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Help Create a Brand New Region!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Mockingchu, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. The Ginga Region. A Region full of...

    Not sure, actually.

    That's where you come in, of course. I have some Fakemon for the region already. Check 'em out!

    Ginga 'Mons

    As you can see, I already have 48 Fakemon designed. That said, what Region only introduces 48 new 'Mons? Luckily, this site exists. So whaddya say? Wanna help me out?

    Tagging some people who might want to help. If you don't that's okay.

    @Mr Fishykarp @Eeveechu151 @ScorchPlayz
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  2. I guess I might be up for helping. I do have a few mons of my own anyways.
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  3. I definitely wanna help with this. Like Eeveechu, I have a few old mons I could flesh out a bit for this.
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  4. If you've got anyone else who may want to help feel free to tag them. For now, let's just jump into it.

    Have you seen the current mons in the Region? If so, you know what's been covered. The basic Route 1 mons, as well as the main bug line for the region. I also have two birbs, but we could use a main three-stage bird.
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  5. TheAverageCharmeleon

    TheAverageCharmeleon Previously TheAverageCharmander

    Wouldn't a region be so much better if it was just all the current regions combined into one? I would love that!
  6. That would be fantastic, but the goal of this thread is to create a brand new region. Thank you for your input though!

    So what do we want to start on? Perhaps the main bird line? I've struggled with that quite a bit. Names and basis for design and stuff like that.

    There's been a pigeon, a sparrow, a weird Hawaiian bird thing, and some other birbs I don't know how to classify. What would be something new?
  7. Hm... I'll try to think on what to do with the birbs. My Pokemon are mainly the more unique and non-thematic ones.
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