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DPPt/HGSS Help me with my Froslass

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Flame Haji, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. ok My froslass is a lvl 49 (almost 50) and i need some help with what attacks it should have here is her info

    Calm nature
    Likes to run
    Likes bitter food

    Sp. Atk:92
    Sp. Def: 91
    Speed: 139

    also i have not given it any vitamins for any stats so what is there is from battling

    Icy Wind
    Ownous Wind

    so you can tell me what stat vitamins to give her and what moves (both tms,hm, and normal lvling moves)

    please and thanks ^ - ^
  2. If memory serves, Calm is +Sp. Def -Atk.
    I think it would be best to have one that's either Timid (-Atk +Spd) or Jolly (-Sp. Atk - Spd) but you probably don't want to rebreed.

    For EV's, focus on special attack and speed. I love 252/252/6 spreads a bit too much for my own good, so I'll leave the specifics to Plapti. XD

    Froslass @ Focus Sash

    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball
    Confuse Ray/Thunder Wave
    Destiny Bond/Thunderbolt/Water Pulse

    Froslass' special movepool could stand to have, say... Focus Blast cough ahem. Wake-Up Slap is really the only thing that'll hit steel types where it hurts, but normal damage is better than something that it resists.
    Ice Beam and Shadow Ball for STAB.
    Confuse Ray or Thunder Wave because Froslass is delicate and status conditions are fun. Confuse Ray is temporary, but more reliable in terms of making foes not attack you. XD Speed isn't really an issue for this girl.
    The last slot's up to you. Destiny Bond if it looks grim, Water Pulse for rock and fire types, or Thunderbolt for coverage.
  3. where can you get shadow ball again i used my only one on a diff pokemon if i cant get one what movie should i have in place
  4. Not Jolly, since its movepool is mostly Special. Timid works nicely. I use a Modest one, but Timid is better.

    I like having Ice Beam and Thunderbolt on the same set for awesome coverage and Shadow Ball is a must for STAB. Water Pulse could work if you okan on using Choice Specs. Otherwise having Destiny Bond and the Focus Sash works nicely. So here's my set.

    Frosslass@Focus Sash/Choice Specs
    Timid/Modest Nature (if not, don't bother)
    252 Spd, 252 S.Atk, 6 HP
    -Shadow Ball
    -Ice Beam
    -Destiny Bond/Water Pulse

    Destiny Bond with the Focus Sash. Water Pulse with the Choice Specs.

    Hope that helped.
  5. omg i suck so much i use shadow ball, ice beam and thunder bolt tms on other pokemon OMG where else can i get them

    or can you come up with a move set with out those moves
  6. Ice Beam and Thunderbolt can be bought at the Veilstone Game Corner for 12000 coins I believe and Shadow Ball can be bought for 64 or 80 BP from the Battle Park Battle Point Exchange.
  7. great thats going to take time #of coins 1067 # of bp 3
  8. If you have Wifi, you could consider asking somebody to trade for those TMs.
  9. ya i guess but my wifi is not working right now but when i get it to worki will ask
  10. Carmen Lopez

    Friend Code:
    Also if you don't mind migrating, the Shadow Ball TM can be found in the Celedon Game Corner (don't remember the number of coins) while Thunderbolt and Ice Beam can be found in the Mauville Game Corner for 4000 coins. Getting 12,000 coins in the Veilstone Game Corner is actually easier than it seems.
  11. thanks thats help full i have a lot of coins in the other games
  12. Jeydis

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    Shadow ball is up at Battle park for 64 BP. Just checked for ya :p

    I agree wholeheartingly with Plapti's build (who doesnt agree with plapti lol)

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