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DPPt/HGSS Help with making a competitive team? would appreciate it

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Jomar, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. here are my pokemon (I know some are weak just migrated them)
    Mew lvl 42- Sassy nature
    Dark pulse

    Feraligatr lvl 58- Lax
    Ice beam
    Rock climb

    Dragonite lvl 70- Timid
    Water pulse
    hyper beam

    Flygon lvl 49- Lonely
    Rock slide
    Solar beam
    Dragon breath

    Charizard lvl 59- Hasty
    Focus blast
    Fire blast
    Heat wave

    any suggestions ? Criticism is accepted =)
  2. you have pretty good pokemon. I think you should think about attack choice. I constantly train against the elite 4 and i win every time with a full house of pokemon. Think about attack choice and the lvls you train against.srry if you have a different opinion but i think you should train like that.
  3. thank you I appreciate the help.
  4. Okay, frist things first, read this to get some idea of how your team should be getting its attacks and natures. Otherwise, I'll point a few things out. Don't use two turn moves (Fly), don't use HM moves (Rock Climb) and don't have more than one attack element on one Pokemon (Heat Wave and Fire Blast on Charzard). And always get STAB going, for both types (Barring Steel-types).

    Hope that helped.
  5. yup I read it, thanks now im just having trouble finding some of the more beneficial moves in the game
  6. your welcome and im glad we were able to help you. also never use gamesharks and action replays cause they'll kill ya game.
  7. nah i dont cheat or use hacked stuff
  8. Never do it anyway. Ok?

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