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Help getting Milotic

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by insilencewedream, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. I know how,
    but what berries are best to feed feebas?
    are the wiki berries good enough? i'm growing them right now.
    i have a female feebas with a bold nature and it likes sour food.
    i know it's not one of the natures that it's hard to get a milotic with but
    is that good or should i breed another one?

    I already tried 2 times before feeding it the most berries it can eat but I never got the beauty high enough. so now I'm trying again.
  2. First off, which game is this in? (It is a hell of a lot easier to pull off in 3rd Gen.)
    Second, it is probably a good idea to rebreed until you get a nature that likes dry things. (These are Mild, Modest, Quiet and Rash)
    I found that Wiki berries worked for me, but I did it in 3rd Gen. and transferred the Milotic up. I don't actually know how to calculate the requisite values.
  3. I got my Milotic in 4th Gen, and had no problem making them with Wiki berries (I did use it in two player poffins though).

    I also have no idea what nature it is, sorry :(
  4. I do agree that getting Milotic is far, far easier in the 3rd gen with the Berry Master in Emerald and because it's easier to get higher level Pokeblocks in general. Wiki Berries do work fairly well. In fact, before you get start getting Pamtre Berries or higher, Wiki berries are the best.
  5. thanks so much! I have a milotic now =D
    this topic can die now haha

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