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Hello, Mr. Mayor

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rex, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    OoC: Again, going to take a liberty and make a topic for business that requires the mayor in his office. For now, this would probably just be Nick's job, but as time goes on, I'm sure other ways to incorperate the mayor would become available.

    BiC: 10:13am

    Eventually, Rex managed to make it all the way to the Post Office, which doubled as a town hall. Inside, the pleasant looking Pelipper he had seen the other day was standing behind the counter. After shaking the rain drops from his fur, the Linoone approached.

    "Oh, are you here to deliever an ad for Nick?" the Pelipper asked, noticing the work shirt.

    "No, actually, he wanted me to meet the mayor," the Linoone answered. He definately liked this Pelipper a lot more then her night shift replacement.

    The Pelipper simply nodded, "An odd request, but then again, Nick always was an odd one." She smiled, "Through the door on the left is his office, he accepts anyone at anytime, but if he' s dozing, just knock on his desk."

    The Linoone nodded his thanks, and went through the door. He was suprised that the mayor had no security of any sort. Not to mention the fact that the only two police men the town seemed to have were Sheriff and Popo, and their collective skill was in question. Rex wondered if all country towns were like this, it was certainly different from what he was used to in the city.

    As the Pelipper outside had predicted, the mayor was asleep at his desk, the picture of old age. The man looked like he had held the position of mayor for most of his life, or most of the towns, which ever happened to be younger. He was a Wartortle. Rex wandered over to the Pokemon, planning to awaken him.


    Rex snapped back to focus hours later, with no memory of the last few hours. The old Wartorle was wide awake, and talking about something. Looking at the clock, the Linoone was surprised to see he had spent several hours sitting and listening to the old Pokemon. Looking out the window next, he noted, with some dismay, that the weather was still poor.

    Still, he had to escape the Wartorle before the Pokemon sent him back to sleep. He quickly made up an excuse, and hurried off into the rain filled afternoon.
  2. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    11:47 PM

    RMA walked into the Post Office/Town Hall combo building, being greeted by the same grumpy Pelipper as before. "Ah, if it isn't the pink blob of flesh. What do you want?" She growled annoyingly. "Just here to see the mayor ma'am. Is he still around?" RMA replied, not paying much attention to the insult. "Why don't you go find out for yourself? I've got better things to do than deal with your stupidity." She answered, pointing towards the door on the left. "Of course you do..'cause the night shift is obviously hustle and bustle..." RMA grumbled back, walking through the door. Surprisingly enough, the mayor was still at his desk, unsurprisingly fast asleep. RMA didn't want to bother waking the old wartortle up for such petty reasons, so he took a sheet of paper off the mayor's desk, along with a pen, and wrote a small greeting for him to read later.

    "Mr. Mayor, I came by earlier to introduce myself, but you were asleep at the time, so I decided to write this small letter instead. I'm Mr.RMA, one of the new villagers who just moved in. I hope to see you in person some time so that we can discuss some more at a more convenient occasion. I would definitely like to learn more about a storied man such as yourself.
    With much regards,

    Not a masterpiece, but it was something at least. Putting the letter at the front of the mayor's desk, RMA walked out. Now that that matter was settled, he could finally get some kind of payment, or at least another job from that hack Nick.
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