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Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Uki, May 13, 2008.

  1. Uki


    Can I catch a ditto in pearl? I am pretty sure you can't but there still is hope.

    And also is "completing" the pokedex mean you caught all of the pokemon or you have seen them all?
  2. First question: Here is how you can catch a ditto on pearl. Go to Canalave City. Then go to the route to the right of it. Go to the patch of grass. Use the poke-radar(obtained after you gat the national dex). You should find a Ditto soon.

    Second question: You only have to see them.
  3. Also, you see ALL pokemon in Sinnoh but Dialga. To get Dialga's "seen" thing, go to Celestic town and talk to Cynthia's Grandma.
  4. Yes...this could've been solved by looking in the Pokedex under Ditto's page.

    That and it doesn't belong in the Clinc.

    Mov'd to the appropriate place.
  5. When you use the poke radar aim for the grass patches that shake most and to make it simple maybe bring a strong pokemon with false swipe (I got a lvl 60 somthing Pinsir for that) and just kill anything thats not your ditto to keep your chain going. When you get teh ditto just false swipe it and pokeball and all done :D
  6. How you do this:

    Okay when you first got to that patch of land BEFORE entering Canalave City what did you see? Right! I medium field of grass! Once you have the Poke Radar go there and activate it. Go to the grass patch that shook closest to you. |NOTE: TO GET THE POKE RADAR YOU NEED THE NATIONAL DEX|| It might take a few tries but once you find it, make sure you have a pokemon who has a status changing move FIRST in your party and then when you use sleep powder, or whatever you used, simply catch it with an ultra ball just to be safe. You MIGHT fail but keep trying, it doesn't flee on you so you shouldn't worry.

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