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Open Heart Village {Discussion Thread}

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by FroakiesFrubbles, Jan 19, 2018.

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  1. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    {Link to RP: {https://pokecharms.com/threads/heart-village-rp.18692/}}
    *This is a Pokemon-only RP. No trainers, sorry.

    Many have heard the legend, most do not believe in it. The Legend Of Love. It is said that if one attends the winter festival in Heart Village, they are sure to find love around the corner. Most pokemon flock to the village to find love, and happy couples come to reinforce there relationship.

    The festival is happing shortly. But, let me set the scene. Heart Village is one of those 'middle-of-nowhere' villages up in the mountains. It is usually covered in beautiful snow, even in the spring time. But in winter, it's beautiful. The entire village as a perfect view of mountains in the distance.

    Also, there isn't really any hotels, but the village is also know for it's little rental cottages that allow a bit more privacy and space.

    Romance is encouraged, but no adult content. Making out is probably the farthest you should go.
    Have fun :)
    Breeze the Buizel (@Froakie'sFrubbles)
    Lydia the Tsareena (@vaultie )
    Ariana the Lopunny (@vanillathelopunny )
    Lacy the Flaaffy (@Keybored )
    Slate the Zoroark (@SprinkleWarrior )
    Majesty the Alolan Ninetails {Shiny} (@>owo< )
    Pandora the Audio (@Prince)
    Dylan the Delibird (@DManPlaysThat )

    Confirmed Ships
    Breeze x N/A
    Lydia x N/A
    Ariana x N/A
    Lacy x N/A
    Slate x N/A
    Majesty x N/A
    Pandora x N/A
    Dylan x N/A

    'Ships that I suspect' Ships

    Breeze x Lydia
    Breeze x Majesty
    This is all the information you will need. You can use other types of character bios, and add more info if need be.

    Age (16+):
    Gender and Sexuality:
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  2. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    My Character:

    Name: Breeze
    Age (16+): 17
    Gender and Sexuality: Male; Heterosexual (Straight)
    Species: Buizel
    Personality: Very outgoing and friendly, Breeze always enjoys meeting new people, and making friends. He also takes a more laid-back lifestyle, which does cause a fair bit of trouble.
    Appearance: Breeze wears a tiny little beanie.
    Other: None

    Enjoy! ♥~
  3. this actually sound really cute ;;

    Name: Lydia
    Age (16+): 21
    Gender and Sexuality: Female, Bisexual
    Species: Tsareena
    Personality: Although she's just as feminine as others in her species, she's not nearly as commanding and dominant. While she's a little bit more modest than most Tsareena, she's not afraid at all of speaking up.
    Appearance: Just like any other Tsareena, but she keeps her "hair" up in a ponytail, held by a pink band.
    Other: N/A
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  4. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    That was the point :)

    Anyways, accepted. I'll make the RP soon.
  5. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    agh, no-one wants to join...
  6. This sounds fun and I've been wanting a Pokemon only RP. I'll get to making a sheet as soon as possible.
  7. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

  8. Well I mean, I've been a bit busy banning a ton of rulebreakers in a server earlier. (I presume that my characters have to be 16 or older because well, I've actually been planning on having a younger character being accompanied by an older one.)
  9. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Well, yeah. You can have younger character accompanied by an older one, just that the older one would fall in love. In a romance RP, it gets kinda iffy if the characters are younger than 16. Oh well.

    Before you ask, pls no fakemon.
  10. Yeah I already saw that coming, I was going to ask if I could maybe have a younger variant of Tropius or something like that.

    *??? sits near you while trying to grab the tiny fruits around his neck*
  11. Haiii peeps XD this sounds so good!
    Name: Ariana
    Age (16+): 17
    Gender and Sexuality: Female , straight
    Species: Lopunny
    Personality: Shes very shy, calm and collected. She is very modest , and doesn't care much about what other people think of her. she's proud of who she is and wants to feel loved. (Don't we all XD) She hates it when she's not perfectly clean.
    Appearance: She's just like any other lopunny, except she wears cute pink bows on her ears.
    Other: NA
  12. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Accepted. :)

    Sure. Have a younger tropius, but then have an older character with him, because someone younger than 16 probably couldn't travel to a remote village in the mountains alone.

    Enough people have joined, or are almost joined. Going to post the RP. :)
  13. Yay! Can't wait to get started! :D
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  14. Name: Lacey
    Age (16+):
    Nineteen ( 19 ) years old
    Gender and Sexuality:
    Female, homosexual
    Flaaffy, the Wool Pokémon
    Lacey is a shy, reserved earthbound cloud that is highly uncomfortable around any and all other entities. She’s insecure and tends to stay away from crowds – in her case the phrase ‘three’s a crowd’ is to be taken literal. However, everyone has needs and Lacey really wants to be more social, which is why she pulled together whatever courage she could find and head out – looking for love.
    Nothing different from your average, everyday pink electric bipedal sheep.
    Lacey involuntarily expels a relatively harmless current of electricity through her fleece when she’s nervous or needs space – handle with caution, or gloves.
  15. Just posted, second person in the village! :D

    Hoping this rp will be great! :)
  16. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman


    Thanks! By the looks of it, we are off to a good start!
  17. Yep! Btw I'm so happy it doesn't go further than making out.

    me: "ooh someone posted" *Sees sex description*

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  18. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Yes. Also, you edited the quote, and not your post xD
  19. Oh that's alright! ^^ Homosexuality is the term that is interchangeable with both gay for males and lesbian for females.
  20. Yea I deleted that cos I messed it up XDDDD

    Plus thanks for telling me!
  21. My character sounds so stalky XD
    Meh, oh well
  22. There we go- Lacey has arrived.
  23. Three people so far! :D
    Is there anyone else accepted that hasn't arrived yet?
  24. I swear my characters addicted to grooming her ears XD

    I never meant for her to be this stalky, but I don't care. Shes amazing XD
  25. I love how lacey is the only pokemon that actually has enough common sense to wear a coat in the cold XD
  26. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Well Breeze has tons of fur that keeps him warm, and he's more used to colder climates, so Breeze is fine without a coat...
  27. Lacey let's out a nostalgic sigh as she remembers her days of being a Mareep - and didn't have to worry about lack of fleece.
  28. XD oh yeah I forgot lopunny has thick fur.

  29. Rip Ariana XD (Read my post to see why lol)
  30. Ikr XD I felt like being cruel and making her hit her face XD
  31. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Poor Ariana. Also, it's like mid-day, just saying. I would take a nap too, if I was Ariana.
  32. Yea I just felt like making her nap. Gtg so byeee
  33. omg sorry im getting a late start i literally just woke up myself. also i really hate mobileposting so sorry about having to fix that unfinished paragraph ;;
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  34. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

  35. (Mind if I join?)
    Name: Slate
    Age (16+): 19
    Gender & Sexuality: Male and bisexual
    Species: Zoroark
    Personality: Comes off as a cocky fella, but becomes a sweet ,affectionate friend when you get to know him. (The reason why hes cocky at first is because hes shy and dosen't know how the heck hes suppose to act.)
    Appearance: A basic Zoroark, but with bandages wrapped around his hands and a jagged scar running down his right eye.
    Other: N/A
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