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Hearty Tales, a Kalos Adventure!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kurokuma, May 6, 2015.

  1. Having got his first official Pokemon just months ago, Kuro is still learning the ropes. That isn't diminishing the fiery passion in him, and his Froakie's heart

    After leaving his home town, he decided to make his way to challenge Viola. "According to this map, the fastest way from Camphrier to Santalune is through Lumiose City.. Right Froakie, and Honedge?" Not a response.. Figures. They never really liked planning our route, they usually just half-witted it through Kalos. Not that it matters, It's built our bond. "Well,we should set up camp here on Route 5 since It's getting dark."
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  2. Karley not being new traveling around since she was really young is traveling on route 5 with her Sylveon Wally. "Wally it's night." "Sylve?" Karley laughs "Fine we won't rest!" This just joking her Wally laughs to. "Ok guys come on out." 5 pokeballs are now in the air. A Dewott then Eevee then a Pichu with an Ukealalay on it's back then a Chespin then a Pikachu then a Mudkip.
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  3. "Guys! Stop it, now, I have more cookies--" She stood in the middle of her mother's living room, holding a rather large plate of chocolate-chip cookies, watching as Thomas, her Chesnaught, was being chased around the room by Octavius, her Lucario. Though Octavius and Thomas had been rivals for quite a while, possibly due to the fact that they shared a type, they didn't seem to ever let up on their constant bickering. Meanwhile, Flint, the Talonflame known as 'the phoenix of the team', decided to promptly end this, snatching up the cookie that Thomas held, twitching and managing to twitch a bit, a common behavior of his, smacking into the television in the process of trying to fly upstairs.
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  4. After setting up camp and eating, Kuro noticed smoke from a fire nearby. He approached a trainer and a whole team of Pokèmon and decided he would watch from a bush. The lady didn't look particularly threatening, but he decided he would still hide in a nearby bush. He decided he would talk to her soon to see where she was going, because him and his Pokèmon were quite lonely sometimes, but couldn't find a friend to travel with.
  5. "I don't even know why I visit anymore..." She sighed, returning most of her Pokemon to their Poke-Balls, except for Alixander, her Espeon. She placed the plate of cookies on the counter, while Octavius's Poke-Ball shook from sly, cocky laughter, as he had managed to take the extra cookie.

    She walked outside, closing and locking the door of her mother's apartment that resided in Anistar City.
  6. Juno stepped off his Salamence as he landed in Anistar City. "I hate going to new places. Im not famous here.." He sighed as he checked his pokegear. "Drake I'm here.."
  7. "Troll!" and a wild esper appeared
  8. "Excalibur! Use shadow claw on that Espurr!" The mighty sword Pokèmon quickly striked and the Espurr, close to fainting, stumbled back into the woods "Are you okay?"
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  9. "I didn't need help see." she pointed to a shinx in a Cosplay Pikachu cute contest.
  10. "Oh, Alixander... I wonder if we should stop by Luminoise... Old man Sycamore said something about an update for my Mega Ring on my Holo Caster..." Alixander's lavender colored ears twitched with all of the thoughts and ESP-waves travelling in the air.
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  11. "I'm going to Luminose, wanna come with us?"
  12. "Might as well.. It's not like we have anything better to do. Right, Alix?" The ruby-like gem encrusted on the Espeon's forehead shifted into a peaceful shade of yellow, turning the organ into a somewhat of a topaz gem.

    "Niaah!" Alixander's purple ears twitched in agreement, his face nuzzling against Nyra's paper-pale cheek.
  13. (OOC:Mind if I join pls?)

    Reginler somersaulted off of his Metagross in Lumiose City. "Last REIGON to explore and I've been to all reigons!" Reginler said in excitement "now first gym is santalune...This will be easy!" Reginler said as he started his journey in Kalos but then Reginler murmured "I hope...Metagross fly me over to Santalune city please Reginler ordered his metagross and they were on their way to get every single badge but not only the badges...he also hopes to maximize his friendship with his trusted Gallade and most importantly find the secret...

    The secret to mega evolution
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  14. In the midst of Lumios City, Malachi walked out of the Trainer PR Studio,. His light blonde hair faintly reflected the sunlight. His light grey eyes were wide and happy as he had just finished filming his new video that would soon go viral.

    A cheerful Pachirisu was sitting on his shoulder, his fluffy tail, slightly bigger than his own body, was wrapped around him like a blanket.

    Malachi walked across the street and entered his favorite cafe in Lumios - cafe Soleil. He ordered a cup of tea and took a seat at one of the tables, feeding his little electric type freshly made PokéPuffs.
  15. "Alright, Flint, come on out!" Nyra pulled out a Fast Ball, a rather hyper, twitchy Talonflame with ever-so-slightly crossed eyes emerging from it. "We gotta head over to Lumiouse City, to see Professor Sycamore."

    The Talonflame flapped his wings happily, remembering the man who sneaked him quite a few Poke-Puffs the last time the visited the lab.

    Nyra returned Alixander to his Poke-Ball, wanting to put as less of a burden on the flying-type Pokemon as possible, as she found it astounding that he could alone support her weight in the air.
  16. "Finally! we reached Santalune, and with plenty of daylight left." On the way to the gym, Kuro bumped into a Trainer walking with a Gallade. "Oh, sorry. Are you lost?"
  17. "Hm? Oh no I'm pretty sure I know my way around. The names Reginler, Grandson of Cynthia kind of awesomeness! I came here to collect all gym badges. This is the last reigon which means I need eight more badges to have every single badge in the world! I also come mainly to go to shalour city and unlock the key to mega evolution. Me and my buddy Gallade have a really big bond together" Reginler answered
  18. "Thanks for starring in my newest PR Video, Pachirisu!" Malachi smiled to the electric type squirrel, that just finished munching on PokéPuffs. Pachirisu replied with a joyous squeal of its name, and Malachi returned it to its Pokeball.

    After sitting in the cafe for a while, Malachi stood and left, tossing a blue colored great ball in the air. In a flash of light, a Gardevoir appeared, gracefully landing next to her trainer.

    "Hello, Gardevoir. I am really sorry for all of what I put you through, back there." Malachi told his pokemon. They had recently went through a tough and wild forest, and Gardevoir had battled and battled in order to protect Malachi.

    "Garde...Voiiir." She gracefully replied, placing a hand on her chest and nodding her head.

    The two walked down the streets of Lumios. Malachi always aimed to be a Top Pokemon Performer, never really having an anxious attitude towards Gym Battling, although it did cross his mind every now and then. But the main thing that both Malachi and Gardevoir wondered, was of Mega Evolution.

    Malachi would listen on and on about Professor Sycamores rambling on about Mega Evolution, but doubted there was even a Gardevoirite in existence, and if there were, if he could even find it.
  19. "You're challenging the Leader too? How about a warm-up battle with me, and maybe we can have a double battle with Viola." Kuro anticipated his answer, he couldn't find any Trainers competetive enough to beat him.
  20. (OOC:Here how about this?)

    "Ok but are you sure? I've been traveling around reigons for a while and my pokemon and I have created a strong bond together. I am trying to get a strong enough friendship with my gallade here to mega evolve him. But if you still wanna battle that's fine by me and I would like that double battle with Viola." Reginler said
  21. Karley had nothing left to do, as the new champion, "Should I stay or travel?"
  22. (( yeah, I mean I don't control your pokemon or characters, but just starting off in a role play and already stronger than a region champion is a bit OP ))
  23. (OOC:yea I know what you mean. I still wanna have a good team like any other people and I just realized now that it's kinda op)
  24. ((Mind if I join))

    Rye lay there on the hill next to his Lucario whose name was Aura. "What a wonderfully boring day he thought."
  25. Malachi then reached Hotel Richissime, sighing. He returned his partner back into her pokeball, and entered the 5 star hotel.

    He walked up to the main counter, and the woman smiled at him. "Hello Malachi, you made it just in time for your shift." She handed him some folded clothes.
    Malachi nodded, and headed into the dressing room.

    His goal was to be top pokemon performer, but he had to make money a for-sure way somehow, so he volunteered and worked as a part-time attendant at the popular hotel every now and then.

    Malachi came out of the bathroom with a white button up shirt to fit his small physique, and a black pants, with a white apron that was tied around his waist that went from his hips to his knees. His blonde hair was done in a fancy coif. He went and stood behind the Service Attendant bar and called in orders, serving them to the ordering customers. Later he went to the back of the kitchens, washing and putting away the many dishes.
  26. "Well let's make it not boring!" Aura said as she took off without Rye. "Wait for me!" he yelled as he jumped on his bike and pedaled after her.
  27. (I hate life. Plus my charter is an experienced trainer.)
  28. Reginler, after thinking about it, said "Actully I would like to take on this gym myself. I wanna battle with my pokemon without anyone else because my bond with my pokemon is good enough and I think I can take on Viola myself, unless you REALLY want to...anyway I will be in the gym if you wanna double battle" and as Reginler said that he walked into his first gym in the Kalos reigon.
  29. Karley had walked to the gym and walked out and saw them. "Hello?"
  30. "Hello! How ya doin? The Names Reginler, grandson of Cynthia, king of awesomeness!" Reginler said with glee "Im assuming your Viola?" Reginler had asked.
  31. "What?" Karley laughed. "Bugs are ok...but I'm not Viola...not even close!"
    "I'm Karley though."
    'They'll have to figure it out...' she thought.
    "So, do you want to battle the champion some day?" she said raising an eyebrow.
  32. "Ok sorry for thinking you were someone else!" Reginler said "of course I wanna battle the champion! I've always tried to battle the pokemon league but either I lose then I have to move to the next reigon, or its closed and I had to move to the next reigon. I really hope I can make it this time. And this time win!" Reginler said with confidence in his voice.
  33. "How many gym badges?" she almost laughed.
  34. It had taken about 15 minutes of soaring in the sky, as well as retrieving Nyra's hat quite a few times, the pair had arrived in Lumiose City. She stepped off of her flying companion, breathing in the not-so-familiar city air. "N-nothing like being in the city, huh, Flint?" She coughed out, while her Talonflame twitched a bit, perching on her shoulder, trying his best not to dig his talons into her delicate skin.
  35. "Well, I just made it to Kalos here but we have every other badge there is" Reginler responded "Im planning to get this reigon's eight too and maybe master the power of mega evolution...now that I say it out loud probably not" Reginler laughed "anyway is the gym leader in there? He asked
  36. "Good plan...and I'm not sure I just do stupid stuff with a hint of derp." she winked. "The champion does have some good Pokémon that can mega-evolve...but mostly just some Shinx evolutions and such..."
  37. Reginler was bewildered by this. "Wait she has mega evolution?! I can't compete with that!" Reginler said with no more confidence "I don't even know how strong it will become! I don't even know how tough it is! I don't even know what pokemon is it!" Reginler said in a horribly worried voice "maybe I'll just challenge the E4 and be gone with it."
  38. "It's ok." she patted him on the shoulder.
  39. Malachi sighed in exhaustion. All of the dishes were clean and the hotel guests were satisfied by the time his shift was over. The teen changed back into his street clothes and left the hotel after being payed. He walked down the streets of Lumios, seeing an ad for something called a 'Battle Chateau'.

    Malachi had to do a double take, and almost had a heart attack. He forgot about the Battle Chateau! He hadn't been there in a couple of weeks - hopefully they hadn't forgotten about him or de-ranked him!

    Malachi held up a pokeball. A stream of light shooting from it, forming into a graceful Togekiss. It chirped its name happily at the sight of Malachi.
    The boy stroked his Togekiss, before hopping on her, asking her to fly to Route 7. She soared high in the sky, and within a few minutes, Togekiss landed infront of a large beautiful building.

    Malachi returned Togekiss to her pokeball, and he entered the large building. One of the butlers approached him, bowing. Another came up behind him, placing a long and silk white cape around him, small golden chains decorating the shoulders.

    "Welcome, Viscount Malachi, it is nice to see you again." The butler spoke.

    Malachi bowed back, thanking him and entering the large room, full of many trainers peacefully socializing, all wearing capes as well, but some wearin different colored ones.
  40. "No it's not! If I can't even beat Cynthia, my aunt alone how am I supposed to beat her now with a mega garchomp?! Just like this situation! If I can't beat the elite4 how am I supposed to defeat someone if I can't even beat a champion without mega evolution!?

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