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Ask to Join Hero High - Semester 1

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Jan 29, 2020.

  1. “Mr Xavier, *ughmmm* Mr Xavier. We will be landing shortly” the stewardess’s voice pierced through Ajax’s slumber with like a hot knife through butter despite her best efforts not to startle him.
    “Ah yes thank you” Ajax smiled as he jolted awake, glancing out of the window to his left to see the picturesque island of
    Incipere, the publicly released location of Hero High, though the school’s staff and students knew it was in fact a decoy locale. Students and staff would mingle around on the island for any present news reporters before boarding a subterranean submersible transport to the school’s true location.

    Ajax gathered his belongings, before fussing around with the uncomfortably stiff collar of his new Gold banded Formal uniform. Having finally fixed his collar he slung his ID card lanyard around his neck and stepped off the last of four recently arrived VTOL Student Transport planes. Despite Hero High’s relatively tiny student body, with less than a hundred students enrolled in the school at a time, the airfield was bustling with activity. Students streamed off of the four jets in search of their peers, a few newly promoted students showboating the updated color of their jackets. Pro-Heroes could be seen dotted throughout the field partially to keep an eye out for suspicious activity but primarily to babysit the various Reporters and Camera-crews as they weaved their way through the mingling mass of students hoping to capture images of the next generation of Top Heroes.

    “Some things never change” he mumbled as he wandered his way toward the small contingent of Gold Students standing apart from the larger groups of intermixed Silver and Bronze tiers.
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  2. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha sat on the plush airplane chair, her posture formal. She had been ignoring the chatter going on around her, a habit that had started a while ago. If the speech was useless, then she need not listen to it. However, as an attendant approached, she got ready to listen. "Ms.Frey, we will be arriving at our destination soon," she said.
    "Thank you," she responded, as she turned to look out the window once more. A small smile sat on her face as she gazed at the scenery. True, they wouldn't be on the island for long, but it was still a beautiful sight.

    After one last glance to make sure not even a single hair was out of place, she with her formal wear already on, collected her belongings and descended the plane. Her I.D. card, attached to its lanyard was safely around her neck. She walked past the Bronze and Silver tiers, occasionally waving at associates of her parents that she knew. Thankfully, her parents were not in the swarming crowd of students, pro-heroes, and reporters. As she approached the significantly smaller Gold tier, her gaze traveled from the silver-haired male in front of her to his attire. I don't recognize him, he must be recently promoted. "Hello," she greeted with a wave of her hand. "My name is Aisha Frye," she continued to say. She figured that she couldn't put off socializing forever, and now seemed like a nice time for some conversation.
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  3. “Playing Cool Mix-up Playlist,” a robotic voice stated through the headphones.
    “Thanks Karen,” said a much more human voice that responded to the AI.

    And in fact, it was a human that spoke. It was Tyler Bolt, a Gold student in this Superhuman school of sorts. He shifted uncomfortably in the planes seat, annoyed by the schools uniform.
    Music droned on through the headphones.


    After the plane had finally landed, he secured his lanyard on, and didn’t bother to fix his messy golden hair. The music came to a stop, he got his luggage, and hopped of the plane.
    Skyler immediately noticed that there weren’t many students at this school, only at least a hundred. Still, it was good to see that there were supers like him as well.
    In the crowd, he spotted two other Gold tiers together. Skyler slung down his headphones so that they rested on his chest, and arrived to them in time to here the females name.
    “Hey, whad’ya know! More Golds. Good to see that there’s more of them,” he said with a grin on his face. The uniform clearly showed gold colors.
    “The names Tyler. It’s my first year here, and I was hoping I’d get to know some folks in Gold. We are gonna be in the same complex, right? I think that’s what it said in the pamphlet.”, Tyler said, scratching his head.
  4. Leon sat silently within the airplane that carried him to his destination that was the Academy that trained supernatural individuals like himself, he lightly tugged on his formal Silver uniform. "I really hope this welcoming assembly's a quick one, then I won't have to worry about wearing this uncomfortable formal clothing." He thought to himself in mild irritation before he noticed the plane finally land, so he grabbed his bags and began to make his way out only to see a crowd of students beneath him.

    Some consisted of Bronze students who either complained about their rank or tried to fit in, another group were Silver just like himself while the last amount were the Gold students, a rank he had little desire about advancing to; while he could get a lot better things from the rank of Gold, he was more than happy with his rank at Silver... but always made sure there was no chance he'd return to Bronze. He went to join in with the group of Silver and Bronze students while he occasionally turned his eyes to the group of Gold ranked students, while his facial expression showed his usual smug grin, his eyes seemed to show faint signs of a more... disgusted expression. He held out one of his hands to let a strange crimson glass like hand fade above it, it's fingers were pointed and it appeared to move without any supporting arm. As Leon moved the fingers of his normal hand, the ethereal hand appeared to imitate it's movements... atrociously.
  5. Ajax smiled at the newly arrived Gold tiers
    “Nice to meet you Tyler and Aisha, I don’t want to bore you with the full name. You can just call me Ajax or Quasar if you feel like using the alias. It’s my Second year here, I just got moved up from Silver. Oh and yes We’ll all be living in the Gold Tier residential complex, though I’ve heard it’s much less that we’ll be living with each other and much more like we’ll be next to eachother. The Gold Tier ‘dorms’ if you could even call them that are all independent suites with kitchenettes so I mean you can basically live in isolation if you really want to. Sorry I’m rambling, so tell me. What sort of powers you each bringing with you?” Ajax took a single deep breath to end his rambles before continuing with the conversation
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  6. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha waved in welcome once again to the other Gold tier that joined them. Tyler and Ajax, I should remember that she noted in the back of her mind as she listened to Ajax speak. "My power is Animal Morphing. I can take on attributes, or the full form of a chosen animal," she said. Though she had slightly explained her power, she had no interest to show it at the moment. She had no doubt, with the Gold tier being so small, that everybody would see eventually. "What about you guys?" she asked in a polite but curious tone. After asking, her eyes wandered off to a boy in the distance, standing off with the Silver tiers. She gazed at the strange crimson hand over the boy's own hand. Must be his power. After a second, she directed her gaze back at the two in front of her, not wanting to miss the conversation.
  7. “I have enhanced strength, not to mention some fire powers mixed into there,” he said punching his fist into his palm with another grin.
    He turned his attention to what Ajax had said.
    “A suite? Like a full blown estate apartment penthouse type of thing? Wow! I guess being in Gold has its advantages! There’s no way I’m gonna live in isolation, especially since there’s so many cool people around here,” he exclaimed, looking around him and spotting the silver that Aisha had looked at.
    Skyler crossed his arms and turned back to the other two. “There certainly are a lot more supers in this place...more than I’ve ever seen in my life...”

    There were indeed a good amount of students here. As to how many, he didn’t know. Tyler estimated to about a hundred of them, and the Golds being the least in numbers. Not everyone had complete control over their powers.
    Not even him.
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  8. “Oh wow, that’s pretty cool, well my power is pretty simple really. I can absorb any type of energy and then can release it as pure comedic energy. Hence the Quasar alias, here I’ll show you” Ajax smiled as his eyes lit up a bright white and his hands begun to glow slightly, immediately the air around the three gold tier students begun to cool dramatically. After a few moment Ajax drew back a glow and launched a volley of focused energy blasts past the pair and into the ocean beyond the island’s small VOTL-port. Turning to face Tyler and continuing the conversation as if nothing had happened Ajax replied
    “Yep, full blown apartment things. They aren’t as huge as you’re probably thinking but they have everything you could need inside”
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  9. Drake was awoken by the disembarkment process of the plane. It looked like they had finally arrived at the sendoff point. About time. Drake didn't much enjoy flying. The seats were always so cramped, and the guy that had sat next to him reeked heavily of B.O. Hadn't he ever heard of deodorant? At least Drake had managed to snag a window seat. It was rather nice to watch the world go by at such a high altitude. At least that was one of the things Drake could stand about flying. Drake stood up, putting his blue casual attire jacket back on and rolling up the sleeves. It was quite annoying that he wouldn't be able to just wear normal clothes, but he'd make the jacket work. The bronze bands signifying his class were still quite visible on the forearms of his jacket.

    Getting off the plane, Drake could see there was already quite a crowd of students. It appeared that the Gold students were talking in a separate group than the Bronze and Silver students... Interesting. This was going to be Drake's first year at the Hero school, so he wasn't quite used to this sort of stuff yet. But it already looked like there was a bit of a separation between the classes. He was intrigued. Part of him wanted to go up and poke the hornet's nest, see what would happen if a Bronze like him tried to head over to the group of Gold. But he decided against it, at least for now. He'd go talk to other members of the Bronze and Silver, and try to find if any of them were his roommates.

    Drake entered the Bronze and Silver group, walking about, saying hello, and giving some of the more nervous-looking students a thumbs up and smile. After all, they were going to Hero High! They should feel excited.


    Just thinking that made another shiver go up Drake's spine. To be honest, Drake wasn't too sure about this whole thing. The tests said he had powers... But if he had powers, surely he would have noticed by now?

    An unusual sight brought Drake out of his thoughts. Another student, a guy with a Silver class jacket and slightly spiky hair, was doing something interesting. He was making some movements with his hands, and a third, ghostly hand had appeared and was floating near the spiky-haired silver. Drake began to approach the teen when there was a sudden light and movement out of the corner of his eye. Drake looked over to watch as a Gold student shot three energy beams into the ocean, most likely using a power of his. Drake reached Leon, crossing his arms and still watching the Gold group. Lovely. Drake was sure that the display of power would cause other students to start displaying their powers as well. That was gonna be a fun time.
    "That was a little showy." Drake said, before looking over to Leon. He nodded at the Silver, looking at the ghostly hand the other student had summoned. "That's a pretty neat trick."
  10. Tyler held his hand above his eyes to shield them from the sun as he watched how far the energy blasts went. His hand slowly went down in amazement as the the blasts went off, creating the flashes of light.
    “Energy absorption. So many variations of powers,” he muttered to himself. “That’s pretty nifty.”
    Tyler shrugged. “I may as well show off my powers. But obviously I can’t punch you or anything, so I’ll do it vice versa,” the blond haired boy stated with a smile.
    He snapped his arm forward in front of Ajax, Ty’s palm facing in the direction of his fellow Gold tier classmate.
    “Punch my palm as hard as you physically can. Don’t worry about me, I can take it. I wouldn’t ask you to if I couldn’t.”
  11. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    A bemused smile made its way onto Aisha's face as Ajax showed off his power. Usually, she would've shown hers also out of courtesy. But, as she was wearing her formal wear right now, she wasn't tempted to do so. She preferred to shift with her hero suit on, for its functions and dependability. But, if needed, she could shift in her casual attire. As the conversation continued and Tyler offered for Ajax to punch him, she arched her eyebrow slightly as she watched with interest. This could be interesting, but also disastrous. I wonder how much he could take though?
  12. In the plane was the sound akin to an old scratch radio playing. Young Adrian Tai was bobbing back and forth to some fairly old music. He was hoping he could kick back and relax until he showed up at the island but apparently the students have to take two different means of transportation to reach the place. Adrian hopped off the plane and took a quick survey of the others. He was making a mental note of each persons Id and was silently rating them. He could see the large group of bronze and silvers mingling about along with the group of golds distant from the rest. Early on Adrian had tried to hide his ID so it wouldn't easily be grouped with what he dubbed the "lessers", unfortunately, that failed. Hoping he could get close to the higher group he strolled towards the golds as if he were supposed to.

    "Yo gold-boys," he said interrupting their conversation. The sounds around them seem to grow softer. "What's going on? Names Adrian" he held out his hand to Aisha and made firm eye contact with Tyler. "Adrian Tai. Might've heard of me, might not, in which case you will soon. First I should mention if you want to respond, raise your voice a little while you're near me. No need for weak hellos".
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  13. Ajax rolled his eyes at Adrian’s arrival “I’m well aware of who you are Adrian. I am also very aware of your current tier, Bronzer! You can go back to your Silver-Bronze cluster now. This is a Gold Tier conversation” he didn’t have cruel intentions but Adrian needed to understand there was a reason that the Gold Tier students were separated from the rest. “Moving on, if you really think this is a good idea... ok then” Ajax pulled a fist back, his arm glowing slightly as he did so before launching it forward toward Tyler’s open palm.
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  14. Tyler noticed the boy that walked up to them. He had courage to come up to them, they was for sure. And while he didn’t exactly like how Adrian butted in, he didn’t like how Ajax treated lower classes either.
    He smiled, putting down his arm, and nodded to Adrian. “Nice to meet you Adrian. I’m Tyler. Tyler Bolt. You might want to watch your tone and your words when you talk to people,” he said with a slight disapproving frown.
    Tylers arm suddenly lashed out and caught Ajax’s hand that was aimed at his palm originally. Tyler didn’t flinch, didn’t move, and had no pain response at all to the attack.
    He turned his head to Ajax, looking him in the eye. “Just because your a Gold doesn’t mean you can treat the other lower classes like their scum. He can join in any conversation if their polite enough to do so.”
    He turned to Adrian, Ajax’s hand still caught in his. “Adrian, you are more than welcome to join in on our conversation if you would politely ask to. Butting in isn’t really a good idea,” he added to the Bronze.
  15. “I can assure you my attitude doesn’t actually have anything to do with Adrian’s Tier but rather his attitude and lack of manners” Ajax reassured Tyler “nice catch by the way, anyway I’ve been following Adrian for a his powers aren’t dissimilar to my own. Though, and do correct me if I’m wrong Adrian, but you absorb can only absorb shockwaves as opposed to my absorption of all types of energy.” He turned to the Bronze student to ask his question
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  16. "And here I was thinking I could make friends" His tone was a bit messy, it sounds a bit sarcastic but possibly serious. "We don't even have dorms yet and your already trying to start a class war. You're even ready to hurt your own peer." He glanced over at Taylor with a look of compassion, even though he was obviously unfazed. "I'm just excited to get to know people. The high-grade people. You ever heard the phrase 'surround yourself with giants and you too will look large'?" he half-forced a smile "Let's ignore hostilities and all work together to get along."

    "To answer your question Kindly. Yes, I can take in the shockwave and its distilled form soundwave. Pretty helpful for keeping a music playlist at times. It helps me fully take in appreciate good music to vibe to like R&B, classical country, Irish tribal music..."Adrian's simple response quickly evolved into a long ramble of him listing his favorite type of music, which seemed to be everything.
  17. Amalia Ek stepped out of the plane that brought her and other students to the small island. With her luggage in hand and her bronze tier school uniform on and her hair in a braid, she approached the Silver and Bronze tier groups. Amalia had mostly slept during her thirteen and plus hours of flight time from Finland to the US, but she stayed awake for the few hours it took from flying from the mainland to Hero High's public location. As she walked around the bronze tier group closer to the silver tier she saw some students already showing of their powers and heard some students greet her and Amalia just awkwardly smiling back. Small talk with strangers was one of the few things that Amalia hadn't gotten used to, even though this was her second year at Hero High, but in an environment such as a school, made it easier for her to be more sociable back.

    At the out skirts of two lower tier group stood two students that caught Amalia's eyes. One of them being a silver tier who was showcasing his powers with a ghostly hand that imitated his real hand movements. The ghost hand student also looked familiar to the ginger haired, which made her wonder if they had shared any classes or something. The other student, who also was a bronze student, on the other hand was someone who she didn't recognize, so Amalia assumed that he was on his first year at the hero school.

    One of the few personal goals that the ginger haired student had set for herself was to make friends or to just try and be more social in general, as last year she mostly kept to herself and just made acquaintances. This goal required her to go outside her comfort zone, so why not try to take a step outside of it. She approach the two students with a bit of a forced smile.

    "Hi there, cool powers you have there" She muttered out. Her English was pretty good pronunciation wise, as she got better at it during her first year, but she did have occasional problems with it or not remembering the right words at times.
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  18. Leon turned his head over to Drake and nodded. "Thanks, I can summon almost anything, but this hand thing was only recent; still trying to make the fingers move around like a regular hand." He said as he made a fist, but the red ethereal hand seemed to have a problem duplicating his action. Leon turned his head to the female newcomer and smiled slightly wider, part of his felt like this wasn't the first time she saw her despite how little he remembered her. "Thanks, just practicing Spectral hand movements..." He said before his eyes squinted lightly at the female. "...I feel like we may have met before. In case you dunno, name's Leon." He said as he managed to make the Spectral hand give a thumbs up.
  19. Tyler sighed at the continuing argument. This was going to be an interesting year, that’s for sure.
    He put in hand over his face in frustration, and then calmed down quickly and dropped his hand.
    “Listen, obviously there’s some miscommunication here. I’m Tyler, and I have enhanced strength. I told Ajax to hit me to demonstrate my powers, that wasn’t a sign of conflict,” he stated to the Bronzer.
    Tyler deeply inhaled, and then exhaled. He held his arms in front of him, doing motions while he was talking.
    “Ok. Ajax, you understand why it’s rude to ignore people that are lower, and Adrian, you know why it’s rude to roughly butt in, yeah? Good,” he said turning to Ajax after.
    “Now since he asked nicely and no longer as the tone that he previously had, he can join in. Now we can stop fighting,” Tyler said as he sighed.
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  20. "Nice to meet you Leon," Amalia responded and gave a slight chuckle at the ghostly hand, which was giving her a thumbs up. "And same.. It feels like I've seen you somewhere before," She added squinting with her eyes trying to remember where she could've seen the silver haired boy before. Surprisingly being more sociable didn't seem to be that difficult, maybe it was because mostly everyone else here were used to have small talk with random strangers.

    "Oh and my name is Amalia," she quickly said and chuckled to herself for nearly forgetting to introduce herself. Her attention now turned to the scruffy brown haired boy." I haven't seen you around before, so sorry for assuming, but is it your first year here?"
  21. Drake couldn't help but to smile at the ghostly hand as it made a thumbs up. That was pretty cool. He turned his attention to the ginger girl and nodded hello.
    "Yeah, you assumed correctly. I'm a Freshman, or a newbie, or whatever I'm called here. My name's Drake, it's nice to meet you." Drake said to Amalia. The girl that had entered the conversation was shorter than Drake, with longer, ginger hair and blue eyes. Her casual wear jacket had bronze markings on it like Drake's had. So she was another Bronze as well.
    "So, what's your trick?" Drake asked Amalia.
  22. Amalia didn't know what Drake meant at first, but understood his question just a second later.
    "Oh you mean my powers? In short it's hydrokinesis on a molecular level, which means I can control water. You'll probably see it in action later on," She responded to the scruffy haired student. Amalia wasn't someone to really show off her abilities and either way there were way to many people where they currently were to safely use powers. From the close distance she could hear some bickering going on in the Gold tier group, but she didn't want to go and get stirred into some generic Gold tier drama, so she just let it escape her mind.
    "What about you Drake? What's your power?"
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  23. Drake noticed the small squabble between Golds as well. It looked like a Bronze was talking with them as well. Drake was a little interested in the discussion, but quickly snapped back when Amalia asked a question.
    "Oh, me?" Drake asked, a bit of a cheeky smile spreading across his face. He continued in a playful tone. "Well, every Wednesday at 1:30 a.m., I float 5 inches off the ground."
    Drake glanced from Amalia to Leon, trying to keep a straight face. Of course, he could have just said what his 'power' was, but where would the fun be in that? His 'power'... To be completely honest, Drake really wasn't too sure how he felt about it. The tests said that he really did have powers... But Drake was still having trouble coming to terms with that. Sure he would know if he had a super luck power? Right? He'd be able to feel it or something... Right?
  24. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha had glanced away, for the talk of dorms had been a bit boring. However, when she turned back there seemed to be a Bronze tier standing with them, and a fight brewing. However, Tyler quickly stepped in and tried to calm them down. She recalled the words that were said before what she had just listened to and managed to grasp most of them. So early into the school year, and she already got a glimpse at how one acted. When she realized she hadn't introduced herself, and she decided to do so in the slight silence that followed Tyler's sigh. "My name is Aisha," she said. "Are any of you guys allergic to animals?" she asked curiously.
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  25. “Nope not allergic to any animals, though I have a really weird food allergy... Truffles... those fancy expensive fungi... very allergic. Messes me up, even jsut the smell turns my stomach... Sorry Rambling again.” Ajax smiled his eyes still glowing slightly “it’s getting a little too hot out here, no idea when they’ll let us inside though. Might as well charge up a little bit.”
  26. Alister was asleep he never got that good of a rest on the compound because most of his time there was training so it was nice to have a quiet relaxing plane ride. His phone started to ring and he jerked up before realizing it was a phone call. ”So you are entirely sure you want to go to that school for heroes you can come back any time” The voice on the phone was strict but with a hint of concern. ”Yes sir I am sure that I want to get out of that place and I dunno try and be a normal-ish kid” The the plane had landed and Alister stood up adjusting his formal silver tier uniform which he decided to wear because it was his first day. ”Alister I suggest you don't use that kinda tone towards me but regardless I want you to keep up your training regiment like normal and.” The voice paused for a second and breathed in deeply. ”Be careful I know that you're capable of handling yourself but I can still worry I love ya, buddy.” At this point, Alister is off the plane and was scanning the surrounding area. ”I love you too dad bye” He hangs up soon he started walking over towards the silver and bronze tier cluster. ”Hello names Alister it's a pleasure to meet you all” He had put on his I have to be polite but I don't want to face to at the very least not come off as a jerk.
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  27. Adrian's ramblings were cut short by the girl's cheery question. "Well, Aisha I'm not allergic cats or anything. But I'm not really an animal person so I wouldn't know what I would be allergic to." Adrian took a moment to put his hand to his chin, thinking. He gazed at the three golds for a moment. "Ya know, I'm glad I made some friends today and I think ill follow that guys lead and 'charge up a bit'. Catch you guys later." He pointed finger guns as he tried to look cool and walk away. as he turned his peppy manner turned quickly to a frown. He pulled out his phone and set the tune to a random radio station. He looked over at the bronze and silver group. Wondering if he should even bother talking to them.
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  28. Ajax tolled his eyes agin as Adrian left, his demeanor and facial features noticeably hardened
    “Well now that he’s gone I suppose I owe you two an explanation... you see this year the school has decided to start a Cross-Tier mentoring program. The idea is that we help the lower Tiers to grow and develop and in return we get given extra credit. They said they’d try to match us Gold’s with either a Silver or Bronze with similar abilities... unluckily for me I think I’m being partnered with Adrian... the guys is just the epitome of everything that irritates me in a person. He’s cocky and brash, doesn’t show any respect for authority or for the hierarchy. We worked our ass’s off for these gold stripes and he acts as if we’re just another trio of normies!” Fearing an emotionally charged Flare-Up Ajax launched a single powerful energy blast into the ocean. This one creating a large geyser upon impact with the crystal blue waters.
  29. Ty shook his head to Aisha. “Nah, I don’t think I’m allergic to any animals. Then again, I’ve never had a pet or been near one, so...I’m not sure...”
    Tyler listened to Ajax, hearing his points out. He didn’t react when he through another energy ball, just watched it go down.
    “Well, it can’t be THAT bad. I mean, if we’re gonna help them, and maybe spar against em...”, Ty crossed his arms and flashed a grin, “...I’m sure they’ll respect you then. Besides, it’s good to know more people.”
  30. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha smiled at both of their responses. She, herself, was a fan of truffles, but she could understand why one wouldn’t be. And, she hadn’t given it much thought before, but she realized that her power led her to become way more of an animal enthusiast than before she had gotten her power. Not to mention, she couldn’t recall the last time a Bronze-tier has spoken to her like that. As Ajax spoke again she listened in interest before gasping. "Do you know how much extra credit we get?" she asked as she watched the geyser. She listened to Tyler answer her question and respond to Ajax, as she directed her gaze from the water back to the group. After a pause, she realized the numbers didn't add up. "But the Gold tiers are largely outnumbered by the rest of them, do we have to help many at a time?" she asked her eyes widening in disbelief.

    "I'm sorry, but I do agree we've worked hard to get where we were. My parents sent me to this school because they believed it provided adequate education. However, now we have to contribute largely to another student's education?" she let out a sigh, and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them again, she seemed much calmer than before. "I apologize for my outburst. I've decided I will do my part. I will put in as much effort as I believe is needed. I hope that my partner and I get along, especially since our powers are involved," she said simply. If she was being honest, she didn't know many of the lower-tiers. Not to mention, she was used to perfection and rough training regimes, and she wasn't sure how her partner would react to such things,
  31. “From what I’ve heard the mentees are nominated by the staff. Either they’re right on the cusp of moving up a tier or they could really use the individual guidance, they would probably be from Bronze but I think I heard talk that a Silver or two were being recommended as well. In regards to the extra credit I’m really not sure how much it’s worth. But I know there’s an assigned class block for it so I’d assume it’s worth at least a minor.” Ajax replied as a wave of relief rolled over him, he wasn’t the only Gold with a concern for having to work with the Bronzes. “But I’m sure this would all be cleared up pretty early in the term if we’re to have any chance to making a lasting impact...” he trailed off again as he noticed the sky begun to darken. Huge storm clouds beginning to sweep in from across the horizon
  32. Aria had arrived slightly later than the rest of the students, she had spent the last few days aboard a nearby Institute aircraft carrier, waiting for school to start. She sat aboard a heavily modified Osprey helicopter as its approach airfield with two Apaches as its escort. On the wings of the Osprey and the sides of the two Apache helicopters were the symbol of the Institute, it resembled the medical symbol but instead with two twisting cobras and a two headed eagle on top instead of a pair wings.

    Aria sat aboard with a few other military personnel that were assigned to keep her safe, she seemed rather out of place among them wearing the formal uniform of the school and carrying a small backpack, she double checked her emergency medication in her bag before putting it on awkwardly without getting up. She felt the helicopter began to rapidly descend as they arrived on the airfield. The cargo doors opened and her escort went outside before her as she followed them out with four guards around her.They weren't exactly necessary but the Institute insisted that she have an escort whenever she is away from school or off Institute grounds. She held her jet-black hair back as the helicopter blew her hair wildly, her ID tag around her neck on a thin but extremely durable metal chain. Aria was not one to wear pants usually but in this kind of situation she was glad she was not wearing her usual skirt.

    The captain of Aria's escort team turned to Aria when she caught up to him. "All right! Remember to check in with the Institute once you arrive and get settled in! Do you need anything else from me?!" he shouted over the engines of the helicopter.

    Aria shook her head, no, and smiled at the team of soldiers while making some hand gestures to the captain to let him know that she understood. The small elite team of military got back onto their helicopter. Being around the Institute's private military was something that she was familiar with all her life and it never really bothered her, rarely seen, Aria actually wears a necklace that has the symbol of the Institute as the pendant.

    She turned around to join the rest of the students in the distance. She looked back and up at her escort and waved as they flew off into the distance. She frowned slightly as she realized that her arrival likely caused a scene, but it can't be helped, being a relatively unknown Gold Tier that preferred seclusion and solitude, people are less likely to talk to her anyways. Her rater anonymous status is not to be mistaken for weakness, it was a choice, and she is actually one of the most veteran and respected members in Gold Tier to those who know her. She recognized quite a few of the students gathered, some of the Silvers and the small group of Golds, but there were some new faces, which is always nice. She stood off by herself close-ish to the gathering group of students but still a small distance away. She turned and looked out over the ocean at the gathering storm.
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  33. “Well rude and I tried to be polite” Alister said walking away after no response from the others in his tier. His face showed a bit of hurt but it quickly went away. Alister then noticed the gold tier students and the one dude that shot out an energy blast. “Oh hey look the gold tiers they totally aren’t going to act all high and mighty.” He sighed after that last comment and walked over to the small gold tier group. “Hello my name is Alister it’s a pleasure to meet you all.” He used the exact same face that he used with the silver and bronze tier group.
  34. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha listened to Ajax with interest. She began to think and looked upwards, hoping to clear her head. After a moment, she noticed the storm clouds rolling in. With her mind on far more important things than getting wet, she continued to stare at the sky, when she saw a helicopter descend, holding Aria. However, she heard mumbling before someone came up and introduced themselves. She looked down from the sky, only to see a tall Silver-tier. "My name is Aisha," she greeted, a small smile on her face. She always found it interest when lower-tiers came up and talked to her. They usually provided quite a different perspective. "So what are your thoughts on the Cross-Tier mentoring program?" she asked Allister. She had heard a fellow Gold tier's thoughts, and now she wished to hear a Silver-tier's opinion. Hearing the difference was always a unique experience for her.
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  35. Leon watched as someone left after they approached him, he blinked and looked down in slight guilt after he felt as if he zoned out. "So..." He said as he turned back to the others and let his Spectral hand vanish. "You said your power varies on the time of day, right?" Leon asked Drake in the hope to return to the conversation. His eyes briefly turned to the lady who gazed at the ocean and smiled lightly, just like Amalia he felt a strange sense of deja vu, as if she too was someone he saw once or twice before.
  36. Alister honestly was surprised that Aisha seemed relatively nice definitely not what he had expected “I think that it could help those who need it and give the gold tiers more education on how to work efficiently with others even if both parties might not be exactly happy with the change” Alister says looking at Aisha a bit confused. He had assumed those in higher positions would think they were better than others at least that is what he has observed back at the compound.
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  37. "Nope. My power only activates at 1:30 a.m., on Wednesdays, and the only thing it does is let me hover 5 inches off the ground." Drake corrected, keeping a straight face. He kept quiet for a moment before grinning and shaking his head.
    "Nah, I'm just pulling your leg." Drake said. He paused once again, scratching the side of his head. "In reality, uh... my power's not that cut and dry. They say I have 'Super Luck', whatever that means. I don't know. I've never felt anything, but I guess I've been more lucky than other people. I didn't even realize I had powers until I took the test to get into this school."

    Drake managed another smile at Leon and Amalia, but flinched when one of the Golds shot off some energy blasts once again. The teen looked back to the group of Golds, thinking that a fight might have broken out. But no, it was just the same guy from before. Probably showing off some more.
  38. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Aisha listened to his response and observed his reaction. Perhaps he's wondering about my attitude. Being raised by her parents, she had seen her fair share of snobbish higher-tiers. She preferred to not look down on anyone unless they prove themselves weak or if she finds a reason to dislike them. "Perhaps you are right," she said as she thought back to her previous fights. She preferred to work solo, and on the rare occasions she worked with a partner, it was with another high-tier. I'm sure I'll learn something valuable out of it. "So what are your opinion on animals?" she asked curiously. As repetitive as her question was, her power largely centered around them. So, if she somehow figured one was scared of or loved a certain animal, it could contribute to her battle tactic if they had to spar.
  39. “Personally I am pretty neutral to animals I did have a dog once her name was Lupa. She died when searching for a bomb. She was one of those military-trained dogs. Some guy decided it was a good idea to shoot her and let’s just say he doesn’t exist anymore.” Alister said again having a flash of emotion before returning to his regular state of calm. He then took out one of his knives and starts methodically fiddling with it.
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  40. Amalia giggled at Drake's answer. She knew that he was joking about his powers, but before she could say anything back Leon beat her at it. Honestly she was a bit surprised that he actually took Drake's response seriously, but in a way it was understandable, as someones actual super power could've been something like it. To her surprise Drake actually revealed his power.

    "It doesn't sound really that cut and dry. Like, in what situations does it work in? Is it only in those where you need luck or?" Amalia questioned the scruffy haired boy. She was interested in how his powers worked, but she didn't really expect an answer back as most people don't reveal the ins and outs of their powers. The ginger haired girl quickly turned her head as something seemed to flash in the corners of her eyes, but it seemed to have disappeared just as fast, leaving just a geyser behind. With some logical thinking Amalia came to the conclusion that it was probably just some student showing off their powers, but her gaze trailed off to the distant storm clouds that were forming in the distance.
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