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DPPt/HGSS Help my team please!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by jertyuiop, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Ok, here is my team. I know it has to be re-modeled

    Naive nature
    Serene Grace
    Move 1: Thunder Wave
    Move 2: Roost
    Move 3: Air Slash
    Move 4: Aura Sphere

    Motor Drive
    Move 1: ThunderPunch
    Move 2: Ice Punch
    Move 3: Cross Chop
    Move 4: Earthquake

    Natural Cure
    Move 1: Toxic
    Move 2: Petal Dance
    Move 3: Aromatherapy
    Move 4: Synthesis

    Flame Body
    Move 1: Flamethrower
    Move 2: Psychic
    Move 3: Sunny Day
    Move 4: SolarBeam

    Move 1: Horn Drill
    Move 2: Hammer Arm
    Move 3: Stone Edge
    Move 4: Earthquake

    Dusknoir@Shell Bell (I am hoping to get black sludge)
    Move 1: Will-O-Wisp
    Move 2: Shadow Punch
    Move 3: Payback
    Move 4: Ice Punch

    I'm training my pokemon up a lot, and they really need help. Thanks to anyone who helps.
  2. Just for next time, you don't have to type Move 1, ect. Just use a dash or something. I'm sure it got boring to type them over and over again.


    Would you consider re-breeding some of your Pokémon? SOme have egg moves that are quite useful to making movesets. Notably Togekiss gets Nasty Plot through breeding.


    Togekiss@ Leftovers
    Modest Nature
    Serene Grace

    -Nasty Plot
    -Air Slash
    -Aura Sphere
    -Roost / Psycho Shift

    Nasty Plot and then start a sweep.

    Air Slash has a 60% flinch rate, while Aura Sphere never misses and provides coverage with Air Slash.

    Roost to recover HP while Psycho Shift will prevent you from getting a status at least once.

    Note that the only way to get Nasty Plot and Psycho Shift on the same moveset is to breed a Murkrow that knows Psycho Shift from either Natu's line or Noctowl's line. Then make sure Murkrow learns Nasty Plot and then breed it with a Togetic to get a Togepi that has both Nasty Plot and Psycho Shift.
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  3. Well, thanks for helping Jet, but... I'm not sure if I could breed murkrow with natu and noctowl and find out that it's too low level to breed egg moves then get them to learn certain moves etc. Plus, it's hard for me to evolve togepi. But, thanks for replying :) much appreciated.
  4. Well, there are other options than using Nasty Plot and Psycho Shift.

    Togekiss@ Leftovers
    Modest Nature
    Serene Grace

    -Thunder Wave
    -Aura Sphere
    -Air Slash

    Pretty well known as it drives some people crazy. Paralyze the opponent, cutting the opponents speed in half.

    Then Air Slash them to death, giving them a very small chance to attack, taking into effect the 60% flinch rate and the 25% paralysis rate.

    Aura Sphere is to hit Rock and Steel-types.

    Roost recovers your HP that you lost so that you could use Thunder Wave. And recover damage off as well.
  5. Stark

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    A minor point here, but you are aware that giving a Black Sludge to Dusknoir will only hurt it, right? It only works like leftovers on Poison/Part Poison types. Better off giving that to Roserade or not using it at all.
  6. :-\ I've seen dusclops using black sludge before, I swear. Are you certainly sure?

    [quote author=Jet link=topic=5891.msg96322#msg96322 date=1239561454]
    Well, there are other options than using Nasty Plot and Psycho Shift.

    I see. Well, I can do that moveset, but if I have to breed to get a modest nature...

    1) I have a lot of trouble evolving a togepi.
    2) Training from scratch while the rest of my team are lv 50+ is a little awkward.
    But, I will get that moveset. Thanks again Jet, it's a real help ;)
  7. Only Poison-types get HP (1/16 per turn, like Leftovers) from the Black Sludge. Otherwise, they would lose HP (1/8 or regular Poison damage per turn) instead. So Gengar would get HP, while Dusclops would lose some.

    Make the hatched Togepi hold a Soothe Bell. It should speed the process up.
  8. Another quick way is to shove it full of vitamins and then take away whatever you don't want with the EV reducing berries. A fully EV'd pokemon has max happiness as far as I can tell, or at least that was what I was doing to fill out my 'Dex with all the happiness evolutions.
  9. Stark

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    By all means, he can use it. Its just he'll die fairly fast :p
  10. One problem. I was trying to evolve my munchlax and had it in battle. It used metronome. Then it used fling. Now I have no soothe bell, also you have to put a hatched pokemon in a poke ball, which rules out the luxury ball speeding up happiness.

    [quote author=LoN_Colossus link=topic=5891.msg96476#msg96476 date=1239622610]
    By all means, he can use it. Its just he'll die fairly fast :p

    Ok, I'll try it on dusknoir and if it doesn't work I'll give it to roserade when I get it.

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