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Help me pick Espeon or Umbreon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Flame Haji, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. I pick one of them for my main party, but which one (also is it hard to evo eevee into them, about how long does it take)

    which one should i pick please tell me ^ - ^
  2. If we are talking about your current trainer card as team, Im thinking Espeon to replace your Hypno perhaps.

    As for how hard it is: You have to get the eevee's happiness up and it has to be day time when he gets to its peak. Its annoying to time and is harder then average but its well worth the effort in my opinion :D
  3. oh i was going to replace difflon (cant spell). its to hard to lvl him and he does not have good moves and i got him to late in the game.

    but do you think espeon is better the the other one
  4. Overall they are pretty even, if they wouldnt you would see alot more of one and not the other.

    Depends on your playing style and how your team works as a whole.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Erm, your team's rather broken anyway... :/ Half your team would be utterly destroyed by any good Ghost-type Pokemon, plus so would Espeon if you chose to evolve Eevee into one. Mightyena isn't the best Pokemon and it would easily be taken out by a common move like Brick Break, Umbreon is meant to be a wall, with weak attacking power of its own, so it'd eventually go down after a few Brick Breaks as well. >> Leaving only your Honchkrow to take care of the rest, and he'd easily fall too due to an abundance of Electric and Ice-moves. I suggest making a topic in the clinic asking for help, because no matter what you evolve Eevee into you'll run into big trouble sooner or later.
  6. thanks for the idea but mightyena is one of 3 of my best pokemon and it has been with my team for a long time (not that long but 3 games) so i dont plain to remove it. but that for the idea it mite help me later on THANKS ^ - ^
  7. Umbreon! Better stats and uglier :D

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