator.

    ——— Later ———

    Despite the cool mountain air of his walk from the simulator back to his dorm, Kazumi was still in a foul mood when he arrived slamming the door a tad bit too hard waking his roommate Delta,
    “Kaz it’s 2 in the morning, what are you even doing awake!?” She asked yawning profusely as she switched her bedside lamp on.
    “I couldn’t sleep, so I went to the simulators to try and clear my head, didn’t really do much, I’m still stuck just outside the consideration bounds for Gold, and it doesn’t matter what I do I’m still stuck on this plateau”

    “Can we talk about this in the morning cause I swear I’m about to pass out, just try to at least get some sleep, ok?”
    “Okay goodnight”
  2. Logan was in a room full of metal objects, testing his power to see how much metal he can pick up when April popped her head in the door, with a worried look on her face.

    "Logan, you know it's 330 in the morning, and your honing your powers in a room full of metal, right?" April asked worriedly

    April was wearing a tank top pajama pants, since it was 330 am and she was trying to sleep.

    "I know, I'm trying to hone my powers to make sure I don't accidentally magnetize someone when I don't need to." Logan explained

    "Just come back soon." April responded

    "Understood." Logan answered, then thought, "She is very cute at the moment, even cuter than usual."

    April went to her bedroom and fell asleep as Logan continued honing his powers. About an hour later, he went back to their dorm and took a shower. After that he changed into his sleepwear and fell asleep.
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  3. It was still less than a fortnight since Delta had made the transition from Banshee Bronze into Serpent Silver, and the novelty had well and truly worn off. Her new training regime even from day one had been intensive, today had brought with it her first skill check, a series of exercises to determine her progression.

    The skill check had consisted of two stages. An obstacle and parkour course to test mobility and problem solving, as well as a combat stage against a pair of combat bots

    Technique: 7/10
    Time: 6/10
    Power usage: 7/10
    Movement: 8/10
    Combat: 6/10
    Overall: B (34/50)

    Happy with the results Delta picked up her jacket and wandered back to her dorm to shower before dinner and retiring back to her dorm for an early evening walk around campus. Breathing the clear mountain air and looking up at the stars always had a calm effect upon her.

    Late that night, Delta woke to the loud slamming of her dorm door
    “Kaz it’s 2 in the morning, what are you even doing awake!?” She asked yawning profusely as she switched her bedside lamp on.
    “I couldn’t sleep, so I went to the simulators to try and clear my head, didn’t really do much, I’m still stuck just outside the consideration bounds for Gold, and it doesn’t matter what I do I’m still stuck on this plateau”

    “Can we talk about this in the morning cause I swear I’m about to pass out, just try to at least get some sleep, ok?” Smiled the girl slipping her eye mask back on
    “Okay goodnight”
  4. Donia sat around a campfire, trying to control the flickering flames to little avail. It was too dark for her to really do anything else but let some of the flames move to the side instead of the sky. If the sun was shining, she could do so much more than this pathetic excuse of fire manipulation. "If only Ra was looking over me instead of Khonshu, then I could truly train my powers." She sighed and grabbed a bucket of water to extinguish the fire. "Welp, time to go to bed! I can't fall asleep during class." She yawned and streched her body. "I'll train with the bots tomorrow, I'm beat."
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  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lilla sat in an almost empty library. Books sat in front of her in a stack. She was looking at a book about Feline Biology called Inside the Cats by Aaron Finkston, one of her favorite authors. She looked at the time, almost midnight. No wonder she was so tired! She went to the librarian to check out the books for the week. "You do realize that I should of closed up by now." She said crossly.
    "I'm sorry, Mrs. Parkson. I just want to get some late night reading in." Lilla looked down, avoiding eye contact from the only person that she would consider a friend.
    The elderly lady sighed. "Just hand me the books, then go to bed."
    Lilla nodded and gave the books to her. Mrs. Parkson took the books and scanned them. She motioned for Lilla's ID card, which she already removed it from her neck, knowing that she would need it soon. Mrs. Parson gave back the books and told Lilla to go to bed and don't stay past the library closing time again. Lilla knew she was warned at ten, she just couldn't hear due to her being so wrapped into her books. She avoided the few people that were still awake and entered her room quietly. She quickly changed into her pajamas and went to sleep.
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  6. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Around 9PM, Michael was in his dorm, reading his favourite book: A Peterson Field Guide to Stars and Planets. He was researching stars, peacefully while his doormate slept. Eventually, one of his planets crashed into his head, and he rubbed the place on his mandible where it hit him. "Well...", he said, looking around the room," It's time to shut the lights..." He fell asleep, with his book falling to the floor.
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  7. April had woken earlier in the day and was out and about, touring the school. It was about 930 when she had gotten back to her dorm, and sat down in her bedroom. She then started picking up a weight Telekinetically. After about 45 minutes, she got something to eat, a sandwich to be exact. After that she tried to sleep, but it wasn't working. It was about 245 in the morning when she went to find Logan, it took forty five minutes to find him, and she got lost three times looking for the room filled with metal. She finds it and popped her head through the doorway.

    "Logan, you know it's 330 am, and you know you're in a room full of metal, right?"

    "I know, I'm honing my powers so I don't accidentally magnetize someone I don't need to." Was Logan's response.

    "Just come back soon."

    "Understood." Logan replied.

    April went to her bedroom, which took thirty minutes to get there since she got lost, again. She immediately walked into her bedroom and fell asleep, facedown on her bed.
  8. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Michael woke up, rubbing his eyes. He looked over at his alarm clock. 5:21 AM... just like always... He yawned, and started to recall the book he read last night. "Hm...", it popped in his head," Oh, yeah!" He went outside, and the dew made his sneakers wet. Michael approached the simulator-type machine and put the headset on. Automatically, he was transported to virtual reality. Targets..., he thought, analyzing what was in front of him. He didn't like modern technology, but loved VR and AR. He started to create a molecular cloud, and started adding gravity, perfect, it collapsed. Now to get rid of infalling gas... Yes! Farther than he ever was. But that still isn't what he wanted. Hydrogen... come on.... ugh. It collapsed into a brown dwarf again. He took off the VR headset. "It may be amazing...", he said to himself," But I need to do it without simulation..." He did the same practices on the beach. Wait.... He held it up to the sun. The rays from the sun somehow boosted it. Aha! A mini star! Main sequence... just how I like 'em…, he looked at the sun, seemingly immune (Ahaha, I've made you educated!). He started laughing, before he looked at the sun's duration in the sky. "Classes are about to start!", he panicked, going in his dorm and getting things settled once and for all. He ran to his first class.
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  9. Ace lay on his side, facing the wall where he stared blankly as if waiting for something to happen. The occasional steps down the hall no longer bothered him and he didn't even jump up when his roommate entered the room anymore. Hardly a month, yet Ace was beginning to grow comfortable in his new 'home'. It sickened him to say it , honestly. All the stupid training with bots and teachers and limitations, things seemed a lot better when nobody was in charge of him and the only thing pushing him was his want to get stronger. And, honestly, Ace hated the people worse of all. An ignorant lot they were, and Ace didn't doubt his capabilities to beat them. Yet, still, they stuck him in the middle group. Why wasn't he in the best group? Good question, he couldn't tell you. And it really pissed him off. So, perhaps, all of those thoughts is what kept him awake at night despite the fact he was getting comfortable. Eventually, the boy's tossing and turning seized- he had to have fallen asleep at some point.
    A any rate, he woke up the same time the next morning as always. The boy sat upright and yawned, unfurling both of his arms in a stretch before smacking his lips in a groggy gesture. After a second of sitting, the boy threw both his legs over the side of the bed and practically launched himself onto his feet. Ace entered the shared bathroom, considering brushing his hair before shrugging and moving to brush his teeth- hygiene. While staring into the mirror, hands on the counter and toothbrush hanging from his mouth, Ace began imitated bird sounds. It was a morning warm up that he did since he was a kid, and he simply couldn't go without it admittedly the male had some weird habits. After he finished freshening up, Ace sighed at just the thought of having to put on his uniform. After reluctantly getting dressed, Ace cracked his knuckled and rolled his shoulder back. Hooray. Another day in paradise.
    Slinging his backpack over his shoulder and lanyard around his neck, Ace huffed as he looked at the bed to the left of his. His roommate was already gone. The boy knew he was not late, meaning that his dorm-buddy must've gotten up unfortunately early. What a stupid thing to do. Did these people think that training was more important than sleep? Ace rolled his eyes before continuing along, stepping out of his dorm room and closing the door gently behind him.
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  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Lilla woke up. She looked at the clock next to her, 5:47. She woke up early, again. After staying up til midnight? Today was going to be a long day. She quickly got changed, packed her bag, picked up her books, and left the room. She could spend her time in the library while she waited for breakfast to be called. Yes, that was a good plan. She walked over to her favorite part of the school, the place where she trains, the place where she has all of her friends, the place full of books, the library. Hugging her books to her chest, she walked past a boy who just left his room. She didn't pay any attention to him, due to her being so focused on going to the library.
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  11. Donia woke with the sun, she did that ever since she was a little girl. "Hrmmmm, why? Just five more minutes, that's all I ask of you!" She sighed and got dressed, she knew that there was no chance of getting any sleep after waking up. "Ten to six in the morning, nice and early today, oh Ra?" She smirked before she started to pray. "He who dies in the West and is born in the East, he with the power to create everything, thank you for the gift bestowed upon my mortal body and allow me to hope that one day I can see you in your realm." She said as she finished praying and bowed her head to the sun. She knew that she wasn't in Egypt anymore, but that didn't mean she couldn't worship her gods. She firmly believed her powers were a gift of Ra, as the most powerful god and the god of the sun, so she made it a point to always talk to him and thank him for the powers she got from him.

    After her morning prayer, she packed her bag and decided to visit the library. She wanted to study a bit before school started, after all she didn't want to disappoint her parents. Leaving her dorm silently as to not disturd the other students, she made her way to the library.
  12. XanthousXatu

    XanthousXatu Previously SwiftSwoobat

    Wait..., Mikey thought as he took another look at the sun. "Oh, silly me, I still have time to go to the library!", he said, rather cheerfully, and made his way toward the library. When he entered the library, there were already two other people there,,, he moved around the two, and headed toward the Non-Fiction aisle. Mikey scanned the books for the planetary section, he always forgot where it was. "Here...", he muttered under his breath once he found it. He know scanned that section for any good books on planets. Mikey finally found a good one,"The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump" ... Wait, this isn't related to planets or any galactic bodies at all! Is it even Non-Fiction? He scanned it again, and actually found a good one this time," Revelation Space" , by Alstair Reynolds. He took the book out and went to the front desk to check it out. "Michael? You still have one book out 'A Peterson Field Guide to--", Mrs. Parkson began. "I know, I know...", Mikey interrupted, he just wanted to get this book. After it was checked out, he went to sit down in the sofas and chairs provided by the library, reading his book. Mikey had an extraordinary talent. he seemed to read the most fluent and the most fast in his head and with his mouth than any other person he knew, and breezed by Chapter One like it was nothing.
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