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Ask to Join Heli: The World Without Humans

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Pollen-Puff, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Discussion thread and important info: (Go here before signing up!) https://pokecharms.com/threads/heli-wish-wild-wonders.21063/

    Heli, the region without humans. Created by Pokemon, this world supports them and them alone. However, a new threat arises, seeking to devour the Heli region and change it into a broken utopia. Will our heroes stop the threat or will they be consumed by lies and illusions?

    Areas of Heli:

    Jeweled Taiga and Ice Cap: At the very top of the Heli region lies a taiga called the Jeweled Taiga where most Ice-types call home. The soil is very hard to dig here and few plants other than evergreens grow here so most Ground- and Grass-types avoid this area. In the very Northeast, an area that is completely frozen can be seen. This is called the "Ice Cap." The weather "Hail" is always in effect here.
    Secrecy Forest: South of the Jeweled Taiga lies the Secrecy Forest, home to the Glimmering Shrine. This forest is said to have secrets as its name says and is a great place for treasure hunters. Grass- and Bug-types mostly live here, though treasure hunters come here often.
    Glimmering Shrine: On the edge of Secrecy Forest and Sol Desert, Glimmering Shrine was the original shrine that Pokemon of old built to support Jirachi. It has inscriptions of stars on it but moss and vines make their home there. At night, mysterious orbs of light flicker around the shrine.
    Sol Desert: A hot, sandy area, Sol Desert is a sparse place for certain Pokemon like Water- and Grass-types (Minus Cacnea, Cacturne, Maractus, etc.) but is home to plentiful Ground-type and even some Fire-type Pokemon. It borders the Glimmering Shrine to the West and Featherstone Cliffs to the East, and Carta Tunnel ends here. The "Harsh Sunlight" or "Sunny Day" weather is always present here.
    Featherstone Cliffs: A series of mountains, some with flat tops, Featherstone Cliffs is an extreme area to all but Flying-, Rock-, and Ground-type Pokemon. Flying-types raise their young on the flat areas of the mountains, and Rock- and Ground-type Pokemon live either in the mountain or in an onlook. Some Ice-types or Pokemon who are interested in space gather on the tall peaks. To the East is Sol Desert and to the South is Fable Field.
    Fable Field: A beautiful field with flowers of all colors and tall grasses to play in, Fable Field is perfect for Normal-, Fairy,- and Grass-type Pokemon and other young Pokemon. On the borders is a more grassy area but on the inside are flowers of all colors and kinds. Legend says that one of the flowers hides seeds for Gracidea flowers... To the East is Rainy Bay and the entrance to Carta Tunnel lies to the South.
    Rainy Bay: Rainy Bay is a gloomy bay bordering the coast on the West side of Heli. There is no sand in the bay, only black pebbles. Fog covers the bay, and it is always raining here. Because of the general gloom, most Dark- and Ghost-types make their homes here. Some Water-types choose to make their home here, like Corphish and Crawdaunt. The weather "Rain" or "Rainy Day" is always in effect here. Pyukumuku Lake is to the South and Fable Fields are to the East.
    Pyukumuku Lake: Pyukumuku Lake is a small lake where Pokemon of all kinds like to gather, especially Pyukumuku and Comfey. Rainy Bay and Fable Fields are to the North and Needle-Point Beach is to the South. Because of the Pyukumuku's signature move, Purify, and Comfey's signature move, Floral Healing, it is a popular rejuvenation area. On the night when offerings are given to Jirachi, the Pyukumuku put on a show with their hand-like organs. Don't slip on the Lake's steep banks!
    Needle-Point Beach: Needle-Point Beach is the South beach of Heli, which branches into three points. The middle point comes to a sharp end with black, nutrient-less, sand. The lack of nutrients makes that point popular for Poison-type Pokemon. The other points, however, are tropical and peaceful. Water-type Pokemon swim in the water, and Exeggutor and other Grass-types line the shore. Sandygast and Palossand are also common sights at the outer points, so don't touch any red shovels partly-buried in the sand!
    Carta Tunnel: Carta Tunnel is an underground path from Fable Field to Sol Desert. Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-types make themselves at home here. Some of the rocks attract and give off electricity, attracting Electric-type Pokemon as well. Some of the rocks deeper in the tunnel melt and magma lights the deepest part, which keeps Fire-type Pokemon at home. Some runic inscriptions can be found here as well.

    Team Ripple Effect was almost to Glimmering Shrine. Holding bundles wrapped in leaves of tasty food, they excitedly saw the shrine. Vines crept up the stones but the shrine was not damaged. In his metallic voice, Clever asked Fortune "Could you please untie my bundle from my head?" Fortune shook her head and asked, "Can't you use Confusion by now?" Clever replied with "The same way you can't use Minimize?" Glow chuckled softly from behind as he walked up and unlatched the bundle filled with flowers and grasses of all different colors and a few berries as well. Fortune rolled her eyes and used Charm on Glow. She spoke sweetly and said to the Heliolisk, "Now, Clever needs to learn how to master Confusion, doesn't he?" Glow, partly dazed and partly enchanted, said, "Sure! Uh-huh! Whatever you say! Now Clev - Hey! What was that for!" The enchantment wore off as Fortune and Clever started to laugh and Glow's fan glowed in embarrassment.
  2. Stamp had been traveling for a while to bring his offering to the shrine. In his mouth was a piece of twisted, multicolored glass. It was the result of different sands blown by the wind and changed by ages of scorching desert heat. It was beautiful, and Stamp was sure it would be appreciated.

    He pushed through some underbrush and stuck his head out. Somewhere nearby there was the sound of something talking. He didn’t see anyone yet, but the voices seemed to be joking with each other, so he wasn’t worried. He came fully out of the brush and to the clearing of the Shrine.
  3. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Char and his team were flying / running to the Glimmering Shrine, Team Ripple were already there ! When he landed he decided to leave his offerings and wish. Then, went to talk the the fellow team "yo guys and gals! How you doing?"
  4. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Clever turned around to see a Charizard greeting the team. He jumped a bit (or rather, levitated higher) and accidentally used Magnet Rise to cover himself with static. "Gah! You scared me..." Glow happily crawled over and said, "Hi! How're Team Fiery Spirits doing?" Fortune sweetly walked over and waved her hand down, glowing purple to use Gravity. Clever's Magnet Rise counteracted the effect and he continued to levitate. The Clefairy was protective of the Steel/Psychic-type and sourly said, "Don't scare him like that!" Glow sighed and shocked Fortune with a small bit of static, causing her to lose her concentration and ending Gravity. "Fortune, chill. It's okay."
  5. Stamp was also surprised as a Charizard swooped down to earth. Then the Charizard then dropped off an offering and went over to the people he had heard before. He was curious as he hadn’t seen some of these Pokémon before, and wandered over in that direction. He was still holding his offering.
  6. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    "Yeah , we're doing fine, some expeditions did take longer than expected but other than that, nothing" Char said "the trick never gets old!" He said, laughing off how he scared the fire out of Clever
  7. Allie motioned for her group members to follow. They were going to present their offering to Jirachi, and Allie had no intention of being late.
    It was a simple collection of flowers from Fable Field, arranged in a bowl weaved from strips of leaves. It wasn't much, but she hoped it would be enough.
    Due to her group, Team Spark, being entirely quadrupedal, Mia had volunteered to carry the flower bowl with Extrasensory. It was exhausting her, but she was energetic regardless.
    "What are we here for again?" Mia asked airily.
    Allie groaned. "We're here to present our offering to Jirachi. You know, the one that you've carried the whole way here?"
    Mia giggled, not embarrassed in the slightest. "Oh, right!"
  8. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    The Explorer Team walked over to the shrine and laid their offerings. They each wished a secret wish and the ruins seemed to glow. They closed their eyes and thought about the legend while they conveyed their hopes and dreams into a wish. I wish that our team could find treasure and be celebrated in history... I wish that I could evolve and be stronger... I wish that I could grow Gracidea...
  9. Stamp walked over to the shrine and laid down his offering. He was supposed to wish...

    My wish is... to be happy?

    He walked back away from the shrine. He stood, looking to see what would happen next.
  10. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Glow opened his eyes first and saw a Ryhorn that he thought he knew. "Hi! Stamp, right? I'm Glow and these are Clever and Fortune." Fortune opened her eyes next and saw the Ryhorn. "Glow, do you know this Ryhorn?" Clever opened his eyes last and greeted the Ryhorn with "Hello. I am Clever and this is Team Ripple Effect!"
  11. “Umm, Hi? Aren’t you the Helioptile who used to hang around the Sunning Rocks?”

    He thought he might’ve seen the Helioptile before, but he wasn’t sure. It must be the same one if it knew his name.

    “Team Ripple Effect... I think I might have heard of you...”
  12. Veon followed behind the group with Zip, listening to the conversation ahead of them "I could carry that Mia, if it's to much for you" Zip looked ahead and saw the groups ahead, not giving them all to much note yet
  13. A shiny Umbren with a blue and black flower on her right ear with the team logo inside held a sack filled with offerings mostly berries and a rainbow shell and an Absol with a rose on her blade at the side of her head was holding a sack as well but with flowers inside with pearls as they made there way to Glimmering shine to deliver the offerings to Jirachi. The shiny Umbreon named Blue and the Absol named Blade arrived at Glimmering shine before placing their offerings down for Jirachi. Blue and Blade made just one wish they both had in mind.

    "-May you help us find our soul sisters-" they both said in thought.

    The girls then looked around seeing other Pokemon in their teams as the both just gave a smile. "Guess its just you and me for now huh Blade?" Blue asked the Absol. "Yes I suppose unless we can greet others who want to join our" Blade answered before her eyes caught the blue flame of a charizard as Blue and Blade approached him. "Hey nice flame you have there?" Blade said giving a smile as Blue did the same. "Yes very pretty blue like my rings"Blue added.-
  14. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt had just finished collecting some sitrus berries for his offering from Fable field and started to head towards jirachi shrine, but the problem was that there was usually those explorer teams around which he pretty much despises. "Just drop off the offering, hopefully none of them will notice you, and you can just head back home for peace and quiet." Bolt said to himself as he just went past the group of explorers towards the shrine hoping that none of them noticed him.
  15. Mia shook her head. "Nah, it's fine~" She immediately stumbled and began to drop their offering.
    "NO!" Allie shouted, barely catching it and balancing it on her head. She stood perfectly still, before Mia picked it up with Extrasensory again.
    "Sorry..." Mia said sheepishly.
    Allie just shook her head. "Let's offer it now."
    Allie and Mia walked up to the shrine, and Allie motioned for Veon, Spring, and Zip to follow. Mia set the bowl down, and the pair closed their eyes.
    ~I wish to evolve someday.~ Mia thought.
    Allie thought longer about her wish. Evolution... no, she didn't want to do that. Finally, she settled on something useful.
    ~I wish for peace and prosperity within my team.~
  16. Veon walked up to the shrine and closed her eyes, thinking a moment ~I wish our group will never break up~ she opened her eyes and backed away. Zip was not as hesitant with his wish ~I wish to be stronger, so I can protect my friends~ he backed away as well
  17. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt had walked up towards the shrine until something from below him touched his front paw and as he looked down he saw a Jolteon and growled, but besides that he didn't pay much attention to him and so he went around him, drop the offering, but then headed out to leave without trying to make a wish.

    "It's pathetic how there trying to wish for something that they can't do themselves, but ask someone else to do it for them." Bolt said under his voice while trying to leave.
  18. Allie whirled around. She'd heard someone say something that was rather offensive to her. Her eyes went icy cold, and she tried to restrain herself.
    Pathetic was essentially a trigger word for her. She'd endured that from her previous group many times over. And she was not going to deal with anyone calling her pathetic.
    "Excuse me, but did I just hear you call us pathetic?" she said slowly.
    Mia could tell what was coming, and immediately tried to stop it. "Allie..." she whispered, knowing that an angry Allie was not going to be pretty. However, she knew of Allie's past, and knew she had a very valid reason to be upset.
  19. Veon walked beside Allie and placed her ribbons on the Eevee, trying to calm her down. she looked up at Bolt "How rude, did you come to insult us? or a time old tradition?" Zip frowned
  20. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt turned his head towards the little explorer trio with half his face looking at them. "I am only stating facts, you can't spend your entire life leeching on others and expect things to be handed to you, you must take it by force if necessary with your strength alone.........I learned that the hard way."

    Bolt said until that last sentence as he muttered those last words then continue to walk off.
  21. Allie had a thousand things she wanted to say - most of them involving excessive use of profanities - but decided not to say them. She'd let her instinct take over.
    "Fine. Battle me. I went through hell to get to where I am... and I didn't leech off anyone. My life was shattered and I built a new one from the ground up, alone and unassisted. And I want to prove that it wasn't all for nothing." She was unintimidated by the fact that Bolt was an evolved Pokemon.
    Mia was getting very worried. She knew very well that Allie could easily hold her own in battle, but she knew that this argument was definitely going to escalate to uncontrollable levels.
    "Um... if you guys are going to battle... at least do it away from the shrine..." she squeaked timidly.
  22. Veon frowned "Now, there's no need for a fight, even if he was mean to us" she turned around, seeing her attempt would be fruitless "But if you must, Mias right, away from the shrine.
  23. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt had stopped Midway of leaving as he heard her challenge him then turn towards her staring her down. "Why would I want to fight an oversized runt like you, so you can prove something, that I'm wrong?" Bolt said as he began circling around the trio. "You're brave, I will give you that or it could be just your stupidity either or you have made a grave mistake." Bolt said in a Stern voice, while he looked around and thinking.
    "........Tomorrow at sol desert near the edge of the shrine at sunrise, our fight will happen there and I know you are not back down because then you would prove me right wouldn't you......goodbye" Bolt then stared at Allie for a good minute before disappearing in a lightning flash.
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  24. Allie did not speak, but chose to signify her acknowledgment in a different way. She released a powerful and blinding Glitzy Glow, forcing Mia to cover her eyes. She had no intention of looking like a weakling, not after everything she’d gone through.
    After Allie had calmed slightly, Mia timidly came over. “That... wasn’t a good idea...”
    “Mia. I need you to make a promise to me. You will not follow me to this battle, or assist me in any way. I don’t plan on winning, I plan on proving that I’m not just a depressed idiot. Promise?”
    Mia hesitated. She’d been planning to follow Allie in secret, but she was throwing that plan out the window now.
    “Promise,” she replied.
    Allie smiled, relaxing ever so slightly. “And if I manage to pull through, you’ll have to admit you were wrong in front of the whole group.”
    Mia grinned. “You’re on.”
    They gave each other playful glares. Some things just never changed, regardless of the situation.
  25. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    Char looked at the whole conversation , kind of surprised anyone would fight near the shrine, "this is a time to be happy guys, come on !" He said, but as he started flying off
  26. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt have decided to take a little pit stop and break and rest up a bit at near one of fable fields forest openings by some trees before heading back home. "Ugh what an annoying kid, the kid will soon realize the difference in power between us whether she likes it or not." Bolt then clawed the ground strongly before being able to calm down and try to take a quick nap.
  27. Blue and Blade saw the Charizard fly off by the commotion of arguing from an electric type and an Eevee. What he had said was true though and they couldn't deny. "Alright calm down please, no use in fighting him if he is not interested in interacting with us, its best to just leave him alone and move on with ourselves" Blue said trying to calm down the situation before she and Blade had walked off themselves since they had already delivered their offerings to Jirachi.-
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  28. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt had woken up and I had almost forgotten how relaxing this place was therefore he decided to wander into fable fields just before heading out. "This place is perfect it peaceful, quiet, and the aroma is to die for." Bolt said as he took in a deep breath smelling the different flowers. "Nothing could ruin this moment."
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  29. Veon sighed "I don't think we can talk her out of it" she turned to Allie and added "Come on, lets head back, if you're going to do that tomorrow, we need a full night sleep" Zip nodded "Yeah, so you can beat him senseless!" Veon gave him a small glare
  30. Allie gave Zip a smile. "True dat. Not that I'm going to get any sleep, of course..." she replied, chuckling.
    "I think she's actually crazy!" Mia whispered to Veon. "She's absolutely, completely, positively crazy!"
    Allie turned around. "Well, look who's talking," she teased with a wink.
  31. Blue and Blade continued to walk away from the shrine trying to find a place to rest . It was slowly getting dark as Blue's blue rings glowed brightly to give some light, not to mention her eyes as well. The girls found an area as they spotted a Pokemon resting next to a tree so decided to leave him be walking past and further away from him before sitting down looking up at the stairs. "Pretty stars today...."Blue said softly closing her eyes giving a smile to herself. "Yes....it really is Blue" Blade answered giving a smile to herself back.-
  32. Super Lazy Man

    Super Lazy Man Previously Lazy Millenial

    After some flying around, Char finally found a place to rest, he carefully landed without making any noise. In case some other pokemon were there, he lied down in a comfortable position an fell fast asleep
  33. Zip smiled and began to walk back to fable field. Veon leaned over "She feels like she needs to prove herself, it is normal and is very hard to talk someone out of something like this" she stood up and followed Zip
  34. Jacksoneternal

    Jacksoneternal Previously Breon

    Bolt had been sitting there for hours looking at the stars, but then realized the sun would rise up soon for his battle with the runt. "I guess I lost track of time, I should head out then." Both then started walking through fable fields heading towards the border between sol desert and glimmering shrine. "Hmm..... Where is that fur ball of a emolga at, usually she be nagging at me for the way I act towards others, but it's nice having a bit of quiet time to myself." Bolt continued walking through some forest towards the border of the desert and shrine.
  35. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Team Ripple Effect started to walk to Pyukumuku Lake for the Pyukumuku show with the Umbreon's words still stinging. On the way back, however, Clever thought of that Ryhorn that Glow apparently knew. He looked lonely and that made the Metang sad as well. The Pyukumuku looked unfocused tonight and their show with Comfey was a bit more halfhearted that normal. They decided to camp at the lake for the night and began to settle down. Glow dug a small hole and curled up in it, Fortune laid on her back facing the moon, and Clever buried himself in the sand. They all hoped that their wishes would one day come true.
  36. Stamp wasn’t exactly sure what had happened. He had been talking to team Ripple Effect, then a fight had broken out. He had been distracted by this, and when he turned around Ripple Effect was gone. He walked back in the direction of Sol Desert but didn’t get far before night. He curled up to sleep.
  37. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    A small and young emolga was playing in the flowers at Fable Field as she noticed the Manectric walking toward the forest.
    "What he is up to? Being awake that early..." the tiny emolga said followed up with a giggle, "look like i will have to follow him" she said joyfully.
    The emolga kid ran to a nearby tree and climbed on it to the treetop, she opened her cape like wings and glided after the Manectric through the forest.

    The young emolga cared about the Manectric even though she didn't really like the way he act toward others and so she kept followed him.
    "Hey Bolt! Its me, Glitter! How you do?" The emolga called out cheerfully when she spotted the Manectric and landed on the grass before she would lose balance and crash into the ground once again.
    "Where are you going?" Glitter asked as she walked towards Bolt, "its still not morning" she said while keeping a smile on her face.
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  38. (With Allie)
    Allie was walking through Fable Field, to the border between it and Sol Desert. She'd been awake most of the night, practicing her strongest attacks. She felt ready for her battle - not that she ever wasn't ready.
    Flashbacks drifted into her mind, memories she'd preferred not to remember.


    A Leafeon, an Umbreon, and a Flareon stood over a depressed and weak-looking Allie, leering down at her.
    "You shouldn't be here. This group is only for Eevees and Eeveelutions, not freaks like you," the Flareon told her.
    "Why do you even exist if you can't evolve? You should just stop existing..." the Leafeon giggled.
    The Umbreon waited to say anything, glaring down at Allie. Finally, he spoke. "You... are the most pathetic creature... I have ever seen. Your day of banishment will be the best day of my life. Now go, before I take care of you myself."
    With tears in her eyes, Allie turned and ran, her tail between her legs.

    (Flashback End)

    Tears dripped down Allie's face as she walked, soaking into the ground of Fable Field. Realizing that she was crying, she immediately stopped walking, wiping her eyes.
    No. I can't be vulnerable. No one can know about me.
    Her look of sadness was replaced by one of determination. Re-energized to keep going, she continued walking, shoving her memories into a dark corner of her mind. It would not be visible that she had been crying.

    (With Mia)
    Mia was only fake-sleeping, as she was too concerned about Allie to rest. She wasn't very good at pretending, and it would be obvious to anyone that she was awake.
    Oh, I hope she's okay.
    She tossed and turned, unable to rest. Her worry and apprehension were just too great.
  39. Veon and Zip had told everyone they were going out for a walk, they raced to the place the two had said they were going to fight before either had gotten there and Veon shoved Zip into a nearby bush “Hey! I want to help!” Veon shook her head and hid beside him “No, we can’t help, she would be mad if she knew we were here!” Looking back out she added “remember, we wait for them to finish, then we leave, the only exception is if she so badly beaten she can’t move or something”
  40. Blue and Blade saw the sun rises seeming to realize that they had fallen asleep. Blue stood up to shake her pelt before nudging Blade up. "Come on Blade, we should get going"she told the Absol. "Alright im coming, so impatient..." "I am patient Blade, you silly Absol" she chuckled before the girls began to walk again. "You know I want to go for a run race ya!" Blue said giving a smile as she leaped off. "Hey! No fair you had a head start!" Blade said but chuckled following after her as she leaped off.

    Blue of course did have a head start but Blade caught up a bit behind her. The girls started to run on a desert ground seeing a Manectric and Emolga in the distance. "Bet I am jump over them higher then you!" Blue challenged. "Oh its on!" Blade said agreeing. Once Blue had gotten close to them she leaped over jumping pretty high before landing as she chuckled. Blade followed after with a leap before successfully landing as she made it closer to Blue going further into the desert area both chuckling.-

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