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Help Choose A New Pokécharms Feature!

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hey guys! I've been thinking lately about what to build next for Pokécharms, and so I wanted to get feedback from the community about what you guys would want most. I've got some ideas that I'd like to put forward, but what I build isn't limited to this list – if you've got an idea you'd like to see on Pokécharms, let us know!

    Click through to see the list of possible features, and vote for your favourite if you're logged in!

    Requests System
    Allows you to set whether you’re available for requests, art trades, or commissions, and shows your ststus in a large block on your works and profile.

    Later on, we could expand this to letting you manage your requests through ‘Charms directly, allowing you to manage a request queue. We could also add a dedicated tab on your profile for more information about your requests, such as commission prices and the types of requests you take.

    Creative Corner: Advanced Filtering
    Expands the browsing options on the Creative Corner, and allows you to filter and sort the Creative Corner listings more freely. For example, you could choose to view written works from your followed users, posted in the last week, and sorted by the under of comments.. Or you could view the most liked works in a particular tag. We’d also add this functionality to a user’s profile.

    Creative Corner: Analytics
    Adds an area that allows you to view statistics about your works on the Creative Corner, like what your most liked works are, what works got the most comments, what tags get the most attention, and so on. The idea is to give you more information as to how your works are doing and what works best.

    Creative Corner: Comment Replies
    Allows you to reply directly to a comment, so that it appears directly underneath it, and you can view the entire conversation in order. This would save you from tagging a user individually to let you know you’re talking to them.

    Profile Revamp
    The profiles are pretty limited right now, and useful information (like a user’s works, or their About Me section) is hidden behind tabs. This would redesign the profiles to show that information more clearly, and also add more ways to customise your profile – maybe even choosing one of your Creative Corner works as a cover image.

    Trainer Cards: Gallery
    Showcase the best and newest Trainer Cards on the site, so you can show off your cards, get inspiration for new ones, and discover and Like other Trainers’ cards.

    Trainer Cards: Pokémon Genders
    Allow you to set a gender for each of the Pokémon on your trainer card, with a small symbol in the Pokémon’s panel.

    Trainer Cards: Editing
    Allows you to bring a saved trainer card back into the TCM to make changes, without having to recreate the card from scratch.

    Pokémon BBCodes
    Adds new buttons in the forums, Creative Corner, and comments to allow you to quickly and easily post Pokémon sprites – just click the button, choose the Pokémon you want, and it'll appear in your post.

    If you like an idea and have a Pokécharms account, feel free to vote in the poll below, or leave your thoughts as a comment :) Again, if you have any other ideas you'd like to see, please let us know!
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Which of these features would you most like to see on Pokécharms? (See post for descriptions)

  1. Requests System

  2. Creative Corner: Advanced Filtering

  3. Creative Corner: Analytics

  4. Creative Corner: Comment Replies

  5. Profile Revamp

  6. Trainer Cards: Gallery

  7. Trainer Cards: Pokémon Genders

  8. Trainer Cards: Editing

  9. Pokémon BBCodes

Multiple votes are allowed.


Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Teapot, Feb 21, 2016.

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    1. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Voted for Advanced Filtering, Profile Revamp, and Trainer Card Editing as my top 3 choices. I've wanted advanced filtering for a while now and I think it'll be really nice to implement! Profile Revamp, as a creator, would help me a lot; I feel like looking through my artworks tab is rather cluttered at the moment, and having to constantly point people to my information tab re: my FAQ indicates to me that the current system we have can be improved upon. As for Trainer Card Editing, it gets a little tedious to delete and remake a card, especially if it's because you mistyped your name or want to change a Pokemon and your card is otherwise okay. I can also see people using it as a way to keep track of Pokemon on their team, be it in-game or in an RP or whatever.

      Other features I'd like to see implemented on the list would be the Requests System, as I typically only open requests and commissions at certain points and it'll be really helpful to have a way to organize them. Analytics is also from my standpoint as a creator; I like knowing what people like most of my works, and how that compares to, say, my works that only have 1 or 2 likes.

      Stuff I'd think would be cute but not necessarily important for the time being would be Comment Replies and Pokemon BBCodes. Comment Replies would just make the comments section of the Corner look more organized, while the BBCodes I just want because why not. :'D
      Last edited: Feb 21, 2016
    2. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I don't know how many features you plan on implementing at once, but my choices are Creative Corner Analytic, Advanced Filtering, Profile Revamp, and Trainer Card editing.

      As Shiny already pointed out re: Trainer Cards, it would be so much more convenient to make a quick edit to an existing card without having to completely start from scratch again.

      For the Profile revamp, I don't know how easily a written work would function as a cover image, but maybe you could make that application a featured work/series/image instead. Maybe another feature for the User's Works section could be manual organization for ordering works into categories like "One-Shots", "Series A", "Series B", etc.

      The Creative Corner Filtering and Analytic functions would be helpful in finding out which works got more attention and from who while also better finding works that might have gotten overlooked in the shuffle.
    3. Shocari
      Profile Revamp, Requests System, and Analytics are the top choices for me. I think Profile Revamp would be pretty good from what Data's already suggested and Shiny's thoughts, but also because having more relevant information more easily available would probably be really useful for maybe the younger crowd that aren't too familiar with forums or would necessarily know where to look.

      A Requests System would be a godsend, especially for some of the artists that get tons of requests, and it would still be extremely useful for those that don't get as many. I can see this easily being one of the most useful features due to the large number of artists we have.

      Even though I'm not much of a creator anymore, I agree with Shiny on the Analytics feature. Being able to see what your audience connects with the best is one of the most powerful tools a content creator can have, and being able to do so with ease would only serve to help our artists further themselves, which I am all for.

      Honorable mentions go to Trainer Card Editing and Comment Replies. TC Editing would be nice because I have no idea how many times I've made a card, looked over it carefully before finishing it, only to go back and find some really dumb small mistake like a small typo or maybe I picked a picture that looked really similar to the one I actually wanted or was right next to the one I wanted and I wasn't paying attention. Comment Replies are mostly just an aesthetic thing for me, but being able to properly keep track of how a conversation is going really helps reduce headaches.

      I think all of the features are pretty amazing, honestly, so I'll be pretty happy with whatever we end up getting ^^
    4. Green Dragon
      Green Dragon
      Went with Profile Revamp, Requests System, and Trainer Cards: Pokemon Genders. The first two seem like pretty good ideas, while the third is just something that would be cool. :)
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    5. Scrafty
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    6. RafuRum
      Ow gee I like all of them!! O_O but I just had to vote for the creative corner stuff since I go there the most.. also the request feature sounds really interesting since many members tend to do it.. For more features I'd like to suggest "Groups" mini groups in our big group here! it would be nice to join a group filled with people with similar interests.. like battling, drawing, spriting, and even RP..

      ** I also think being able to show your trophies is a good idea :D
    7. Aaronimations
      it was so hard to pick only 5 i thought they were all great i thought the proflie revamp would be great having one for you stuff you posted being like a cover photo that sounds awesome
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    8. Hernan23Pro
      I like everything but my favorites are:
      Trainer Cards:Gallery,Gender,Edit
      Pokemon BBCodes
      And Profile Revamp
      1)I like Trainer Card Maker so much like now,but with more freatures,it can be great to render the options to do,plus,its one of the main features of the site and my favorite one.
      2)Pokemon BBCodes can be a hilarious,good thing in the chat,why not?i like the idea so much.
      3)Profile Revamp are SO MUCH needed in the site,and things like a cover photo can be a great idea,post some of your art works or some other thing as background sounds really awesome,good idea,man
      (i forgive you from deleting some mine thing in the creative corner 1 year ago.)
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    9. EspeonTheBest
      I really like the idea of a Profile Revamp, Request system and Trainer Card editing.

      Profile Revamp) I feel like it's pretty small and information about the user, art and writing wise, is very limited. I could click on an amazing artist's page and not know it if I didn't see a sample right away. I love the idea of a cover page! It'd be cool to make covers for my written works and showcase my writing and art!

      Request System) Requests are a tad hard to keep track of. From posts being on one peice of work and more on others, it's just really hard to keep track. I feel like a request system would clear up tons of mishaps, misunderstandings, and mistakes between requesters and the artist/writer. (You never know when someone will request a story I suppose.)

      Trainer Card Editing) say I create a card for one of my RP characters. Now this character catches a new Pokemon. Rather than creating a whole new cars, just simply editing a Pokemon in would save a world of trouble. I think it's not so important that the world would explode if we don't have it, but it's definitely a feature that would make the Trainer Card created easier to handle and use.
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    10. Stelluna
      I think there should be a request system with optional reminders
    11. Teapot
      I was thinking of collapsing works into their series, so you'd click the series to see the works within it. Any un-series'd works would appear on their own in the main listing. Do you think that would work?

      What would the reminders be for? Reminding the artist to fulfil the request? :)

      I love both ideas! :up:
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    12. Stelluna
      Yes, the reminders can be set to remind you to make the request every (insert wanted time frame here). The timer would be adjustable and could be enabled and disabled
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    13. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      All of the features were ideal choices to see added to 'charms, so it was really hard for me to narrow it down to just five. I will verbally vote for all of them to be added, since I cannot really pick and choose anything in the selection. All of them will be nifty add-ons to the site. :)
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    14. Neopolitan
      I voted for Request Systems, Profile Revamp, and the Trainer Card Editing. Those three are godsend.
    15. Localised
      Out of these all I would love to see a request system, that would be so cool :)
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    16. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      @Teapot Yeah, that works fine. I was just speaking generally on the matter anyway. :)
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    17. Corion
      My unrealistic vote goes to a Sprite Creator. Make your own sprites or edit official ones.

      But the Trainer Card editing seems like a good idea.
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    18. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      You can always edit existing, official Pokemon sprites (in-game sprites I mean) on an image-editing program like Paint, Photoshop, etc.
    19. Corion
      I know. I already use those programs. I just think it would be easier and more convenient to those who don't have as much experience or the need to buy Photoshop.

      But I totally see where you are coming from.
    20. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      @Corion there are plenty of free programs out there to use! But yes, if you meant full-on trainer customization, that would be a little difficult to make, not because of coding stuff but because of all the artistic assets needed and whatnot.
    21. Lord Of Pain
      Lord Of Pain
      I'd like to suggest a new feature "mythology maker" where there will be like some sort of chart and everyone can place the currently existing legendary pokemon into their role in creating the universe in the persons opinion, and people can see each others "mythology"

      Not something necessary but thought it might be something interesting and fun to add
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    22. Stelluna
      Oh also, there could be a thing that would inform you when it is someone's birthday ^^ if they let people see it, of course.
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    23. Mechanist Gamma
      Mechanist Gamma
      Very interesting. When does this close? I'm waiting for the changes.
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    24. PokeMario
      Hey, I actually bet we can actually use an avatar selection, (besides the character sprites we already have) for ingame sprites, and custom ones too.
      Last edited by a moderator: Mar 2, 2016
    25. Teapot
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    26. Psonic
      I vote for the trainer card gallery and editing. If we get an editing feature, I'll make sure there are no mistakes on my trainer card, and a gallery would be amazing to look at. #TrainerCardsFTW
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    27. Skippy315
      Trainer card gallery.
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    28. Kawaii Unicorn
      Kawaii Unicorn
      I voted for the features currently in the lead, I like all of the choices! Also question, when is the poll gonna close?
    29. Hernan23Pro
      Yeah,when are they end,im waiting a week
    30. Skippy315
      I hope it'll be sometime soon.
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    31. Teapot
      Patience, folks. I can't snap my fingers and make features appear – they take a lot of work!
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    32. TMO
      I think they should add a new trainer card feature, They should add a back to the trainer card and on the back it should list the moves for the Pokemon the user chooses and a signature for the users to sign their user name or name to their card. After it is saved you could download it as two instead of one image for the trainer card. For example trainer card on the front pokemon moves on the back.Last and not least add the stats for the team for attack,defense,special attack,special defense, and speed so the user knows how good is their team is.:?

      Just sayin, it could happen;)

      Also they should add the attack database so users could find their favorite attack move for their profile and the Pokemon as well(For the spelling mistakes or how to spell it);)
      Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2016
    33. ShinyZekrom009
      As much as I would like Pokemon sprite BBCodes for my Nuzlocke posts, I have to go with Profile Revamp. I would really like a cleaner and more organized profile with more options and a bigger display of my stuff on one page. A lot of this stuff sounds excellent, though, so I am happy with whatever gets implemented, honestly :)
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    34. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      One feature I didnt see on the poll, is starting groups.

      You can choose to create a group or join one.

      The owner of the group, may request people to join thier group, and users may request to join one.

      Thier can be a Group occupation. Example: RPs , Fnaf Fan Group, etc.

      The groups can be displayed on Recent Activity as (User_Name) has created a group, or thier can be a group gallery, where others can see diffrent groups and join them.

      Also like in Forums, you can Title your group, Open, Ask to Join, or Private/Closed. When a group is at its max, it will automatically become Closed.

      The creater can add a max amount of Charmers. The minimum is 2, like adding a Conversation, you cant just have a blank RP, and start inviting.

      Charmers can choose to leave a group. When this happens to a full group, the bar, will change back to what it was originally, if it was changed.

      Thier will probally be a max amount of groups you can join. Perferably 3 or 5.

      Thats all I can think off.
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