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Open Helix Region Discussion and Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, Jan 31, 2017.


Which type do you prefer?

  1. Water

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  2. Flying

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  3. Grass

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  4. Fire

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  1. Welcome to the Helix Region! This Region is full of forests, mountains and coastal areas! There is a gym system and different towns. There is also a league and a professor. The professor doesn't give out starters so you need to catch your own.

    No godmodding
    No Mary Sues
    No legendaries
    No dittos
    No innapropriate content
    No being mean
    Fakemon get are allowed, but they MUST be your creation and you MUST have a picture.

    Meliko Town (Rock Gym)
    Flora Village
    Halo City (Psychic Gym)
    Snowbite Town (Ice Gym)
    Kalyptos Town (Grass Gym)
    Cherub Town
    Lopez City (Dark Gym)
    Quilmist Village (Water Gm)
    Opalanna City (Fairy Gym)
    Emralza City- Where the league is
    Laika Town (Dragon Gym)

    Sign Ups:

    Home Region
    Previous Regions
    Team, 1-3 Pokemon (Fakemon need to be your own creation with a picture)


    Ability: (Not Nessecary)

    The RP will open when I get enough people.
  2. image.png My Form:

    Name: Angel Frostbite

    Age: 12

    Appearance: Long Blonde Hair, Blue long sleeve, White pants, Blue eyes

    Personality: Angelic, Charming, Sweet, Smooth, Bit of a temper though

    Home Region: Snowbite Town, Helix
    Previous Regions: Just Helix

    Team: Spirikit


    Name: Spirikit
    Species: Spirikit
    Ability: Sap Sipper
    Level: 19

    High Jump Kick
    Ice Beam
    Moon Blast

    This is the picture of Spirikit up the top, it is a Pokemon I made up on my own completely and I drew it myself. I also came up with the name.
  3. Name: Lunar
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Shoulder length hair that is naturally brown but she dyed part of it red. Her eyes are red but she wears a eye patch over her right eye because she doesn't want people to see her scar. She wears a blue jacket over a black t-shirt. She wears skinny jeans and a torn up red scarf around her neck.
    Personality: Awkward around others, Kind, angered easily, kind of hard to intimidate.
    Home region: Kalos, Lumious city
    Previous regions: Kalos, Kanto, Unova

    Name: Ninja
    Level: 68
    Moveset: Water Suriken
    Night slash
    Water pledge

    Name: Crobat
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Level: 60
    Moveset: Cross Poison

    Name: Matrix
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Lv: 70
    Moveset: Metronome
  4. @Kai Yuzui

    This is the discussion and sign ups page
  5. Name:Alex Rider
    Appearance:Alex has shaggy blonde hair with brown eyes. His outfit is a simple white t-shirt covered by a black leather jacket. On the right side of the Jacket is a White Pokeball Symbol. He wear dark blue jeans with black boots. He does sometimes takes his jacket off when he is hot and wraps it around his waist. He has a dark blue Backpack that carries his stuff. He also black bracelet with a pearl in the middle of it.
    Personality:At FIrst Alex seems a bit stuck up, not talking to you if you talk to him. But the more he warms up to you, the friendlier he becomes. After he fully warms up to you he is generally friendly towards you and is a bit of a sweetheart. The reason he doesn't talk to you at first is that he is actually just shy.
    Home Region: Nimbasa City, Unova
    Previous Regions:Unova and Kalos


    Name: Poseidon
    Ability: Torrent
    Level: 70
    Moveset: Aqua Jet, Sword Dance, Waterfall, Mega Horn

    Ability:Flame Body
    Moveset:Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Memento

    Name: Doomy
    Ability:Sap Sipper
    Moveset:Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse, Sludge Bomb, Muddy Water
  6. Sorry for not being on this RP discussion. I'm starting the RP now
  7. Oh yeah and you two are accepted
  8. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Name: Jamie Feurte
    Age: 11
    Appearance: Jamie has short Platinum hair, His clothing is a Light Blue Hoodie (Which he never has on his head). Under that he has a dark red t-shirt with a pocket on the left side of his shirt. Jamie also wears a light grey backpack, khaki jeans and light blue Sneakers.
    Personality: He is Bright and Bubbly but tries to act serious when in Battles. He can be annoying at times and can be intimidated easily
    Home region: Accumula town, Unova
    Previous regions: He hasn't travelled with his Pokemon at all. He moved to the Helix Region Recently.

    Name: Weave
    Species: Sewaddle
    Ability: Swarm
    Level: 10
    Moveset: Tackle, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Endure

    (I Don't know if this counts as a Pokemon)
    Species: Egg
    Ability: N/A
    Level: N/A
    Moveset: N/A
  9. Great! Just jump in
  10. Name: jasmine heft
    Age: 11
    Appearance: jasmine sports long aqua blue hair and a red tee shirt she also has blue shorts
    Personality: jasmine is often quite and shy but if she must she will speak up for what is right
    Home region: nimbasa city,Unova
    Previous regions: has been to kalos for a vacation but that's it

    Name: tep
    Species: tepig
    Ability: blaze
    Level: 10
    Moveset: ember, tackle tail whip

    Name: snow
    Species: snover
    Ability: snow warning
    Level: 14
    Moveset: razor leaf, icy wind, swagger
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  11. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    I'm just gonna add Swablu's details.

    Name: Swablu
    Species: Swablu
    Ability: Cloud Nine
    Level: 15
    Moveset: Sing, Round, Disarming Voice, Take Down
  12. Name: Aria

    Age: 16

    Appearance: Aria has long, maple brown hair that she normally keeps in a ponytail. Her clothes tend to vary, but she can often be seen wearing an aqua colored t-shirt or hoodie and dark blue shorts or jeans. She stands at about 5'4" and can be considered thin.

    Personality: Aria is a bit of a Klutz; she tends to end up hurting herself or getting into trouble while doing even the simplest of tasks. She tends to be optimistic about things, though, and she can almost always be seen somewhat joyful.

    Home Region: Alola

    Previous Regions: none


    Name: Mareanie
    Species: Mareanie
    Ability: Merciless
    Level: 15
    Moveset: Poison Sting, Bite, Peck, Toxic Spikes (basically the moves it would know if it wasn't bred or given TMs)
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  13. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    So I noticed you didn't have a villan team. I made this one last year... It involves Diancie and Mega Diancie. You don't have to use it, I am just making a suggestion.

    Team Name: Team Crystalline

    Motives/Intentions: To make a brighter future for people and pokemon by giving people the ‘right’ pokemon for them and taking the ‘evil’ pokemon to a new habitat. Team Crystalline tries to harness the power of Diancie to use the Diamonds of Purity to make it never night and to change the world for ever

    Diamonds of Purity: Can only be made into existence by Diancie harnessing the power of mega evolution. if the people that desire to use it are ‘pure’ then diancie will let them do one thing with them. if they are not pure then Diancie will use the power Diamonds to try crystallise everything until the person/people learn their lesson about why they are not pure and calm Diancie down.

    Location of actions: They tend to attack places that are sad, dark, gloomy or shady.

    Ranking: Grunts, Scientists, Admins, Leader

    Leader: Caroline

    Leaders Party:

    Audino (Mega)






    Admin 1: Lilliana


    Admin 2: Isadore


    Admin 3: Dyson


    Admin 4: Amelia


    Logo: A flame with a rainbow diamond infront of the flame

    Pokemon usage: Grunts: Generally Fairy Types, usually cute or pretty pokemon,

    Scientists: Mostly Rock or fairy types.

    Appearances: Grunt: Bright yellow T Shirts, Yellow Cap with symbol on front, Denim shorts and Sneakers

    Scientists. White Lab coat with symbol on coat. Denim Jeans. Canvas shoes

    Admin Girl: White Blazer with symbol. Sky blue shirt. White Jeans. Shoes.

    Admin Boy: White Jacket with Logo, Sky blue Jeans. Shoes.

    Caroline: Pink Blazer with logo on blazer, Yellow T Shirt, Denim Jeans. Heels

    Description: They Think They are pure and good but when they want something, they get it. they go too far for what they want. They don’t help others because they want to help them ‘learn new things’. Get frustrated when people say they are evil and doing the wrong thing. they think they don’t understand.

    Feel free to modify anything if you want to use it... Btw the reason the admins only have carbink is because i couldn't figure out what pokemon they would use...
  14. Name: Hotaru
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Hotaru is a tall lady, being around 173cm (5' 8"). Her body, which she's hides her insecurities about, can often be described as curvy, the notable feature being her bust which is quite large; her well-hidden insecurities sprout from the fact that people tend to stare more at them than her face. Her hair is often styled in a low ponytail or even a twist and is dyed a fire red ombre, being naturally blonde before; so you can imagine how difficult it must be to maintain such a colour. Her eyes are amber in colour, and go well with her hair.
    A lady who usually sticks to the rules and regislations, she believes strongly in justice and keeping things fair. She can be seen as a mother goose but is often feared for her fiery hot temper.
    Good points - Dedicated, Direct and Honest, Enthusiatic, Loyal, Patient, Reliable
    Neutral points - Flirtatious, Focused on social status
    Bad points - Brash, Difficulty with properly expressing emotions, Inflexible, Loud, Short tempered at times, Stubborn

    Home Region: Ula'ula Island, Alola
    Previous Regions: Alola, Unova
    Team, 1-3 Pokemon: Vulpix [Alola] and Larvesta

    Because she has been to Unova and Kalos prior, she has bred two pokemon to come with her as opposed to bringing her team. Vulpix just hatched a bit too early.
    Name: Vulpix
    Species: Alolan Vulpix
    Ability: Snow Warning
    Level: 17
    Moveset: Freeze-Dry | Aurora Veil | Icy Wind | Confuse Ray

    Eggy 》Larvesta though Larvesta only recognizes the name 'Eggy'
    Species: Larvesta
    Ability: Flame Body
    Level: 1 newly hatched when Hotaru first appears in the RP
    Moveset: Ember | String Shot | Morning Sun
  15. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    This is Salandit's Infomation:
    Name: Salandit
    Species: Salandit
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Corrosion
    Level: 17
    Moveset: Ember, Dragon Rage, Venoshock, Poison Gas
  16. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    This is Weave's new info.

    Name: Weave
    Species: Swadloon
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Swarm
    Level: 20
    Moveset: Grass Whistle, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Protect
  17. Name: Cynthia Hoff
    Age: 16
    Appearance: She has light blue hair in the style of my profile pic. She wears a black crop top with black fingerless gloves. She has Black boots that are knee high and blue short jeans.
    Personality: Serious, sarcastic, creative, determined.
    Home Region: Unova
    Previous Regions: Sinnoh, Kalos
    Team, 1-3 Pokemon (Fakemon need to be your own creation with a picture)


    Name: Kally
    Species: Glameow
    Ability: Limber
    Level: 26
    Moveset: Shadow Claw, Hypnosis, sucker punch, scratch
    Gender: Female
    Item: Quick Claw
    I will get more pokemon
  18. Name: Nix Wollen
    Appearance: he has Dark red hair. he wears normal grey t-shirt and blue jeans.
    Personality: Sarcastic, Funny, and Determined.
    Home region: Unova.
    Previous Regions: Kalos, Kanto
    Team, 1-3 pokemon


    Name: Dusk
    Species: Poochenya
    Ability: Rattled
    Level: 24
    Moveset: Crunch, shadow ball, sucker punch and Play rough.
    Gender: Male
    Item: blackglasses
  19. Accepted
  20. And the team sounds really cool, but this RP can't have anything to do with legendaries
  21. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Right... I forgot...
  22. @SpeedySerperior

    We can use the team, but maybe just get ride of the down is surf and say that they love diamonds and jewels or something like that.
  23. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Feel free to modify it anyway you want. and that sounds good.
  24. Name: Ashlynn
    Age: 10
    Appearance: Brown Hair, Wears A Pink Dress
    Personality: Nice, Calm, Has A Small Temper
    Home Region: Kalos
    Previous Regions: Kalos
    Name: Leaf
    Species: Lef (lEf. Like, Leif.)
    Ability: Overgrow
    Level: 5
    Moveset: Razor Leaf, Tackle, Tail Whip

    Name: Pika
    Species: Pikachu
    Ability: Lightning Rod
    Level: 10
    Moveset: Thundershock, Growl, Play Nice, Quick Attack

    Name: Bulba
    Species: Bulbasaur
    Ability: Overgrow
    Level: 13
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Poison Powder
  25. I Hope It Gets Accepted!
    Lef: Lef, Le! (Me To!)
    Bulba: Bulba! (Me Three!)
    Pika: Pika, Pika! (Me Four!)
    Also, Pika Is A Cosplay Pikachu.
  26. You're accepted, but this Rp is kinda dead
  27. Name: Kerianne Ravenna Hayes
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Kind, helpful, quiet, unpredictable, tolerant, has a slightly hot temper, stubborn, competitive
    Home Region: Unova
    Previous Regions: Unova, Alola

    Pokémon team:

    Nickname: Panther
    Species: Liepard (Female)
    Ability: Limber
    Level: 44
    - Night Slash
    - Play Rough
    - Dark Pulse
    - Aerial Ace

    Nickname: N/A
    Species: Garchomp (Male, can Mega Evolve)
    Ability: Sand Veil
    Level: 52
    - Earthquake
    - Dragon Claw
    - Crunch
    - Iron Head

    Nickname: Florence
    Species: Ninetales (Female)
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Level: 47
    - Flamethrower
    - Dark Pulse
    - Extrasensory
    - Flare Blitz
  28. If you have permission to mega evolve
  29. Wait, where can I get the permission to Mega Evolve?
  30. Look in the rules section on Pokemon Rp, it'll tell you what to do

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