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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. A short little non-canon one-shot to pass the time. I never thought I'd debut Grace like this, but remember: this is non-canon. Troy however, is still the same :3

    They were in the middle of the battle room of the facility, with its magnificent marble walls and floor, and the battlefield outlined in contrasting onyx. Grace had changed back into her typical attire: a black vest with white sleeves, maroon cargo pants, aqua and white boots with a matching beanie. Troy hadn't swapped clothes; he was still in his silver pants and jacket, black shoes, and black shirt. His shoes and pants had a bit of dust on them still, but he didn't care.

    Grace moved closer to Troy and pushed his platinum hair out of his face and stared deeply into his eyes, her violet gaze searching for answers within his enigmatic sea.

    "Troy...do you love me?" Her tone was desperate, and her voice was a bit shaky.

    Troy remained silent, still trying to determine how best to answer. It had become painfully obvious that she was attracted to him, and he was questioning what all their time together recently had meant to him. As he opened his mouth to speak, the door burst open, revealing a young man. He was of around twenty-three, with short blond hair and brown eyes that were seething with hate. The man had a ridiculous outfit on: he was wearing a long gray tunic with darker-colored pants, long gray gloves, and tall gray boots. The tunic had a hood which was resting on his shoulders. Clearly, this man was either coming from some sort of convention, or was insane. Troy suspected a bit of both.

    "You!" he growled, pointing at Grace. "You ruined everything! The whole region, nay, the world would have been ours! Everything was going smoothly, but then you showed up and took it all to hell! Pokemon and humans would finally be separated, and would no longer have to serve!"

    Troy turned to Grace with a slightly puzzled expression. She had never mentioned this as being part of her past.

    "Yeah, I know this guy. I met him not too long before I came to Solest." she said, answering Troy's mental question. "Back in Unova, there was a gang called Team Plasma. Initially, they had tried to separate humans from Pokemon by using the powerful Legendary Pokemon Reshiram and Zekrom. They were foiled in their attempt, and had supposedly disbanded. However, a few months later, they reemerged, fighting a nonexistant foe that they had created, in attempts to use the bioengineered Pokemon known as Genosect in order to quell the so-called "uprising" and later remove all Pokemon from Trainers. I just so happened to get caught up in all of this, and stopped them."

    "So," Troy said, turning to face the Team Plasma man. "You think that by removing Grace from the picture, everything will go back to the way it was for you guys, and you can try some other dastardly plot? Well, by all means, go ahead. I myself am the head of Solest's organization known as Team Eclipse. I have nothing to gain by stopping you, and quite frankly she's been getting on my nerves lately, too." Troy bowed his head and held his arms in a position as to indicate 'go right ahead'

    This has to be part of some plan of Troy's. Grace thought as the man approached. He really wouldn't let this man do what he wants while acting like he doesn't care.

    "Actually, now that I think about it," Troy said, somehow confirming Grace's thoughts. "Maybe I do have something to gain by stopping you. You see, I just don't like the way you barged in here and started shouting things at people. It's so terribly rude of you, so I'm afraid you'll have to battle me instead. Battling was your intention, wasn't it?"

    "Fine!" came the response. "It doesn't matter to me either way. Once I'm done with you, she's next!" Both of them reached into their pockets and sent out Pokemon simultaneously. "Darmanitan! Gigalith!"


    For the Plasma guy, a red ape-like creature with flaming eyebrows and a wide grin emerged, alongside a large violet boulder with jagged crimson segments. Troy summoned a white creature with navy blue skin, had a long ragged white mane, pure black eyes, and a crown of four large, blade-like horns.

    "Heh, two against one? You don't stand a chance! Face the power of Unova!"

    "A monkey and a rock? Seems like you're in need of something more...frightening. Absollean, Night Slash!"

    "Gigalith, use Body Purge! Darmanitan, Take Down!"

    Several portions of the rock's body fell off. It looks like it reduced its overall body weight using that. Is it trying to be faster? Troy asked himself. The red ape charged Absollean, who had already disappeared from its line of sight. The white demon reappeared behind it, and knocked it out in one swift strike.

    "Now, get the other one!" Absollean veered around to focus on the target, who was still shaking off bits of itself. Absollean quickly attacked with a volley of slashes, but they had barely left a mark in the thing.

    "Thing's tough. Get it with a Final Shadow, and put in everything you've got!" Troy's Pokemon jumped back a few feet, and got in a sort of ready stance. The lights in the room dimmed, and the air instantly got a few degrees cooler. A light lavender energy engulfed Absollean's blades, and began swirling around rapidly, forming a little whirlpool of sorts. The Pokemon lowered his head, the blades aimed directly at Gigalith. The energy disappeared, the lights returned to normal, and the temperature rose again.

    "Maybe your Absollean just doesn't have what it takes!" the Plasma said with a chuckle. He opened his mouth to speak, but suddenly, the lavender energy engulfed Gigalith, growing smaller and smaller as the color got darker. It eventually grew to the size of a pea, and was coal-black. The only sign of Gigalith's existance were the pieces of it that it had shed. The sphere slowly faded away as a cold smirk came across Troy's face.

    That smirk was quickly replaced by a look of awe, as the form of Gigalith materialized and solidified.

    "Ha! Gigalith's really sturdy, and can withstand an attack that would normally defeat it! And since your Pokemon is weak, now's my chance! Explosion!" The boulder moved towards the panting demon, and then blew up with the sound of ten thousand cannons.

    To Troy's relief, he had returned Absollean to his ball in time, but he had unfortunately sustained a few cuts from the debris. The Team Plasma man, who was close to the epicenter of the blast, was no longer a problem. What was a problem was where Grace had disappeared to. The large whole in one wall kind of gave it away.

    Troy walked over to the dust-covered, debris-ridden wall and carefully made his way through the oddly-shaped hole. He had entered a monotonous steel-gray hallway, that had only a dim light on, and it was flickering. Grace was propped up against a wall, breathing hard. Two red pieces from Gigalith were sticking out of her torso, most likely through her lungs. She looked at him with a mix of hope and distress.

    "Shhh, don't talk right now. Earlier, you asked me if I love you. I have an answer. I wasn't sure of what to say at first, but now I think I know. And I'll be perfectly honest with you: I never loved you." He wanted to say that she had been a complete and utter nuisance and he'd been wanting to get rid of her for a while now, but that seemed like it would never happen since her eyes were blank and staring at the floor.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Damn Troy! How cold of you! >=0 But that is what makes Troy a magnificent bastard, so I wouldn't expect anything less from him. The Plasma Grunt coming out of nowhere was a bit random. I would have thought Team Eclipse would have had better security, but I guess not. I'll forgive it if only because of how fast paced and great the resulting battle was. Great job Sho!
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  3. Well, that wasn't very nice. He needs a brick upside his head. xDDDDD
    Other than it, I loved it. It was pretty good!
    You have a great start so far. Keep it up.

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