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Have you had any accidents(Major or minor)

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by 112% Elusive, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. I once had an accedent involving me scraping my self on a rusty, pointy piece of metal.(I had help from one of my friend's friend.) I wound up with a gash that freaked me out the first time I saw it.(That was last year. Oh joy. I still have the scar. :))I also had 2 accidents in which I banged some part of my head on something hard. The first time it was on a dresser and I got stitches in my forehead. The second time it was in the back of my head.

    Edit:And I thought my accidents were bad. Ouch.
  2. Doctor Oak

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    I do have quite a few scars to my name.

    When I was... 5? We were climbing the ropes in PE at school, I fell on my ass onto really shitty 'mats' that were as hard as the wooden floor below them anyways and broke my tail bone. :)

    The ropes were never used in our primary school again and we got proper mats after that. :D

    Also in primary school, I got my hand trapped in the hinges of a door as a schoolmate accidentally closed it on them. My fingernail went "pop" and it had to be re-attached surgically a few weeks later.

    Again, in primary school, we were playing chasies in the playground - my friend waits for me behind a wall and goes to trip me up fairly innocently in an attempt to prevent me catching them. I end up going face first into the wall and break half my front tooth off. I had to have the root of the tooth removed (it's completely dead now) and got it capped. I then broke the cap off on my bed a few years later. It's still uncapped and I doubt I'll bother getting it crowned - it'd feel weird after not having anything there for so long.

    I had a fun time in primary school. :D

    I also put stitches in my brother's head when we were both very young by pushing him while bouncing on his bed. The back of his head clunked off the windowsill and his head split open. :D

    Amazingly, I've never broken my arm or leg or anything like that. Don't really know how I've managed to escape that so long.
  3. Well, I had some crazy stuff happen to me.

    One day in third grade I got a horrible migraine. I also had school spaghetti that day too. It was like twenty minutes till the bell, and it felt like my head would explode. Then I threw up...And now I don't really like spaghetti anymore.

    Another time I was walking off the bus and then I fell. I'm not sure if someone pushed me or if I tripped, but I fell and scuffed up my nose pretty bad on the black top. It was pretty gross for like two weeks. And the worst thing was that the nurse wasn't there...>.>

    Also, one time when my brother and I were rough housing he threw a box at me and it hit right above my nose and started to bleed. That was pretty freaky.
  4. I had to get stitches twice in the same spot once in the frame of a month.

    Right after they healed i broke it open again.

    It was on my wrists.
  5. Oh ho ~​
  6. As i write this my right ankle is propped up, that gives you an idea how accident prone i am... :p

    When i was about 2 I fell off a tree stump in my garden, broke my left ankle...

    When i was 8 my sister slammed a door in my face, i got hit right between the eyes, popped open a blood vessel there and just below my eye where i ricochéd into the radiator... Lots of blood, nice new blue carpet =D I still have the scar between my eyes.

    About a month after i split my face open I was in my garden again, and i slipped off a log that was propped up on our back gate (oddly enough, the tree trunk of the stump id fallen off 6 years beforehand) and i broke my wrist with a swan-neck fracture... Oh the fun!

    Then of course theres the fact that as a trampolinist I used to constantly sprain my ankles and wrists by landing badly/falling off/etc.

    When i was in year 9 i was on my way to swim training, was running very late and was using my mini-scooter to get there cause it would fit in my bag... I was going down a hill and someone jumped out at me, shoved me off, and then ran off.. I got up very confused, and went to training... About 10 mins later i was going up a hill and noticed i had blood on my shoe, looked at my right arm and it was bleeding heavily... Went training, felt a little bit of pain in my side, but thought nothing of it... 2 weeks later my dad was talking to me and realises I was recovering from concussion, i find out that i've cracked my rib and been walking around for 2 weeks with a concussion, i was mostly just impressed that noone realised i was concussed for 2 weeks...

    Oooh but my really good accident...

    1st July last year, (i remember cause i saw mad caddies 2 days before) I was trampolining, came off the trampoline, tore the ligaments in my right ankle on both sides... Completely tore them in half, not just a lil rip, it was nasty as hell! Couldn't walk for about 3 weeks, and the healing process is actually still going on now, ligaments take 18 months to completely heal...
    Then 2 nights ago I was helping out at my friends 18th party, it had started to rain, we were in the garden so i was bringing stuff in, i slipped off her garden path and hurt my right ankle, again! Currently im still waiting for the swelling to go down so i can find out if i've done ligament damage again or if its just a bad sprain... =D

    Yeah those are my major ones...
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  7. Wow,thats almost exactly like my story.Except,it tasted worse.And I didnt have a migrain,it was in second grade,i ate tuna,and i never ate tuna again.Thing is,i used to always eat tuna until then o.O
  8. Don' worry, Doctor. It was a nightmare for me, too. Urg... one thing comes to mind out of some of those things. Spring Break of 3rd grade.

    I was playing Samurai with my old friend, Stick. A silver, wooden stick that I used for Halloween. It was my "bestest friend" as I said. I kept hitting a wooden rope swing that my dad set up a year or so ago. I kept hitting, and hitting, and hitting. Then it hit back. Right in one spot on the top of my head. I lay my hand up there and, urg... red. Very tinted red. I run to my dad, we rush in the house, puts a towel on my head to call my mom who's at the store. She rushes home and takes me to the hospital.

    I feel ridiculous with a towel on my head watching Spongebob. I have to get staples. I wait with a cloth and numbing stuff on it. Watch Spongebob. The docs come in. The first staple doesn't hurt, but the second one just... ow. In gym one of the following days I almost got in trouble because some kids were gazing at my staples and I told them to turn around and forget me. But, I got a lime sucker out of it! :D

    Kindergarten of 2000 or so. Whatever year the Trade Centers came down. yeah, wonderful way to begin this recollection. I was on these metal bars suspended off of the ground. They were like this:
    _l l
    _l l l l
    l l l l l​
    I was scooting across the middle one. Spun around and clocked my head on the bar in front of me. I hit the ground. Later, I have a bruise on my head the size of Texas. *Shivvver*

    Or the winter of '07. It was Monday, and a snow day. I had sleepwalked down to sleep on the chair (leather is comfy). I felt soooo naucious (sp?). I didn't eat or go to school for the next two days. Never threw up, but felt like it. *Shivvvver*

    AL has had Painful Experiences
    BTW, Hair can't ever grow in that spot on my head! There's one little bald spot! So, so bad....
  9. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I remember once, when I was three, I bumped my head on a metal pole while practically running into a classroom. I had a huge bump on my head the next day.

    Also, I was once watching fireworks, and then I needed to use the restroom. I was about 4 or 5 at that time. So then, I went to use the restroom, and on my way back to the place where my mom was (my dad was with me), I fell over this orange thing, and I think I fractured my right leg. Then, I had to get a cast on it, and when I went to my preschool place the next day, people were staring at my leg. I still wonder why...... *sarcastic*

    And about a few months later, I had my arm plus the rest of my body stuck in a "castle tower" at the playground in that very preschool place, and I was stuck in there for about half an hour. My arm still hurts, but I think that's because last night, my mom was pulling on it...

    Then, when I was in 3rd grade, I was roller blading at this place, and there were races. Okay, so I thought I will give it a try, and then, the next thing I knew, I was in last place. So, because of that, I sped up, and I came crashing to the floor, and I broke a tooth. I got a cap on it, and then, about a whole year later, I ate pizza, and I felt something hard on my pizza. I was a little unsure what it was, but I guess I had a fair idea what it was, because I was feeling my teeth with my tongue, and I noticed that the tooth with the crown had, once again, "broke". So, I told the day-care teacher/principal (yes, I was at a day care then....), and I had my filling cap part thingy in a plastic bag, and now, that tooth has no root because the root has been taken off, and it's a crown.

    I also remember falling off the monkey bars in 5th grade, but that wasn't too big of a deal. I also fell down on tile floor while my mom was mopping the kitchen floor.

    Once, also in 5th grade, I was playing jump rope with my friends, when the rope hit a bee. Coincidentally, I was right next to the bee, and that bug decided to sting me. So, after it stung me, I saw something yellow with black stipes that was fuzzy fly past me, and then, the next thing I knew, my right arm was hurting. I went to a teacher, and she just took that stinger off and sent me to the nurse. Boy, was it itchy! I had to get some icky-looking cream on my arm. I can still see the hole in my arm to this day.....

    And now, I'm sick for about two weeks. My record. And my illness is actually getting better now....
  10. Oh and i forgot to mention.In first grade,i was playing street soccer on cement,i tripped over the ball and got a bump on my head BIGGER than texas.It was near easter,so everyone joked about it being a "bit early for easter".Y'know,causea the egg.
  11. I was hit by a car.

    Do I have your attention now? More on that later.

    Let's see... When I was about, I guess, Preschool age, maybe younger, I was climbing on the back of my father's Le Car (a very small vehicle. Smaller than a VW Beetle. May dad got it because if it broke down, he could carry it.) and I fell off and hit my head. I remember being in the living room not long after with my mom applying a towel to my head. She told me I had cracked my head over, and I asked, "Like an earthquake?" Apparently, no one else remembers that part.

    Then, somewhere in Elementary School, probably third grade, I was playing third base in a game of kickball when the ball hit me square between the eyes. I remember my eyes closing and something akin to willing myself to remain upright, but I toppled backwards and hit my head anyway.

    This next one wasn't really an accident. In my Freshman year of high school, we were doing sprints in PE. I noticed that, while sprinting, my body seemed pretty close to the ground. So, using a trick I learned in middle school, I tucked under and rolled onto my back. Apparently, people were very concerned until I gave a thumbs-up.

    Then, in college a couple years ago, I was in a beginning dance class when the teacher had us get in a circle, hold hands, and start jaunting around. So I jaunted one way, then I jaunted the other, then jaunted the first way. That's about when I fell to the ground, clutching my knee. I'm pretty sure I heard a pop. Since I didn't have any medical insurance, I opted to call an ambulance since they were free. Since I wasn't bleeding or broken or dieing or anything, the paramedics weren't really trained to handle my knee. So I called my dad and tried to explain to him where the class room was ("It's at the gym. It's not really in the gym, but it's this room to the side of the gym or something.") when the teacher took the phone back and told him how to get to the college, which was pointless because he was a bus driver and knew exactly where the college was. He took me to the doctor, and he said I had sprained my knee, so I had to walk on crutches for a while. I had also torn my meniscus (the pad behind the kneecap) which would've cost a bundle to fix had the doctor not said that I wouldn't even notice it in any way, shape or form.

    Another time, I was in my room when this metal folding chair fell over. I caught it, but in the process my thumbnail was bent back so far half of it tore away from the skin. I was able bandage it, and it healed back on, leaving a white mark across its width.

    And now, the car.

    I was walking home from my figure drawing class in college, and there was this one street (an off-ramp, really) with a crossing light. As the light gave me the "Go" sign, a car was slowing down as it pulled off the highway and up to the crosswalk. I stepped into the street assuming the car was going to stop and not paying it any attention whatsoever.

    It didn't.

    The car bumped into my shins, but it wasn't going fast enough to knock me down or anything. Again, assuming it was stopping, I backed up. Then it hit me in the shins again. I back up a third time, wondering what the Heck was going on, and it hit me again. It was moving a little faster this time and could've knocked me over had not the driver finally seen me and put on the brakes. I dashed right back to the sidewalk and the driver pulled up along side me and asked if I was okay. I noticed the toddler in his backseat, so I assumed he was quite distracted by it at the time.

    I replied, "Well, I've never been hit by a car before, but considering I'm still standing I think I'm okay."

    After assuring him that I was just fine, we both went our separate ways. When I told people about it soon after, they'd be all, "Oh my God, are you okay?" and I'd reply, "I'm standing right here, aren't I?" Now that I think about it, they probably meant emotionally rather than physically.
  12. Oh hmm, I don't remember what year that was, but it was the year that me and my sis got into Power Rangers...I actually leaped high into the air and came crashing down 5 stteps below, It is an eternal scar on my knee...
  13. At first, I saw the topic, and thought: Well, it shouldn't all be horrible things, just like stitches and stuff.

    Oh boy was I wrong! This is all horrid stuff. Anyways, my accidents.

    First off, when I was really young, it was like 10 or 11 years ago (when I was 4 or 5), I was playing some silly game with a parachute. I let go, with a sidewalk behind me. I fell with my chin landing on it, and had to get stitches. I still feel the scar under my chin (unfortunately, acne is rather fond of it, lol).
    A few years later, at around the end of Elementary school, I was flipping around on a bar, and when I jumped off for a finish of sorts, I accidentally landed on the asphalt, and tripped upon that landing. Guess what? Same area on my chin.
    Ever since my brother got to 4[sup]th[/sup] grade, he had been quite influenced by idiotic children of his day. So now he's semi-abusive. Scratches me for any reason he can, or sometimes worse. Either way, he's given me a scar or two, from his FINGERNAILS OF DEATH!!! They sting worse than other scratches, he hardly ever trims them down, and the collect dirt and scum like some sort of magnet.
    I was hit in the leg by a car, although this person did it intentionally. It was in Sophomore (last) year, I couldn't quite drive yet, so I walked over to get above mentioned brother. Somebody in a white car was just waiting there on the other side, apparently parked. I walked past, and he peeled out, I tried to run as I heard it, but he got my leg. I fell over (so I didn't get a license plate, damn.) and I still have the bruise.
  14. hehe, i have a few...

    lets see, when i was in fourth grade, i was first base while playing kickball outside by the art room, and someone kicked the ball, while i was going to get it, i tripped over an elevated part of the walkway. when i went to put my hands on my shin, (where i hit the edge of the walkway) i felt something liquid-y. i looked down and saw my sock stained with blood, and a lot of it, so i limped over to where my mom was. she looked at it, and it went pretty deep, so then took me to the nearest bathroom, which happened to be the girls bathroom. then my friends mom came in with a school wheelchair and some bandages, so i was rushed to my moms car, where i panicked about getting stitches, so she took me home. then one of her friends came over and she had butterfly stitch type things, so i stayed home with that wrapped up for a few days. now i have an inch long, quarter inch wide scar on my shin, though now nobody can even see it with hair covering it up...haha, the wheelchair was fun!

    then another time when i was about 6-7 i had caught a good ride in on a surfboard, fell off, and then the fin thing on the underside of it cut me to the left of my left eye, so i have a scar there too...havent been surfboarding ever since, at least, i dont think i have...

    i think thats it for me, though my sister is pretty accident prone...

    see, once she had just gotten out of the shower, when she stepped on a plastic shark with a tall, thick dorsal fin or whatever is on their back, and it went right through the bottom of her foot...that was kinda weird

    and about a week ago she was cutting watermelon she made a deep cut in her skin on her thumb, right about where the thumb merges with the palm...kinda scary really

    and of course she sprained her ankle once so know at least once a year her ankle falls in and she falls to the ground and cant put pressure on it for a few days...haha, one time she had to hop around the ballpark

    well, thats it for me, (and my sis) bye y'all
  15. Well, I don't have anything as bad as GM or Morphing Emotions, but I do have one or two things. When I was in 3rd grade+ we had two black tops. We had to cross one to a sidewalk to get to the other. And there was a little bump in the first one. I always tripped over that dang thing.

    Oh, here's a scary one. We live in a town near the Mississippi, so one year we go there for fireworks. It's dark out. I have my... maybe two, three year-old brother there too. Some people must know by now. So I'm talking to my cousin. My mom comes over. "Where's *brother*? I can't find him anywhere." So I panic and ask people sitting around the guardrails to the river. Nothing. I walk over to my mom and dad. They have him. He was at the playground. I never thought I'd panic for my little bro like that... weird.

  16. Reading about head and nail injuries made me remember mine.
    My head injury happened on my birthday. I was jumping down the stairs and hit my head on the ceiling. It was actually pretty funny, but instead of laughing, I started to cry. :( I had a big bump for a few days afterward.​
    _ (What my stairs look like.)

    My next injury involved a can of hot chocolate and my big toe. I put the can in a weird position in the pantry and shut the door. Then I opened it again (looking for food after I had looked already...>.>) and the can fell on my toe. It cracked the toe nail and it started to bleed like no tomorrow. Actually, it bleed for like two days... Anyways the weirdest thing was that I didn't notice that it was bleeding until like three minutes later.
  17. Lesse... Im not as accident prone as I make myself sound, actually,

    When I was maybe six, Me and my sister (at the time, 3) where playing in the closet, she had climbed to the second shelf, where there was a broken picture, She Knocked it over, And a Piece of glass landed in my thumb, And you can still see the scar from the stitches.

    There was also this time, this is when I learned not to Try to pick up a tin can by the 'mouth' while my cousin Josh wanted to play kick the can, I had a bad cut on my finger, and a scar, you cant notice the scar so much, now.

    Oh, and this one time, me and my friends where throwing rocks at these kids we didnt like, and I stepped on a thorn.

    And, about two years ago, My sister Cut the flab part between my Index finger, and my thumb (right next to my other scar.. Me an my sister dun get along ^^;)

    and, I sprained my ankle while playing Basketball... hence, one of the reasons I didnt wanna play in the first place XD

    And theres the various Cuts and scrapes from Pet scratches and bites, but, meh.. I dun feel like keeping count...
  18. Ohh, I'm fun.

    The worst I've ever gotten, I once attempted to jump over a chair and jumped into it instead. . . I ended up chipping the bone in my shin. The first week, I couldn't put any pressure on it what so ever without getting sick to my stomach. ^^; of course mum didn't believe me about it -_-; so I got to suffer for about 3 months while it healed. I still get a nice ache in it if i walk more then a couple of miles on rough terrain.

    I also broke my smallest toe once. . . slammed it into a wall. No doctor's visit that time either, allthough mum was completely convinced i broke it. she said they couldn't do anything for about it. I ended up rebreaking it 3 times. Once when my gym teacher made me run, once when i tripped going down my ditch, and once when i was just walking down the driveway.

    my favourite are the bike accidents. (The ones that left the scars) I was riding down the sidewalk, when I came across a red pickup parked halfway out on the sidewalk. No big deal, I'll just ride around back of it. Well, I do, when this mailbox jumps out and snatches my handlebars. I got flipped over the handle bars. My elbow got torn apart, and my right pinky is still crooked. I actually pulled the same stunt two days later, but with a tree. I landed face first, but thankfully the soft earthy dirt was springy. ^^ No damage.

    The next year, I was once again out riding, when my cousin's friend (who rides his bike like a friggin' drunk) cut too close infront of me. He managed to get his back tire locked with my front one. I couldn't pull away so I slammed my tire into his and was once again thrown off the bike. tore up my new pants and me knee. >: (

    think that's all the really fun injuries. I've got a few scars from cats, and the best scar on my left hand where i got too close to a toaster oven. . . it was a second degree burn, really bad >
  19. Doctor Oak

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    I walk out of work every night with at least one new cut on my hands/arms somewhere.

  20. Hmm, lemme see...

    In primary school, i got a big hole in my head(weee), And ive been hit by car* on the way to the shop

    *car door XD
  21. My brother's nails are the same way, Morphing Emotions. o.O *Shudders*

    Anyway, once when I was about seven, I fell off of an Exercise Machine, after repeated warnings from Mom not to play on it, broke my kneecap open, and had to get five or six stitches. That might not seem so bad, but I had a quack put in the stitches. Seriously. He didn't wait for the numbing medicine to kick in before he started sowing. I seem to remember the Nurse telling him to wait, but he did it anyway. T-T I couldn't go downstairs, and I remember my Dad was playing Wolfenstein on the computer(I tremendously love watching him play, to this day), with my brother watching, and me sitting at the top of the stairs... We also had a daycare at our house, and all the kids were staring at me.

    And my cat can be evil sometimes(And the next day she cuddles up to me), and she has given me a ton of scars. That's what I get for playing catch the string with her.

    And to wrap it up, a long time ago, don't remember when, I was at a friend's house, and we were playing with my brother, more like terrorizing, and we were in friend's room, holding the door shut so bro couldn't get in, and bro shoved against the door, and it opened. And it shoved my toenail up into my toe a bit. It hurt for weeks. Got a McFlurry out of it, though. ^_^
  22. Ooh, I feel so stupid for posting thrice in one topic, but all this happened.

    Last day of gym earlier this year. We were playing kick ball. No ordinary Kick ball though. There were six bases and you had to go to them in the oddest ways. Anyways, yays, I got to hit! I run to first. Someone else hits it, I go to second. Third base is the hardest because two paths cross and it's long. I go, dodge the ball, and jump onto the base, which is a big blue pad like the rest. Big mistake. I terribly hurt my right ankle. I sit down against the wall. A kid runs onto the base and tells me to move. I show my mean side by goin', "No! I hurt my ankle, and it hurts to walk. After the teacher tells me to go, I don't remember. I think class ended, so I could go home. I know, nothing compared to the stuff you guys have, but it really hurt.

  23. Well on the day I was going to get my communion dress(so I was 8 maybe?) I tripped on my driveway and scraped my elbow BAD, it was bloody like crazy and I had to wear a gauze pad on it for a while.

    Also my mom says that when I was 5 and I had to get my tetnus(sp?) shot, I grabbed the needle and pulled it away from my arm(I think I still have the scar, though it's barely visible).

    And then there was the time I pushed my little brother down the stairs to the family room, and although the stairs and floor were covered in carpet, I believe he got a broken nose(again I was probably 5 or younger and he was at most 2)
  24. My turn to tell you about my accidents. Once when I was about seven or eight me, my brother and mom were at the city dump (dumping trash of course) my brother wasnt really looking as he radomly threw trash of the back of the truck. I was standing on the back of the truck then I jumped off but before I could even touch touch the ground Something hit me in the back of the head it was a metal item meant to hold up chritmas trees that my brother had thrown. I landed on my feet and dind't really feel pain but, suddenly felt something wet going down my neck it was ....BLOOD! I freaked out and started to cry. We had to use my shirt to cover it up and stop the bleeding the shirt was ruined unless you like blackand white lines with red spots. That was my most major accident for laughs I'll tell you some minor ones too.

    one time I was playing with a friend and I jumed into the air with my knee up only to hit a concreete wall I instanly fell to the ground.
    Once at home I opened the kitchen cabinet and a can of corn fell of the shelf onto my toe. I instantly fell to the ground. The toe swelled and the nail fell off. A few weeks later I noticed it was still swolen so I poked thebase of where the nail use to be with a needle blood came out but it was brown I had to squeeze it all out.
    A few months back I was at school I was heding down the stairs I was sleepy so I missed a stepe end fell down I had to limp to secnod period.
    Here's the last one a few months ago at home I was trying to open a can of chili we didnt have a can opener so I had to use a knife. I got frustrated trying to open it that I started to just stab at it. I kept going but then I missed and stabbed my self in that area between the thumb and that fingure you use to point. That all folks I hoped you enjoyed laughing at my misfortunes.
  25. My accidents are... Weird.

    About 6 years ago now, I was trying to open a can of Coca-Cola. It was especially stubborn, so I began pushing with my thumb hard.

    I pushed super hard, and a jolt of pain went through my arm. But, the can was open. Yay! So, without looking, I began drinking... And thought it tasted pretty weird.

    I looked down, and found that I had made a large cut all the way down my thumb, and it was bleeding pretty badly. I just looked at it for a minute, then began laughing about how it looked so random for a stream of blood to suddenly come spurting out of my thumb.

    Then, of course, I panicked, 'cause I'm squeamish. v_v

    The second event was quite a long while ago. I was walking around the house, and my parents both smoked. I suddenly turn around, and for some reason, my father was right behind me, with a lit cigarette. My hand was out, and I still have the mark from the burn.

    Also, another Coke can incident- Same problem. Stubborn lid. I pushed hard, and the same jolt of pain. I looked down... And there was no cut. No siree.

    Instead, the part that you push up? It had slipped and decided to stab itself INTO my right index finger. I still have an indented scar on that finger.
  26. Just 2 minutes ago I attempted a front flip* and I bit my, now bleeding left knee.

    *On my sister's trampoline XD
  27. Oh man, I totally forgot one. :D My most recent semi-major accident.

    This was towards the end of February-March this year, when snow was still kinda on the ground. I had the brilliant notion to wear flipflops to school, you know, no biggy - just avoid the plow piles. So after I get home, I got up the stairs in my wet flipflops, trailing water. Mum calls me down and as I'm coming down the wet stairs in my wet flipflops; SURPRISE; I slip.

    Now, I've fallen down these stairs a bajillion times, I've grown accustom to catching my foot easily and being fine without going ass over teakettle. Well, one can't really catch their footing when ones foot is wet. One hand on the wall, the other on the rail, I'm trying to get my footing and I slam my baby toe of my left foot on the stairwell bars.

    Yeah, ow. I spent more time hiding my tears of pain with laughter about how lame of a story 'Breaking my baby toe falling down the stairs.' would make as Mom called Dad and we talked about wether I wanted to go the hospital or not. My foots swelling, I'm laughing and crying, and we finally go to the hospital after a half-hour of letting me sit there in pain. Turns out I had fractured the joint where my baby toe attaches to my foot. Doc wanted to cast it, but I convinced him to just give me a wrap and some bandaging stuff for inbetween my toe. Oh, and they decided to give me a Tetnis shot while I was there for convienancy - I bloody hate needles.

    My baby toe had bent so far from the toe next to it that the skin inbetween had ripped open, so that was icky. It didn't bother me much at school, but someone stepped on my foot about three days after and I nearly dropped to the floor, using a desk to stop myself as my eyes popped outta' my head. I cussed like a sailor for like, a full minute without stopping to breathe. ;D​
  28. Linkachu

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    Hmm... I haven't had any broken bone accidents, and my biggest event wasn't really an 'accident' since my sister did it to me, but here's my list xp

    When I was three or so, I pulled a broken lamp down from a high table onto my head. Aside from being knocked in the head by it, a broken shard cut into my forehead. Now I have a permanent indentation near the top, center of my forehead, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

    Next, when I was about four my older sister (five or six at the time) threw a large, very spiky piece of fire wood at my head. Supposedly I was kinda stunned initially and walked into the house asking my mom why there was red paint running down my face. Took six stitches for that, but the doctor actually only noticed one of my wounds. Turns out I had two, and the second was around the same length as the stitched one but it healed up on its own.

    Then, when I was about 10, I tried to open a pop bottle with a meat cutting knife and ended up stabbing myself in the hand instead (between my thumb and first finger). Took three stitches for that (its left a nice scar). The funniest part of it all, though, was that two other people were waiting in the hospital at the same time as me for extremely similar wounds.

    Next, my burns. One day when I was around 12/13 and using our toaster oven (cooking mini pizzas), I stupidly used a fork to pull out the still blazing hot tray... and pulled a bit too hard. The tray flung out and landed against my left hand. I guess I froze and didn't know what to do, and it took my mom screaming at me to finally knock it back into the oven and off my skin. Ended up as a second degree burn, tho a strip down the center was probably deeper.

    I've had many minor burns since - me and cooking are a bad combination - but the summer of when I was twenty left me with another fairly bad burn. I was working at a bakery and using the convection oven. I dunno what I was thinking at the time - my mind must've been wondering - because I ended up pulling out the tray onto my arms. The corner of it left a nice, triangular burn on my right arm, and at one point all of the skin came off. Wasn't pretty, but its healed up quite nicely now. Never did see my family doctor about that one...

    Anyways, those are the 'accidents' that stand out. I'm a clumsy person by nature so I generally have a new bruise, cut, scarp, etc daily. Its a fun life xp
  29. Oh, I almost forgot one, this one time, maybe last year, I was running up and down the hallway, for some reason, then, I Rammed my pinky toe right into the banister, And the first thing I Yelled.. Was "Oh F! Oh F! Oh F!" (I wasnt saying Fuck, I was Litterally saying "Oh F!")
  30. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Wait, I forgot some burns! Not really burns, but touching things that were hot.

    When I was four, I saw a light bulb for the very first time in my life (As in on that was in touching distance). I though it looked pretty, so I just wanted to touch it. Pretty.... Ouch! That thing was burning hot (no duh)! The next thing I knew, there was a huge bubble on my finger. I don't think it was a blister, but I thought that was kind of funny, so every so often, I would touch it, even though it hurt every time it touched something. ;D

    There was another thing that happened this year, similar to that incident. I was in science class, and we were doing experiments with light bulbs (as in how many sheets of paper did it take to completely hide the shine of a so-many watt bulb. Hey, this is middle school, and science sucks, though it's my best subject, besides math). I had a, I guess you could say, slight brainwash that day, and then I saw the... pretty light bulb. It was glowing beautifully, so I just had to touch it. And, yeah, the same thing happens, and I have another bubble on my finger.

    And guess what? It was on the exact same finger from that first time I touched a light bulb! I guess I learned my lesson about light bulbs....

    But has anyone else survived being electrocuted before? I have. I still remember it clearly....

    I was three. It was nappy time. I saw this metal booby pin on the floor. Notice that it's metal. I saw a hole in the wall. What could be in that hole? I had my "handy dandy stick" with me, so I just poked it through the hole.

    It was not fun. I was crying (this was when I was three, remember!?), but I wasn't sent to the hospital or anything. I guess I was lucky that I even survived.....

    And a few days ago, I was trying to open a water bottle, but you know that thing at the bottom of the cap? It scratched my skin, but I didn't bleed. It's not major, but it looked like I had bat wings on my finger... xD

    And, in forth grade, someone accidentally stepped on my shoelaces (they were knotted and everything!), and then I fell and scraped about four parts of my body. I was bleeding, and instead of going to my class, I was sent to the nurse.

    And that reminds me of the time someone stepped on my finger at the daycare where I had my arm stuck and where I bumped into a metal pole...

    I have many others, but if I keep writing, this page will be filled. xD Joking.....
  31. i almost forgot one of the weirdest ones yet, about 2 years ago, on my first boyscout campout, we were stupidly pushing a wagon(not the red one little kids pull around, this one could fit 3-4 ppl) down a hill, and one time i was riding in it, when the guy holding the handle decided to try to turn towards some older kids who were throwing out dead branches into the road. whenever we turned, i flew out, landed on the ground, scraped my chin, and started rolling. luckily, since i was wearing my dads old high school jacket(he was a jock, so i got the thick leather kind) i didnt get anything worse than that scrape
  32. Well, one time when I was little (I forget exactly when), I accidentally shut a hard, wooden door on my pointer finger. You see I was walking out of a bathroom and wasn't paying attention to where my hand was (I've forgotten which had it was), I shut the door and *WHAM!* YEOOWW! I crushed my finger.
  33. The only accident I can think of (besides falling off my bike a few times) is when I was like two. I was at my grandparents house and chasing their cat. She got mad at me and slashed at me. Her claw got stuff just out of reach of my right eye. Now there's this big dip-like thing by my right eye. I don't remember it, but my mom says they all thought the cat had got my eye.
  34. In Primary School:
    Me and my playmates were playing hopscotch on the school lawn, then I went to pick up my water jug, then I didn't notice my playmate was throwing the rock which hit me! (That really hurts!) Hit on the face! My cute cheeks had a scar and it almost broke my front teeth, I was even lucky that time.
  35. Well I have 1 story that really scares me everytime I re-tell it because I could have died.

    It was about 3 years ago, in November. It was snowing and VERY icy on the roads. (mind you i live in canada). We had just gotten back from the mall and were on our way home. I don't usually wear my seat belt (shame on me :p) but this time something inside me told everyone to wear it and they did.

    We got passed the most dangerous part (the high way) and were close to home. Next thing you know, this car comes swirving into our lane and comes clashing directly into us. It was crazy because I was sitting in the front seat and a billion things were going through my mind. My face smashed onto the dashboard and would have broken but at that very second the airbag came out and saved my life :-X.

    After the whole clash was over my whole family got out of the car except for me! I was half unconsious and was trying to take off me seat belt while the car was moving backwards(because of the ice)

    Later I managed to get out and the ambulance came and it was a miracle that we all survived with minor injuries.

    Sorry for the long post, I just felt like I needed to share that to everyone :p
  36. This used to happen all the time to me:

    At the beggining of the soccer season, usually our first game. I would ALWAYS fall down and somehow sprain my left wrist. It got so bad that I quit playing.
  37. In elementary school I had two accidents...
    I had these really nice shoes. The problem? They had fuzz on the bottom and I slipped in them frequently. So one day, I'm walking down the street, and then I slip and crash into a scooter on someone's driveway. I broke my ankle, and that was the last time I ever wore those shoes.

    Another time, a friend and I were working on a science project at school, and we were outside since our project was about solar energy. My friend noticed that it was almost time for the class to go to the lunchroom, so we picked up our things. They had these double doors at school, you're supposed to go in one and out the other. As I reached for the door handle, someone else comes out the wrong door, and the door hits my foot and rips my toenail half off.
    Two or three months later, I woke up and saw that my toenail was brown and coming off. My toenail has never grown back completely.
  38. one time when i was 1 year old, i had a almost FATAL accident . my dad was driveing on a rainy day ,then the car was swirling, i was eating food , i got dizzy,then i puked.then i hit my head on the car seat,then i wake up home and crying to death. :'(
  39. let me see...
    Oh, when I went skiing for the second time (I was like...10?) and I did a front flip down this really steep hill :D I was okay...
    When I was sevenish we were seeing who could ice skate the fastest I won but I crashed into a wall, hurt my tail bone, and ended up being on my head with my legs pointing towards the ceiling...When I was 11 (it had just snowed) I went outside and sat down on a chair on our porch and I ended up flipping backwards down the stairs..my head hurt so badly!! But no blood.
    I've also chip my teeth everytime I eat something (I'm so clumsy) I always bump my elbow and my 3 year old sister has super sharp nails and she loves seeing people cry and people being in pain...
  40. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I have a scar in my eyebrow from when I was a toddler. I had a nasty enconter with the coffee table.
    In grade six, I had two seperate wrist fractures, both related with rollerskating/blading.
    Recently, I haven't had any major or minor disturbances.

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