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DPPt/HGSS Help me prepare my gym

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by GodlessM, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Ok guys, a slot for gym leader opened up over at the Rayquaza forums and I am going for it. Eight people are applying and a tourney is been done for it. The rules are 6on6 single battles with no ubers, and all of your guys must be at least part of the type that your gym will be. Each participant picks one of the given types to participate with and if they win, there gym will be that type.

    So my competition will be normal, ghost, psychic, steel, water, ice and grass. I myself will be using water, so the idea of this thread is I want you guys to help me make a kick-ass water team so I can become leader.

    So the main thing is I want to mix it up, have as many different types in there while also having water. Here's what I've got so far:

    Cloyster - Relaxed @ Sitrus Berry
    Toxic Spikes/Spikes
    Rapid Spin
    Ice Shard

    Gastrodon - Calm @ Leftovers

    Starmie - Timid @ Life Orb

    Feraligatr - Adamant @ Choice Scarf
    Earthquake/Aerial Ace

    Ludicolo - Calm @ Shell Bell
    Rain Dance
    Ice Beam
    Energy Ball
    Leech Seed

    Kingler - Jolly @ Focus Sash
    Swords Dance

    I considered Toxic on Gastrodon over Earthpower, but figured mostly thinks will already be poisoned by poison spikes.

    Feraligatr is the MVP here, having the set to be able to easily take down 5 of the 7 other types, 6 if I take Aerial Ace over Earthquake, though that will leave only one option against Steels and that option lowers defenses and attack.

    Starmie is there to deal with other waters.

    Ludicolo provides rain support while being annoying and being able to handle grass types well.

    Kingler rounds out the set with some good stats and nifty moves. X-scissor helps against grass types and the Ludicolo I was concerned about.
  2. Don't worry about it all that much. I live my life by 3 types of pokemon and if it's one thing that I know, it's that a water, ice, or psychic pokemon can over come any obsticle. With Cloyster I suggest that you replace "Ice Shard" with "Ice Beam". It may have have 20 less pp but it is also the best ice move besides "Blizzard" with power at 95 and acuracy at 100. With grass type all I have to say is the more ice moves the better, because ice is super effective against grass.
  3. True Ice Beam is more effective, but the reason Ice Shard is there is because it is a priority move, and God knows they come in handy, especially with something slow like Cloyster. But still, I'm not ruling Ice Beam out.
  4. If you absolutly have to keep ice shard than there's no harm in keeping it, like I said. The more ice moves the better, but on that note if it's not required I would highly suggest getting rid of explosion. That has got to be the worst move ever. You're supposed to treat pokemon as if they were real and telling them to go explode is kind of going against that. Sorry if I seem a bit rude, but it really hurts me to see that move on a water pokemon.
  5. Am...o...k. It is a game, and I'm pretty sure electronical data doesn't have feelings, and Explosion is an awesome powerful move.

    Anyhow...moving on.

    I have added some rain support and a means to deal with grass types to the OT in the form of Ludicolo.

    But building Ludicolo got me thinking that if I run into him on an opposing Grass team I could be in trouble, as Ice Beam wont cut it. Aerial Ace or Brave Bird would be the best bet to take him down. Gyarados comes to mind for Aerial Ace unless you guys think Feraligatr should take Aerial Ace over Earthquake.

    Keep 'em coming.
  6. I would say keep earthquake on feraligator and give aerial ace to gyarados. Also on a side note, gyarados can also learn tm 35: flamethrower. just in case one of your pkmn with an ice move faint.
  7. I checked and Gyarados can't learn Aerial Ace. So I've found a way around; the final Pokemon will be a physical sweeping Kingler with X-scissor. He has pretty impressive stats, albeir a mediocre speed, but he has good defenses and a focus sash. So OP updated.

    And guys I must apologize for rushing through this, it may seem I am not intaking of your advise, it's just I may only have two days to prepare this team so I need to get it planned fast.

    But still keep the advise coming. Cheers.
  8. It doesn't bug me if you take my advice or not all that matters is that I got to help out a fellow trainer with their pkmn, cause thats what I'm here for is help on anything pkmn. Oh yeah the decision with Kingler, good choice. It may not look like muc but Kingler is a very good pkmn.
  9. Yea he really is. Flail + Focus Sash = WIN!!!
  10. Looks to me like you're all set. Just go out there and win. You literally have a move for every situation. Best of luck, and I hope that your new water gym prevailes.
  11. Just to post the result, it was a 5-0 win to me. Cloyster set up, blew up, then Starmie came out and swept up.
  12. Good job. It's always nice to know there is anoter tough water gym out there.
  13. Well I still have two battles left. Two of the three grass trainers are out though, so that's my main concerns gone.
  14. Yoshimitsu

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  15. W-what?!

    Ok this is a bit pointless.
  16. Checking in again after round two and it was 3-0 to me. He led with Scizor. Cloyster got down two layers of Spikes and then he made the mistake of using Giga Impact which left me a free turn on my death bed to Explode, almost taking him out. Ludicolo came out and set up Rain but got taken out by a critical hit from an X-Scissor. Starmie then cleaned up Scizor. He switched to Registeel, I switched out to Gastrodon; correctly predicting a Thunderbolt. He predicted my Earthquake and switched to Skarmory. I switched to Starmie who took his Air Slash easily. I decided to forgo the Thunderbolt so as to trick him so after sweeping Skarmory with Surf he sent out Empoleon who then got hit with Thunderbolt. He survived and took out Starmie. Then Feraligatr came out and just swept the rest of his team with Earthquake (Metagross, Lucario and Registeel).
  17. KoL

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    GodlessM, double-posting is against the rules - I can see why you did it here so no warning, but don't do it again.

    Also, the Clinic is for moveset advice, not giving everyone a log of every battle this team of yours has been through. Since this topic has officially stagnated to the point of no return, it's getting locked.
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