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DPPt/HGSS help with diamond e4 =[

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by tpl2000, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. as of yet i am using...

    dialga, lvl 51
    no item
    metal claw
    dragon claw
    heal block
    roar of time

    empoleon (nick'd gorinan) lvl 50
    item: splash plate
    aqua jet
    aerial ace
    metal claw

    azelf lvl 51
    item: mind plate
    uproar(need replacement move)
    nasty plot

    luxray (it's my baby) lvl 66
    item: none
    thunder fang

    infernape lvl 47
    no item
    scratch( need replacement move)
    rock smash (need replacement move, and location of move deleter)
    flame wheel
    close combat

    staraptor lvl 54 (got for a lvl 20 finneon on gts as is o.o)
    no item
    aerial ace
    close combat
    brave bird
    and pokerus to boot!

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Dialga- Heal block will come in handy for when you meet the Champion....the Champion's Milotic seems intent on pissing you off at any cost. Took me FOREVER to get that thing down, even with physical attacks. The rest of the moveset is great, I see no problem. For an item, Leftovers.

    Empoleon-He'll be your best friend for two of the four E4, so keep him healthy if you use him before the second E4. I always saw Empoleon as more of a Sp. Attacker, so maybe replace Aerial Ace with someting else...Aqua Jet is fine as it gets STAB and strikes first...

    Azelf-When I dragged this guy (girl?) along with me, I tought it Shadow Ball to take advantage of it's Sp. Atk. It definitely came in handy for the last member of the E4. Replace Uproar with it, if you want.

    Luxray-Swagger works, but why didn't you keep Charge? (Then again, anything he touches wil die since he's such a high level :p) As a general rule, a Poke'mon shouldn't have two same-type attack moves, so teach Luxray something that'll help him fight other opponents.

    Infernape-Hmm...replace Scratch with Rock Climb (Meh, there's not much else out there) and Rock Smash with Brick Break. The move deleter is in Canalave City in the house right above the Poke'Mart. In my experience, however, the only two moves I used were Flame Wheel and Close Combat

    Staraptor-Wow, nice trade...anyway, looks good. You'll be glad he knows Aerial Ace/Close Combat/Brave Bird...they'll help tremendously. Maybe the guy trading the Staraptor thought Poke'rus was bad. o_0
  3. i beat the e4! woot.

    believe it or not, the milotic was cake (!). i just used a couple discharges/thunder fangs on it, and it went kaput. the one i really had trouble with was lucario. at one point i was just reviving until it was stuck with struggle, as i didn't have a chance to do anything else and i had to stay alive. the only ones that could survive more than one strike were dialga and empoleon. and azelf is genderless. i didn't keep charge because i didn't want to get rid of thunder fang, for fear that if i taught it discharge instead, i would be choosing the weaker move (luxray atk > sp atk). also, if i have one of each form (atk, sp atk) i can take advantage of low sp def or def. same here with infernape and flame wheel/close combat.


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