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Ask to Join Hero High: Semester 1 (SU&D)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Frontier Master, Jan 21, 2020.


What should the first major arc be

Poll closed Mar 2, 2020.
  1. Training camp (Specific to each tier)

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  2. Disaster

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  3. Rival School

    2 vote(s)
  1. Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation are essential, if your application doesn't showcase this I will not accept you
    Swearing is allowed just nothing over the top.
    Romance is allowed again nothing over the top.
    Keep violence to an understandable level ie nothing too gory but some justifiable violence will be allowed.
    Your character is here to learn to fully utilize their powers so don't be overpowered, if you can’t tell the difference between powerful and overpowered this RP is not for you.
    I'm going to put a limit on how many students can start the RP in Gold, those who stick around will
    have the opportunity for promotion as the RP goes on.
    Maximum two characters per person
    To show you have read the rules use the word Mood in your application

    Gemini - (Guidance and Discipline) (BHT): a pair of Genetically modified twins. The pair are telepathically and symbiotically dependent upon each other for survival. Ceri the smaller being is known for his vast intelligence, and mild psionic powers. He more often then not sits on Stren’s shoulder or in a specially designed alcove in Stren’s back. Stren the much larger being is a hulking behemoth, known for his immense strength and immunity to physical harm.

    Aerospear (VP) (GHT): 31 female with a slim build. Her powers primarily consist of Aero-Kinesis, allowing her to fly continuously if she wishes too. Her abilities also allow her to unleash various sonic attacks to incapacitate opponents.

    Knight-Light (SHT): 38 male very slim build. His powers allow him to launch blasts of light from his hands, alternately he can create basic constructs out of this light energy. More often then not he chooses to create sword-like beams or temporary shields.

    Helios (Medical staff): 42 female, after retiring from active Hero Duty Helios decided to shift her focus back toward supporting the Hero community. Using her healing abilities to help train the next generation of Heroes. Though she is occasionally called off-campus to consult doctors on the best way to treat injured heroes.

    Bloodhound (Security): Bloodhound’s true age is completely unknown due to his time spent living in the wilds of northern Russia following the manifestation of his feral powers. His senses have been greatly enhanced beyond even the most advanced natural sense of wild animals. A fact which is often overlooked given his more noticeable power. After ingesting the blood of at least two living organisms, he can transform into a temporary monstrous form comprised of a mix of the two blood samples he ingested. As such he keeps various vials of animal blood on him for use in battle.

    Orion (Principle): 29 male with short choppy silver hair, and cold calculating slate eyes. He is very athletic with a slim fit physique. Orion can convert any part of his body into a specific metal and manipulate this metal into various shapes or tools. Provided he thoroughly understands it’s properties and chemical make up. Can fire off metal projectiles which will melt and return to him at will.
    Momenta - A 25-year-old woman, she currently sits at number 17 on the Japanese Hero Rankings, her powers allow her to lend and detract Momentum and Kinectic Energy from any object she makes contact with. Her hero items consist of a pair of self recoiling grappling hooks used to greatly increase her mobility and allow her to swiftly close the distance between her and potential sources of energy of threats. She is Ajax's first cousin being the only daughter of his father's sister.
    Nitro - A cybernetic-ally enhanced 21 years old. His powers stem from his ability to produce large amounts of a highly efficient fuel within his own body. A fuel which also happens to be incredibly explosive. These two functions are exactly what he uses the fuel for. He can excrete the fuel from the palms of his hands to create explosions or channel it into his other enhancements to achieve a form of greatly enhanced speed or short bursts of flight.

    The Doppelganger: the true gender or age of the original Doppelganger is still unknown. All that is known is that their powers allow them to create copies of anything provided they have a large enough sample of that thing, to make a copy of another living organism a large sample of DNA is required. These copies inherit the vague appearance and a weakened version of the powers and abilities of the thing used to create them, meaning a damaged sample will result in a damaged copy. Interestingly for Doppelganger to create copies of themself the DNA of a powerless human must be used with the copy taking on the physical appearance of the powerless human. Copies vary in durability depending on the sample used to create them with a perfect copy being almost as durable as steel.

    Terramech - 38 y/o muscular male with Terra-Kinesis. The scale and strength of his abilities depend on the amount of earth he absorbs. However, as he absorbs more and more earth his cognitive functions drop. As well as this his physical size increases with his power thus he can transform into a giant monstrous form

    Nebulous - 27 Female, with the ability to turn part of or all of her body into a cloud of mist. Within which creates a temporary pocket dimension. Anything fully enshrouded in the mist will begin to be pulled into the pocket dimension, the area of the gas and the mass of the object influencing how strong the pull is.

    Name: Ani Humeri
    Age: 18 ish
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5’4 – 5’5
    Nationality: Russian / Japanese
    Appearance: Ani is a very attractive young teenage girl of medium height and a small-ish frame. She has long blonde hair, styled into pigtails ending in large curls that hang to the middle of her thighs, with smaller locks framing her face. Her eyes are sapphire blue.
    Clothing: Ani wears a richly adorned backless white, violet, and purple Lolita-styled dress with matching boots (the platforms resembling skulls with fangs), fingerless gloves that end halfway up her forearms, and a small sing purse. She accentuates with a large violet-coloured hair bow and a large violet bow at the small of her back on her dress, with the centres being fanged skulls, a collar, and earrings, all with the same fanged skull designs on them. She is also frequently seen with a matching violet and purple coloured parasol.
    Abilities / Powers/ Brief Explanation:
    • Superhuman/Supernatural Physical Prowess, Senses, and Adaptability – Despite her medium-sized height and small-ish frame, Ani possesses immeasurable strength, speed, durability, reflexes, endurance, senses, and the ability to adapt to her environment and/or situations. Her body has built-in parameters to prevent her from becoming monstrous when regenerating or adapting as she will always return to her form base from, Ani will always retain her age, physique, weight etc with slight deviations. Some other notable traits are her strength and speed, often her speed is mistaken for an ability to instantaneous teleportation. Ani can handle herself exceptionally well in combat and battles.
    • Regeneration – Ani can regenerate from any wound or injury regardless of severity, including lost limbs and organs nearly instantly.
    Personality: Ani has a childlike, jovial, and happy-go-lucky demeanour; always smiling, and acting very friendly and even polite with everyone. Ani is a free spirit and will do whatever she wants according to her whims. Her often bubbly behaviour and nonchalance towards anyone that stands in her way put her at odds with others. She easily becomes bored and will look elsewhere for things to entertain her.
    Other: Her parasol is much, much more than it seems… in addition to being Ani’s primary weapon, it’s also indestructible in addition to having the ability to cancel and nullify anything it touches, It also functions as an energy-based gun, holding 6 shots at a time before she needs to reload, reloading is simple, eject the empty shells and the umbrellas loads itself with 6 shells it creates with a micro matter converter. The projectiles it fires vary in strength ranging from knocking someone off their feet and disorientating them, to blasting apart heavy tanks and military-grade blast doors.
    Alias: Aerona
    Age: Unknown, appears early 20s
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Japanese Asian / White Caucasian
    Height: 5’4 – 5’5
    Appearance: Aerona has a pair of unique glowing upturned light periwinkle blue eyes accented with metallic silver and eyeliner in a heavy cat eye fashion and black lipstick. She has a slightly more heart shaped face dark shoulder length blue hair that appears almost black. Her hair is unkempt and parted from the left covering half of her right eye. Her skin is extremely fair and almost porcelain-like. Her overall body type is rather petite and small.
    Clothing: Aerona is usually seen dressed in black with a tattered looking crop top, and black mini booty shorts. She wears a pair of black combat boots with thigh high stockings with three white stripes evenly spaced across the top.
    Other disguising mark(s): has a sleeve of black and white tattoos down her right arm that includes the back of her hand and fingers. Her tattoos are of intricate ivies that transform in and out of tribal designs with various shading along with some occasional red and pink cherry blossoms accenting certain points.
    Abilities / Powers/ Brief Explanation:
    · Water manipulation: Aerona commands absolute and complete over water and various other liquids and their forms closely associated with water including but not limited to: blood, ice, liquid based vapors, and to some degree of weather manipulation.
    · Psychokinetic: Aerona boasts an extremely high level psychokinetic ability giving her extensive sensory abilities in addition to teleportation, creating protective barriers and force shields, and devastating telekinetic powers
    · Regeneration: Aerona is able to heal and regenerate from severe to fatal injuries, her natural ability to do so in addition to her water abilities push her regenerative abilities above even that of Ani’s
    · Supernatural Physical Prowess: Aerona’s small and petite body is able to withstand a grossly disproportionate amount of punishment physical, internal, or elemental. In addition she is quite a bit quicker and physically stronger than a typical hero without the assistance of her other powers.
    · Supernatural Intelligence: It is unknown if this is a power or if Aerona is simply very intelligent. Aerona is able to concept, design, and create various devices and gadgets that seem to defy the very laws of physics. It’s believed that the parasol weapon Ani wields is one of Aerona’s designs and creations.
    Weakness/setback: (Similar villain style to Ani)
    Personality: Has seemingly low inhibitions, Aerona is calculating and extremely dangerous, often scheming and exploiting anything and everything she can. She’s extremely intelligent and keeps to herself when it comes to her plans and will only let others know on a need-to-know basis.
    Backstory: Speculations say she is an earlier creation of the Institute, but those are unofficial rumors and are just suspicions. She is the supposed mastermind and the one responsible of various deaths of heroes. While Ani seems to be the reckless brawn of the trio, and the lesser known third member, Zoey on the other hand appears to be a non combative member of the trio that focuses mainly on material fabrication, Aerona is the defacto leader and mastermind of the trio.
    Alias: Zoey
    Age: Unknown, appears late teens, ~ 16 - 19
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: German / White Caucasian
    Height: 5’4 – 5’5
    Motivation: Unknown
    Appearance: Zoey is a rather pale violet eyed girl with long silvery hair unkempt and swept back that went down past her buttocks with vibrantly violet glowing highlight strands. She is thin, lithe, and with pale skin.
    Clothing: Zoey is always seen in a white skin tight body suit with black diamond and line designs around the chest and shoulders, while only black diamond patterns go down the out sides of her legs outlined by glowing violet
    Other disguising mark(s): The violet glow of her hair highlights and eyes are the same as the ones on her body suit. She gives an overall other worldly almost ethereal appearance.
    Abilities / Powers/ Brief Explanation:
    · Spontaneous Creation: Zoey has the ability to make something out of nothing. As long as she is able see something she is able to recreate it. Creation works if she sees or reads things ion books, or if something is described to her with enough details. From recreating entire buildings from blue prints to creating a single particle or instance of an element. The more complex an object the longer time it will take for her to create.
    · Levitation: Zoey is perpetually floating at all times no matter the reason, she is never seen resting or even sitting on any surface. It a form of flight and is able to achieve decent flight speed and elevation.
    · Invisibility: Zoey’s invisibility can be described as true invisibility vanishing from all forms of senses and any way to perceive her.
    · Savant intelligence: Zoey’s mind operates faster and stronger than any supercomputer ever devised. It also holds infinite memory to assist her Spontaneous creation, anything she learns she will never forget.
    · Regeneration: Zoey is able to heal and regenerate from most wounds, illnesses, and damage given time. Her regenerative abilities are nowhere near as potent as Ani’s or Aerona’s.
    Weakness/setback: Outside of her invisibility, she does not have any combat abilities
    Personality: Socially she is quite inept preferring to be working on projects and learning new things. Usually quiet and distant she speaks with an airy tone that seems like she’s not quite there. It is not quite known as why she follows Aerona and Ani.
    Backstory: As mysterious as her two compatriots, her origins are speculated to be a creation of the Institute. But as far as the Heroes know, she appeared as mysteriously as Ani and Aerona.
    Name: Drache Nicholson (Drache is pronounced as Drak)
    Alias: Malefor
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American
    Motivation: His parents pushed him away as soon as his sister showed potential with her power, and it was shown that hers wasn't as destructive. They gave him away to juvy because of his sadistic tendencies and an almost zealot belief in obtaining power. He wants to make his sister pay.
    • Human: He is 5'08" (172.7 cm) and weighs 190 lbs (86.2 kg). He has dark skin and black dreadlocks with amber eyes. He is incredibly muscular and lean, his body rippling with power. All he wears are black shorts, as he has no need for anything else.
    • Dragon: He becomes a black dragon with dark grey spines, belly scales, and wing membranes. He is 6'05" (195.6 cm) from draconic hand to shoulder and weighs 230 lbs (104.3 kg) of scaly muscle. He is 9'00" (274.3 cm) from snout tip to tail tip and his wingspan is 8'05" (256.5 cm). He has a spiked ball at the end of his tail, sharp spines from his head to the tip of his tail, amber eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and he has a very muscular appearance. His spines can either relax and hug close to his body or tense them up so they point straight upwards.
    Villain Costume: Doesn't need one.
    Personality: He is very arrogant and loves power. He can also be a little cunning, but he further enjoys crushing people's defences with his sheer strength. He is incredibly sadistic and cruel, the dragon completely taking him over and turning him into a savage killer that feels nothing but anger and pain, which fuels his desires to hurt others. The only time he feels good is when he projects his pain on to others by completely overwhelming them.
    Major Malfunction: He is no longer himself.

    Power: Draconic Transformation
    Explanation: He can transform his entire body into a dragon or just transform parts of his body. He can either turn his legs into dragon legs, an arm or both arms into dragon arms, grow a tail, grow sharp teeth, grow scales or grow a pair of wings used for flying and shielding. He can control himself very well.
    Setback: Whether the dragon is in complete control of both his bodies or not is still to be determined. Every now and then, when in his human body, he will start having immense headaches, as if the person he used to be is trying to resurface and come back to the light. Or maybe the feeling of having so much power coursing through him is enough to cause him mental pain. This can become disruptive during a fight and the migraine gets so bad that he has to stop what he is doing. His vision blurs and he can't see or move without causing more pain and becoming clumsy.
    Extra information: N/A

    Backstory: When Drache was a small boy, his parents noticed that his attitude was changing. He wasn't as funloving anymore and would just stare at them in the middle of the night, especially when his mother was pregnant with their second child. When Drayda was born, Drache felt he was immediately set aside for his little sister and he held resentment towards her for taking away his spotlight. He began acting out, hurting small animals and stealing items. After witnessing these acts, Drayda told her parents and the officials locked him away in juvy. He was released but is now at large again for theft and assault. Every now and then in the middle of the night, a silhouette of a giant dragon could be seen flying over the city he lives in, blotting out the stars and moon as it flies past.

    This RP will take place in a boarding school/training academy for future superheroes, the students are organized into three levels not based on age but rather skill and ability. The levels will probably mix for classes and lectures but will have separate living spaces, as a side note a higher tier character can choose to remain in a lower level dorm should they wish too.
    This particular thread will take place in the first semester of the school year going from orientation day through to final exams.

    Please in your application specify if your character was initially sorted into their current level or if they have moved from another Tier. (It is possible to move backwards if you fail classes or for disciplinary reasons)

    Given the need to even out the levels, later RP joiners may need to suggest a preferred dorm, and I will determine if that’s fair based upon their application quality and hypothetical power-set

    Current Students
    Alexander James Xavier VII - @Frontier Master
    Aria Vovk - @Foxex
    Aisha Frye - @KeenKitsune
    Tyler Bolt - @JayBird Joe
    Emily Jane Wilder - @Frontier Master
    Leon Cloud - @Red Gallade
    Shay Newman - @JayBird Joe
    Drayda Nicholson - @Merciless Medic
    Amalia Ek - @IDKWhatUserNameToDo
    Drake Lanthorn - @Captain Cardboard
    Adrian Tai - @Sentorus67
    Law J. Quil - @RomanAndRomanNoodles

    Living Quarters of the three levels
    A large extravagant resort-like building overlooking the ocean with plenty of free open spaces and a private beach, in terms of accommodation all students are given self-contained private suites. Though the dorm lacks any real sense of community in favour of unrivalled prestige and professionalism, with private tutors and training sessions for each student. The tier has a slight reputation as being snobby or stuck up, though this is not entirely untrue the supposed snobbery is likely more a misinterpretation of the dorm's focus on furthering one's own expertise and talent.

    A moderately sized building complex on top of a small hill, the dorm is set in the centre of a private estate with environmental simulation zones and free areas. The dorm accommodation consists solely of two student shared dorms, which foster a good mix of community, prestige and professionalism. As such it is most similar to a stereotypical college dorm or boarding house. The Tiers mutual trust fund has ensured that students in this tier have everything they need to develop their abilities. The most recent of which was a full-scale overhaul of the Dorms disaster relief training facilities.

    Simple homely little dorm complex, consisting of a collection of cabins built Around a central courtyard near a calm lake. Students share a cabin with 2-3 other students. The dorm is known for its great sense of community despite lacking the prestige of its fellow dorms. As such the dorm is popular with Hero high younger students who are not quite accustomed to living away from home, though this is not to say it is only aimed at young students, older students often find the family-like community of the dorm extremely inviting.
    Unlike the other dorms, Bronze Tier lacks the financial funding to afford certain high-end training equipment such as Simulator rooms. Instead of choosing to make use of outdoor practice ranges for group training exercises.
    Hero high’s uniform policy comes in two variants formal wear and standard wear regardless of which is worn the student must also carry their identification card with them at all times.

    Formal wear is worn to all formal school events, assemblies etc and consists of a high collared stark white dress shirt. A Charcoal Grey jacket with Black material running from the collar down to the yoke. A thick Grade Tier coloured band runs horizontally across the chest of the jacket between the yoke and jacket front, while the jacket is trimmed in a matching Tier colour. The uniform jacket is paired with a pair of black trousers with a matching band running down the pant leg (think Star Trek 2370- Dress Uniforms). Rounding out the outfit is the Formal ID Badge a miniaturised version of the standard ID outlined below. Though not compulsory some students choose to wear this uniform all the time.

    Standard wear is far more relaxed and allows students to wear Smart Casual attire beneath a navy-blue long-coat, with a thin Grade Tier coloured band around the cuffs and lining the lapels. Standard wear is only allowed to be worn to classes, informal school events and outside of school hours. The jacket is available in long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless designs. (If you need visual stimuli, google the Yugioh Obelisk blue jackets. That basic shape with the aforementioned colour and design)

    The ID card can be attached to a lanyard, kept in a pocket or replaced by various wearable variants, such as the Formal ID Badge. These cards are utilized for both payment and access to the student's dorm room, locker etc. In appearance, the cards are a simple grey credit card embossed with the Seal of Hero high. Imprinted into the card are the owner's name and photograph below which is space for accolade emblems to be embossed as they are earned by the student. Each card also contains a data chip which stores the student's file and other necessary information.
    Nickname (optional):
    Outfit (civilian clothes):
    Costume (hero garb):

    Extra information:

    Backstory(only really needs to be brief, I'd prefer to learn the details of your characters' backgrounds naturally through the RP):

    Extra information:

    Backstory (only really needs to be brief, I'd prefer to have our characters slowly learn the details of the Villian's backgrounds naturally through the RP, this in mind feel free to write a longer bio for villains who you'd like to have larger roles in the story):

    Here are my two
    Name: Alexander James Xavier VII (Ajax)
    Nickname: Quasar
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Half American/Half Japanese
    Dorm: Gold (Recently Promoted)
    Appearance: 5’9 with a slim-fit physique. His hair was originally a jet black, however, the radiation he was exposed to in the process of learning to use his powers permanently damaged his hair follicles and now his hair grows in a light grey-Silver hue. His eyes, however, were stone grey at birth, before also being leeched of colour and rendered piercing ivory, both of which somehow complement his tanned skin tone and somewhat serious demeanour.
    Outfit (civilian clothes): unlike many of his peers Ajax favours Hero High’s Formal uniform over the standard uniform. Though to fit in he has taken to wearing the standard uniform more frequently. His normal outfit consists of a grey undershirt, the school jacket, fully fastened, plain black jeans and a pair of thick black combat boots.
    Costume (hero garb): for Ajax to utilize his powers to their full potential he needs to wear a skin-tight containment suit under his clothes. Which is designed to help to focus his energy as well as monitor it to avoid ‘Burn-outs’ or ‘Flare-ups’. A far more robust and durable version of this suit is worn beneath his hero outfit. Which consists of sleek black tactical armour plating, his chest plate is made up of three pieces which are held on by two thick metal straps going over his shoulders, along with a jewel-shaped plate supported between them. He wears orange vambraces and plates placed over his thighs, calves and upper arms. He also sports a pair of elevated, green and orange boots with pipe-like shafts on his feet and white kneepads. Rounding out his outfit is a pair of thick powered gauntlets designed to not only regulate Ajax’s power output but also offer a greater degree of control over the energy blasts.

    Explanation: His body is essentially a miniature power reactor, allowing him to convert absorbed heat, light or electricity into pure cosmic energy. Which can then be fired off as blasts or used to propel him in short bursts to boost his speed or as a tentative form of unassisted flight though he is still very new to using this ability and prefers to use it more to boost his maneuverability rather than as a primary means of movement
    Weakness/setback: Ajax has to be extremely careful to manage his energy levels as absorbing too much energy in one go can cause him to “Flare-up” losing control and expelling large amounts of his stored energy at once as a huge explosion or uncontrolled beam. Similarly using too much energy in one go will cause him to begin to “burn-out” and use up his life force for power if there are no other sources.
    Extra information: Different types of energy can be absorbed in different levels of efficiency and speeds. Thermal and Electrical are his best, though he is getting better at using light and kinetic energy to ensure he is always at full charge and ready for action.

    Backstory: Both of Ajax’s parents were minor heroes in their youth before giving up the profession to pursue lives of scientific discovery. Ajax’s power is the literal combination of his parents who possessed the abilities of ‘Universal gravity’; the ability to attract any two or more objects together relative to their mass, and ‘Mass Augmentation’; the ability to control an object’s mass after touching it. Ajax’s powers manifested quite early appearing the week after his 7th Birthday, Ajax had been trying to complete the monkey bars when his feet begun blasting out cosmic energy incinerating his shoes and lifting him well over 2 metres into the air before he fell flat on his face in front of a rather impressed group of 2nd graders.
    Name: Emily Jane Wilder
    Nickname (optional): Delta
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: American
    Dorm: Silver (barely scraped through her exams)
    Appearance: Tall and very lean, with a light tan and naturally green eyes. Her long hair fades from a dark to light amber as it flows. It is always left to fall naturally over her shoulders
    Clothing: her more casual clothing often consists of faded jeans, a simple brightly coloured top and a sleeveless variant of the Hero High Standard jacket. Always paired with a pair of high tops.
    Hero Costume: a skintight bodysuit which seems to change colour as she moves with boots and gauntlets designed to maximize her ability to navigate her surroundings even when her density fluctuates. Her mask consists of a simple white visor over her eyes and ears, with her hair left to flow freely.

    Explanation: Delta can manipulate and control her density, specifically through the control over its two principles, Mass and Volume. Allowing her to both shrink and expand her body or alter its mass to jump higher or hit harder
    Weakness/setback: she is fairly new at altering her volume by any major degree thus this takes a great deal of concentration.
    Extra information: her costume’s density is designed to remain constant regardless of her volume, with the mass increasing by the same factor to equalize

    Backstory: Born and raised in California, Delta’s power manifested slowly throughout elementary school.
    She took up martial arts at 7 and is proficient in both Aikido and Muay Thai.
    Initially, she started Highschool in the US due to her slow development of powers, however, in recent years her development has exponentially increased allowing her to gain entry to Hero High. Delta started in Bronze Tier given her lack of expertise before advancing with distinction to Silver Tier at the end of her First full Year at Hero High.
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  2. Is there a limit for how many characters you plan to have in each dorm as well as how creative we can be when it comes to making characters. (Such as having them with a similar resemblance to any mythical humanoid creatures?)
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  3. Not particularly, I would prefer as a whole that they were as close to even as possible but I doubt that will be the case. In regards to the matter of creativity, I don’t have a problem with creative/unique abilities provided the ya re well explain and justified in your bio
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  4. Another question I have that crosses my mind before I make my char is what will the possibilities be in regards to villains/students from rival academies?
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  5. The infiltration of a secret Villain group and a competition event similar to the Tri-Wizard Tournament are both story threads I had in mind should this RP get off the ground
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  6. I'll reserve a spot if it's alright. I'll post my bio as soon as I can.
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  7. Sounds awesome. Let's hope it does.

    Name: Leon Cloud
    Age: 16 (Almost 17)
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: UK
    Dorm: Silver
    Appearance: He stands at 5'8" with Fair skin and a somewhat fit physique. His facial features got him called handsome every once in a while--not that he cared. His eye pupils are bright Red while his hair is short with a few small spikes here and there. His facial expression mainly looks like he's in a smug mood.
    Outfit (civilian clothes): Underneath his common open jacket, he wears a Red hoodie with thick White fur linings along the hood.
    Costume (hero garb): His hero attire consists of a Black shirt under a tactical vest, Black baggy pants with knee pads, Silver gloves and Black boots. Above all that, he wears an ankle long hooded Wine red coat with a large Black feathery mane, always having his hood up and covers his face with a simple designed Silver mask that only exposes his eyes.

    Power(s): "Spectral summon"
    Explanation: He can summon and manipulate Red ethereal objects, mainly creating sharp fingered hands or threads, but wouldn't hesitate to create anything else if need be. His mother's side of the family have been gifted with creating a type of solid matter from nothing and Leon is no exception. He can even 'fly' by creating a platform beneath itself and manipulating it.
    Weakness/setback: He mainly focuses on anything with a more simple design, some things constructed from complex methods such as guns prove a lot more difficult for him and to create an ethereal version of a living being means he needs to understand their biological structure.
    Extra information: His home used to be filled with animal encyclopedias that he'd spend hours upon hours reading. So some animals are simpler for him to create.
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  8. Accepted. I really like your character though I think that, least for the time being, Leon should stick to simple projections. Gives you a lot of room for organic character and ability growth
  9. Don't worry, he'll mainly stick to something simple like knives, baseballs bats or just platforms that can double as shields.

    Edit: Perhaps his hand creations can be a thing he recently learned, so even if he uses them, it'll be a little while until he can make them move like real hands.
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  10. This seems pretty cool. I'm down to join, and ill make a bio as soon as I can.
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  11. For Clarity when I say “Civilian clothes” in regards to the bio’s I meant standard wear. Like what clothes do they wear under their school jackets
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  12. You mean like Attack on Titan where the characters wear (almost) whatever shirt they want under their military jacket?
  13. Haven’t seen the show but that sounds about right. In my head canon the jackets are like the obelisk Blue jackets from Duel academy,

    I think the term is a long coat.
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  14. Whatever it is, I'll edit my bio at some point to match the idea you had. (Hopefully.)
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  15. It’s basically a long jacket/trench coat.
    Navy colored with Tier level trimmings.
    Available with your choice of sleeves.
    Can be worn open or closed
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  16. been trying to find a similar RP to this that hopefully doesn't die out, so why not. I'll post a character when i can

    also what are the limits on powers and what is the age range?
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  17. Ages let’s say 15-18

    powers can be anything but try to keep it balanced and not go too over powered
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  18. Name: Amalia Ek
    Nickname (optional): N/A
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Finnish
    Dorm: Bronze (but had the chance to be promoted to Silver)
    Appearance: She is about 5 feet (or 152 cm) tall with a bit more stockier build than the average female in her age. Amalia has straight, ginger hair, with some steaks of lighter shade of ginger that reaches one quarter down her back, but it's usually worn in a ponytail or in a braid most of the time. She has fair skin with freckles on her face. She has a round face with a hooked nose and bright blue eyes. With her features over all, people wouldn't probably call her ugly out right, but she isn't the most attractive human being either.
    Outfit (civilian clothes): Amalia usually wears a light gray t-shirt that has the word MOOD written on it with bold black letters under the obligatory long jacket usually worn open. With the her t-shirt she also usually wears dark blue jeans
    Costume (hero garb): Amalia's hero costume costume consists of a sea foam green spandex suit with a white chest plate, elbow and knee pads. To cancel out one of Amalia's setbacks, the suit has two cylindrical containers filled with water (one liter each) and both of them also being white. The two containers on her back are connected to a tube each, which run down to her arms and hand. The tubes are then divided into five smaller ones on each arm with each tube stuck onto the wrist's. The tubes are activated with a finger gun motion. With the suit also comes white boots and a bubble helmet. The helmet looks similar to an astronaut helmet, with the glass tinted black and being extra protective sort, so that the helmet both protects Amalia's head and identity.

    Power(s): Hydrokinesis
    Explanation: The ability to control water with her will, but she usually also uses her body to help control it, as it provides more stability. Right now Amalia can only control water in it's liquid state and she recently learned to change waters state to solid (and back to liquid), but she's working hard to improve and to master the gas state of water.
    Over all: Amalia can't generate water, meaning that she can't just make water from thin air and that she has to have a "source" to be able to use her powers. The larger amount being controlled and or changes matter the more concentration and energy is needed.
    Liquid state: She needs some amount of concentration to control water in it's liquid state (disadvantage on using liquid state on cold weather).
    Solid state: Needs more amount of concentration to solidify the water, but other than that it doesn't require any additional control to maintain it (additional disadvantage on hot weather and needs concentration to maintain solid form, but advantage on cold weather).
    (even though Amalia can't control gas or change the waters state to gas yet, I'm still going to pit the setback for it here)
    Gas state: Needs a lot of concentration to change water to it's gas form and it also needs additional concentration to maintain the gas state (Can't be made on cold weather).
    Extra information: Wasn't really sure where to put this but she also usually carries around a water bottle, so she has always at least one source of water with her, but she leaves the bottle behind when wearing her hero costume.

    Backstory(only really needs to be brief, I'd prefer to learn the details of your characters backgrounds naturally through the rp): Amalia is a part of a minority in Finland, as she is a Swedish speaking Finn, a "Fenno-Swede". She was raised in a family with her mother only speaking Finnish and her father being a Fenno-Swede, which meant that she could speak both languages pretty fluently when she was quite young. Amalia was about nine years old when she discovered her powers, which was quite peculiar as none of her parents possessed any kind of abnormal abilities. She and her family discovered her powers while she was playing in a children's swimming pool one hot summer day and in the small pool started to manifest quite big waves. Her parents were of course ecstatic to find out that one of their children had super powers (I'm going to assume that super powers are a bit of a everyday thing, but correct me if I'm wrong) and were always encouraging and supporting Amalia when she decided to attend Hero High. At the end of her first year at hero high she managed to learn how to change water's state to solid and had otherwise good grades, so she was offered the opportunity to be promoted to Silver tier, but Amalia chose to remain in bronze tier.

    Also question. Where exactly is Hero High?
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  19. Accepted
    It’s on an island off the coast of America, about a 2 hour trip by plane To the mainland
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  20. Name: Aria Vovk
    Nickname (optional): Project Vovk #11005390
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Ukrainian (lives grew up and lives in the US)
    Dorm: Gold
    Appearance: Aria stands at about 5'5" in height and despite only being 16 she’s developed a perfect hourglass build, has long, straight jet-black hair that falls to her buttocks, it's parted from the right so it slightly covers her left eye with a few long bangs that hides a bit more of her face. She has vibrant green eyes that almost seemed to glow, her skin is flawless and extremely fair. Captivating, lovable, and serene is her beauty. She dresses in a slightly Gothic and emo kind of fashion, usually seen with a short spaghetti-strapped black top over a long sleeve of fishnets that loops over her middle fingers, along with a black short mid-thigh length skirt, a black belt with a silver buckle, mid-thigh length black and white stripped stockings, and knee-high black boots with many straps and buckles down the front, and is always never seen without an extremely long and thick scarf with stripes matching her stockings that almost fall to the floor even when wrapped around her heck.
    Outfit (civilian clothes): She dresses in a slightly Gothic and emo kind of fashion, usually seen with a short spaghetti-strapped black top over a long sleeve of fishnets that loops over her middle fingers, along with a black short mid-thigh length skirt, a black belt with a silver buckle, mid-thigh length black and white stripped stockings, and knee-high black boots with many straps and buckles down the front, and is always never seen without an extremely long and thick scarf with stripes matching her stockings that almost fall to the floor even when wrapped around her heck.
    Costume (hero garb): She just does things in her civilian clothes

    Aria has the ability to effect and control gravity and its effects, in an area, on herself, and on others. Some effects include the direction of the pull or push, the power of the pull or push, and ultimately creating gravity-wells and black-holes.
    Weakness/setback: Aria often suffers headaches of widely varying degrees, from something so light that can be ignored to being utterly incapacitated them. The worse her headaches becomes the less control she will have over her powers. Due to the nature of her powers she tends not to use them. She’s weak to physical attacks for anyone who can make it into and stay in melee combat with her. Physically she’s no stronger than a typical 16 year old without assistance from her powers, nor is she well trained in hand to hand combat, she has some but not a lot.
    Extra information: When her headaches get too bad she has a special medicine that she injects into her neck that helps her with her condition and puts her to sleep.

    Backstory: Born and raised in a highly classified superpower research facility she practically grew up in captivity, her contact with the outside world was very limited, and as long as she behaved and put up with the tests the researchers put her through, she got anything she wanted. Aria herself is unsure if she even had parents or was just a being that was artificially created, either way she was not bothered by it nor did she care. Luckily for the researchers, Aria was a very meek and kind individual, her Mood was almost always positive and sometimes curious. She preferred to keep to herself and bury herself in books and other literary works. She was pretty much free to roam the research facility and the grounds without much supervision as long as she stayed within its perimeters. As she got older the researchers decided to enroll her into Hero High for her to socialize and develop in society more. So she was placed into the school under close supervision at first, but greatly loosened up after a few years when they concluded that she was safe enough for herself and to be around others.
  21. One: Interesting char, @Foxex

    Two: I just realized I forgot to add something important to the bio. It's been put in now.
  22. Name: Drake Lanthorn
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American
    Dorm: Bronze
    Appearance: Drake has scruffy brown hair and blue eyes. He stands at about 5'7", and weighs in at 157 lbs. Playing quite a few sports have endowed him with a bit more muscular than other normal people, but it's not too noticeable. He wears the navy-blue longcoat that is the school's standard wear uniform, but keeps the sleeves rolled up. Underneath, he wears simple camo cargo pants and tennis shoes along with a relatively plain white t-shirt.
    Outfit: Drake wears pretty much the same clothes in public, except instead of the school's standard-wear longcoat he wears a camo long-sleeve button up, which he keeps unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up.
    Costume: Drake does not have a hero costume yet.

    Power: Super Luck
    Explanation: Drake is, as the power may suggest, super lucky. Things just seem to happen to benefit him.
    Weakness/setback: Drake can't really control it. It's something that just happens. If too many lucky things happen back-to-back, it's less likely to activate until it's gone through a 'cooldown', around 15 minutes.
    Extra information: It's a rather subtle power, and can be hard to detect. Even Drake doesn't really believe he has this power, but he actually does.

    Backstory: Drake never really believed he had superpowers. He had quite a few friends that did have powers, and would occasionally help them in their hero-ing efforts. They left, and Drake still felt the need to be able to fight other super-powered people that were causing chaos to where he lived. So on a whim, he applied for Hero High. There, he would be able to get some experience in fighting people with superpowers without the risk of dying. Fully BSing on his application, he wrote in 'super luck' for his power... But when it came to test his power to get in, the test came back positive. Drake still kind of doesn't believe he has powers, thinking that it was just a mistake on the tester's part. But he wasn't exactly going to speak up on that, so... now he's in the school.
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  23. @Captain Cardboard I feel like a funny drawback for him is that if he experiences too much good luck the chances of experiencing a singular very bad thing will happen
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  24. That's how I view luck: If something good happens, there should be something bad as well to 'balance it out' or something.
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  25. Accepted
    Perfect Gold Tier Character
  26. I’m not really sure if luck is going to be a complex enough power to write about extensively. I’d actually recommend that you upgrade the power from just being lucky to mild temporal influence. Rather than things going his way randomly, he can influence them to Some degree. The same drawbacks could be applied it just gives you a greater degree of individuality and room to grow into your powers.
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  27. Well, I do plan on Drake being able to control his luck powers eventually, relatively early on in the RP. Its just that right now he's only just realizing that he has powers. He can't really control his powers if he doesn't really believe he has them.
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  28. Ok then just a suggestion. Accepted
  29. Thank you! But just a question. What exactly did you mean by mild temporal influence? In starting to consider it.
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  30. It’s similar to luck but it’s much easier to explain scientifically.
    You basically influence the happening of events to be in your favor. It’s almost like subconsciously reading a choose your own adventure book of reality and then picking the option you like the best.
    Takes out the randomness of Luck and replaces it with a more tangible measure of cause and effect meaning yourself and others can logically see what actions would force you to recharge and which wouldn’t
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  31. Feel free to tag anyone you think might be interest in the rp
  32. @KeenKitsune you interested?
    and by your previous post I assume that we are gonna wait for a few more people to join before the RP thread is made, correct??
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  33. I know that this is double posting (and I'm sorry), but from my experience @ :ing someone in an edit of a previous post doesn't notify the person being @ :ed

    @Sentorus67 are you interested, perhaps?

    Sure I'm interested. Maybe later today I'll set up my bio.
  35. Right. Mild Temporal Influence does seem like a pretty cool power, but I don't think I'd be able to write it all that well. Thank you for the suggestion, though!
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  36. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    Ooh this seems interesting, I'll go type up a bio right now ^^ (Might take some time)
    Edit: Phew, finally finished it. If there is anything I need to change please tell me, I'm not entirely sure with all that I wrote and I would be willing to change
    Name: Aisha Frye
    Nickname (optional): None at the moment
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: American
    Dorm: Gold
    Appearance: Aisha has shoulder-length pale blonde hair, almost white. Her left eye is a pale blue, while her right eye is a pale green. The two are similar shades however, that are not startling obvious. She is of a 5'4 height with a relatively fit body though she lacks abs. She radiates a regal and mysterious aura that is accentuated by her features.
    Outfit (civilian clothes): The clothing she wears usually depends on her current Mood. Usually, however, she dons a pair of white pants, long in the winter, short in the summer. Her uniform coat is rarely fastened, though the length she wears changes with the seasons. Her top under her coat in warm weather is usually a cropped shirt, pastel pink in color. In the cold weather, she'll simply opt for a sweater of the same color. She prefers to wear a white pair of sneakers, though when it gets really cold she will wear white fluffy boots.
    Costume (hero garb): Aisha wears a skin-tight full body-suit, white in color. It offers slight protection but allows for maximum movement. It is made so that if dematerializes when she morphs into a full animal but reappears when she turns back into a human. It also makes room in the suit for any attributes she may take on.

    Power(s) : Animal Morphing
    Explanation: The user may take on attributes, or the full form of a chosen animal.
    Weakness/setback: Taking on the full form of an animal is harder than certain attributes. If the user is too weak at the moment and in human form, morphing will be harder. If the user is too weak at the moment and in full animal form, then changing back to a human form will be harder. The longer the user is in the animal form, the more the animal spirit attempts to take over. If the spirit were to win, the user would enter a rouge form in which it lacks reason and focuses instead on brute strength. Real animals are easier to morph into, while fantasy or extinct animals require more focus and control and will drain her energy faster. If she uses the creature's magic the time she can maintain the form shortens drastically. Should the user overextends, they will faint and if they overextended too much they will enter a coma.
    Extra information: An example of an attribute is a cat's tail. When the user is in full animal form, the spirit of the animal will also inhabit her mind. While the user is only partly animal, the rouge stage is harder to achieve. Transformations put a strain on the body, so the user must be fit and healthy to an extent. The animal does not always resemble the user (for example, the pelt color may differ from her hair color). At her current state, she can manage a fantasy creature form, but only for a few minutes. But, she can morph into small non-magical animals with ease though large ones still give her trouble at times. Fantasy creatures are only those who are formed with attributes of real animals.

    Backstory: Aisha was raised by two famous hero parents. Her power was a combination of both of theirs, her mother with the ability to control how she looked and her father with psychic powers. Her power first manifested when she was five years of age. She had watched her father communicate with the family pet cat and had wanted to try. She ended up with a pair of cat ears. Ever since then, she had been put on a strict training regime that she was to follow, even at school.
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  37. Ooh...seems....interesting....
    Ima reserve myself a spot if that’s okay with you @Frontier Master
  38. This rp is still very open so I doubt you will miss out on a spot
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  39. I think the ability to adopt attributes of real, extinct and mythical animals it’s a bit much. I’m happy to allow the real and extinct ones but I’ll have to draw the lines at Straight up mythical creatures (Specifically those with magical abilities such as say a dragon or gorgon). However as a compromise you would be allowed to adopt the form of mythical creature which were formed from the attributes of existing animals. Such as a manticore, Pegasus or griffin.
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