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Private/Closed Hellsin Gates

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Johnathan was barley listening to the teacher while he thought of something else. He was already going to pass this class so it wasn't like he needed it.
    He took out one of his notebooks and wrote down some ideas onto how to win the so called impossible challenge in Hellsin Gates.
    After school let out He went to his house study for a bit and ate before getting on the computer.
    Jagson9 Looked at the icy planes of Melos as he waited for his guild to show up. He check his inventory to make sure he had what he needed. He moved around a bit as he waited for his team.
  2. "You sure you got everything," the librarian smiked as she looked at the younger woman infront of her. Rosa nodded as she picked up her books, squirring back to her house after a quick goodbye. She put the books down before signin into her favorite game.
    Lynxwing walked toward her companion and whistled. She checked her inventory to make sure everything was in her place, "we waiting for the others"?
  3. Jagson looked at her. "Yes we are." He said as he kept his eyes opened. " So how was you're day?" he asked her as he studied the terrain.
  4. "Fine. Got some new books that should be interesting," the pale haired cleric shrugged. She stretched her arms into the air and shot her fellow guild member a lopsided grin, "any idea what the first step is for this challenge"?
  5. Ashlynn groaned as she walked around and she sat down at her bed before she entered the game and she smiled happily, when she logged in to her all-time favorite game.
    Katta walked around and she saw Jagson and Lynx " Hmm Hey guys" she said walking up..
  6. "Katta." He said. " How have you been." He said. He looked at the scenery. He looked at Lynx. " I've come up with a few strategies that might help us." He said as he looked around waiting for the other four.
  7. Jaden rushed ahead. He dodged people, trees, acts, and other things. He rushed in his hous, ready to get his game on.
    The Swordsman, Ry_Burst, appeared in a flash of light behind the others. "How's it hanging folks?" He asked gripping the handle to his sword tightly. "What's today got in store?"
  8. "The challenge remember and let's go over those strategies," Lynx crossed her arms. She shuffled a little bit and smiled, "how has everyone's day been? And any news about events we should take after this challenge".
  9. "Well there's the siege and defend challenges." Jagson9 said as he looked at everyone. " We're still missing a few people." He said. as he looked around.
  10. "Train then? Get ready," Lynxwing shrugged and plopped down onto the ground. She looked about her friends and checked her inventory again, making sure ove more, "still didnt answer my question. How was your day"?
  11. He looked over towards them. " Alright people we'll train at storm swamp until the others get back. If that's alright." He said before opening his menu. " Do you're best to keep us alive Lynx." He said
  12. "That my job. I got this," Lynx smiled and got ready to go. She checked everybody quickly to make sure they hadn't done anything before she got there to hurt themselves then relaxed a hand to the hilt of her broad sword.
  13. The door to 15 Kellyn Lane opened up, as Jay Maxwell had just unlocked it with his house key. He and his sister, Penny, had just gotten home from school. They lived farther away from the school than Jay's classmate Johnathan, so it took them longer to get there. Fortunately, neither of them had any homework, so they put their bags in the hallway corner before hopping onto the computers. Taking out his phone, Jay texted Johnathan. "Logging in now. What server you guys on and where?" he asked through text. Meanwhile, he was logging into his account.
    USERNAME: CreeperNinja360
    PASSWORD: ************
  14. "Are we sure that everyone is going to be joining us today? Perhaps we should message them and make sure," Lynx shrugged as she opened her menu to check on her skills. In real life she was biting her lip in thought, figuring out what she would need for the challenge. She checked the durability on her rope dart and the strength. She thought about perhaps upgrading it and looked at her coin to see if she had enough.
  15. Johnathan looked and saw his phone buzz. He picked it up and saw that it was a text from Jay. He texted back The usual server. we're currently at Storm swamp." He replied. before going back to the game.
    "You might be right Lynx I got word that. Creeps and Penny are on their way." Jag said as he readied himself for the training does anyone know the others IRL.
  16. Lynx nodded and walked forward toward the entrance. She looked about for any enimies and in real life pulled her eyes away from the screen to make an unimpressed face at the cat that had just failed. She sighed and reached over, picking up her tuxedo kitten and plopping him on the bed before paying attention to the game again.
  17. Katta looked at Jag and Lynx and she groaned " Man..guys...i...think " she said looking at them and she gasped when a spear hit her from behide , she just giggled, the player who stabbed her was confused "What!" he said and Katta sighed "yeah player hunters are not cool bro" she said and she drooped to her knees. "well this sucks..." she said on low health and unable to move " Hmm Jag help" she said.
  18. "I'm coming," Lynx jogged over to start healing. She looked at the player Hunter and hummed in thought, "can someone take care of him if he's going to be a nuisance? I'd rather not waste all of my abilities and healing items before the challenge".
  19. Katta whimpered " His spear has electric on it so he can make you immobile " she said and she looked down, she grabbed his foot and she tried to trip him "go down " she said groaning as her arms wouldn't move "I hate this.."
  20. " Freaking PKers." Jag said as he ran towards the man. Jag looked at the man he was level seventy. " Foolish child." The man said as he drew his blade and ran towards Jag. thinking quickly Jag used his dice abilities.
    He first rolled the dice of defesne He watched as it landed on a three. The man's defensive power went from 120 to forty. Jag then rolled the dice of attack. It landed on a six. The man tried to attack Jag only for his moves to bounce off of Jag's armor. Jag swung his blade at the man cutting him down with one swing. " Katta." He said as he walked over to them. "Will she live medic?
  21. "You question my abilities? Of course she'll live," Lynx chucked as the wound disappeared and she was healed to all stat changes. As the cleric opened her menu she stopped for a moment to think, "so should I spend a potion to get you back up to full or a spell? Decisions decisions".
  22. Katta wanted to punch Lynx " Lynx If you don't freaking Heal me i'm gonna die!...Just use a Potion!" she screamed and she looked at her ands he sighed " Please i'll be good..." she said and she shivered " All my progress will be gone if you don't hurry" she said
  23. "One potion coming up," Lynx cheered and sent one to the other player. She then sat back and watched, "just grab it and drink it. I won't let you die. Shesh, no rest for the clerics".
    "Bobby stop," The bookworm glared at the small kitten that was moving about the bed. The cat clawing at her blankets before she moved him away.
  24. Katta smiled at her and she drank the potion then she stood up "Ahh thats a lot better" she said and she looked lynx "Ok so what now/" she asked running at the PK's and she attacked them.
  25. "K thanks" Jay texted back. He relayed the info to his sister, and hopped online. Arriving on the server, he used the warp point at Storm Swamp."
    CreeperNinja360, one of the oldest players of the game among their friend group, landed in the world on his knees. He had chosen this to be his entrance pose, paying respect to the world the devs had put their heart and soul into for a minute before standing up. Another player landed right beside him - MechaPenny, his IRL sister.
    "Shall we go?" she said.
    "We have to figure out where the others are first..." CreeperNinja said. "...which actually shouldn't be too hard. Thank you, game. The Tracking magic I used on Jag is still active. He's right around here." The ninja, dashed off, arriving at where the others were within seconds. "Hey, guys." he said, giving a salute to the team. Then he noticed. "Katta? You alright? Lemme guess - one of those damn PK players again."
    "Hey, not so fast!" MechaPenny said, running up. "I can't run as fast as you!"
  26. Katta looked at him and she smiled happily "yep i'm Katta but you can call Me Kat" she said and she keep on attacking the PKs and she growled when she killed one "yay" she said smiling.
  27. The ninja, quickly drawing a Kunai, tossed it at a PKer, dealing damage. He then ran up and slashed the man in half with one of the four katanas he kept with him for some reason. He took the Kunai out of the body before it vanished, not wanting to waste a single material. He turned to Katta. "Yeah, we know. Remember? We were online with this very group last time you were here. Well, Penny wasn't, but I digress."
  28. After watching the others be useful, Ry_Burst decided to give an hand to the others. He swung in a wide arc, killing a few of the people who got near him. He gave a leap over another, bear delivering a powerful blow. "So I missed out on the agenda, how long do we have to train, before we have some fun. I feel like we're just stalling as a whole," he said parrying another slash.
  29. "Ask Jagson, he's the party leader!" Penny said, crashing into one of the PKs with a Shield Bash, both knocking the PK back and stunning them. CN pushed a PK back with the other one, and stabbed through them both. Swinging, he turned as their models disappeared.
    "Ry poses a good question, Party Leader. When are we gonna stop messing around with these schmucks and get to the actual fight?"
  30. "I only have a certain number of potions so if we stay here then ill have to take another trip to get some so," Lynx pipped in as she took a step to get into the conversation. The cleric looking about the world before checking her inventory again, "does anyone know what we get for completing this challenge"?
  31. "Again, like Creeper said, Jag knows more then we do," Ry_Burst said, beginning to grow annoyed by these PK's persistence. He quickly stabbed one in the gut, removed his blade, and continued to swing. "And how is this training. This is pretty easy to begin with."
  32. "True but if we stay to long then it will start to windle us down," Lynx stayed back as she watched the fight. She didn't want to step unless she needed to and heal if it was needed, "one moment guys".
    "Bobby," the tuxedo cat was picked up and placed in a cardboard box with his toys. The owner rolling her eyes as she returned to the game.
  33. Jag looked around. "Alright it's apparent they aren't going to show up." He said as he looked at them. " Teleport back to the Icy planes of Melos and let's get started." He said as he teleported away.
  34. "Sure." CreeperNinja360 said, using the teleportation that had saved him SO much time in the past. Landing in a blue beam of light, he stood up and saw Jagson9. MechaPenny landed right beside him. "Alright, party leader. What's next? You never informed me of what quest we're doing or where we're going."
  35. Lynx teleported and looked to her companions then the landscape with a pleased chuckle. She was happy and still amazed by the world design of the game, "yeah. What's next"?
  36. "Ugh," Ry_Burst mumbled, teleporting to the plains. "C'mon folks, let's rock. The sooner we get going the sooner we have fun!"Ry_Burst said.
  37. "We're going to do the Challenge." He said. "That new one that no one seems to be able to complete." He said as he made sure to put his armor on. " So what do you all say. Want to make history?"
  38. "Thought we already did when we killed Dragoul." CreeperNinja360 said. "But I'm up for doing it again."
    "Finally! A challenge!" MechaPenny said, getting hyped.
  39. "Let's," Lynx grinned and did one last quick check of her inventory before she stepped forward to take place, "history can be made twice. Though the more memorable of the two will be what are known for"!
  40. " You guys are thinking of that other challenge." He said. "This one was made after the recent update. According to the game designers it is expose to be unbeatable." He said as he started towards the snow covered mountain.

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