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Private/Closed Heli: Wish, Wild, Wonders

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Pollen-Puff, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Heli, the region without humans. Created by Pokemon, this world supports them and them alone. However, a new threat arises, seeking to devour the Heli region and change it into a broken utopia. Will our heroes stop the threat or will they be consumed by lies and illusions?

    Heli is an original region I created. The region is undiscovered to humans while Pokemon thrive. IT was not based on any real-life place but came completely from my imagination, much like its story. The only legendary Pokemon in the Heli region is Jirachi (approved by @StellarWind Elsydeon !)

    The story of Heli
    In a time when Jirachi had immense power, it wanted its own land like the other seven regions. Using its power, it created a small patch of land and expanded it, eventually developing the new land. The region had a place for every Pokemon, with icy tundras, blazing deserts, high cliffs, peaceful plains, a gloomy bay and many other places to stay. To finish the land, Jirachi cast a barrier over the land that made it invisible to the human eye. Whenever a sailor would sail to the shrouded region, they would be put in a daze and then find themselves on the other side.

    Jirachi got lonely in its new land, however, and summoned many Pokemon to its land. The first thing they saw was the sun, so they chose to name their new region Heli. With the last of its energy, the creator of the region instructed the Pokemon to build a shrine and leave offerings there every year. The hope, wishes, and dreams of each generation gave Jirachi vitality and kept the region alive as well.

    However, a nightmare of Jirachi began to form in its thousand-year slumber. Jirachi worried that the new region would keep all Pokemon away from their other lives and trap them there forever. The nightmare was so vivid and it came from such a powerful deity that it began to take the form of a Zoroark. This nightmare seeks to capture its creator and amplify its illusion powers to transform Heli into a perfect utopia, a wicked wonderland where nobody wanted to leave. They would throw away their friends and family to live in a dream forever.

    Can our heroes step up to the threat or will they side with it? Illusion or reality; which will win? In a world where humans don't exist, what will happen?


    • Follow Pokecharms rules!
    • No human or Pokehuman characters! You may argue that Pokemon could wish on Jirachi to be Pokehumans but they've never seen a human and don't even know they exist.
    • No graphic violence past scrapes or scars!
    • No inappropriate romance! Pokemon can be best friends or have crushes but nothing past that. Kids may be watching!
    • No bad words in RP posts (discussion is fine) unless those posts are put in a Spoiler with a warning.
    • Keep in mind that overpowered Pokemon should have some form of weakness(es) to balance themselves out. Pokemon can evolve, however.
    • No autoing or Mary-Sues. Mary-Sues have overpowered aspects of their characters who expect everyone to love them and always win. Autoing is taking over another character for a situation. For example, knowing for certain that a move faints an opponent or that it gets a critical hit.
    • Pokemon can learn more than four moves but not moves that they would learn after evolving. For example, Starly learns Final Gambit after Level 14 when it evolves into Staravia. They can also learn TM moves within reason.
    Map And Areas of Heli:

    Jeweled Taiga and Ice Cap: At the very top of the Heli region lies a taiga called the Jeweled Taiga where most Ice-types call home. The soil is very hard to dig here and few plants other than evergreens grow here so most Ground- and Grass-types avoid this area. In the very Northeast, an area that is completely frozen can be seen. This is called the "Ice Cap." The weather "Hail" is always in effect here.
    Secrecy Forest: South of the Jeweled Taiga lies the Secrecy Forest, home to the Glimmering Shrine. This forest is said to have secrets as its name says and is a great place for treasure hunters. Grass- and Bug-types mostly live here, though treasure hunters come here often.
    Glimmering Shrine: On the edge of Secrecy Forest and Sol Desert, Glimmering Shrine was the original shrine that Pokemon of old built to support Jirachi. It has inscriptions of stars on it but moss and vines make their home there. At night, mysterious orbs of light flicker around the shrine.
    Sol Desert: A hot, sandy area, Sol Desert is a sparse place for certain Pokemon like Water- and Grass-types (Minus Cacnea, Cacturne, Maractus, etc.) but is home to plentiful Ground-type and even some Fire-type Pokemon. It borders the Glimmering Shrine to the West and Featherstone Cliffs to the East, and Carta Tunnel ends here. The "Harsh Sunlight" or "Sunny Day" weather is always present here.

    Featherstone Cliffs: A series of mountains, some with flat tops, Featherstone Cliffs is an extreme area to all but Flying-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokemon. Flying-types raise their young on the flat areas of the mountains, and Rock- and Ground-type Pokemon live either in the mountain or in an onlook. Some Ice-types or Pokemon who are interested in space gather on the tall peaks. To the East is Sol Desert and to the South is Fable Field.
    Fable Field: A beautiful field with flowers of all colors and tall grasses to play in, Fable Field is perfect for Normal-, Fairy,- and Grass-type Pokemon and other young Pokemon. On the borders is a more grassy area but on the inside are flowers of all colors and kinds. Legend says that one of the flowers hides seeds for Gracidea flowers... To the East is Rainy Bay and the entrance to Carta Tunnel lies to the South.
    Rainy Bay: Rainy Bay is a gloomy bay bordering the coast on the West side of Heli. There is no sand in the bay, only black pebbles. Fog covers the bay, and it is always raining here. Because of the general gloom, most Dark- and Ghost-types make their homes here. Some Water-types choose to make their home here, like Corphish and Crawdaunt. The weather "Rain" or "Rainy Day" is always in effect here. Pyukumuku Lake is to the South and Fable Fields are to the East.
    Pyukumuku Lake: Pyukumuku Lake is a small lake where Pokemon of all kinds like to gather, especially Pyukumuku and Comfey. Rainy Bay and Fable Fields are to the North and Needle-Point Beach is to the South. Because of the Pyukumuku's signature move, Purify, and Comfey's signature move, Floral Healing, it is a popular rejuvenation area. On the night when offerings are given to Jirachi, the Pyukumuku put on a show with their hand-like organs. Don't slip on the Lake's steep banks!
    Needle-Point Beach: Needle-Point Beach is the South beach of Heli, which branches into three points. The middle point comes to a sharp end with black, nutrient-less, sand. The lack of nutrients makes that point popular for Poison-type Pokemon. The other points, however, are tropical and peaceful. Water-type Pokemon swim in the water, and Exeggutor and other Grass-types line the shore. Sandygast and Palossand are also common sights at the outer points, so don't touch any red shovels partly-buried in the sand!
    Carta Tunnel: Carta Tunnel is an underground path from Fable Field to Sol Desert. Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-types make themselves at home here. Some of the rocks attract and give off electricity, attracting Electric-type Pokemon as well. Some of the rocks deeper in the tunnel melt and magma lights the deepest part, which keeps Fire-type Pokemon at home. Some runic inscriptions can be found here as well.

    Explorer Teams:
    If you do not support Zoroark you may choose to be on an "Explorer Team." These can be solo with more than one Pokemon in an account or across accounts. You may also be a solo explorer. Explorer Teams are groups of Pokemon who join together for a common goal: to find treasure, to train, etc. These Pokemon usually have some sort of bond with each other like in the Mystery Dungeon series. Making multiple Pokemon does not necessarily mean you need to have an Explorer Team, but it is highly recommended.

    Character Sheets:
    Explorer team:
    Team Name: Team _____
    Team Members: (list Pokemon and creator's usernames.)
    Team Goal:
    Backstory: (optional)
    Logo: (optional)


    Appearance: (does your character look like an average member of its species or does it have changes in looks?)
    Type: (for reference)
    Likes and Dislikes:
    Weak Points and proficiencies:
    (Weaker or well-rounded Pokemon don't need to have a weak point.)
  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Team Name: Team Firery Spirits
    Team Members: (list Pokemon and creator's usernames.) Charizard ((@Hungry Badass))
    Team Goal: Save everyone
    Logo: (optional) 1560210350613618174675.jpg

    Pokemon: Charizard
    Nickname: Char
    Species: Charizard

    Appearance: (does your character look like an average member of its species or does it have changes in looks?) His fire glows a little blue
    Type: (for reference) Fire and Flying
    Likes and Dislikes:
    Hates: Water, no logic, needing help m his weakness
    Likes: Saving people, food, sleeping and flying
    Weak Points and proficiencies:
    (Weaker or well-rounded Pokemon don't need to have a weak point.) His fire is very easily tareted due to it's different color, tho he is good at tanking stuff

  3. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Accepted! What do you mean, "His fire is very easily targeted?" Is his tail flame the weak point?
  4. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    IT'S BLUE, he is very easily taken ny surprise, in the dark, his blue natural light can make him vulnerable to surprise attacks
  5. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Oh, thanks. I'm going to tag some people who I think might want to join this RP.

    @Eliiiscool @EeviumZ @Barefoot_Kittens @Sciencewars

    EDIT: I assume Team Fiery Spirits is going to live at Featherstone Cliffs? Carta Tunnel is much too cramped for a Charizard, haha.

    EDIT 2: Accepted ^-^!
    #5 Pollen-Puff, Jun 11, 2019
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  6. Team Name: LunarMoon
    Team Members: Blue(F)(Umbreon*) Blade(F)(Absol) (Still looking for new members but also her playmate sisters)
    Team Goal: To rescue and save Pokemon
    Backstory: She had been separated by her soul sisters after the Zoroark incident and is still certainly looking for them
    Logo: It's a lunar moon surrounded by a blue glowing mist

    Pokemon: Umbreon*
    Nickname: Blue
    Species: Shiny Umbreon
    Appearance: A normal sized Umbreon but with blue rings and gold eyes. A blue and black flower rests on her right ear as her team logo pin rests inside of it
    Type: Dark
    Likes and Dislikes:
    Anything sweet, being fur brushed, helping others
    Dislikes: Heartless Pokemon that don't care about anything, Pokemon hurting the weak, Out of line insults
    Weak Points and proficiencies: If her friends are being all at once she will use her own body to defend them from attacks. Her chest to stomach area her weak points. If your able to hit it hard enough this will stop her from moving momentarily to catch her breath before she is able to move again leaving her vulnerable with attacks

    Pokemon: Absol
    Nickname: Blade
    Species: Absol
    Appearance: Just a normal size Absol with a rose on her blade close to the side of her head
    Type: Dark
    Likes and Dislikes:
    Being a motherly figure to the young ones, Ponds(Because she loves to keep her white fur clean), Anything sweet(Like her soul sister Blue)
    Dislikes: Others hurting the young for their precious game, Pokemon who think they are so "tough", Pokemon who call her a "Troublemaker" due to her being the disaster pokemon as this angers her
    Weak Points and proficiencies: If the word "troublemaker gets to her, she will lash out without thinking and hurt the other Pokemon by mistake and regret it later even if they did deserve it but lucky for her Blue is always there to support her. Her blade on the side of her head is her weak point since she hates it being grabbed.-
    #6 LunarSilvally, Jun 11, 2019
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  7. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    What Zoroark incident? Nobody knows the Jirachi-nightmare Zoroark exists yet...
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  8. Lets just say since the chaos going on does that explain it better ^-^
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  9. Ooh! I’ll sign up when I get the chance~
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  10. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Pokemon: Veon
    Nickname: V
    Species: Sylveon
    Fairy/jnbhbknkobbnbdnlmndk(Confirmed type for sword and shield)
    Likes and Dislikes: Likes to help others and enjoying pokemons company
    Weak Points and proficiencies: Is proficient at calming pokemon down with her ribbons, and combining moves together to make combos that could be devastating. Her bows are a point of weakness

    I think I'll give it a try
    #10 The Dark Fairy, Jun 11, 2019
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  11. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

  12. Just want to ask is mine accepted or do I have to edit something
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  13. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    If anyone wants me to be on a team, I would be glad to
  14. Pokemon: Allie
    Species: Eevee
    Appearance: Physical appearance is that of a female partner Eevee.
    Type: Normal
    Likes: Adventure, mischief, helping people, music, friends
    Dislikes: Anyone who wants her to evolve/calls her weak for being unevolved.
    Strong Points: She's a capable battler, and great at strategy.
    Weak Points: Though she's relatively resillient, a head blow will hurt her a lot more than anywhere else.
    Personality: She's adventurous and mischievous, always with a fire in her heart. She's a bit hotheaded and tends to rush into situations she's unprepared for, dragging her team into it as well. She's very compassionate and extremely defensive of her allies, friends, and teammates.
    Note: Allie is incapable of evolving. She resents anyone who wants her to evolve.

    Pokemon: Mia
    Species: Vulpix (Alolan)
    Appearance: Normal Alolan Vulpix. Wears a small pink bow in the fluff on her head.
    Type: Ice (Ice/Fairy upon evolution)
    Likes: Cute things, pretty things, adventure, mischief, friends
    Dislikes: Being ignored

    Strong Points: She has a natural talent for lightening moods.
    Weak Points: Her tail.
    Personality: Mia is the epitome of whimsicality. She's as cutesy as cutesy can be, and is able to lighten up even the darkest mood. She loves to make new friends, and is always looking to help people. However, never insult her or make her angry. She'll go completely berserk, and you really don't want to see that.
    Note: She's terrified of Fire-types.

    Team Name: Team Spark
    Team Members: Allie (EeviumZ), Veon (@Eliiiscool), Mia (EeviumZ), Spring (EmoKitty21), Zip (Eliiiscool)
    Team Goal: Just to explore, have fun, and help others.
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  15. Pokemon: Vaporeon
    Nickname: Spring
    Species: Vaporeon
    Appearance: She is a lighter blue then what normally be considered of her species. Other then that she looks like any other vaporeon
    Type: Water
    Likes and Dislikes: She likes water in colder places. She loves anything sweet. She is also very caring towards small and young pokemon. She hates to see someone hurt and will rush to help them. She loves swimming and playing with young pokemon.
    Weak Points and proficiencies: She tends to be a little lazy at times. She loves to lounge around and sleep. She also has a tendency to be trusting to a point where she will trust a rival. She tends to be naive when it comes to others. She is good at helping calm young pokemon. She has a very soothing voice that tends to put others at ease.

    @EeviumZ do you think I could join your team?

    Also I might add another character soon. I will have to get back to it.
    #15 EmoKitty21, Jun 11, 2019
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  16. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    @EeviumZ, Yes I would, I might make another character before this starts
  17. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Pokemon: Wild Flare
    Nickname: Zip (or Wild if you know him very well)
    Species: Jolteon
    Appearance: Normal jolteon except for blue tipped ears
    Type: Electric
    Likes and Dislikes: Likes to help people, Likes to Run
    Weak Points and proficiencies: His attacks are more powerful than normal, but his Forehead is very susceptible to damage

    @EeviumZ, can he join the team as well?

    and can Veon and him be family?
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  18. This looks interesting, I might make a bio and team for this later.
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  19. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    It's looking interesting, i think i might join soon
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  20. Pokemon
    Species: Gallade
    Appearance: He looks like a normal Gallade who wears a long brown tattered cloak.
    Personality: Damian is mainly seen as a friendly, carefree thrill seeking individual who tries to make sure most things he does is fun. He rarely shows signs of formality and always welcomes a challenge... but gets very annoyed upon defeat/failure.
    Type: Psychic/Fighting
    Likes: Sunny days, playing games, making whatever mission he is on fun.
    Dislikes: Losing, having to take his job seriously, doing nothing.
    Weak Points and proficiencies: He is knocked out by hits to the head easier than others.

    Nickname: Rhonda
    Species: Lopunny
    Appearance: She looks like a normal Lopunny who wears a long pink and yellow checkered scarf.
    Personality: Like Damian (who she secretly harbors feelings for), Rhonda is friendly and carefree, but a lot more happy-go-lucky than him and is usually the first person to look for something fun to do.
    Type: Normal
    Likes: Playing games, shiny things, Damian.
    Dislikes: Doing nothing, the dark, people who point out her crush.
    Weak Points and proficiencies: Due to her large ears, she is a lot more sensitive to loud noises.

    Explorer team
    Team Name:
    Team Thrill
    Team Members: Damian (Leader, me), Rhonda (Me)
    Team Goal: Not really much of a purpose, but tries to make sure everyone has a good time.
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  21. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Name: Glitter

    Species: Emolga

    Appearance: Glitter is a very young pokemon, she is smaller than average Emolga (1'0" instead of 1'4") Glitter also have two yellow bowties on her ears.

    Type: electric/flying

    Likes and Dislikes:
    Like: flying, food, playing, going to an adventure, flowers.
    Hate: getting lost, being betrayed, failing to protect someone, Sol Desert.

    Weak Points and proficiencies: she is already too weak and cant fly for a long time but she can absorb electricity (but not too much or she would get hurt).
    It is very easy to faint her from attacks because of her low defenses, but she still try to protect others. Its also easy to use her as a toy or trick her.

    Other: Glitter isn't in a team but she tries her best to join one, she would do almost everything to join or support.
    She is still a very young kid so she dont know a lot of moves and her stats are low.
    #23 Sparkling Emolga, Jun 11, 2019
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  22. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Okay, I need to clarify something. When I say weak point, I don't mean weakness, I mean a physical point on your body that is vulnerable to attacks. Lightning is allowed because Glitter is weak enough to have kind of an all-around weak point. Think of it like a boss battle: you need to find the weak point of the boss and hit it enough.

    @Red Gallade , @EmoKitty21 ,@EeviumZ , @Eliiiscool, and @LunarSilvally need to work on this.

    @Hungry Badass is okay because he is open to surprise attacks. This is okay as long as he is VERY WEAK to them. Seeing a surprise attack takes away his weakpoint and that can be easy to do at times.

    I'm sorry to be strict, I just need to balance it out a bit.
  23. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Is that mean im accepted?
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  24. Understandable, basically like an Achilles heel so to speak?
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  25. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Yes to both of you, but not that extreme for a weak point. Kind of like a guaranteed crit that your character doesn't like to say.
  26. Fixed mine. Sorry about that. I had planned to have be very tursting to everyone.
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  27. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    So you want me to give Zip a actual point on his body that is weak?
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  28. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

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  29. Since she has lived in the region all her life she has never had to deal with other of evil intent. That being said she is very trusting of other even to the point of being caught in traps and being open to being betrayed very easily.
  30. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    I need a physical point on her body.
  31. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

  32. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

  33. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Zip is accepted, Veon isn't.
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  34. Pokémon: Rhyhorn

    Nickname: Stamp

    Species: Rhyhorn

    Appearance: Standard Rhyhorn

    Type: Rock/Ground

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes sunbasking and running, dislikes getting wet.

    Weak points/proficiencies:

    He has very high endurance. However, his legs are his weak point. If you can trip him, it will be very hard for him to defend himself. It also makes it easier to get to his other weak point, his stomach.
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  35. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

  36. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    You already accepted it, but I fixed it
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  37. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Oh. Oops! Thanks for fixing it anyways!

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